Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) - Comedy, Crime, Mystery

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Ensuing after the events of Clouseau's disappearance, his bosses at the Surete put a computer into service to elect a new shrewd detective, Sleigh, who turns up just as inept as Clouseau.

IMDB: 4.3
Director: Blake Edwards
Stars: David Niven, Robert Wagner
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 9 out of 45 found boring (20%)

One-line Reviews (25)

As I watched this movie, I asked myself if Blake Edwards could watch it and laugh out loud during the whole thing, or if he got as bored and tired with it as I did.

Sadly this was David Niven's last film, and he deserved a better swan-song, he is a good actor but he looks uninterested and bored.

Also the presence of Herbert Lom and Burt Kwouk and other Pink Panther regulars, as well as the immortal Henry Mancini musical score compensate somewhat for the movie its totally inapt to entertaining or be funny.

Ted Wass is bland and ineffectual; when I watch him here I keep thinking of how much better this movie could have been if most of his scenes were acted or directed differently.

Herbert Lom is entertaining as Dreyfuss and Joanna Lumley doesn't grate like she did in Trail of the Pink Panther.

I know some people won't like this movie, but I found it entertaining nonetheless.

this may be sacrilege to some people,but i actually think out of the seven(original)Pink Panther movies i have seen(i will be watching the eight and final one shortly)i found this one the most entertaining.

In the film appears the usual series as Herbert Lom (chief Inspector Dreyfuss), Andre Maranne (Sergeant Francois Duval), Grahame Stark (as a bored waiter) and the ordinary professor (Harvey Korman) .

Not great, but enjoyable .

Now, the way around this was to take clips and outtakes from the previous films and intersperse them in a new and completely contrived plot.

This Curse film was a complete waste of time apart from a few minutes at the end when Roger Moore gives lessons to Ted Wass (an actor who has disappeared into the the obscurity he well deserves) in exactly what comic timing and flair really is, and provides more smiles in a few seconds than has been forthcoming in the rest of the entire movie.

Niven looks tired in his final role and the rest of the cast looks bored, with a feeling that they've been down this road way too many times.

The next half hour was a waste of time for us who had seen the other films since it was just clips we had all seen before.

The last half hour was a waste of time period.

An enjoyable little film.

Most of "Curse Of The Pink Panther" is unfunny and boring: Ted Wass is no Peter Sellers (to state the obvious), and some of the gags are sloppily staged, strange for someone of Blake Edwards' experience.

Pushing two hours is way too long for a movie like this.

A few entertaining moments still add up to a very weak movie.

Especially confusing was Joanna Lumley's appearance as Countess Chandra - a totally different character to the one she'd played in 'Trail'.

What got me on his side was that hilarious scene with an inflatable woman provided by Balls (Harvey Korman again) taking place at an outside French restaurant with once again another hilarious performance by the versatile Graham Stark as a bored waiter who can't keep his eyes off of the doll and Sleigh's attempts at blowing her up.

Rating : Mediocre but entertaining .

This - number seven in the popular series - is a feeble comedy in which the plot is poorly contrived, the actors look totally indifferent, and the comic moments are tired rehashes of scenes from the earlier films.

) it becomes a tedious affair, and as the plot unfolds one increasingly wishes that the final credits would hurry up and put an end to the misery.

Cons: The story is very standard, slow moving and predictable, and the film is overlong.

Curse of the Pink Panther was pretty entertaining despite no Sellers and the fate of his character here .