Cyberbully (2011) - Drama

Hohum Score



A teenager is subjected to a campaign of bullying by classmates through a social networking site.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Charles Binamé
Stars: Emily Osment, Kay Panabaker
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 18 out of 114 found boring (15.78%)

One-line Reviews (36)

Every single last character is cliché and reacts in ways that no human being should.

Everyone else, half of them hated it and thought it was cliché and stupid, the other half fell asleep in the dark as the movie went on.

Taylor just comes across as a bored teen with no drama who suddenly meets some and then takes it to operatic proportions.

This movie shouldn't have been made, and it looks like after she tired to off herself ABC just dug deep into the cliché bucket.

Moving on, we're soon introduced to Scott, the stereotypical high school jock and Taylor's predictable love interest.

PLEASE watch it and enjoy the worst movie of the year.

This is one of the worst movie experiences ever, and possibly one of the worst experiences ever.

Definitely worth watching.

The story was moving and riveting.

The dialogue is unrealistic and pointless.

I saw the bored children circle in like vultures over paper-thin rumors and giggled at the "subtle" anti-bullying messages peppered into the already cheesy dialog.

There's plenty more but I figured I shouldn't bore you with details.

This is one of the worst movies if ever seen.

It's just dull watching a film where everyone is so negative.

This video spontaneously pushes Taylor off the edge, causing her to post her own video stating her confusion about why she's being bullied and how it's affecting her.

But anyways, The movie was kind of cheesy at times but I really enjoyed it.

The best compliment I know how to give Emily Osment is that she actually brings some life and emotion into an otherwise worthless script that reads like it was shot more as poor in-school propaganda (isn't it all) than a movie with actual entertainment or emotional value.

Although the plot seemed to rush a bit, so that Taylor's desire for suicide seemed a bit contrived, the movie managed to bring about several good themes for teens; as well as creating enough of an emotional connection so it maintained interest and felt believable.

It's breathtaking story about friendship and jealous among 3 girls.

I found the film quite suspenseful, affecting and, above all, informative; it made me understand why the common advice to "cyberbullied" teens -- "Just turn off your computer!

Suspenseful, Informative, Affecting .

The only one who enjoyed it or took it seriously was the teacher.

Going from big-shot popular Jock to liking her, back to "I'm Mr. Too-Good-For-You", was very confusing.

It felt as if the movie was over and I had to endure painfully boring and relatively obvious commentary and observations.

One of the "popular" girls at my school committed suicide because people commented on how pretentious she was (like all the other girls at high school are such saints...

Then she is betrayed by a most unexpected source.

Pointless drama .

This was perhaps intended, as it led to the following plot development, but it made the story predictable, which isn't generally advisable in terms of good plot.

The characters are painfully flat and unconvincing, the plot is bland and predictable, and even the drama points made for more effective black comedy than actual drama.

She doesn't even learn how to stand up to bullies until the end of the film after she goes to a support group, what a boring character.

This part is really boring.

Even from an empty room, to hug trees.

Out of boredom, I watched this movie with my friend over Christmas vacation.

Exaggerated and lacking in every way, the script dragged on using many scenes of only music to lazily show she was becoming more and more distraught.

This movie has a unpredictable and twisting plot.

This made for television American film is clearly a propaganda document, though it remains to be seen on whose behalf.