Crying Freeman (1995) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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A woman sees an assassin outside San Francisco killing yakuza men and later in Vancouver. She's been told that he leaves no witness. Will she be his next victim or...?

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Christophe Gans
Stars: Julie Condra, Kevan Ohtsji
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 13 out of 67 found boring (19.4%)

One-line Reviews (42)

The balance between fast paced passages and slow moods is well found in my opinion.

The Hong-Kong style action is very entertaining, and while the plot is neither original nor outstanding, it is still enjoyable.

Bottom line: If you like non-usual (action)movies that try to be something special, with a little more storyline and competent actors, and/or action packed movies with loads of original and impressive shootouts, this is your thing, no doubt!

However, like I said, the action is still pretty stylish and enjoyable.

His body movement is exceptionally elegant and he isnt challenged by the very dry exterior of the hitman.

The Crying Freeman is bland and unexciting.

But it's sympathetic and still varies to be intriguing enough to watch this flick more than just once.

Superb composition, especially in the slow motion shots, the steralized mono-chrome of the yakusa/triads and the fantastic colours of the wonderful tattoos all contribute to a visually deep and absorbing experience.

We absolutely recommend this enjoyable winner of a film.

It get's really confusing of you are not focused and it's fast paced and in your face.

I found it impossible to relate to the main characters and found the plot overall as boring as a Sunday afternoon at grandmas, only without the free twenty pence mix up.

Amazingly this has yet to be released in the United States, this is shocking, the film is very good and easily beats a lot of dull and poorly produced action films that have come to the big screen in recent years.

However once I heard the rather monotone narrative of costar JULIE CONDRA, I began to wonder what else might go wrong.


Of course, that in itself doesn't guarantee a good film, and Crying Freeman does suffer a little from an overly-ponderous tone, not helped by an excess of slow motion (another Woo trademark).

Likewise the second piece of action in which FREEMAN and KOH combine to take out SHIMAZAKI was dulled by the slow motion effects, and the exceedingly drab uniform of SHIMAZAKI's bodyguard.

For a start it's pretty slow going & repetitive along with the fact that there's a criminal lack of proper over-the-top Anime action, there are constant dull shoot outs where the Freeman can shoot & kill dozens of bad guy's who no matter how hard they try or how heavy they are in number just can't even get a shot off, I hope these Japanese mafia bosses aren't paying these guy's that much because they ain't much use!

However despite its style, Crying Freeman is a bore.

I think it's overrated and has taken the place of many other and more intriguing cultural aspects of Japan.

All in all, Christophe Gans crafted an excellent and entertaining film.

This is by no means a classic movie, it has some moments of bad actors from some support players and occasionally stretches probability to extreme levels, but overall it is an enjoyable and criminally unknown film.

It lacks the punch of a `balls out' action movie, but is still enjoyable.

100 minutes waste of time .

There is lots of high-kicking, slow mo firing of weapons and crims in suits, very reminiscent of Hong Kong actioners.

When the action is slowed down here, I just get bored.

The director, Gans, often over-uses slow motion in the action scenes, which quickly becomes repetitive and detracts from the otherwise excellent action.

Dacascos especially, he has great eyes and really becomes immersed in his roles something which rival stars just can't do.

There are quite many visually breathtaking scenes and the fighting scenes are well choreographed and well shot.

If I think about an exciting gun action film I think HARD-BOILED, and this movie is no HARD-BOILED.

It's worth watching if only to sink your mind into the elusive, mythic quality that sets this movie apart.

Although Gans later went on to make another movie with Dacascos (Brotherhood of the Wolf), which is more polished, has a budget about ten times larger, and showcases Dacascos' skills as a martial artist much better, Crying Freeman is still definitely worth watching.

(1) It's WAY WAY WAY too slow(2) There's little action(3) The few action scenes aren't exciting

They said the movie was too slow paced.

Her narration is droning and bland and her character is not really developed in any way.

Still, the general atmosphere is monotone and the plot drags at times.

Some of the action is mildly entertaining, but overall the film is rather pretentious and wasted potential.

The camera angles and transitions are interesting and make for a most enjoyable experience.

There is also an amazing end action scene at the end that is quite long, which includes Mark somersaulting off 15 or so feet high buildings and also a fantastic swordfight that was choreographed by Gans and Dacascos.

There are also too many slo-mo scenes that get boring after a while, and just make you wanna fast-forward.

Good performances, excellent directions, and most of all, the slow pace of the story reflects the "animesque" feeling almost perfectly!

As a film, it is one step up from Xena: Warrior Princess - very low budget, very bland, and extremely boring.

Unlike some others here I enjoyed it far more than Brotherhood of the Wolf.