Crossing Jordan (2001) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

Hohum Score



A "sexy, brilliant" Boston medical examiner. Despite a checkered career, Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh goes above and beyond to solve cases.

Stars: Jill Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 7 out of 76 found boring (9.21%)

One-line Reviews (41)

The character and plot twists are very entertaining and captivating.

Downsides were losing Trey and adding Elaine; he was more enjoyable as a character, though to be fair she improved as the series wore on.

show was like real life, well, you've seen how horribly boring and overwhelmingly stupid that can be.

This show is funny, sarcastic, and thrilling!

They are irritatingly dysfunctional and disappointingly predictable.

Definitely worth watching!

As with all TV shows, it *is* formulaic, some episodes are outright ludicrous, and plots often have holes you could drive a Mack truck through blindfolded.

One needs to look no further than the ratings of all of the "CSI" shows to find proof; the minutiae and drudgery of police and forensic work, once thought to be bland, boring and completely without entertainment value, now has viewers glued to their sets.

My wife enjoys the show and I have watched just over 100 episodes with her and I enjoyed it until the characters developed to the point where it became impossible to have any empathy for them.

Like I said though, very entertaining.

Anyway, I find the dialogues uncommonly well-written, the supporting characters and the whole milieu entertaining (even if some of the former *have* become somewhat cardboardy), likewise the outrageous situations - what would you expect in a morgue?

Entertaining .

To sum it up, I love everything about this show, its touching, humorous, entertaining and insightful.

A solid effort, with a good ensemble cast; to bad the entire effect is so, well, boring.

She's supposed to be an intense professional with an obsession with finding the killer of her mother: Quincy meets Richard Kimble.

I work in the medical field and LOVE how it all works together to create an enjoyable hour of entertainment.

"Crossing Jordan" may not be the best show on TV, certainly not the greatest of all time, but it's definitely worth watching...

Apart from that, I found it painfully predictable.

It has WONDERFUL character interactions as well as the gripping cases our wonderful medical examiners are faced with every day.

It is most definitely worth watching!

This Jill Hennessey series about a Boston-area ME is exciting, interesting and believable.

Steve Valentine and Kathryn Hahn are great, Ravi Kapoor is outstanding, Miguel Ferrer has such an intense presence that he can steal the scenes without even saying a word, and overall the team share a remarkable chemistry that jumps through the screen.

Enjoyable show with quirky characters and great story that will keep you entertained.

It also presents disappointingly predictable plots, and most of its characters are simply unlikeable.

Jordan Cavanaugh is intelligent, gorgeous and intriguing.

How about implausible, badly written, and chock full of pointless gimmicks that just don't work in this context.

It really does have it's moments, and I find it to be an entertaining hour of television.

I'd have to take that a bit farther and say that this show is truly a waste of time.

But it's still a damned good show, and the writers have created a believable, enjoyable group of characters.

Very ENTERTAINING Medical Drama .

Pollick should be brought back those episodes with him were the most entertaining ones.

It's well written, well acted, and very, well, entertaining.

this one was refreshing and surprisingly fun and entertaining.

It's funny, sarcastic, and thrilling.

This is a very compelling series that hooks you with the dynamics of the characters joined with the realistic quality of the plot lines.

Jill Hennessy's character is cool enough but kind of contrived and shallow.

Predictable and not authentic .

Now it seems as though she is going nowhere and has no one.

I guess comparisons to Ms. Hennessy's work on Law & Order are inevitable, so I'll just say that her reach at the show's comical content seems slightly stiff and contrived, and underminds the show's edge-ier elements.

She also manages to be engaging and impossible to look away from as an actress.

Entertaining .