CSI: Miami (2002) - Action, Crime, Drama

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The cases of the Miami-Dade, Florida police department's Crime Scene Investigations unit.

IMDB: 6.4
Stars: David Caruso, Emily Procter
Length: 43 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 38 out of 246 found boring (15.44%)

One-line Reviews (114)

The capers they solve have HUGE plot holes and are very formulaic.

Forget CSI in Las Vegas with Grisham and the oldies, CSI Miami is like the more exciting and better looking younger sister.

It's personal moments and tidbits like these that make CSIM so engaging to watch.

As has been mentioned in other reviews, the Horatio Caine character is contrived; in fact, most of the characters suffer from one dimensionality and it does not help that the show lost its best actor (Rory Cochrane) in series 3.

In CSI's case, we are exposed to mundane and obnoxious stereotypes from the African-American crackheads/gangbangers to the drug-pushing/child abducting White Trash venom.

It is supposed to be entertaining, and that is what it does to the majority of people who watch it, a lot I am sure have more than just 2 brain cells.

Her monotone, expressionless reciting of lines is unbearable.

Simultaneously, I find Kim Delany is absolutely stunning, find myself in love with the sound of Emily Proctor's voice, and David Caruso does a great job as Horatio Caine.

The story lines are predictable and silly.

too gimmicky, too graphic and too predictable .

They are intriguing and interesting and I watch them both everytime they are on.

The best thing about H Caine is that he is much more exciting than Grissom in CSI.

Shallow, manipulative, absurd and tedious.

While at one time it was good to me and good for me, it's plainly propaganda for the police and other hands of government that I want no part of.

The unfulfilling and often predictable cases (the original show's cases are almost never predictable, even if there is a formula that all three shows follow), the corny one-liners that Horatio spits out before every episode's opening credits (usually spoken while putting on his sunglasses to make him look "cool"), and the lack of flair that made the original show so good, keeps this one from making the grade.

It adds a much more intense feel to the plot.

These cut-to-the-finish anti-climactic endings make me appreciate the entertaining and telegenic guerrilla tactics of Jack Bauer and Vic Mackey a whole lot more.

The Characters all have their moments of insight in a show that is entertaining from start to finish.

A few years later, I was really bored and there was nothing on, so I decided to try an episode of CSI: New York, to see how it was.

It's lame, predictable, and dull to say the best.

Grissom's BORING!!!

The city for one is much more intriguing, from swamps to drugs to murder to hurricanes.

CSI: Miami is action packed.

this character sinks the whole show and makes it all but unwatchable.

But their creators have made an achievement in producing such an idiotic show that it actually becomes entertaining.

If I'm bored and there's a 'CSI' or 'Law and Order' on, I'll watch it.

The crimes are entertaining indeed.

This exciting series formed by 232 episodes packs thrilling reconstructions , a moving atmosphere by means of shaky camera , real investigations , and excellent action scenes in a really dynamic style .

Its too repetitive.

Bad Acting, repetitive and sometimes boring, the only good character is Horatio.

The cast, including the victims, seem all to be drawn from the same social space: middle-class, carefully groomed, and rather dull.

I find the original CSI to be somewhat dreary; I think the lively setting of Miami and a more enthusiastic cast makes CSI: Miami work better than the original.

What follows is a voyage of discovery as Grissom and his team carefully examine clues and Brass, the cop, calmly asks for explanations, presenting the witness with the confusing evidence.

All in all, I think the stories are well written, albeit somewhat predictable.

Actually,rather than empty,I'll say that this show seems slick,a little TOO slick,for it's own good.

If you like ANY crime shows at all, let me tell you this one is worth watching.

Mondays are a bore no longer, and the simple prospect of watching my Miami gets me through the long day.

Each case is different and exciting and takes on a great challenge to be solved, and of course, we all know that the case will be cracked within 43 minutes.

Nearly unwatchable, Not a fan .

We can sit there and know what will happen next with Horatio's character because he always gets his man, and it gets boring.

Add to this some bad writing that will make him pose with a gun at some point in every show and voila: another unwatchable crap.

It's got style and substance,yet still feels empty .

But if you're looking for an enjoyable night-time drama series set against the backdrop of a police department, then you could do a lot worse than CSI: Miami.

I thought it was interesting and entertaining (especially since the lead actor looked a bit like a young DeForest Kelley).

While this show had been good to me for many years, and would make a good show to marathon on Netflix, this show is simply trash police propaganda, as with all other shows such as this.

I'm a big fan of the original CSI and lemme tell ya, it's spun off an equally intriguing, smart, and sexy sister series I'd watch for the rest of my natural life.

Really Intriguing Show, my favourite of the three CSI's .

4) All the reasons you can hate it just make it more spectacular and visually stunning.

Like way boring.

It's intriguing to see the evidence being processed and compiled to prove what took place.

while Grisham is quirky and has his hobbies Horacio Caine is a complete workaholic (24hrs we never close)his catchphrases and the cool way he delivers his lines are awesome, this mixed with the great relationship he has with his team make for great viewing, David Caruso has been slammed for his movie work but this should never deter anyone from watching this show, the stunning photography against the sunny Miami backdrops are amazing and the episodes in the everglades are by far the best.

While this was once an entertaining show, it has become so contrived, pasted together and artificial I cannot bear to watch it any longer.

The dialog is bland and sometimes cheesy.

I have to say, the cinematography and Cinematic techniques employed were particularly unpleasant and eventually unwatchable for me.

Entertaining show that presents itself more in Style than in Content .

I find the show way too predictable and formulaic.

The whole series is very predictable and not funny at all, the good guys always win, and that's not a very creative way to end an episode.

This is done American way - as simple as possible, as impossible as possible, as predictable as possible, as easy to swallow as possible.

The first time I watched the original CSI, I was bored out of my mind, probably because I was young and I didn't understand it.

It is hugely entertaining and the stories are frequently entertaining and well produced.

The over-the-top moralizing, self-righteousness and cutsie-pie smart-ass one-liners are practically unbearable.

But the show gets dragged down by a few really bad actors, and the over all feel gets poor because of this.

Or because the secondary characters' lack of humanity is so stunningly banal that its unbelievability distances it to the level of flies on fly-paper; aliens squirming, trapped by glue (humanistic values) they don't understand.

His character has no meaning to the show and he looks ridiculous with those sunglasses on all the time,again predictable.

Its too repetitive.

The others are in the norm and repetitive.

Aside from the bad acting, laughable science, predictable "good guys always get the perp" endings, & conveniently detailed exposition in every scene; this show takes the idea of praising our tax-sponsored bureaucratic police state to an all new level.

Not as good as original, but still worth watching.

) Alexx is a fascinating, wonderful character that gives a much needed warmth to the show.

They're all pretentious, rude, cold, unempathetic and unpleasant; had they been really persons they would never get into any academy unless they tried out for CCCP's KGB or Gestapo.

Looking back at this series now it is pointless to really ramble on about spin-offs or how it compares to the original CSI because it is a bit like trying to talk back the tide from the beach.

Unwatchable .

In saying that the show is still worth watching and is perhaps the first step in what is looking like a growing franchise.

A waste of time.

ho hum-another Nazi idealist show .

Perhaps because the visual Mannerism is engaging and seems to serve the American fascination with dramatic visuals rather than the European species, which focuses on the filmmaker's ego.

I find the original CSI to be somewhat dreary; I think the lively setting of Miami and a more enthusiastic cast makes CSI: Miami work better than the original.

David Caruso has dragged this show down; it's no longer worth watching .

In particular, the character of Ryan Wolfe, hired to replace a detective who tragically died on duty, is enjoyable.

CSI has some very much mind blowing times, mostly when something happens over 3 episodes etc, probably the best one when it comes to solving complex crimes, like serial killers etc.Ignore peoples comments and give it ago yourself.

If you want to waste 60 min of your life.

So adding some unreality on it would make it more exciting and fun.

The writing is poor, the cases really predictable or just inane.

Overly dramatic and a bit unrealistic but it's still entertaining.

CSI Miami is an entertaining show that really has picked up David Caruso's career up from the Ocean floor.

Before her announced departure, you could actually see the boredom and unhappiness in her later performances.

The acting is good all-around, but good acting cannot save bland writing.

Cop Propaganda with as many bikini shots as possible .

I hope to encourage my country to have more shows just as exciting.

worth watching .

All the other characters are bland and boring and so is the show which implies bad writing.

This show is laughably unwatchable.

Engaging and definitely not humourless, it's a perfect spin-off.

In fact I often find this show intriguing.

Preposterous, but entertaining: a different cop show.

Pro-Authoritarian Propaganda Posing as Entertainment .

With all this going on..the female Detectives still have time to look as breathtaking as possible!!!....

Along with Rory Chochrane's character, the neurotic, often bored and rugged Speed, Khandi Alexander's Alexx holds a special place in my heart.

David Caruso makes the show boring and predictable .


If you want to waste 60 min of your life, you should look at this series.

I've watched a few CSI episodes, and well it's dark and sad and boring.

It's safe and predictable and, incidentally, easier to write.

It's quite the enjoyable thrill ride, and Miami is unlike any other show you've ever seen.

(Except ONE: Walter Simmons/Omar Bensen Miller; he IS enjoyable and seems to be the only believable human on the show!

But I also enjoy smart writing, something that keeps you on the edge.

David Caruso's Caine is wooden (passing as "impenetrable"), and his secondaries (with the exception of Khandi Alexander, who is unusual, but interesting) are dull.

Sure seams that way, the scripts are contrived and uninteresting, and D.

He's compelling to watch at first.

Yeah, this is less about science or police work or police protocols, but it's a soap opera in an exciting locale and with exciting back story.

The greater focus on action makes, in my opinion, Miami better than the original which moves way, way too slow for me.

keep that great work We enjoyed the crossover episodes ( talking about me and friends), one of our favourite episode was Under SuspicionGO GO GO David Caruso , Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Yelina Salas of course meaning the beautiful stunning Sofia Milos, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, Bring Yelina back please

The main character of "CSI Miami" is intense and caring.

Photography with special effects, Stunning .