Curon (2020) - Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

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The series is about a woman who returns to a mysterious village in Northern Italy where she grew up, only to find her past returning to haunt her and her teenage children.

IMDB: 5.9
Stars: Valeria Bilello, Maximilian Dirr
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 18 out of 74 found boring (24.32%)

One-line Reviews (44)

Boring show .

Yes, it's relatively predictable.

And yes there are always cliches and predictable scenes.

Still the acting is good and this series is worth watching.

The script is messy, and the plot confusing.

It is very predictable, you can tell what will come up next and the ongoing of the plot is neither very creative or innovative, nor some kind of thrilling.

The end of this season with a boring, quite predictable cliffhanger was enough for me.

Enjoyable .

Then comes the nonsense background story, unexplainable lesbian tie, randomly appearing wolves, cliché characters.

The twists are either predictable or illogical.

I feel I would have enjoyed it better if I chose English subtitles and watched it in Italian, as it makes the acting seem crummy when it's dubbed.

Its very exciting and very bingeable this serie.

Waste of time and energy.

You wont get bored, promise, and the creepy vibe is delivered well.

Worth watching .

Watch this if you like relatively slow, dark, moody, and psychologizing shows, in the vein of David Lynch and Stephen King.

The first episode was intriguing, then it just fizzles out into a cookie cutter teen non-thriller.

As a 'horror chicken', I could watch it mostly without getting too freaked out, while staying hooked on the fascinating mysterious turns of the events, which slowly came together and the folklore of 'DG's (not to give away spoilers!

Enjoyable .

Another bad series.. Not sure, but in the translation to English, the script is so cliche, predictable and does not come across very well.

I'm just giving a 6 in the hope that the season 2 has a better storyline with some unpredictable twists.

Waste of time , very predictable, bad acting for me, unnecessarily lesbian action between teenagers...

Yes it's slower than average, yes the story is not the craziest ever and no you don't need to use your brain to understand it...

the suspense was good and a bit slow it took some time to get my interest.

I love this genre and typically find foreign takes on it more intriguing.

All that said it feels like a student film to me, kept me watching till the end which Didnt unfold quite the way I unexpected.

-Scenery: amazing, it shows an unknown and stunning side of Italy.

Its a bit boring to say the least.

Guess they think all americans/english speakers are too slow to get some things or maybe there wasn't the right words to translate from italian to english.

Once again Netflix delivers some boring crap.

I gave up after the second episode as it seemed to be going nowhere.

Not a bad serie, and was worth watching untill the end.

What a waste of time.

It was predictable, though there's an eerie feeling in the show at times.

It's absolutely good and engaging.

It was a waste of Time.

BORING ,I am impressed by how easy it is to identify a netflix production, always slow and insipid, they focus a lot on the teen drama and the inclusion that they completely forget the rest ;things like photography and setting seem to be repetitive in every show or movie, nothing impressive, nothing new the same concept and predictable story again.

nonsensical story with predictable and illogical twists and too many flaws .

A couple of episodes down the road and my enthusiasm had fizzed out, replaced by a moribund boredom that had me flirting with dropping the series midway.

Pitiful show, full of clichés, banal, rhetorical, sometimes in childish.

Curon tells an intriguing story.

Slow, dark, and moody, in the vein of David Lynch and Stephen King .

It's supposed to be extremely creepy but it's boring.

Choose slow death instead .