Dance of the Dead (2008) - Comedy, Horror

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On the night of the big High-School Prom, the dead rise to eat the living, and the only people who can stop them are the losers who couldn't get dates to the dance.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Gregg Bishop
Stars: Jared Kusnitz, Greyson Chadwick
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 76 found boring (18.42%)

One-line Reviews (76)

), this movie delivers a winningly bright, ingenious and entertaining blend of teen comedy angst and full-bore zombie horror splatter carnage.

All the multiple story lines, arch typical characters and expected and unexpected plot twists give this movie a flair of its own!

Most of all, though, the stunning visuals are what will stay with you long after the credits roll.

This is the best worst movie I have seen in quite awhile.

When a film is exactly what it's supposed to be then I guess it's pretty banal and inaccurate for anyone to say that anybody else failed at anything.

Although comedy and horror are notoriously difficult genres to blend, laughs and scares occupying opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, Dance of the Dead, from director Gregg Bishop, is one of those films that gets the balance just right, the result being a funny, frightening, highly spirited, delightfully bloody and hugely enjoyable zombie romp that really deserves more recognition than it seems to get.

People told me it would be the most awesome zombie movie in years, yet when I watched it I saw a waste of time.

besides that,the unbelievably at times teenage cheesiness of their acting is sooo annoying and at the same time so entertaining,so well portrayed.

" The zombie genre has become more overbearing and overdone it makes the amount of remakes and pointless sequels look downright conservative.

Perhaps the greatest fault is the hodgepodge of zombie tropes that refuse to mesh throughout the film: sometimes they're slow, sometimes they're fast, sometimes they literally vault from the grave!

Fascinating that someone would even try it in a goofy teen zombie flick.

by far the worst movie I have seen all year!!!.

Very enjoyable low-budget movie .

Of course, it does have its fair share of flaws, but many are easily overlooked in favour of simply enjoying ninety minutes of undeniably silly, but entertaining and expertly constructed zom-com madness.

Ho-hum DVD viewing that I'm glad I copped at the library.

The other small problem here is the large number of plot lines here, as the large number of characters found here are all giving a large amount of time on set-ups and plots that gets a little confusing on keeping everything straight.

Cringe-worthy, because so idiotic, but fascinating.

This may be true for the setting, but aside from that, Dance of the Dead repeated every single zombie cliché known to man.

And there I thought they had a recipe for the movie, a weird town, with weird people doing the unexpected, a town with more secrets that are revealed on by one, and better humor.

" For example, it was a very long shoot -- one fight scene took twelve hours -- and the kids worked themselves to the bone but it paid off and helped make this one of the most exciting films I've seen in the past year.

I regret to inform you they play a slow pat benatar song...

In the end, Dance of the Dead is sure to be a treat to fans looking for a interesting and entertaining horror-comedy.

Overall this one was an incredibly impressive and enjoyable zombie comedy that has a lot to like here.

The mysterious grave yard keeper very intriguing you have to wonder who is this guy working for.

Nevertheless, the film works, thanks to a witty script and some engaging characters like the redneck thug who becomes a hero.

Unfortunately, DOTD has such moments too, believe it or not, just like some cheesy US sitcom (won't mention any names "Friends", "The Bill Cosby Show"), which is fascinating in a way.

It's refreshing and I enjoyed it.

First is that the zombies are fragile, mushy, so that part break off when you hit them, but since there is so many of them there is a lot of that and get tiresome.

Extremely enjoyable zombie comedy .

" brings nothing new to the table, and that condemns it to the disease of boredom.

At least it's entertaining, you can get distracted for more than an hour.

75% of the run-time is nothing but teenagers being forced to act like fake, politically correct, cliché teenagers.

i thoroughly enjoyed it and needless to say i was pleasantly surprised by the movie.

"Dance of the Dead" is an entertaining and gore horror comedy with a huge potential of cult-movie.

The movie was crammed with very uninteresting characters, and that gave the acting performers very little to work with.

But still this is far from being a good zombie movie and is worth watching if you really have nothing to do and is in the mood for a below average zombie flick.

Sometimes they are entertaining because of all that.

I am not accusing the writer of being left-wing, just of being predictable and lame.

don't waste your time people.

Within that subgenre lies a subsubgenre that contains some of the most entertaining horrors ever made: Zombie-Comedies.

Don't waste your time on this one.

The overall film also lacks polish to an unbearable degree.

It has many unexpected touches, such as zombie frogs in the science lab, and some deaths twists.

As is usually the case, it's the tyro script that keeps this one in the realm of the mundane.

The Director, the director did the usual thing with contemporary indie genre stuff of making things overly dark as to hide the fact that the film has an obvious low budget, clearly thinking that it makes the film more atmospheric and intense when actually all it does is make you re-tune the brightness of your TV and sit closer to the TV to try and comprehend just what is going on 90% of the time.

The town power plant has been leaking toxic waste into it's surrounding town causing the dead to return to life.

Overall an enjoyable hour and a half if you've fuff all else to do - I gave it a 7 immediately after viewing which I'm going to change to a 6 now on reflection.

Funny and thrilling zombie comedy .

Because of all that,it's an enormous pleasure to find a movie which combines talent,vision and respect for the fantastic genre bringing as a final result,an enormously entertaining and satisfactory film,surpassing by far a lot of mediocrities of the commercial horror cinema.

Well it prom night and all teenage are looking for a date, Most of them have date for the prom but not the science club who all go to a graveyard insteadLindsey is waiting for Jimmy (Who works as a pizza delivery man) but then Mitch also like her want to take her and heads to the graveyard next to a (nuclear power plant ), they start making out but then She tells him to stop then he is drag out of the car.

Enjoyable zombie horror comedy.

This is an enjoyable horror film to watch with friends, there is enough humor and romance for both genders to enjoy.

Decent acting (or at least fitting), crappy story (or at least predictable), big bad zombies: what could be better!

The story line is cliché, and a huge disappointment to any true zombie flick fans.

While there have been some spectacular zom-coms (like Shaun of the Dead), there have also been more than a few that could barely be considered, at best, enjoyable (like Undead or Alive).

It's time for the Senior Prom at Cosa High School, but unexpected guests are about to crash the party: the living dead kind, that is.

Unexpectedly enjoyable film .

entertaining .

It's a waste of time and money.

sometimes the characters come out with cringe worthy lines or just things that are completely unconvincing and silly at the time or just cliché.

The characters were quirky and adorable, there was actually a little bit of character development and unexpected twists in their behaviour.

though the humor intended could got a little crappy and predictable at some occasions and the acting sometimes sucked...

The script hits on just about every cliché in the book, the characters aren't memorable, the comedy isn't punchy enough, and the horror element fails to evoke any kind of reaction whatsoever.

The kills are mediocre, the plot is so predictable and so boring that I had serious thoughts about just skipping to next chapter all the time.

The worst movie ever .

The effects and acting are enjoyable.

High art, and intriguing storyline this is not...

At least he knows how to make a very entertaining movie (I don't wanna think how good this movie would be if Bishop had a bigger budget).

The big attack in the suburbs where the two groups deal with the creatures and leads into the battles out in their front-yards and the streets and finally leading into the encounters in the funeral home which this gets the biggest pluses in the whole effort, from the initial race to get inside and immediately going to barricade it off, features a great chase and brawl through the house and really going for the suspenseful exit strategy that puts the group in contact with the commando rescuer, this is a fun action scene which is a set-up for the even better prom sequences here.

The situations are all cliché (example: the romantic subplots).

Plus although most parts about this is film had many flaws to it, it sort of gets a bit entertaining because of the situation as the movie progresses and is a decent effort.

Undeniably silly, but entertaining and expertly constructed zom-com madness.

The movie had me so bored I had to watch it in two separate viewings, desperate for anything to start happening whatsoever.

Not only was this the worst zombie movie I have ever seen, but this is the worst movie that i have ever seen.

There is a Nuclear power plant on the edge of town, within a spitting distance of a) a graveyard, b) An American High school preparing for Prom night, c) a small town - what could possibly go wrong???

The slim plot that ensues is distressingly banal, centering on the usual hijinks of recognizing the situation, surviving it, and the eventual efforts to save a prom from zombiedom.