CSI: NY (2004) - Action, Crime, Drama

Hohum Score



CSI head Detective Mac Taylor and his team solve crimes in New York City.

IMDB: 6.9
Stars: Gary Sinise, Carmine Giovinazzo
Length: 43 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 9 out of 80 found boring (11.25%)

One-line Reviews (39)

many of the episodes are pretty exciting.

I first thought it is a young Mexican actress, as dark hair and a bit slower accent could make it, then I saw who played, and surprise was a maximal because there are few good actors in the South-East Europe region (if you exclude Bella Lugosi).

Melina Kanakaredes looks stunning and acts convincingly which is a major plus in my book, and Carmine Giovinazzo is appealing as Danny.

Cop Propaganda in the Big Apple .

Hes some dumb marine, who always has to brag about marine like if anyone gives a them only to sprout the usual propaganda nonsense about the military: We give freedom, we don't kill people.

i was a passionate viewer of profiler and now -even though with many differences- CSI:NY has made my Sunday nights as exciting as the time profiler was broadcast!!

CSI NY..For goodness sake..lets see a case involving some Italian-New York Mobsters..Crime TV shows are getting dull and if there's one thing the public are never sick of its Italian Mafia Bosses with there associates in the murky world of "The Cosa Nostra".

"NY" is the surprise snoozer of the year and the "CSI" franchise has officially worn out it's welcome.

Melina Kanakaredes' Stella Bonasera is also very likable and absolutely stunning.

I think they are all worth watching.

The producers, to me, picked a predictable location.

It is at times fascinating to just look at.

boring Unestablished actors, dumb or implausible plot lines no Sarah no Horatio TERRIBLE, and that Brooklyn accent guy!

While this show had been good to me for many years, and would make a good show to marathon on Netflix, this show is simply trash police propaganda, as with all other shows such as this.

Edith Cahill as Detective Flack who bridges the gap between the old-school NYPD and new generation of CSI , carrying with him an intense hatred of the "bad guy" , his approach to solving crimes , while sometimes borderline , is nonetheless always effective .

A thrilling mystery TV Series since the era of profiler .

While at one time it was good to me and good for me, it's plainly propaganda for the police and other hands of government that I want no part of.

This exciting series packs a moving atmosphere by means of shaky camera , videotape and killings reconstructions in a really dynamic style .

The original CSI was, for the most part, good and gripping television, with a unique look at law enforcement procedure.

The robbing , kidnappings , heists , and murders deliver the goods filled with non-stop action , shocks , intrigue and suspenseful .

The was no character development, the story line was shallow yet hard to follow.

The intense simulations of violent crime forensics (the CSI trademark device) also make for hypnotic viewing.

Overloaded stories, a stiff gary sinise, who is as unpleasant as his sterile co-actors, disgusting crimes (thats what crimes are mostly but these crimes are often so over the top, desperately craving the attention of the meanwhile nationwide bored viewers) and the dialogues are often absolutely inappropriate.

The surprise snoozer of the year, the franchise is running on empty at this point .

The camera too often stays too long on the procedures in the lab, which does funny enough work in Miami/las vegas but in ny it is in union with the over all present dull faces just nervwrecking.

having watched some episodes of CSI(LV)I have to say it can't quite measure up to the original, but it is definitely worth watching.

I describe this show as 'ice cold' because unlike Miami which action packed; it is more slower and much more interesting.

This is poorness for a 45 min long mystery, causing good confusion, being more like a beggar for attention.

And due to these shows, I think it is just slightly harder to get away with it than it was in Perry Mason and Paul Drake's days, and even those were highly entertaining.

And no need to allude to the dialogue, since everybody knows how extremely dull it is.

I'll tune in once in awhile for Miami, mainly because the locale and cinematography is stunning - and the writing has become so lame on the "original" CSI that I don't even bother with that stinker, anymore.

Regarding the episode: I really enjoyed it.

In fact with their focus on such mundane tasks, a procedural show is not as far removed from a reality show as many people may assume.

That is clearly not the case with CSI:NY, nor it's sister show, CSI: Miami However, with CSI: Miami, and this show, the plots seem ridiculously contrived, and the technicians carry themselves with an overblown, overbearing authority that doesn't really seem to fit their actual role.

It just goes to show, how successful the Original CSI was to have two other spin off's - Miami and NY, while still going strong itself, I prefer Miami & Las Vegas to this purely because I find Grissom & Horatio, that little more likable than Mac & The plot's of NY are rather too far fetched but they're minor complaints, on the whole it's another well made, acted, scripted & thrilling series with beautiful people catching killers in style.

A year later, I obtained the DVD of the first season and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Typically, it all winds up leading to the big anti-climax in which our heroes either confront the villain or stalk through an empty, dimly lit warehouse with their guns drawn.

Once you get past that there is a moment where you realize how tedious the show is, particularly this entry.

each episode is exciting enough on its own that a cliffhanger episode isn't necessary at the end of the season.