Cujo (1983) - Horror, Thriller

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Cujo, a friendly St. Bernard, contracts rabies and conducts a reign of terror on a small American town.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Lewis Teague
Stars: Dee Wallace, Daniel Hugh Kelly
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 45 out of 171 found boring (26.31%)

One-line Reviews (155)

Boring, meaningless, horrible, unusually bad are the first to come to mind.

Still, my stomach was in knots by that ending, a sure sign that Teague & Co. have succeeded in delivering a very effective example of gripping horror.

Very taut and suspenseful, this is a text book example of setting a movie in just one location and having lots of fun with it.

Since the attacks can't be depicted with such relentlessness, but must be spaced at intervals, as was the case in Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 horror classic THE BIRDS, the film inevitably slows down at times; and horror film fans impatient for the blood and gore to start pouring are likely to find all of this boring.

The movie is a bit too predictable, and is quite boring.

I found this movie rather pointless, and I, an avid Stephen King fan, found the book to be a bit worse.

Finally, the biggest problem with the picture is that it's simply way too predictable.

All I can say is that this film is truly one of the worst movies to come out of Stephen King.

The film is OK, but the first 45 minutes are way too slow and really unimpressive, to my mind.

In the end, CUJO is a good attempt at a horror movie, albeit a rather dull one saved by the superior climax.

this movie certainly has some adrenaline inducing moments and terror,especially if you've ever been attacked by a dog.

Also confusing is the plethora of subplots that just act as boring red herrings to the films main plot.

But the first half of the movie is plodding, filled with unnecessary scenes, and the kid's constant whining (although justified) is sure to get on your nerves.

The original poster, which depicted a distant farmhouse on a hill, may not have sold tickets, but it was a stunning piece of creative understatement.

Without giving the ending away, I can tell you it was very formulaic and unworthy of a Stephen King story.


Scary and Suspenseful .

The premise is imbecilic, too banal, even for a horror film: a rabid mutt attacks a family.

The scenes, backed by a perfectly-fitted score, are extremely intense.

The only good thing was the action scenes with the dog looked real, even though they were dull.

I feel he manages to convey the terror and confusion of the young boy while maintaining a degree of believability and sympathy.

Not So Bad, But Rather Slow .

The book was pretty much the same, but at least the book had many more details and far better, if also slow, development of what is going on.

It centres on a marriage where perhaps out of boredom has ended up with the wife having an affair with the local craftsman.

This was a moderately suspense filled movie but some of the scenes just dragged on and on and I found myself hitting the forward button a lot.

The suspense scenes when they are on the screen are exciting to watch.

Directed by Lewis Teague I thought the film was a bit slow for my tastes.

Even with the relatively short running-time of an hour-and-a-half, Cujo becomes a tedious and patience-straining experience, occasionally unintentionally funny and certainly never as suspenseful as it would like to be.

Virtually nothing happens in this film and much of it's running time is filled with nearly unbearable melodrama straight out of a low-rent soap opera.

One thing I remember is that is kind of dull, and if I as a kid thought it was boring it probably was.

With that being said, it's a pretty simple concept and there's enough thrill at the end to make it worth watching.

The only compelling idea is being trapped by that dog.

I believe it's about an hour and 32 minutes, which is just right for this movie because really it doesn't need to be long if this movie specifically was overly long, then you would bore and lose the audience.

Altogether, it didn't work well for me, it started and continued out slow, it didn't make any improvements, and it just made it seem completely pointless to watch, getting nowhere at all.

It is really a pretty suspenseful movie with that psychological terror--it would scare the hell out of you if it happened to you.

If you're the sort of person who just wants a bit of excitement and edge of your seat antics and can suspend a lot of disbelief then you'll find the second half of the film enjoyable.

Dee Wallace does some good work as the mother who has to deal with the trauma while having to comfort her young son, who it has to be said is involved in some pretty intense looking scenes which may have been quite full on for the young actor involved.

The film is very suspenseful when it needs to be.

Slow, boring entry .

One of Stephen King's most thrilling adaptions.

Then it kicks into gear with the slow beginning making way for a crackerjack final 40 minutes of simple confined tension built around isolation.

What follows is a remarkably suspenseful siege, with mother and son trapped in their dilapidated Pinto while the monstrous, four-legged killer alertly skulks outside.

She's a great actress and probably the only compelling thing in this movie.

On the other side of town, more mundane things are being played out.

The rabid Cujo is very scary and the movie is suspenseful.

Not sure I'm happy with the ending, but that could be do to the long, drawn out, uber happy endings were given these days.

As I said, there's one attack scene inside the car that is quite thrilling but the rest of them are only mildly entertaining.

Dee Wallace-Stone (THE HOWLING) is a cheating wife and mother, married to the boring Daniel Hugh Kelly.

But regardless, it was hard to watch due to the slowness of it.

If you are into Stephen King's movies then definitely watch this, but otherwise you might be really bored watching this.

The top two actors deliver good acting performances that help to breathe life into the movie's dull segments.

You really get the race against time, as conditions inside the car, become more and more unbearable, as heatstroke and dehydration, starts to kick in.

That part will have you on the edge of your seat.

This is a very good and thrilling film.

If they could make the whole thing at least half that intense it could have been really good horror/drama.

It is a violent film, but it is also very suspenseful and smart.

But it is the climax of the film that is the most intriguing.

No message evident beyond "stay away from rabid dogs".

The movie doesn't so much end as run out of time and ideas, with a final sequence that culminates in an unrealistic attack followed by a freeze-frame shot with soaring music that, like so much of the score, feels goofy and trite.

There's basically nothing that provides any interest whatsoever here about the family nor their history here, as the lame backstory to show her adulterous ways produce zero enjoyable scenes while serving only to get the real-life husband a role in here but little more, while the convenient excuse of work troubles makes it so that there's a reason preventing his efforts to rescue them later and the fact this is so drawn-out, lifeless and not in the slightest percent interesting really makes this an utter pain to get through here.

Cujo starts rather slow and throughout the entire first 45 min.

It was rather pointless tbh...

The movie had me on the edge of my seat.

Perfectly dreadful film has good performances wasted in such a contrived and unpleasant film with no redeeming value whatsoever; just an ugly story that didn't need to be told.

Horridly Boring .

Cuz its boring!

It's slow at times, but it's good and suspenseful enough to recommend.

This film, though boring, does manage to be somewhat suspenseful and therefore will get **out of****Not great overall, though moderately suspenseful.

Cujo is a tireless bore that remains predictable right to the end.

Although well made, this screen adaptation of Stephen King's "Cujo" emerges as a dull, uneventful entry in the horror genre.

"Cujo" is too boring and stupid to scare anyone.

"Cujo" is not always convincing, but it is sure to have you on the edge of your seat from the moment that 'Tad' (Pintauro) and his mom (Wallace) arrive at the farm.

Then I decided to read the book, which, I think, is a pure masterpiece, intense and reaaaaaaaly dark and oppressive, alluding quite often in its theme and metaphors to real-life misery and struggles, etc. After reading the book, I thought of the film, viewing it in my mind through a different perspective.

The final showdown does manage to be quite exciting, although by this point you're ready for anyone to win just as long as the movie comes to an end.

Good movie but boring beginning .

And they possess an uncanny ability to motivate us out of a state of bored complacency simply with a nasal nudge to the knee and a look that says "Hey!

As a result of his self-absorbent behaviour his wife (Dee Wallace) ends up having an affair in possibly one of the most tedious aspects of the first half of the film.

The whole film feels slow and repetitive.

Horror film takes some time getting started, but once things pick up it is one of the best constructed and most frightening and intense horror films in cinema history.

The problem is that in the book these people were at least somewhat likeable, where as here they are totally unsympathetic or just plain uninteresting.

My 13-year-old son and I enjoyed it very much.

The development is slow and not much really happens.

Scary and thrilling shocker based off the novel by Stephen King.

The majority of the movie takes place in a car with a mother and her asthmatic son yet it was riveting.

It was a waste of 90 minutes of my life.

Strangely for a horror movie (but not unwelcome), and certainly not untypical of a Stephen King adaption, most of what goes on during the film is rather mundane, just the day-to-day life of the Trentons, which makes for interesting drama in itself.

For moments scary, but mostly dull and poorly told life drama.

Nothing happens for half an hour...

Jaws is exciting and unpredictable.

Daniel Hugh Kelly is okay but has a boring character whilst Christopher Stone is badly miscast as the town stud (instead he resembles a neanderthal).

It's got the usual cliche's, yes.

Actually,i like every stephen king's horror story-especially if that book adapted into a movie-it was very suspenful,terrifying,thrilling and brilliant.

Dee Wallace is wonderful in this as Donna Trenton, a young mother who's had vague unpleasant thoughts about growing old and bored as a homemaker in the small Maine town of Castle Rock.

The rest of the small town hicks are fairly predictable folks, despite heavy attempts at characterisation to make them more interesting.

A course of events takes place in the first 45 minutes that has nothing to do with horror, but more so about the characters and the slow progression of rabies that Cujo has.

The attack scenes are about as intense as possible - the director almost pushes them TOO far.

The last thirty minutes of the movie is the most intense.

This trope of the innocent children paying for the sins of the parent got overworked and tiresome a long time ago and ends up adding nothing to this particular story, so changing it only manages to improve already flawed material.

This is very intense movie at some points with good sequances and caring moments of mom and son in danger

Something unexpected.

Oh my god this movie is sooo scary it is so messed up the blood my god the gore, it is REALY intense i was craping my pants through the whole of this moviespoilers a st bernard dog is bitten by a bat and it gets infected and it sends him phsyco.

If you've seen the trailer, you've seen all the exciting parts already .

Stephen King-based thriller is a sweat-inducing shocker that ranks among the most intense King adaptations.

And Cujo's first victim, I believe, simply saying "Oh my god, you're rabid" in a plain monotone voice.

Looking back "Cujo" does build to a somewhat suspenseful finale, albeit predictable and uncreative.

The New York Times called the film "predictable" and said, "Cujo is not as menacing or frightening as other film adaptations of King's popular stories and especially can not compare to the 1976 Carrie...

The first is a trite and boring story about marital infidelity, and the second is a drawn out segment of a mom and her son being trapped in a broken down car with Cujo lurking outside.

The problem was the section between the part where Cujo is bitten by the bat and the part where Donna's car breaks down, it's very boring and not much fun to sit through.

Add in the fact that it doesn't overstay it's welcome - it's 89 minutes long - and moves along fairly well, and it is an entertaining movie.

She did manage to get out of the car and look around for 45 seconds or so at one point to try and get to a baseball bat that was lying on the ground nearby--what a waste of time!

I was growing skeptical: how compelling a villain could a rabid St. Bernard be and how scary a movie could they make about him?

Basically, Wallace and Pintauro are trapped in a car in the middle of nowhere whilst Cujo lays siege to them, smashing the car to pieces in some ferocious attacks that play on everyone's fear of dogs as unpredictable, snarling beasts.

I wish they would make more movies like these instead of the same old predictable slasher type ones.

"Nothing wrong here" is the cereal company's tag line, which in the novel becomes a motif for what happens when the unexpected invades our comfy lives.

Unfortunately the dog Cujo doesn't figure too much in the first hour of this film, which is so caught up in boring character exposition that it almost forgets about the title character entirely, instead popping him up brief scenes throughout of him gradually getting dirtier and messier and more feral as the effects of the rabies virus take hold.

Dee Wallace-Stone gives a riveting performance.

The scenes in the car are repetitive, dull, and not particularly frightening.

And it muddies the point with so many things we don't care about, so many pointless, sidetracking, poorly conceived moments, that we forget what was supposed to be scary in the first place.


Nonetheless, Cujo is a really fun movie, and I enjoyed it all the same.

it sounds oh so exciting.

This is a pretty boring movie.

It's also a little predictable as well.

The first 45 minutes of the film consist the characters doing fascinating things such as sleeping, watching TV, picking their kids up from pre-school, fixing their cars, talking to the mailman, ECT.

No plot, no acting, no nothing.

Those bolder would probably approach the beast to check if it's still alive, but everyone would at least empty the whole magazine into it, just in case.

If you really haven't seen it, thinking it would just be boring, watch it the first time on a home theater with all of your lights out.

A lengthy comment on this film would just be a waste of time.

Cujo's re-appearance from the dead at the end was just lazy and predictable and rounded off just how bad this film was.

Professional, if uninteresting.

The first half of the movie is meant to introduce us to the characters, but it's so boring and stupid, and the characters never even achieve two-dimensionality.

Suspenseful edge of your seat thriller has Dee Wallace and her small son trapped in a car with a rabid St Bernard right outside blocking their escape.

Once "Cujo" kicks into gear, it's a hell of a film, with plenty of nerve jangling thrills and intense action scenes.

Written by King in the throes of alcoholism, "Cujo" the novel was a largely formulaic endeavor enlivened only by King's storytelling abilities and his sneaky social commentary about commercialism run amuck in a world of lost values.

A lot of reviewer condemn this movie because they don't see any significant about Donna's affair with the carpenter, they said that its so unnecessary and pointless for the whole movie, they also wonder why this movie was named Cujo, the crazy dog even though it have less screen time than human, which is look just like kind of subplot.

It does use a few too many cliches for my liking though, like the return from the dead cliche which is hard to believe because it's a dog.

Real slow first half .

Bite his empty head off.

Neither one of these stories is even remotely entertaining.

The music is far too melodramatic rather than suspenseful.

* 2nd half of the film was so boring.

However, the first of the film for me was intolerably dull and although the second half was better, for me, it was still too sloppy and clichéd to make up for the poor first half.

Some changes are on the horizon for Cujo, as due being bitten by a rabid bat and the huge size of Cujo, he gradually becomes an unpredictable monster from gentle to even little kids to a readily aggressive, serial killer.

it's fairly fast paced,and isn't boring.

Boring .

As for the telling of this one, Cujo is intentionally slow in its build up - a little too slow, for me.

Watching it 30 years later I couldn't help but think I must have only watched from the middle because the first 45 minutes it's so slow and has very little to do with the actual 'horror' movie part.

Unfortunately, the movie fails to utilise suspenseful music to support the images on the screen.

Yes, the people were suffering,also, but it dragged on for WAY too long.

It's a brutal film to watch and is only undone by the slow character focused beginning.

decent Stephen King flick is tense at times but suffers from a really dull first half but the catches fire in the second half then becomes exciting and tense this is generally well made has lots of bloody dog bites anyway worth a watch it is fairly enjoyable **1/2 out of 5

That part is painfully boring.

For me the first half of the film is where Cujo is at its weakest and that's mainly down to the fact that it's so tedious; the kid says he's got monsters in his room...

They are intriguing, and makes you wonder throughout the entire movie.

This movie is a compilation of scares we know are coming and dragged out scenes.