Cube (1997) - Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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6 complete strangers of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in an endless maze containing deadly traps.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Vincenzo Natali
Stars: Nicole de Boer, Maurice Dean Wint
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 139 out of 770 found boring (18.05%)

One-line Reviews (556)

It actually gets rather boring.

To me, the most interesting thing was that the most simple and harmless person in the group was the one who effortlessly walked out of the CUBE and into the bright white light.

What's sad is that I found the process of making the movie more fascinating than the movie itself.

In Conclusion: This is a great example of how to make a low budget film with only seven actors, one set, and an engaging interesting script.

Cube will make you think while it has scenes of sensationalized killings, but they're not very rampant or frequent, and rely on what we know is going to happen and taking time with the scene- or just springing the unexpected trap.

The production design and art direction were good, but the direction throughout was very contrived.

There is single scene that kept me on the edge of my chair, while everything else was just sad cliché.

The booby traps are pretty cool as well, making for some entertaining scenes.

I think the idea of people trapped in cube is no new at all and even though this movie certainly keeps your attention for more than a hour, by the end you feel that there is no message to reflect on.

But it is the depth of this film which make it so intriguing.

Both films share similar themes and both of these films are intelligent and exciting.

The movie is very fun and it has some unexpected things and tension moments.

It means that, like The Matrix, this movie tells a gripping and engrossing story which has a lot of philosophical and even theological themes running through it.

The mathmatical theme was cool, but in the end i think math gets boring, thats just me maybe.

Good:Well acted, unpredictable and fleshed out characters.

The main flaws are macro-elemental, with clichéd writing, stereotyped characters and bland, uninspired performances.

First, the bad: I thought this movie dawdled a little too much on time-passing sequences in which nothing happened, which could have easily been filled up with more of the edgy and dark character-driven tension the rest of the movie so thrived on.

But overall a nice movie which always keeps you on the edge.

The potential presented in the early scenes of the film is large; the opening scene immensely entertaining and indicative of good things to come from the original and intriguing concept.

worth watching if don't mind the extreme violence .

There were some scenes that are amazing, very intense and intimidating.

(The Cube became pretty boring at times, encouraging those sorts of ideas.

The Cube started off with an entertaining opening scene.

Fascinating idea, even with obvious mistakes .

Somebody told me ages ago to watch this film, finally i got to see it and i have to admit, it was entertaining, kept you guessing right to the end, had a good premise and good acting.

for those who have nerves of steel is worth the adrenaline.

At times it's exciting, it's unnerving, and it's fascinating.

Also it does have some unpredictable bull$#!

It was tedious, pointless and semi-professional...

The basic premise worked for a while but then just got tedious and repetitious and ran out of steam to the point where I started skipping ahead & getting impatient for it to get to "the point" or at least some sort of new direction, development in story or character or resolution.

He's such your stereotypical cop as he just a big jerk in the group despite taking their lead, which take me to the next character Worth (The Architect dude) who (Spoiler Alert) is one of the creators of the cube technically as he helps design it, he seems to be at first the film's Antagonist and Quentin being the hero, until we kinda slowly seen these characters taking the opposite way around as Quentin becomes more of a psychopath killing Holloway (The doctor) by purposely dropping her as she attempted to see there a way to get down from a door that just so happened to be a entrance out of the cube, and earlier threatens to kill Kazan for almost having him accidentally kill in another trap that was Sound Activated, and then soon decide to attempts to raped Leaven (The Mathematical Student) and then attempted to killed Worth twice by throwing him into two rooms that he thought were possibly traps, and then finally succeed in doing so, well kinda, by stabbing both him and Leaven (Which kills her) and attempted to make his move on Kazan as he about to walked out the true entrance of the cube, just to only be stopped by a Mortally wounded Worth which lead to Quentin's fate by being torned-apart by the Door shifting again.

The characters are pretty unlikable and it gets repititous and downright boring at times.

Psychological thriller of the most intriguing type.

Yes, the ending is a little trite.

Always technically fascinating with a lot of cool traps and ingenuity in its characters to try and survive while never loosing its menace because of it.

They all seem bland, gray and one- dimensional, and in case with Quentin, a promising beginning gave way to a very disastrous under-developed hell of a terrible person.

They're also in completely unexpected, urgent, mortal peril.

Pretentious tedium .

Might be a pointless prison with six stangers to cooperate for escape?

Intriguing .

Who would have thought a film set almost entirely in various cube rooms that look exactly the same could be so gripping, engaging & so entertaining.

The film tries to deal with important subjects which other reviewers have mentioned, but does so in a terrible and uninteresting way.

In fact the film is quite gory and the enormous variety of traps set in different rooms also gives you a serious sense of suspense and on the edge of your seat.

It's an intense experience and capable of transporting you outside of your everyday life, into an unbearable situation from which there seems to be no escape.

As the film progresses, there are some genuinely gripping scenes which forgive the occasional lapse into melodramatic cliché (and the rather confused mathematical premise on which the escape from the cube is exercised).

It was writer-director Vincenzo Natali's entertaining and bizarre Splice that drew my attention to his earlier work, and this is his debut feature: a low-budget Canadian sci-fi set entirely in an enormous cube, containing a series of smaller, room-sized cubes.

The most unpleasant part of this film is precisely the fact that it is so simple: in fact, nothing happens here.

'Cube' is a suspenseful film that definitely deserves a look.

The setting itself was quite unique and the idea intriguing and really interesting!

The set could only distract me from the characters, bad dialogue and plodding plot for a short time.

Anyways, I think that the plot was ruined by such bad and predictable actors, and like somebody said before, all them are too much steriotypes.

Cube is an intense film that excites and fills you with suspense.

Worth is a prisoner of his boring job, and Quentin is a prisoner of his rage, which results in his destruction in the end.

Vincenzo Natali's "Cube" has to be one of the most intriguing movies ever.

Its a movie that is so confusing you think in the end it must play out and explain why they are locked in a big cube, it does not.

The film is full of holes and massive flaws, turning it from a film of considerable potential to, at times, an infuriatingly contrived work.

Great idea but no script really .

The story does seem to get a bit repetitive at times "Oh this theory doesn't work, lets try this one, oh that doesn't work either.

A cube, A bridge, and an exit makes this film more than worth watching, it has psychological aspects to delve into the mind, it has action of each trap which harbour the most cruel and gross ways to die.

A guy wakes up in a large empty room with metal walls, floor and ceiling, he opens a door which leads into an exact copy of the previous room, walks into the room and is immediately and without warning sliced and diced, Resident Evil style by a booby trap that he triggered.

At first i saw potential in this movie,i was drawn into it,but as the time passed,i found myself more and more bored.

The script is fresh and original; the cast likeable and engaging with the added bonus that none of them carries the baggage of several similar sci-fi offerings to interrupt your suspension of disbelief.

No surprise, then, that their compensating strategies consist of trite, simplistic world-views, which ring even more hollow than usual under these conditions.

The relatively low budget (which does not hinder it one bit) and the use of some complex maths should not put off fans of the genre from an intelligent, modern and thrilling sci-fi movie that will really make you think.

The "lone survivor" cliché was also tragically predictable.

If you don't expect too much, Cube is a mildly entertaining, albeit, forgettable film.

The concept is then dragged on for the full length of the film and milked for all it's worth.

All in all a decent movie that is not very scary with decent special effects, acting and a solid yet predictable plot.

It's a taut, thrilling sci-fi film, with a quiet intelligence.

This creates a wonderfully engaging film.

overall, this movie was pretty suspenseful and keeps you awake making you think what's going to happen next.

Granted I have a number of reasons to not like Cube, I found the film rather charming and intriguing.

For two hours you will be completely immersed, and it won't stop afterward; you can't get it out of your head.

Like I said, if you have seen no movies related to this, this is worth watching.

The continuous talking led to more and more questions and a bunch of confusing characters.

Hypercube is much more enjoyable.

There's no plot - except to get out!

It has some nice cinematography, and it entertaining enough to keep you awake.

Fascinating .

Cube not only touches your psyche, but also keeps you on the edge and makes you ask many questions along the way and even after the film is over.

The characters (except for Rennes, who died too quickly) were flat, and the plotting became predictable after a while.

Boring as all hell .

Don't waste your time on this one .

Direction, while quite stylish, felt as filler for the bland characters and script.

Some comments on this site lament about the stereotype characters, but imagine you had a movie with six nearly similar characters, wouldn't that be boring?

The middle of the film gets boring and starts to slow down then the end picks up a little.

The Cube is just a well-paced, suspenseful horror thriller with an art direction better than most horror movies (with the possible exception of Dario Argento's colorful '70s movies).

'Cube' is an interesting movie with thrilling moments and a great look.

Looking for an explanation as to why the cube is there is pointless.

immediately after the movie I had an empty-like feeling, I wanted answers.

The plot is beyond ridiculous and pointless.

Because it's a sort of horror movie it should be,but the dialogue here is rather pretentious.

It's fascinating to watch the charas' relationships evolve, from initial paranoia (who are these people and where do they come from?

On the edge of my seat .

CUBE is thrilling because at the end when the school student figures stuff out....

the story is very thought provoking and at least as an engineer working through the problem of cube was very exciting.

Intriguing movie.

no really, if you've seen "Cube", and you hopefully enjoyed it, then I would recommend "Cube2:Hypercube", and "Cube Zero".

I know that they're supposed to be under stress, but they also seem pretty slow to catch on for a group of hyper bright people.

On top of that, it is absolutely riveting and engaging.

It has a slow moving repetitive plot line.

The visuals were dull, and if this was intentional, to give a sense of uniformity and regularity to the cuboid maze, could there not have been some slighlty more interesting camerawork?

The premise -- six strangers awake to find themselves in a seemingly infinite series of interconnected room, many of which are lethally booby-trapped -- is intriguing.

Gratifying and engaging.

Don't waste your time .

There are some slow spots in the middle.

The cube maze the characters are in represents this movie: Twisty, dense, complex and pretty darn confusing.

The suspense builds within the plot and within the characters themselves, leading to the end of the film which is as unpredictable as the story itself.

I just think it's fantastic that such an intriguing and inventive story can keep you engrossed in a film while limited to only three sets (2 of which are only seen for a few minutes).

It is unfortunate that Cube, a motion picture equipped with a fascinating premise, became drowned in banality and stupidity for it had the appearance of an excellent film.

They get bored and annoyed and start hacking lumps out of each other.

The acting was horrible in most cases, the directing was feeble, the writing was terrible, the characters were uninteresting (except Worth), and it was predictable.

In fact the whole plot even though more original, deep and captive than most horror genre type movies was very predictable.

I view Cube as similar to Pi and Primer, two low budget flicks that took a risk and made strangely compelling and interesting films.

Watching these individuals figure out the cube was fascinating.

This is one of the worst movies ive seen.

In the end, Cube works very well despite a low budget thanks to a creative story with numerous stunning ideas and intriguing characters.

Every character is a cliché to the point of being comical.

Plotless or allegorical.

True, there's some embarrassing 'kick-ass' dialog at times, and the acting is a little sketchy, but despite a slow start, the script begins to get more interesting once the more metaphysical aspects are introduced.

Thrilling, entertaining and superb stream.

Cube is very psychological and very creepy,the films very unpredictable and when you find out your like..what. The film also has a very good cast and leaves the whole gore situation very limited,in fact,there is very little until the end.

going to each room for an hour and a half or so is quite tedious and also the movie felt a little long.

The actual summary of the cube-biggest waste of my time ever.

Dull Cube .

I thought the film was a bit predictable as well.

To be honest, I thought it was going to be a bore, considering the concept of 6 strangers sat in cubes for a feature length run time.

Its a good movie, more interesting than many blockbusters and the plot is intriguing, different and poses questions.

CUBE is full of confrontation and keeps the viewer interested throughout, making up for some out-of-place, confusing mathematics plus something of a lack of momentum in the final third, where things just don't seem as important or as urgent anymore.

All in all, "The Cube" was a fascinating film.

A repetitively drab film which is deliberately ambiguous to hide a poorly conceived story .

And, while the movie had some well-timed and truly stomach twisting turns(PLOT SPOILER WARNING)-- like the cold-blooded murder of the doctor --the final blood bath and the weepily symbolic ascension of the idiot were a little to trite to be consistent with the movie's thoughtful tone.

A pure surprise of exciting suspense and mystery blended with a cleverly twisted plot, Cube is destined to please the fans of its genre.

I highly recommend it to anyone who likes intriguing movies.

It sounded so exciting that I bought it right away.

The first half of this film was genuinely intriguing - a fascinating set of characters and problems had been defined, and I was eagerly looking forward to the conclusion.

Cube is a visually brilliant movie, unfortunately rendered nearly unwatchable by the hackneyed and syrupy over-acting.

it was a total waste of time and an enormous disappointment.

Don't waste your time.

The trite plot betrayed shallow characters, limp psyche and lame ideas.

I saw this for the first time last night, and I was expecting just some stupid movie, I mean, how could people stuck in a cube be entertaining?

Surprisingly intense, great fun flick.

What can i say just watched this film for the first time,after reading so much about it and all i can think at the end is what a waste of time.

With a stronger cast this could've been a great sci-fi horror film because Natali excels at setting the right atmosphere which creates a thrilling environment.

I certainly found it entertaining.

If you ever get bored of watching Saw, this would definitely be a good alternative and it's good for anyone who likes puzzles.

If you are on the edge of renting/buying it, go for it.

The problem with this movie is that it's way too long for what it offers the viewers: repetitive action, completely useless chat, characters that we just don't - and won't - care about, and extremely poor mathematics.

Its at times unpredictable, which is excellent.

All that aside, it is actually quite enjoyable once you accept and expect its regular absurdity.

If you want something big budget and exciting, this is definitely not for you.

It was suspenseful without having to resort to music that tells viewers when something bad may happen.

The fact that each room has a devious trap in store and the wide diversity of the many characters make up for a very enjoyable movie.

From the prologue on, we are presented with shocks and twists that keep our allegiances shifting from character to character, and our rumps balanced uncomfortably on the edge of our seats.

As the post-Saw horror genre has seemingly become a contest of escalating cruelty and gross-out money shots, a film whose thrills rely on inventive camera angles, imaginative narrative twists, and scarily unpredictable character mood swings seems almost quaint.

Original, suspenseful, frightening.

The idea of government conspiracies being behind everything has long ago ceased to be subversive and thought-provoking and has now entered the realm of banal cliché.

Some scenes are extraordinarily thrilling.

Absolutley Stunning .

Ideally those films don't end up souring my opinion of this one, because I enjoyed it immensely.

That is the intriguing premise of Trimark's sci-fi film, Cube.

What a complete waste of time!

Woeful script, wooden acting, and no plot other than a group of people trying to fathom their way out of a complex cubed maze.

So then at the end of the movie the script even tells you it was all pointless.

This movie was boring af!

The simplicity of the environment is what makes this film unique and enjoyable.

As a thriller, it's far too predictable (did anyone watching this, when the mentally handicapped boy very first showed up, not think that he would end up having math skills that would help save the day?

The story: no story or explanations, just some characters randomly moving from one cube to the next and randomly dying one by one.

Also the twist at the end was a tad predictable.

It's predictable and the director is distasteful.

It's a confusing watch for those who care about the story.

So the cube is pointless and unessential to the content of the story.

This film kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole 90 minutes as the prisoners used their talents and discovered more and more what was happening to them.

The movie was entertaining with a good story and something to say.

This truly is a terrible terrible film which consists of no plot, storyline or interest for anyone with an IQ above 3.

Mysterious, suspenseful and claustrophobic setting.

Vincenzo Natali's Cube is a formulaic horror movie playing with the famous premise of getting strangers in a mysterious situation and see how they interact.

The script is superb, the acting excellent, the camera-work and effects stunning and gripping.

but the tension between them all is constantly spasming and fluctuating, creating a lot of unease and unpredictability, which is good even if they seem predictable from the beginning.

Great concept, boring film .

The characters were annoying and uninteresting and you know from the very beginning who is the bad guy and who will die and who will survive.

I think there are many messages in this movie, and my wife and I enjoyed it very much.

I think Cube is a fantastic film that everyone should watch at least once, it's very clever, original, mysterious & totally gripping.

The acting is professional and excellent, the story is original and innovative and the plot is compelling and suspenseful, always keeping the viewer on edge.

Originally I thought it was this pointless horror film that had no message in it other than "it takes place in a cube.

It's cool at first, but after a while it begins to get tiresome.

In a dramatic style almost comparable to Shirley Jackson's wonderful "The Lottery", the movie starts out relatively slow; no music, no interpersonal tension, and we're not sure what's going on.

The characters themselves, while borderline cliché with its diversity in their backgrounds - a collection of people from all places of society to be slaughtered - it didn't bother me like HyperCube's characters did.

"But I sat through to the predictable ending, hoping that the film would redeem itself.

And also, if one watches movies for visual effects, as I do, only the first half of the movie will appeal, since most of the movie is quite repetitive.

Quentin's brutality, Leaven's intellectual isolation, Rennes' cockiness, Kazan's innocence, Holloway's outspokeness to cover herself, Worth's empty cynacism, repeated so many times its nothing more than a mantra.

The atmosphere through the whole movie is stunning, you can't help than be scared and caring about the characters who gets killed one by one...

Waste of time .

Still, a very entertaining film, unlike anything you're likely to have seen.

Overall the movie is a suspenseful thrill ride that's worth viewing.

" "but it is pointless!

The sequels don't reproduce this level of quality because the stories are more predictable and the characters more exchangeable.

By the way, I found it quite boring.

Her position was that the film was utterly pointless because the ending was ambiguous, whereas my point of view has always been that (for horror films anyway) an unexplained ending is often the key to a frightening film.

Intriguing and entertaining psychological sci-fi.

e Quentin is one of the reasons I thought this movie was a waste of my time.

But it's plotless in the same way that 'Lord of the Flies' was plotless and the problems are so easily ignored.

Dialogue is wooden and pretentious, as bad as anything in "The Langoliers" (a movie which showed that good actors can't necessarily deliver bad dialogue convincingly.

While this film is replete with the usual scares and thrilling set pieces for which this genre is known, it goes the extra mile by remaining totally unpredictable on a story level throughout.

There are, of course, traps to be avoided, or the film would have become very boring very quickly, and the idea is that all the characters need to combine their skills in order to find their way out.

CUBE is an absorbing, terrifying little picture that is one of the best sci-fi/horror films I have seen since the ALIEN films.

) is lame and predictable.

A Thrilling and Surprisingly Thoughtful Little Gem .

Very well acted and very intense at times.

Engage pretentious mode:With its aspirations to originality and clever exploitation of a low budget, Cube is the sort of film that you feel obliged to like at a base level.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie.

It bored me.

This movie was a lame, poorly acted, predictable, poorly-written rehash of an overdone story idea.

cheaply made, thrilling, gory, upsetting .

Intriguing premise, disappointing result .

It's biting criticism of our society are extremely powerful, and the film itself is remarkably intense.

Given limited sets, the plot trends repetitive.

A simple movie that works very well, is very enjoyable, and has good acting etc.Don't expect something like saw or other trap gore movies - this isn't that sort of movie.

Brilliant, absorbing & ingenious horror thriller.

The most intriguing part of the film was how the story had absolutely no context.

Good plot but bad acting and predictable .

This is just another "Kill them all" bore, absolutely horrible and uninteresting from beginning to end.

The problem is that when they're having arguments over it, it just sounds stupid and contrived.

Why: let's see, the acting is awful, the script pretentious and laden with too many long-winded philosophical discussions of nothing, the characters less than one-dimensional, the story is full of holes and the vaunted mathematics boil down to prime numbers and Cartesian coordinates (freshman high school stuff).

The character chemistry does not live up to the smart qualities of the original idea of the film, and occasional events are cliche'.

if you want to watch a 'half movie' feel free to waste your time.

Cube delivered only boredom and very basic blunt smirk.

The acting was a bit subpar, but the kinds of relationships that developed between the people trapped in the Cube were really compelling.

It worked well as a metaphor for the human condition, I suppose, but on its own terms, the only thing I could get out of it was, How Pointless.

Effective thriller that sticks close to the clever premise to keep it simple and very enjoyable .

The main failure of this movie is that the film makers are way more interested in showcasing how clever their gadgets and traps are than trying to create any sense of drama or character development beyond cliché and stereotypes.

If I wanted a gripping story of human nature, interaction, etc. I would have read a good novel on the subject, not wasted over an hour watching this film.

Director Natali uses this to his advantage, however, and delivers a truly terrifying, gripping, almost suffocating film dripping with enough tension to fill more than a few vapid horror and sci-fi films.

For those who find Canadian films tedious,check it out.

Sometimes so exciting you'll be pushing to keep your attention to the movie because you forget not to think about how cool and thrilling it is.

Don't get fooled by film critics, this must be the mostpathetic, boring cliche-filled film of the 1990's.

I know that's what happens, and it's boring.

I've never been a big fan of mathematics at school, neither a big fan of resolving a Rubik's cube, so add those things together and you get why I think this movie is a bit boring.

once you give them the idea and lead them through a few rooms, it all starts going down hill and gets boring.

Cube sometimes struggles with where to take its intriguing premise, but gripping pace and an impressive intelligence make it hard to turn away.

Other than the performances and the predictable finale, I did enjoy this small film and found the premise quite inventive despite its simplicity.

In any case ; absurd and entertaining, but somewhat dull, repetitive and not that well played.

" Then, after declaring it's pointlessness, they give you a pretentious leave-you-hanging ending.

fascinating look at a paradimensional prision .

Once it has your attention it simply refuses to let you go, it is compelling to say the least.

The first hour of this picture was thoroughly engrossing and full of surprises; I would even call it "astonishing" if the actors didn't deliver some obviously forced, unnaturally "profound" speeches, and if the director didn't try to create dramatic moments by taking the easy way out - having the characters argue with each other all the time; if they acted as a team and tried to overlook their differences, THAT would have been the REALLY original approach.

This movie is SO predictable, I knew what was going to happen a quarter of the way through.

A very intriguing movie .

The movie is pretty boring and monotonic, they keep doing the same things the whole movie over and over again, and i got sick of it after 30 minutes.


All in all, "Cube" is an original, scary, suspenseful and philosophical film that deserves all the recognition it has, and I really doubt that filmmakers will elaborate anything as good as this picture-- mainly if considering that nowadays' horrors only repeat what has already already done.

Compelling, if flawed .

Cube was an above-average indie flick that remained entertaining in a cramped environment that would have grown tedious in the hands of many directors.

But I was ok with that, as the characters in those movies are wholly uninteresting.

Even though it isn't the smartest thriller, it's definitely a fascinating concept that is carried by over the top actors, insane sets, and interesting concepts of humanity.

The acting is mostly uninspired and the dialogue is uninteresting.

The relationships between the different characters are fascinating to watch and evolve until the very end.

Intensely Suspenseful Thriller.

I ran across this movie in the videostore and the unusual, intriguing premise caught my attention.

So for you people who are researching this movie because of "Saw", I guess it's worth watching.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

On the other hand I found this an impressively disturbing, intense and generally intelligent film.

Real horor, so intense, real psihological movie loved it!!

pretentious pseudo-intellectual existentialism .

Stunning Achievement .

Don't waste your time on this one.

I just keep watching it again and again, and it's always exciting!

It was interesting that I still found this movie compelling despite being indifferent to the characters and expecting many of the "plot points".

What's so bad about being predictable.

The film is pretty intense and it holds your breath the whole time.

Effective and compelling, despite a flawed script .

an awesome theme that's unique, pretty good acting, very good set and atmosphere, enjoyable production, fairly good dialogue.

Now I don't know that many Canadian films, beside this movie and a film called "Nothing" which just so happened to be directed by the same guy who give us this, and a French-Canadian film called "Polytechnique" which is about the Montreal Massacre that occurs in 1989, but this would be basically the best Canadian movie, for having both a great interesting and enjoyable-to-watch story and a group of good written characters.

The first comment I gave when I walked out of the movie was: "If Kafka, Sartre, and Golding were a team of scriptwriters working together on a project,"Cube" would be the result".

Hardly an original concept (look up "House of Stairs" by William Sleator), this is a tense and suspenseful movie, where the set is more of a star than the actors, all of whom play underwritten and stupid characters.

Fluff & Rehash -- but enjoyable nonetheless .

Despite the low budget and practically unknown cast, the film manages to be clever, intriguing, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable.

all in all a very poor film don't waste your time on this one.

Nothing happens.

The third release was pretty cheesy but I still enjoyed it.

Even if you accept this "concept" on its own flimsy and pretentious terms, (I really feel that you have to have been to art school to fully appreciate its awfulness) the ending should still come as a bit of a shock.

Completeley gripping, very stressful to watch.

What follows is 80 minutes of pure bore in some mambo–jumbo about numbers.

Unfortunately the cube itself was a bit predictable, and I had the various tricks in the cube figured out within the first 30 minutes of the movie.

The actors performances are truly fantastic as well as the concept for the film being a bit mind blowing.

the government's influence on our life, the idea of the cube having its own existence and development once its hypothetical creators are long-gone) and winds up horribly pretentious and "talky" as a result.

This film is enjoyable because it doesn't come up with distracting effects and meanwhile starts to pull you into the cube trying to figure the system for yourself.

looking around in the comments, I had a hard time both finding a good review on how bad this film is and also coping with the idea that SO many people find it mind blowing.

Not ground breaking, nor really thought provoking, but worth watching.

You have to use it or admit it's pointless.

One of those awful, pointless, non sequitur twists that spoils the entire 90 mins.

Top notch acting especially under such difficult circumstances, a simple but utterly compelling plot, very sound direction and overall first class on any budget.

the ending is trite and arbitrary, leaving the viewer nothing to take away from the film.

I left the cinema with the feeling of having seen a pretty dull movie, and the gory opening sequence just seemed like a cheap shock tactic in hindsight.

This movie is a pile of pretentious dung.

The movie works effectively on two levels, and while you may not ever have all your questions answered, it's an interesting and fascinating look at four individuals that basically are meant to represent a composite of society itself, and how we all react, and interact with each other.

This was honestly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

A great unexpected gem .

I found this film to very intriguing and would agree with most of the previous comments.

Instead an unfortunate waste of time and story is the result of Vincenzo Natali efforts.

The dialogue and inter-character conflicts became as repetitive as the 14x14 rooms the protagonists moved through.

A waste of time.

Vincenzo Natali's Cube is a thoroughly absorbing, tense, nail-biting, and wholly original sci-fi thriller soaked in adrenaline.

From such pedestrian beginnings however comes what is, at times, a surprisingly engrossing film.

Fortunately, the 'action' sequences redeem the film, as they are shot well and become incredibly suspenseful - especially the scene with the quiet room.

An existentialist melodrama posing as science fiction - and a fascinating one at that.

Just watch this for the *simple* plot that is very fascinating and if you don't expect too much I think you'll enjoy it.

This move, Cube, is probably a candidate for the worst movie of the decade.

Great premise, bad acting, very suspenseful.

"Cube" is probably one of the best and most suspenseful horror movies I have ever seen,I strongly recommend it.

The film proved incredibly boring and only showcased how dated it is.

It's an interesting idea made dull by spattering it with gore, scary "freak-out" scenes and tedious confrontations that reveal nothing and simply bore.

Overall an enjoyable and creative horror film let down by the ending.

Sure, it leaves you with an intense "What?

And the story seems somewhat pointless.

This would make a real good 45 minute feature but this is dragged out to twice that length.

"Lawnmower Man" is an example of a movie where viewer forgiveness may go to such extents that the movie becomes enjoyable.

The good part was they made the most out of a low budget set and they managed to stay one half step ahead of the boredom which was nipping at their heels.

pretentious dung .

:-) Anyway, this film is very unique and suspenseful.

If you thought of this film as a plotless B-movie that left you hanging then I'm guessing you were also disappointed when you didn't see little green men at the end of Contact.

It is harrowing, poignant, terrifying, thoughtful, disturbing, thought-provoking, and fascinating as the plot unfolds.

Claustrophobic and intense sci-fi thriller.

Cube is never dull, and never slows down, and keeps you on the edge of your seat despite it's setting and small cast.

If so, can we still care about others when we're on the edge?

It's confusing and leaves you pondering.

The ending seemed contrived, and some plot resolution in terms of the why and how would have improved the film.

This sure is true, because one has to be insane to take a movie with such a bizarre and contrived setting at face value.

your adrenaline will definitely be pumping, as you watch...

Some twists are clever, intriguing and thought provoking.

Although the film suffers from a few "beginner's flaws" (unsophisticated characters spouting lyrical dialogue etc.) this film is clever, suspenseful and intriguing.

What I got, instead, was an unexpected cinematic gem, far better than most other movies.

His repetitive squealing noises serve to lower your overall enjoyment of the film.

It turned out to be a gripping suspense all the way through.

Well, it's all about a smart boy or girl copyrighter who probably spent some sleepless nights trying to make something interesting out of this bore.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

While not a Kubrickian exploration of the human condition, Cube, a well-structured, suspenseful and legitimately scary thriller can be quite effectively compared to the maze-like halls of the The Shining's Overlook Hotel.

in fact the whole plot even though more original, deep and captive than most horror genre type movies was very predictable.

It is dark, gloomy, and evidently entirely filmed on the same single set.. but it is still gripping from beginning to end.

Original, compelling, excellent.

It is entirely suspenseful.

But as soon I got into it, the acting was just terrible, the script was empty of any meaning, and it was incredibly cliched when put against other movies in the same genre.

A slow start and middle, but the film becomes in the end suspenseful.

One of the group ('Worth') is a nihilist who has worked out that life is utterly pointless -just like this film.

Gripping entry in the trapped-in-a-room horror subgenre that also includes classics like `Night of the Living Dead' and Carpenter's `The Thing.

The human interactions were very predictable as well.

Its a highly entertaining psychological thriller set in a maze.

But as this thing plods on, with some really poor acting performances, it really vacillates between two poles: "Oh, yeah, we've been dropped in a cube ...

Starting off a little slow, and with no background the viewer is helpless to resist the curiousity as you are obligated to see what happens from when we first meet our party, and find out their fate.

An interesting yet predictable plot .

There are just these 7 persons, colored cubes and killer traps, which give such an intense experience!

Intense .

If you think that's pretentious then 'Cube' probably isn't the movie for you.

Enjoyable Sci-Fi movie and very visual and interesting.

Enjoyable..ten stars out of ten.

Some of the characters are a little on the trope side of the equation (I am looking your way Rain Man) but overall it is an engaging group.

Complete waste of time!!.

This movie is essentially unwatchable.

I also wish the ending is more compelling.

A much cleverer and entertaining film similar to CUBE is 'Saw'.

Cube - An Intelligent and Intriguing Sci-Fi/Horror .

Nevertheless, if Lucas could progress from 'THX 1138' to 'Star Wars', then I'm sure we'll be seeing some fascinating work from this guy in a couple of years.

Disappointing, dull and almost unwatchable .

The setting and plot were intriguing and original.

Trite, predictable and wholly lame.

However the journey was quite a pleasant and gripping one, so the movie did flow at a strong pace and I was engaged with it original premise.

Amazingly intense and ingenious thriller.

And the movie is just really entertaining.

The writers probably figured you wouldn't notice because the film is supposed to be a character study of people placed under pressure, but that aspect of the screenplay is terribly cliche.

CUBE is a fascinating, terrifying film, involving survival and group dynamics under increasing stress.

So, in conclusion, if you have not seen this film, i highly recommend it.

One of the truly puzzling, brain-teasing and original films you're going to see, Cube is a cleverly written & directed film and a fantastic suspense-thriller with no certain explanation to its time-line, structure or anything else and that's what made it even more exciting.

For those who haven't seen "Saw" but somehow researched this film for some reason, then I guess it's worth watching.

completely unexpected .

I was expecting an intelligent and intriguing sci-fi movie.

on a synopsis level, it's still pretty good, though some aspects (like the "Rain Man" type character) look contrived 3.

It goes from mysterious to bland and repetitive and never looks back.

Still, the film is well worth watching.

Interesting, suspenseful flick, with some great direction, hampered by terrible acting and atrocious dialogue.

a remarkably intense, dark work.

Personally, I didn't understand one iota of all the mathematical mumbo-jumbo, but it was fascinating to listen to and it certainly kept me on the edge of my seat.

The math storyline is so full of hokey, that it's just a crutch for no plot line.

The result you get, is a very special and fascinating thriller which almost drags you as the viewer inside the plot and wants you to find out what the reason is of all this.

The rooms of the maze were intriguing and created an eerie ambience early in the film.

"Cube" could be described as a thrilling and suspenseful mathematical mind fu*k.

"Cube" has been one of my favorite suspenseful movies since I first saw it, and last Saturday I just confirmed the reason why.

Although the acting could have been better, it's really worth watching.

It's quite enjoyable and even - dare I say - thought provoking.

), the strengths and flaws of the people, and a climax that is intriguing without revealing.


Good points are an unusual (though repetitive) set that is well made and impressive.

There is no story, and that makes the movie boring.

This is one of the very few movies ever to give me insomnia.

It was the most predictable, yawn-making pile of verbose nonsense I've seen in quite a while.

The actors are all unknowns and with writing as unfortunately bland as this film offers it's no surprise that their performances suffer also.

Which is to be an example for the new and aspiring cinema artists of what can happen when you take a promising premise and screw it up with a bland and uninspiring implementation.

Whilst this film has many strengths and is both intelligent and engaging, there was one major problem; Why were these particular protagonists left in the Cube together?.

Maurice Dean Wint (Quentin: The Cop) gave a thoroughly enjoyable performance as a man who sinks deeper and deeper into depraved madness.

I had only read a hint of what 'Cube' was about when it appeared on the TV schedule, and as I thought it sounded intriguing, I recorded it.

Another real problem is the dialog, just plain stupid, cliché, stereotyped and really not justified.

I'd recommend other films in its place but coming on to 20 years from the films initial release there's too many films that are more awesome, brilliant, riveting and cleverer than this slow drab of a film.

The mixture of personality types is intriguing and turns out to be key to the movie.

Thrilling .

This is a very clever and intriguing film.

This is really one of the worst movies I have seen!

Secondly, the acting did seem a little contrived.

The movie `cube' is a movie that keeps you on the edge of your chair.

Creative paranoia, intense emotions .

Nothing seems to have a logical or at least metaphysical interpretation, and the 'explanations' given by the characters are so poor and empty that they made me laugh.

The characters speak in unbelievably trite one-liners that sound like they came from the pen of an ambitious junior high school student (e.

The special effects are quite stunning considering such a low budget film.

Some of the visuals were somewhat interesting, but eventually this film turns monotone and boring.

Although I felt this movie lacked some action and maybe an additional twist or two, it was extremely fascinating and not to mention original; I haven't seen any movie that in the least bit resembles this one.

But over-all despite his death, I still find him enjoyable and interesting to watch.

Perhaps I am reading too deeply into this by making these claims, but I feel that the titular Cube may represent life as a whole; a series of seemingly pointless choices and pitfalls in the form of a puzzle.

Very original,very suspenseful .

Riveting, odd, complex, out of the ordinary!.

The screenplay/story is original, compelling, interesting and exquisitely smart, excellent job by the writers.

always on the edge...

I would have enjoyed it more if the characters had been in more of a vacuum, with less connection to the outside and more time spent exploring the nature of the cube and their place in it.

Though slow to start, this film delivers an incredibly interesting analysis of our contemporary society.

They also do a fine, fine job of keeping things mostly unpredictable, not killing off certain characters when we think they will, and using both script and performance to have the audience eventually realize that we had some of the characters wrong.

This ugly, pointless film was very boring and poorly made, filled with plot holes and absolutely predictable plot twists.

As much as the concept is intriguing, the performances were truly awful at times.

This is a very interesting and fascinating movie.

Gripping, this isn't.

Still, the movie was fast-paced and fully engrossing.

Boring .

Movie basically is about human trust and how behave in unexpected and most cruel situation giving us a view that we are not well behaved even stupid kind that first acts and then waits to see the results of action.

It was claustrophobic and tense, with confusion and suspicion rife among the characters, a few fantastically fiendish deaths, and there it stopped for me.

Gripping Suspense all the way.

This movie went from a great sci-fi, mind-job movie to a retarded horror pointless story.

Fortunately at least two movies have been able to give thrilling and horrifying answers to these questions.

The interaction between the characters is just about as cliche-ridden as anything I ever seen.

However, as the plot was moving forward, it became somehow tedious, and the climax was the ending.

When you look at the bright side, the film offers you a lot of entertaining moments just down in its own special setting and it's rather focused on its topic - being atmospheric.

Enjoyable, twisting suspense .

Entertaining all the same, it's certainly original.

If you like predictable thrillers, give this one a try.

If you want an exciting adventure, then watch Cube.

Director Vincenzo Natali, who also co-wrote the ingenious, intriguing, and unpredictable script with Graeme Manson and Andre Bijelic, adroitly crafts a strong, gripping, and suspenseful shocker that's brimming with oodles of nerve-jangling claustrophobic tension, a sharp sense of amusingly cynical humor, a few nicely gross moments of nasty gore, an extremely edgy and paranoid atmosphere, and plenty of astute insights into how a crisis situation brings out both the best and the worst in human beings.

Absorbing, Tense, Smart Sci-Fi Thriller .

It is interesting, comedic at times and anything but predictable.

Entertaining for the first half hour but then becomes boring has hell...

It's a solid film that is definitely worth watching.

One of the worst movie ever!!!!!!!!.

The script (for the most part) was intelligent and the film is tense and engaging.

Intense, compelling and claustrophobic, this movie is hypnotic throughout.

They want to make the movie gripping but the acting is horrible and unpredictable.

I found the movie to be one of the most intense thrillers I've ever seen, with a clever "non-bulls**t" plot.

This movie was incredibly intense - when I talk back to the characters on the screen, I've been hooked.

By halfway through this movie, you are absolutely glued to the screen, and balanced precariously on the edge of your chair.


They created something incredibly unique with this film and it's worth seeing just to see something completely out of the norm but still very compelling.

There is an underlying tension throughout this, and it is immensely exciting.

Worth, the so called nihilist, provides the film with a quiet center while everyone else resorts to predictable, often laughable acting by rote.

What a waste of time.

Watching this movie is a waste of time!

The music and a lot of the camera-work is boring and unappealing.

I wouldn't have paid to see it in a theater, but was worth watching when it was...

It's a fun and exciting film with TERRIFIC production values.

This movie throws every stereotype and cliché in your face.

It was just boring and I didn't care if they ever got out or all got killed.

The character's original thoughts and assumptions were much more exciting and thought-provoking than the dull, unsatisfying answers given by Worth, the character who, believe it or not, was contracted to draw blueprints for the cube's outer shell.

After the movie finished I stared at the screen for a while (it must have been an dull portrait) not knowing what to do next.

Fun and suspenseful ***1/2

Watching it in complete darkness on a home theater system completely immersed me in the film.

'Fascinating' is probably the most correct word to describe this film.

These are the elements that make it just a bit more entertaining and thought provoking than the average.

That said, you get some really intriguing setting here - some people get trapped in a big big cube and they're trying to get out with using their wisdom together.

This makes the film very riveting and impossible not to watch.

Later on you realize that Worth was hired by an unknown to design the outer shell of the compound, and the original purpose is unknown, which is quite fascinating.

After this encouraging beginning "The Cube" quickly plummets into the realm of trite and predictable.

This is a really entertaining, scary and thought-provoking movie.

entertaining but pointless .

It seems people like pointless movies more than I imagined.

Simplicity makes this movie unique and enjoyable.

The story is so unique, intriguing and thrilling that I could hardly breath watching it.

Nicole deBoer is also stunning as Leaven, the beautiful math wiz.

Personally, as a massive fan of the saw series, I thought that this movie was very predictable and underwhelming.

This movie was by far the worst movie I've ever seen.

Entertaining .

The dialogue and the characters are astonishingly bland.

The whole game and system are mathematically coherent, unlike the contrived ones in the later Cube films.

Cube, while wholly original and engaging, suffers from one major flaw, its characters.

This was one of few movies that I actually had to turn off in the middle, because I couldn't endure the pain any longer.

engaging sci-fi noir .

The first installment, that is, the original one, is hugely suspenseful, relatively well acted (Hewlett is the only distinguished performer), and quite violent.

It would have taken away from the impact to have some trite explanation or happily ever after intrude on the mystery.

Intriguing concept ruined by terrible script .

flawed but entertaining .

It's not perfect, and the story loses some of its mystique as details are revealed, but ultimately this is an entertaining movie that I would recommend to anyone.

By my guessing it's very loosely suggested by the Avengers classic 'House that Jack Built', but uses a very basic springboard idea from that story to give a gripping, claustrophobic and character-strong narrative on the basic conundrums like Why are we here?

Important, Intelligent, Intense, Intriguing, Gripping.

THE worst movie ever made.

It could have gone belly-up, but it works for the most part and creates a suspenseful movie.

I found it entertaining.

A few minutes into this movie I was beginning to lose interest, by the end of it I was numb with boredom.

This may be one of the most pointless and unsatisfying films I have ever sat through, and I like B movies.

But still, this is a highly compelling film, and more unique then most sci-fi you see nowadays.

An Unexpected Gem.

But it's worth all the praise it can get, it's breathtaking, nail biting, makes you think etc. etc.The characters are just brilliant (although the acting could be better).

Good Premise - (Trite Ending + Bad Math) = So So Movie .

Years after, I have tried it again - and immediately all the weaker points went visible - very weak acting, poor script, long (too long) dialog parts at times, boring sequences, and yeah, the film didn't hold - it fell apart, before it got exciting.

Visually, the movie is stunning in its elegant simplicity and that's its strongest point.

It's somewhat suspenseful at times but it's worth watching.

So this is a great film, immensely entertaining and always keeping you on the edge of your seat, certainly worth watching for fans of horror, science fiction or just gripping, nail-biting suspense in general.

Not only that, but the story is actually original and entertaining.

Enjoyable psychological 'ordinary people caught in a deadly maze-like trap' horror – much better than the 'Saw' film series which followed this and borrowed ideas from it.

The characters are not rounded - that would either require a long introductory segment in the world outside of the cube, or long periods of dialogue which would slow down the film.

To say that this is Pretentious would mean that there was a Pretense worth Presenting.

The problem is that it soon becomes clear that all of the characters are deadly dull and formulaic, and that we're not actually gonna see many rolling heads.

Each plays a part in their thrilling quest to find answers as to why they've been imprisoned.

Appearing as a headstrong do-gooder cop at the beginning to later become a psychotic killer was for me, unexpected.

Insightful often suspenseful Cube is a must see for those who enjoy smart film making my only complaint was the ending I saw it coming 20 mins into the film which is why i'm giving it an eight.

They leave you with an intense "THAT'S IT?

It was effectively suspenseful and creepy, although the character studies and psychological elements largely fell short.

A tense, gripping science fiction (hopefully) film.

But CUBE was a pleasant surprise, one of the best tension-in-a-small-group movies I've ever seen, and it's definitely thrilling.

It's a great movie, a bit dragged down by the average characters, nonetheless a must-see.

The worst movie ever made.

It's a bit pointless like the cube itself.

Mysterious but intriguing thriller .

B-grade acting, questionable math and philosophy references, cop-out plot development, and an ending which was probably written when Nguyen got bored of writing and just wanted it all to end are just some of the many things to distract you while you constantly ask yourself where this movie is going and why you're still watching it.

This is a fun, enjoyable and informative track.

Ming Boggling and incredibly entertaining.

An original and thrilling indie Canadian mathematical and psychological thriller with some horror moments.

At certain turning points, the script is unafraid of taking unexpected decisions.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The Cube was one of the worst movies I've ever seen of the genre, do not recommend it to anyone, hugs!

But to do so would have generated even more talk, and would probably have got boring.

Still enjoyed it a lot, new ideas are rare these days and this is sure more entertaining then any of the big productions that spend millions of dollars for fx and don't have any story behind.

I am glad someone finally made this into a film and they did what they needed to in order to make it thrilling and thought provoking.

I found this film gripping and fascinating.

A wonderful little film that is both intelligent and entertaining .

" This all makes for a completely original yarn that is extremely entertaining.

This is a lower-budget, yet thrice as intense version of "Event Horizon.

One of the worst movies I have seen .

The Cube is just a gigantic empty device until you add that human element to it.

" is sort of indicative of what I thought of this movie; it was BORING.

If the characters are annoying, the dialogue is stupid, the setting barely changes, and the plot/premise is barren and admittedly pointless, one can't really consider this a good movie.

Don't see this movie if you want Hitchcock, but do see it if you want an enjoyable hour and a half.

This movie was riveting and well done, had funny parts, it was unlike any other sci-fi horror film i've seen.

Original and thrilling, what more could you want.

The opening sequence was enough to make me want to turn it off, because it was just too confusing for the beginning of a movie.

The ending is, unfortunately, entirely predictable after the first few interactions of the characters and when it comes its very dissatisfying.

a very intriguing delight.

Boring in the end .

The music was sparse, and the one main song that played during lulls in the story was a simple, "Friday the 13th"-ripoff, horror song using echoing voices, a screeching sample, and a few synth plunks making for an abstract and forgettable song.

Every time the characters enter a new cube we have a thrilling moment because we.

Each plays a part in their thrilling quest to find answers as to why they've been imprisoned.

Secondly, the story is filled with twists and turns and it remains unpredictable who is going to survive and how until the very last Scene that also leaves room for interpretation.

I've read that this should be a 'cult movie' but I'm sorry its one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

First of all, the mysterious setting and its origins are truly intriguing.

She was very steady, and even made actions as mundane as her thinking for extended periods of time enjoyable.

The story, though absurd, is quite simple, and perhaps a bit empty at times - montages of the actors' faces and of cubes fill in sequences in between dialogue.