Cross Creek (1983) - Biography, Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



In 1930's Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings moves to Florida's backwaters to write in peace. She feels bothered by affectionate men, editor and confused neighbors, but soon she connects and writes The Yearling, a classic of American literature.

Director: Martin Ritt
Stars: Mary Steenburgen, Rip Torn
Length: 127 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 5 out of 27 found boring (18.51%)

One-line Reviews (18)

Engaging Semi-Biopic of a Great Writer .

In my childhood, Florida was a slow paced, slice of something that had ceased to exist else-country.

Do we want to change these people, and the way they were, just to try and make the characters more compelling than they actually were?

Sorry - but I have to strongly disagree with anyone who thinks this movie's boring.

Cross Creek was a laid back but enjoyable movie .

" Maybe that at least in part accounts for how and why some might consider a just plain down-to-earth GOOD drama as being "boring.

Enjoyable whether you appreciate Rawlings or not .

Nicely photographed with a lovely musical score, 'Cross Creek'is a slow, easy going movie and the viewer will enjoy the people in Ms. Rawlings life, particularly the always steady Rip Torn and the late Dana Hill.

Only Geechee, the maid played with wonderful exuberance by Alfre Woodard, is rather cliché ridden.

An enjoyable experience.

Several fascinating performances create well-honed characterizations of complex, sometimes-likable characters.

I had intended to doze through something else.

Slow pace I can deal with, not to mention the heavy, heady atmosphere of the Florida swamps, beautifully evoked in this film.

Shot on location in gorgeous Alachua & Marion Counties, the film's worth watching just for the remote Floridian lushness.

Summing up: A story of limited appeal, a bit slow moving with some interesting vignettes.

I was the only other person there, and it is a measure of the movie's appeal that they habitually expected the place to be empty and asked me if I minded their presence.

As someone asked, would we want to change these people, to make the movie more exciting?

In particular, the leading actress had an irritating habit of staring at every hick with a kind of intense beatific compassion, as if she herself were the patron-saint of thickies.