Danny Collins (2015) - Biography, Comedy, Drama

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An aging rock star decides to change his life when he discovers a 40-year-old letter written to him by John Lennon.

Director: Dan Fogelman
Stars: Al Pacino, Annette Bening
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 26 out of 119 found boring (21.84%)

One-line Reviews (86)

a bland script with a simple cliché story that you can predict the finale.

The story is very compelling and satisfying.

Predictable yet very entertaining flick .

I took the time to pay attention to this movie and I enjoyed it but I don't think all will because it was a bit long and it dragged out.

From a dull-sounding title unfolds a pleasant surprise .

Though this movie is slightly predictable, its sentimentality is deftly handled by the writer/director, Dan Fogelman.

Its a fascinating character, that's been bought to life, with dexterity.

The only reason I actually finished watching was to see how TRITE they would write the ending.

stuff meaning poor ego rich me, drugs, booze, sex innuendo), but it really got cliché overload with dad making amends with cast off son (with subsequent discord of course) plot hook.

Unfortunately, because the plot is boring, the conflict is predictable and the artistic focus is affecting, the whole feels far-fetched, rather than great.

Danny has a concert where he plans to premiere his new moody song, but the audience grows impatient and demands he sings the boring golden oldies.

Yet we see a frustrated man, bored of performing the same routine day in and day out.

It is a movie that wastes its hours on mediocrity, sometimes goes into the abyss of clumsiness and pointless melodrama.

We should mimic paying the tickets for theaters like they mimic creating good , entertaining, energizing, deep or inspirational movies .

Two of the most-read critic review columns are somewhat polarized, one praising "Danny Collins" for its depth while the other writing it off as banal.

Trite as Trite can write .

" So it appears along the way that Danny made some different choices which are a reflection of an empty life.

Quite Enjoyable .

The movie is overwhelmingly trite and clichéd.

Although Danny is disturbingly high most of the time from constant drinking and drug taking (Welcome home, Cliché), the film adds heft by having Danny try to reconcile with his son, Tom (Bobby Cannavale, terrific partly because he doesn't overplay his usual working-class loudmouth), whom he has never met and his family, including sweet daughter in law, Samantha (Jennifer Garner) and charismatic granddaughter, Hope (Giselle Elsenberg, whom you should watch out for in the future—she's darn good).

You could say it is the eye opener that makes Pacino reach out for his son and try to change his empty life around before it's too late.

Slow to start but enjoyable nonetheless .

Danny Collins is an easy entertaining movie to watch.

What he discovers makes this movie worth watching.

With politicians, you end with propaganda and with artists, you end up with advertising...

The cast is heavyweight – Al Pacino as Danny, Christopher Plummer as his long-time manager/best friend, Annette Bening as the manageress of the hotel at which he is staying, and with whom he enjoys an enormously entertaining running flirtation, and Jennifer Garner as son Mike's wife.

The first few minutes of this film were interesting enough to capture my attention, but then it rapidly became dull.

Incredibly this is one of his best films and I really enjoyed it from the start to the credits.

The "Small" Role of the Child Actually is Used for Many of Pacino's More Quiet Return to the Feeling's He is Desperately Attempting to Get Back in Touch With and May Be the Heart of the Charm in This Winning, but Familiar and Predictable Tale of a Troubled and Successful Singer Riding the Adoration of His Fans While Abandoning and Escaping Reality that His Time has Come and Gone and He has Nothing to Replace it with.

And if we add to that competent moments of humor and a perfect soundtrack, the final result is an entertaining experience...

It's clearly a movie for an older set and I enjoyed it a lot more then The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

In conclusion, I can give a moderate recommendation to Danny Collins as a pleasant film, despite being predictable and not very memorable.

All her scenes were breathtakingly entertaining.

Danny Collins is a film that is filled with sappy, predictable, Hollywood bullshit...

Any movie that Al Pacino stars in is fine in my book - he always lights up the screen, always turns in unforgettable performances, and invariably takes a mundane story and makes it magical.

Cliche bingo kept me alert as I watched the particularly snooze worthy scenes.

While some of the events can be seen as a little cliché, they are typically done in original ways that make the clichés feel fresh.

It is a very slow paced movie that simply scrambles towards the finish line without packing a good redemption.

I know that this film has clichés, plot holes and it's predictable, but at the end of the day, you'll think of it as a very engaging, delightful, moving and innocent experience.

It's like oatmeal for breakfast; healthy and bland.

In an unpredictable world, anything might happen and so this man's journey tells the impact on the family he's going to meet.

Speaking of which this movie has an excellent blend of dry and wet humor offering a truly entertaining experience.

The cast, including Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Bobby Cannavale, and Christopher Plummer, all turn out solid performances, (Bening is fantastic, actually), but the enjoyable movie never catches fire with me.

This is a Quality and Enjoyable Philosophical Picture with a Message that Never Goes Beyond What is Necessary to Keep the Cringes Away.

I mildly enjoyed it.

I thought it was good, but not great; easy to watch, but it felt contrived and not deeply memorable to me.

Movie starts out engaging especially the dialogue - witty, sarcastic, poignant, etc. Acting matched as well.

His character, while written well, could have been played in the typical fashion: drug use before a performance, boredom while singing the same old song, entitled charm while flirting with someone new, rehearsed ease with the stand-by pal, and escapism while at the nearest bar.

However, I found plot summary of this movie quite intriguing and thought I'd give it a go.

Thank you for a wonderfully moving, gripping, emotional, funny and spot on performance of Danny Collins.

Predictable and sentimental tale of washed up rocker, still occasionally pulls at the heart strings .

We get so entrenched in the snappy conversations that we get impatient with the actual plot.

He was great in The Humbling but I thought the movie was a little slow.

Well, "Tom" Trite is how trite they write!

Al Pacino provide an engaging and entertaining performance as an aging rocker,Danny Collins who apparently cannot give up his hard-living lifestyle.

The others who enjoy also the deep of the scripting , please move away further from this waste of screening time.

It's not "bad", just after-school special-level boring and predictable.

It is a sweet story filled with challenges, but each and every one of them are easily predictable.

The relation that he has or that he wants with Annette Bening is entertaining to watch.

The courting between Pacino and Benning is repetitive and boldly entertaining.

and more than entertaining.

Other choice moments of cliché include Danny's inevitable fall from grace, the re-emergence of the "bad crowd" in the form of his fiancé and her lover (who I never bought Danny's acceptance of), and the even more inevitable redemption.

Hugely enjoyable, if a little insubstantial .

Aside from that annoying kid (constant shouting was not needed to drive home she has ADHD), the performances were Subtle and engaging.

The light it sheds on what it's like to be famous adds a very interesting dimension to this engaging tale of success, regret and the difficulties and rewards that always come with family.

My review: I enjoyed it.

The acting is top of the line, with the players pulling the story together like a breathtaking Russian ballet.

I saw this at a preview with my partner and we both enjoyed it.

Predictably Entertaining .

It's a film so likable and enjoyable that it's almost impossible for one to say it's bad.

The other actors were all great, especially Annette Benning, but the story line was uninteresting and clichéd.

Without it,viewers will definitely find it just an average and predictable melodramatic film.

Engaging despite its clichés .

And so it is in Danny Rose, where Al Pacino plays an ageing pop star who can still fill stadiums by singing the same banal songs that he made famous some 40 years earlier.

A miscast Pacino makes a meal of his role in this predictable tale of rock star redemption .

That alone is enough to make the film entertaining.

"Danny Collins" (2015) is a bit formulaic, predictable but still a highly enjoyable movie.

What's lost with a predictable story is made up by Al Pacino and his talent.

Despite a rather trite and predictable narrative arc, "Danny Collins" rises above its clichés thanks to incisive writing by Fogelman and superb performances by Al Pacino, Annette Benning, Christopher Plummer, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Garner and a young actress named Giselle Eisenberg.

What happens next is predictable and a bit formulaic.

Despite the narrative are being extremely predictable, slight twists in the story and very interesting characters make this film a very enjoyable watch for the entire runtime.

Many people dream of the perfect life, one where they followed their dreams, one in which they never needed to grow old, boring and frustrated by everyday hassles.

I have to confess that the storyline of Danny Collins is extremely engaging.

Pacino, in particular, imbues a potentially stock character with so much subtle layering that he single-handedly makes the movie worth watching.

Danny Collins (Al Pacino) is a very famous singer who, now in his elder years, has been reduced to singing the same repetitive hits on a tour where the average attendees are 50-60 year old women.

The rather predictable trope of a family member felled by cancer and the positive outcome is what we expect.