Da 5 Bloods (2020) - Adventure, Drama, War

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Four African American vets battle the forces of man and nature when they return to Vietnam seeking the remains of their fallen squad leader and the gold fortune he helped them hide.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Spike Lee
Stars: Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors
Length: 154 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 153 out of 578 found boring (26.47%)

One-line Reviews (322)

When you group all Vietnamese people into what you perceive to be a Vietnamese countryside way of life: slow, poor, unable to move past war sentimentality, and always seeking retribution against Americans - you fail to understand Vietnam.

A schematic yawn .

As the story progresses one of these four veterans steps on a mine because he delivers a pointless speech that started from a meaningless argument.

Plus the long boring speeches and the unnecessary Black Lives Matter propaganda sprinkled throughout and at the end just made this a not very good movie.

Even the scene where they find the gold is a catastrophe: I don't want to give any spoilers, but if you stop to think about the breathtaking unlikelihood of how it is hit upon, in the middle of hundreds of miles of jungle, it should tell you a lot about the rest of the reasoning on display in the rest of this disaster.

It is a long movie, and slow at some points.

The performances are passable, but the story is both unbelievable and predictable, while the script is dreadful.

I mean, this is as entertaining and smart as a decent adventure film can get.

It felt like it came out of nowhere and yet so intense and genuine and uncomfortable and extreme.

Shameless waste of time.

Unwatchable Lee twist on reality .

Casting in the present and past scenes is utterly ridiculous with so may scenes ponderous & pointless adding nothing.

An unbelievably predictable story.

very predictable, you could see the ending coming a mile off.. i would go deeper into the terrible plot.

The ages of the men in Nam & present day are the exact same (minus Boseman's character), Tiên looks 40ish (when Otis is nearing 70) his daughter looks 30+ (it's all a bit confusing).

Probably the worst movie of Spike Lee.

Occasionally this movie stepped outside cliche and sentimentality.

But unfortunately, I was dead wrong :( This whole movie is just a forced propaganda (#BLM stuffs) from the director.

I found it very boring, with bad acting and long unnecessary scenes.

) action movie about some old backpackers haunted by their past would have made a decent mini series but resulted into an exhausting and still empty movie.

It was very confusing watching old men play their younger counterparts.

Cool, Creative, Compelling, and Conscious in its Execution .

Highly predictable...

It's badly shot, disjointed, poorly scripted.

Disjointed + worst soundtrack and score ever.

B*ack r*cist propaganda and a mess .

Possibly the worst movie i have seen in 30 years .

This movie actually could have been much better, but because of its racially motivated theme against the "white man" and his white army this became boring and incredibly far fetched.

The movie could be so much greater with some editing anyway its still worth watching.

Please don't waste your time.

I wanted to leave.

A slow and cacophonik torture to watch.

Lots of propaganda from a little man who has no feel for history.

Then flashing pictures from various historic moments made the story disjointed and they felt like fillers.

Clumsy and cluttered at times, but compelling .

It ends up confusing itself.

The cast includes some veteran actors in engaging performances, particularly Delroy Lindo, Clarke Peters and Isiah Whitlock, and Chadwick Boseman in an all-too-brief appearance only in flashback scenes.

Disjointed Jungle Jaunt .

Thrilling, ditactic and unexpected; Da 5 Bloods is an incredible filmmaking example by Spike Lee and has exceptional screenplay with great performances.

My personal opinion it's unbearable.

It was just banal.

David, an unexpected tagalong, is Paul's estranged son played by Jonathan Majors.

The movie has good actings, good edition and photography, but it felt like empty critics without fundament were more important than a good story for the director.

The summary is perhaps a little inconsistent, lacking a tightly weaved plot and sometimes feeling more episodic than not, but it is also compelling, highly ambitious and profound.

An entertaining and gripping war drama that like even the most serious Spike Lee movies, has a lot of great comedy.

The result; a pointless 2 and half hours of nothing.

Obvious Political Propaganda .

There's occasional tense, confrontational moments that the vets have with Vietnam locals, and those scenes are taut and engaging because you can imagine that underneath the surface, there's still underlying resentment amongst many Vietnamese people towards the military and Americans in general.

The first half is way too long, and it contains a lot of filler which didn't need to be there.

We know that Spike and trying to shoehorn this in at every (in)conceivable juncture is just tedious, Finally, (SPOILER ALERT) can anyone explain to me why the Vietnamese gangsters near the end of the film wish to make a deal for the gold in exchange for the landmine chap when they are pointing AK47s at 'da bloods'?

And yes, disjointed.

Lots of entertaining moments and the message is there, as Spike would always have.

The script was just weak and narrow, predictable characters in a lame plot.

Boring at times the finale does not deliver, although the inclusion of a black lives matter is a good continuation of one of the characters initial speech, it feels artificial.

His acting was many times too much and felt pretentious.

Empty movie .

Delroy Lindo makes the film worth watching.

Some have written that the film is too long.

What a waste of time .

It's messy, amateurish and confusing as hell.

A quite entertaining film!

not really believable, and yet it was a fun, entertaining film.

This film has good cinematography, but very predictable, hate-filled story line.

I was never bored, and the narrative was constantly compelling.

He not only makes a fantastic, coherent story but he also manages to capture the film in a unique intriguing way, with aspect ratio changes and the changes from film to digital.

Unlike "The Green Book" or "Blackkklansman," which present narratives on racism effectively through well-crafted films, Da 5 Bloods is a heavy-handed, often preachy and disjointed commercial that self-dilutes the impact of what it tries to say.

terrible waste of time .

This way-too-long 2 hr 35 min movie was at times: an historic Blackumentary, a thinly-veiled leftist propaganda film, a brothers-in-arms movie, and an action/adventure film.

Spike Lee manages to make another bland Disney plot level movie.

Also, this film starts off as an ambitious piece of cinema, but towards the ending tries to become a more entertaining action film almost.

Two and half hours of predictable plot and awful unnatural dialogue.

Though it isn't as good as Lee's masterpiece Malcolm X, Da 5 Bloods is still an expertly directed film with engaging characters.

To blend the Vietnam war with the current political situation, completely out of context, just to influence this year's election, is a useless waste of time and money.

it is entertaining in a way.

Boring .

The use of archival footage added to the realism of the film with some creating a very intense and uncomfortable feeling to the viewer.

Yes I thigut some aspects of the plot were pointless and yes I had some minor issues but overall this film is extremely entertaining ans the way spike Lee dives into the subject matter of the movie is beautiful.

This was a real waste of time.

Not sure I bought all of the plot twists, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

What added to the weirdness is that the war which seemed so important then seems so pointless and ignorant in 2020.

However, the film is too long some scenes could be shorter and it could've been edited a lot better.

Looking over the plot synopsis, I thought I would see an entertaining movie about those Vietnam vets going treasure hunting, maybe showcasing some beautiful landscape and scenery in my country.

The story keeps on moving forward in a good mix of slow and fast scenes.


Da pointless joint .

Trite, vapid, meaningless, boring.

So intricate are the feelings, emotions and beliefs of the characters in this story that I was so swept up that I found myself suspended and surprised by a few unexpected scenes.

Additionally, the tension in this film is incredible and on par with (or perhaps better than) any suspenseful Tarantino scene.

The first 30-40 minutes contain some of the worst editing I've seen In a while and some scenes go on for way too long.

Great cinematography, disjointed plot .

God this movie has so much bad in it, biggest gripe is how it lacks subtlety in everyway possible I mean we get the message from the first 5 minutes but the characters keep telling us what happened/happens it's just cringy, other gripes are stuipid and unbelievable plot, ridiculous and unbelievable dialogue, bad acting, way too long run time, low production value (really with this blood effect and shooting sequences??

Another fascinating filmmaking choice is shooting the flashback sequences of the group and the aforementioned Norman on 16mm and without making the actors look young, possibly indicating that the Bloods never truly left Vietnam (as Vinh pointed out) due to how much it came back to haunt them all.

At some point this movie is unbearable .

In the end, its compelling, complex themes (past into present day war(s), greed on top of racial tension) and powerful symbolism (see Norman's almost Christ-like figure) leave plenty to chew on.

Don't waste your time.

Very predictable.

Love spike lee, but man this was disjointed.

It is far too long and is so lacking in subtlety that it feels like you are being hit over the head every few minutes with THE MESSAGE (that black people have suffered countless injustices).

I enjoyed it, even if it was pretty out there.

Slow build up.

Trash trash , pure propaganda movie.

This film has too many side plots that feel pointless and it takes up a good part of the first act making it pretty much an hour in before they actually go on their journey and by then I was a bit bored.

The plot totally predictable and cliché.

Never exciting, just a dull story.

What a load of cliche driven drivel.

DA 5 Blood daring, relevant, and commercially entertaining with amazing direction.

Da 5 Bloods goes a step beyond the old cliche about killing the messenger for the message, and lets the messenger mangle the message himself.

Boring political lecture .

More than a manifest, a political piece of propaganda destined to the woke white fans.

Bad Propaganda Film .

It had some good moments but it was also all over the place going from good scene to boring, by the book scene.

The tension was insane and the series of emotions that Paul and the seller goes through was intense.

Lee is incapable of making compelling stories with believable, engaging characters in them, and everything wrong with his other films are just as wrong with this: 'Da 5 Bloods' is preachy, overlong, racially antagonistic, staggeringly self-indulgent and clumsily unbelievable in every way at every turn.

There is a ton to take away from this film and it is entertaining through and through.

Given the subject matter and what a great director Spike Lee is, I expected this film to be really compelling.

The characters are dull and all they do is TALK TALK TALK....

Yet, evidence remains that this scenario was originally a predictable action-heist screenplay (the way one character conspicuously walks backwards in one scene--telegraphing what's about to happen especially bothers me) before Lee and company rewrote it for Black protagonists and introduced some rather unpredictable social commentary.

If this was a 90 min movie with some hints thought provocing moments it could've been great, but this way It's just a very tedious 2 and half hour lecture.

This movie is riddled with cliches and political propaganda.

The cinematography is breathtaking, the visual transitions seamlessly flow between time periods, and the atmospheric sound design blends together with the many Marvin Gaye song cues (Inner City Blues and What's Going On stand out) to put us in the minds of these men.

Complete waste of my time

But this movie is very entertaining and has Spike Lee's artistic touch all over it.

The last 40 minutes is kinda a drag, and it goes on way to long, with a final speech that is way too long.

While it isn't necessarily a fun film, it is one worth watching.

2 hours 30 minutes is too long for any movie, let alone one that is very disjointed.

Extremely boring film, slow pace of the movie, to long dialogues.

Great performances, pretty decent plot with a strong theme but overlong slow running time.

This script was illogical, messy, nonsensical, confusing, disappointing, just to name a few.

Long, sloppy, boring, bad script, like a soap opera.

The Movie was really good but I expected something more and bigger from spike lee anyway it was really enjoyable movie thank you Netflix!!!

So many bits that could be great, so many cool artsy directions taken but overall a long dull mess.

Wonderful performances, superb settings and camera work and an absorbing plot.

Utterly predictable, tiresome....

The wrong cast for the roles, lack of back stories, confusing scenes, very misplaced scenes.

Take a drink for each Viet Nam Veteran cliche, you see.

With so much hope for this movie, it's nothing but a dissapointing, disjointed movie with c-grade dialogue and acting.

This is a bad movie with uninspiring dialogues and cheaply produced action scenes.

But this is a disjointed, haphazard mess.

Dull .

It bores people sometimes.

It's simply a confusing mess.

This is complex, yet intriguing, suspensful and entertaining to a degree, while very informative too.

Poor script; in fact, an utterly empty script that does no justice to the real "Bloods" who lost their lives or left the best of their lives in the jungles of Vietnam.

The dialogue is so bad, the movie is boring and full of lessons for the white man.

On a positive note it was an enjoyable movie with an excellent soundtrack and some great performances.

This was a complete waste of time, what a piece of crap.

Both distasteful and unhelpful in any way, this unnecessary piece of propaganda isn't even remotely enjoyable to watch.

Every character is unlikable, the plot is drawn out and the amount of violence in it is excessive.

The highlight for me was the reminder of how pointless the war in Vietnam was.


Brilliant, thrilling, and timely .

I did not rate it a 10 because some scenes were predictable.

Trash worst movie made do not watch I'm warning you it's so bad.

He walks backwards as he speaks, the camera anticipates a sudden moment, making us anticipate it and in the anticipation the message is lost and the scene where one of the soldiers is killed by a mine in a horrible fashion remains uneventful.

Also, had this element of the film not been present, the film would have suffered and likely been marked as just another cliche 'Nam' film.

One of his most high-profile releases of the last decade, Lee's first feature since the Oscar winning success of BlacKKKlansman is his long time coming Vietnam passion project Da 5 Bloods, a well-cast Netflix production that shines a light on black service man in the Vietnam war, whilst also offering a thrilling treasure hunt plot-line with aging African American veterans returning to the battlefields of the war torn country.

I took stars off for the propaganda and cheesy parts.

The 1st hour is way too slow, making it hard to get into the movie.

Like Camerons Avatar (2009) or most of the formulaic 90s sports movies, the audience are never trusted to do any interpretation on their own and the bad guys are never given any motivation, beyond being evil for the sake of being evil.

But it was entertaining.

Empty and full of holes .

Bland of Brothers...


He has his own incredible stylish direction, with beautiful framing work to really set the tones throughout this unpredictable narrative.

Shallow acting, disjointed story telling, filled with rhetoric, stereotypes and propaganda.

Spike Lee still have an original voice, that alone makes this movie more entertaining than most of the sequels, prequels, soft reboots, genderswap reboots and generally bland entertainment released by Hollywood these years.

Self-aggrandizing and pretentious.

The only reason I am not giving this film 10 stars, is that the flow of the story sometimes felt disjointed, and at times was difficult to stay engaged.

Don't waste your time.

There are some moments of the movie that came out of nowhere and completely took me by surprise, and other moments had me on the edge of my seat.

The script is so predictable you knew what would happen in the first 30 minutes or so.

Spike Lee's latest is as boring as a paper company's corporate video on office etiquette.

This mobie was one of the worst movies i saw this year.

I enjoyed it though for the most part.

The movie plays out like a really uninspiring treasure hunt, mixed with nightmarish stills from the vietnam war.

Meanwhile, the greater cinematic relfexivity of "BlackKklansmen" is replaced here in part by music and radio, with a Marvin Gaye-infused soundtrack and stinging radio propaganda from Hanoi Hannah (Veronica Ngo).

Striking cold-open aside, the first half feels clunky and even dull at times.

Using clips throughout history, as well as pictures was a fascinating way to show the how African Americans have been treated in American history.

The Historical facts presented are true and the movie itself is compelling.

Some of the shots during the flashbacks to the Vietnam war were stunning, with excellent use of colour to make the scenes pop out on screen and this same craft was used throughout.

It was a genius move to shoot the film in 3 different aspect ratios 2) Delroy Lindo is incredible and definitely deserves a best actor Oscar nomination, his one take rants to the camera are flawless; I'd love to see Chadwick Boseman get a best supporting actor Oscar nomination too 3) The minefield scene is one of the most tense scenes I've watched in a long time 4) The film is emotional in a great way and you really feel the bonds that the Bloods have with each other 5) The score is very good and completely works with the filmNEGATIVES:1) The film is too long, it definitely feels baggy 2) Pretty much all of this bagginess comes in the first hour.


The movie is slow and inconsistent.

The film is in its essence a typical Spike Lee feature with many weird characters, unexpected story developments and all of that stands for something, some message he wants to provide, sometimes it is conventionally done sometimes really out of the box.

Knowing Spike I figured it was gonna be a gung-ho, balls to the wall exciting ride, with a lot of dope lessons & heavy black influence.

Overall, "Da 5 Bloods" is worth watching if you're a big movie person, or if you're just a casual Netflix subscriber looking for something new to watch.

Don't waste your time .

The whole thing was just confusing.

A very affecting scene sees them listening to Viet Cong propaganda, sympathetic to the injustice towards Black GIs.

Didn't get tired of it at all from start to end, the story is very compelling.

The story was predictable and told a thousand times already.

I found the film disjointed, I did not get into skin of any of the characters, there was insufficient character development.

The references to Apocalypse Now (1979) Movie and Marvin Gaye tracks are quite enjoyable.

Waste of time .

Don't waste your time

Despite these flaws, this film has many suspenseful, poignant and hard-hitting moments.

Train-wreck or masterpiece I was in for a uniquely entertaining experience - or so i hoped.

Second Act: When they found the gold it started to pick up, but that carried on way too long.

An utter waste of time.

Horrible acting, bad script, no message, no direction and a really bad vibe.

You know a cast is intriguing when you debate whether to root for these elders or not.

Pursued by inner demons from the past he brings power to all his scenes, something lacking in the rest of Lee's bland undeveloped cast delivering banal dialogue.

Due to it being slow it actually feels like I am there with da Bloods, going to bar, seeing new & improved Vietman.

But despite all the artistic creativity, performances and cinematography, it seems disjointed many times and difficult to watch.

If you want to waste 2 hours of your time have fun watching it, but trust me your better of skipping this and find something worth watching.

The attacks by Deroche's men on the road and the temple were too drawn out, it could have been compressed by 15 minutes.

It's cheap, it's cliche.

A Mixed Bag (yet still compelling) .

Too much propaganda, story makes no sense.

Cons:First, I love social messages in movies, but forcefully inserting many, without actually serving any purpose to the main story, seemed muddled and messy sometimes confusing, what's the movie about.

As with most movies with flashbacks, it's sometimes hard to follow.

It was entertaining while still being relevant.

But then the rest suffers from weak writing and pacing, which makes the length even more unbearable.

But man was it thrilling, that 1 2 3 scene was griping as hell.

Nonsense arguments in different points of the movie that makes the movie very long and tedious.

Lee's direction is assured; the visual atmosphere is alternately cool, warm or hot and intense in other parts.

This movie is so contrived that its impossible to understand why anybody continues to green light his films.

Bad movie Very Weird and boring tbh,...........

The film has been very divisive since its release as I've seen some people claiming it as the best film of the year, and others claiming it is just plain pretentious schlock.

If you're bored and like your intelligence insulted, this is the film for you.

The story is about as cliche as they come and the dialogue is about on par with what an average writer would've whipped up in 8th grade.

What people think works in their favour by obsessively pushing & promoting their exaggerated propaganda & in itself racist, is only dividing people further than they MIGHT have been already.

Waste of money .

If there is any notable flaw in the movie, it's that perhaps the 2.5 hour runtime can be rather tiresome depending on the viewer's interest, and the few moments of humor don't always mesh well with the overall serious tone.

I thought the scene were David, Paul's son, was stuck on a mine was particularly good, drawn out and riddled with suspense.

tedious and empty .

No story no messAge no content.

Two and half hours is far too long, to.

Pandering, Tedious and Intellectually Stunted .

Pointless .

Bold storytelling, like in most Spike Lee joints, but 'Da 5 Bloods' goes off the rail about halfway through when the stories become disjointed and a bit unfocused.

Still, going in with unexpected grisly directions while exploring ideas of pride and paranoia in the wake of harrowing experiences, 'Da 5 Bloods' remains interesting and engaging to watch.


Netflix seems to have talent for promoting movies that feel like propaganda, and here we have the unadulterated brain washing detergent.

Just an all around waste of time.

Way too long to maintain viewer's interest .

Whilst I did manage to make the end despite falling asleep before the halfway point (something the director also seems to have done) I cant say it's the best use of 2 hours 35 minutes which is far more time than they seem to put in writing producing directing and editing this film.

Waste of time and talent.

It's very visceral and engrossing.

But what a disappointment every 5 minutes there is some statement of racial inequality to the point it gets boring and predictable and deflects from any possible decent story.

Absolute waste of time.

but patchy performances from a great cast and a plodding script results in bit of a B-List film.

One of the worst parts was when they find the gold, I actually sat in total disbelief at how pathetic the story had become, absolute waste of time, stay well clear

It is a fascinating picture that dodges simplified readings.

I really enjoyed this movie, even with the predictable "Trump hate" rhetoric...

Eventually waste of time.

The movie remained interesting for about a fourth of its bloated length but the turbed into a tedious, boring and juvenile B-war movie where violence and bloodshed became the main point.

One of the main characters is erratic to a point where it's difficult to follow or stay interested.

Totally rediculous and boring .

There is no honor in these man, and it's a poor portrait with the old cliché of black ghetto ganster blood bullcrap.

The thing does feel long but that's principally because it's constantly unpredictable, shifting in tone and, even, genre often within the same scene.

I was initially quite concerned about the runtime, but it proved to be well worth it, and the slower parts in fact belong to the first act, which I've always believed is better than to keep the milder, less engaging or intense bits for the second half.

Might have enjoyed it more if the anti trump stuff wasn't in it, shame!

With BlackkKlansmen and now Da 5 Bloods, he seems to have hit a stride with these relaxed, fun, perfectly enjoyable films.

Surprisingly stunning and unique.

It is often disjointed, preachy, and overly-and-overtly political.

Then again spike lee has made his career creating racially charged cinema so should I have been surprised by his continued racial gaffs and cheap shot propaganda.

For this film is at moments riveting, at moments unflinching and hard to watch, at moments confusing and at moments...

Bad acting, bad script, bad direction and cheap propaganda.

I was bored, my family too, by the thirty-minute mark, and it managed to even go further down hill from there.

The story is predictable, and plays out like it was written for a high school literature class the night before it was due.

Don't waste your time watching it!

All things considered, this is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long, long time.

Ultimately, the movie is going to have a much greater impact given the timing of its release and what is happening in the World right now, however this doesn't detract from it being an uneven, overlong and disjointed watch.

The first hour and half was enjoyable and it sort of drags itself to the end after that.

There were a lot of surprises throughout the film, and it all built to a gripping and emotional finalé.

Too long (kind of boring) and easy to guess.

Without doubt, this movie is a snooze fest of the highest order and easily one of the worst movies I have ever sat through.

cking waste of time, labor and money.

Predictable tosh for the Americans .

This is his second worst film, only being outdone by the unwatchable "Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.

In general I think he was trying to be too clever at the expense of the movie being more enjoyable to watch .

It's way too long to start with, really could have used a good editor.

Well made gripping movie.

And it doesn't end there; the actors seemed to be playing a bored version of themselves, the dialogue was unbearably banal, and even the camera work was shaky.

A bit long, but surprisingly touching, and intense!

As entertaining as it is informative and emotional, bolstered by consistently strong performances.

I sat through this predictable junk pile of film.

The rest of the movie is plagued by all over the place directing and a movie that is too long.

Very very boring.

This must be the worst movie of this decade.

So boring.

It's main characters, constantly in conflict with one other, become tiresome making the 2.5 hour running time feel punishing.

Storyline interesting but characters grew tiresome and I just stopped caring.

The film changes pace in the second hour where the characters start the journey into the forest to find treasure, where it gets intense, emotional, violet, and spike lee brilliantly captured it all.

This movie was a waste of time.

A grueling 2.5 hour run time also made the movie feel like a chore to watch instead of something enjoyable.

Intellectually a lightweight, his style has become lazier and more self-indulgent with age.

A few good scenes, an especially memorable scene by Delroy Lindo and some powerful history but the movie is also drowning in an abundance of boring, by the book scenes.


Spike Lee's Latest Bleeds Out a Bit, Great at Times, Confusing at Others .

I was on the edge all during the end.

The acting and cinematography were good, but overall the message was heavy handed (even for Spike Lee) and the story felt disjointed.

Contrived .

The very powerful cast consisting of Chadwick Boseman(Norman), Delroy Lindo(Paul), and Jean Reno along with many others show very compelling characters and act very well, the action scenes are decent enough and the actors try their best , we jump back and forth a lot and the older characters don't seem young in the past scenes convincingly, also there is very little shown of Chadwick Boseman around 10 mins perhaps or 15 mins of the runtime.

But then it just dragged on way to long and it didn't need to.

Really just a messy, confusing movie.

2:35 hours of boring movie .

Everything else felt cliché.

Spike lee looked for every war cliche every black cliche and stuck them into one movie with horrible script and a useless soundtrack.

Making the best element of DA 5 BLOODS also the most lazy and predictable...

There was so much potential for interesting social commentary and for a fascinating look back at historical events.

'Da 5 Bloods (2020)' is engaging and alarming.

Many of its story beats are lifted directly from that film (of course they recreate the "stinking badges" scene), so having seen that movie did remove a lot of the tension, and made the latter parts of the second half somewhat predictable.

Incredibly boring with a very poor script you just knew you were watching a bunch of quite well-known actors 'acting' .

laughable at times but honestly rather boring.

By the end it grew disjointed and messy and started to lose my interest.

*facepalm*Storyline is too slow, many dumb bits, and disappointing.

The dialogue was pretty bland and I wasn't a fan of some of the editing choices.

And one of this film's most suspenseful scenes involves the younger character stepping on a landmine without being able to step off.

Worth the watch.

Additionally, it's a fiery movie that's equal parts entertaining and compelling.

The movie also executed a very tense tone, the film had you on the edge of your seat throughout a lot of it's action scenes or sudden plot twists, when the main characters were trapped in a mine field it was incredibly tense not knowing when something would go off, showing that I cared for the characters due to Spike Lee's masterful character work.

I am going to give it a 7/10 because I did find many flaws and the plot got kind of predictable at times.

Story line predictable.

An Emotionally Riveting, Essential Piece of Filmmaking .

Worst movie I've ever seen him make.

Very stunning visuals.

If I could give this film 0 I could, it is actually one of the worst movies I've ever seen, it just shows Americans still can't get over their loss in Vietnam.

Hard to follow the flashbacks because the younger men looked like the older men.

Insightful and compelling .

It was super boring and all over the place.