Dante's Peak (1997) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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A vulcanologist arrives at a countryside town recently named the second most desirable place to live in America, and discovers that the long dormant volcano, Dante's Peak, may wake up at any moment.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Roger Donaldson
Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 34 out of 288 found boring (11.8%)

One-line Reviews (214)

unpredictable at times and very entertaining.

Realistic and entertaining .

There's lots of exciting drama, and the film's second half is fast paced.

But this was entertaining and worth your time unless you are terrified of volcanoes (as I am of tornadoes).

A predictable script, except for an uncharacteristically realistic twist, followed by an even more uncharacteristically fantastic last scene, never moves away from its linear path into anything approaching interesting.

The setting is enjoyable also.

It's entertaining, interesting, has a decent story and likable characters.

I didn't like Dante's Peak for many reasons,I thought it was unappealing to my age group and was very boring until the last half hour of the movie.

Get out the popcorn and watch this one for some pretty good on the edge of your seat entertainment.

Still, it's enjoyable, the special effects are outstanding and with the lights out, it's a real fun (and hot) ride.

This film really is too predictable for words.

I would thoroughly recommend this film to both teenagers and adults who are interested in romance, action and thrilling adventure.

DANTE'S PEAK is an entertaining and very enjoyable disaster movie.

All Volano (Zzzz...

Some move with almost sonic speed, but some are much, much slower.

I found Dante's Peak a very exciting, entertaining and interesting movie.

Will the end be predictable?

It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through and you can believe every characters situation.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat through out the movie .

This movie had the worst plot ever, predictable to the last minute, and no good acting what-so-ever.

But if you don't have a problem with them, it's a very entertaining movie, and for those not very into geology and volcanology it even provides a fresh and almost informative depiction of a real volcano eruption.

Dante's Peak is a disaster movie, and is saddled with just about every disaster movie cliché you can think of.

The acting is alright, Brosnan & Hamilton make for a fairly forgettable & dull duo while the kids are annoying.

The trouble is, it is much too cliché in this genre.

Exciting how Mother Nature does damage.

It was thrilling, exciting and kept you on the edge of your seat.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

It is very exciting and the tension is thick, the sense of imminent danger very convincing.

An enjoyable couple of hours.

I was on the edge of my seat through out the movie.

Had "Dante's Peak" not tried for 30's style pathos, it could have worked; Survival by itself is a gripping story that you don't need to add those cliches.

At least Volcano is entertaining, has good characters and a decent plot, and doesn't get on your nerves.

Mostly, the whole Grandma heroic sacrifice and rescue was kinda was pointless when you think about it.

The unrealistic features kind of ruined the movie, but brought in a lot of action which made it more enjoyable.

Blowing the lid off this silly but entertaining movie .

I would recommend this movie from a geography point of vIEw and just as a genuine movie as it was amazing and very interesting and exciting.

What an incredible dumb movie, but incredibly enjoyable as well.

As I said before, the story is pretty much simple, a vulcanologist is sent to a little town called Dante's Peak, near to a currently sleeping volcano, one of the scientists, Harry Dalton, truly believes the volcano is going to erupt, and the city mayor Rachel Wando, is the one who from the beginning believes in his story, needles is to say that there's going to emerge a love story between them and her two kids also help matters much add in the boiling panel fantastic special effects, good sound, breathless and thrilling action sequences and thrilling music, and that's what you will have, a mindless action movie that delivers which can not be said as the same year's attempt on grandiosity, Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche.

Dante's Peak was an Exciting and breath taking look into how a volcano erupts and the signs of eruption before it explodes.

On the whole i thought it was factual and enjoyable.

I would suggest even "007" & these companions in this one, would have surely been immersed into the wreckage several times in reality!

There is plenty of good action and it really keeps you on the edge of your seats.

The story, although predictable, is still quite gripping.

Hamilton and Brosnan save the movie with their believable, though clichéd and predictable characters.

I enjoyed it.

Entertaining - no more, no less .

Too bad I can't say the same about the script and storyline, which are fairly predictable.

Dante's Peak has been criticized for being too "slow", although there is a volcanic eruption in the first scene.

Dumb and predictable, but very enjoyable nonetheless because it only pretends to be just what it is: entertaining.

My favourite part of the movie was the suspenseful pyroclastic cloud as it was both realistic and exciting.

Over all not bad but with a bit of plot tweaking (ie getting rid of the dog, the kids, the grandmother and countless predictable deaths) it could have been much better.

We watched this movie in our Geography class and it was certainly worth watching.

After a lengthy set up (which is neither unreasonable nor uninteresting), the last hour is exciting and spectacular non-stop action.

In the middle of the movie when the volcano erupted and the two children went up the mountain to get their granny, it was predictable and you just knew that they were going to be trapped at Dante's Peak.

Overall, Dante's Peak is your average disaster film that is very formulaic, but still entertaining.

Truly Awful - but sort of entertaining .

Utterly unwatchable for a near complete lack of credibility in just about every facet.

The cookie-cutter characters are beyond dull, and the predictable plot devices are "borrowed" from Jaws and countless other, better disaster flicks.

Unfortunately, the original cliches don't hold up very well when resolved with a modern temperament-instead, they come off as bland and unexciting.

Exciting action adventure .

What made "Dante's Peak" more engrossing for us was the "it could happen here" feeling and the fairly smooth flow of plotline.

I would have given it a higher rating if they killed the dog (more original) and deleted the annoying Grant Heslov's utterly pointless character.

My rating's a 4.5. This one's very entertaining and is well built up (applause).

I would certainly recommend it to anyone that loves action films, as this film is very action packed and full of surprises.

Very exciting thriller .

The formulaic screenplay is bland and unimaginative; and, it is full of cinematic clichés.

But when it does, it really hits home, thanks to some really stunning CGI work which flawlessly recreates rivers of molten lava and huge ash clouds which demolish buildings in an instant.

an exciting story, a disaster movie about powerful force of volcano.

Dantes Peak is a very interesting and entertaining movie.

The visuals, the sound, and the special effects are reasonably engaging.

It is just a shame that it takes the entire time before this to build up to such an exciting crescendo.

Some of the sequences, such as when Ruth's cabin is inundated with lava, are breathtaking, so much so that you start to think the lava is real and is going to flood straight into your living room.

A fun and exciting romp that just doesn't seem comfortable on the silver screen.

The first half of "Dante's Peak" is only moderately entertaining with Brosnan trying to convince his dumb-as-nails boss that this mountain means business.

The initial half is slower and the action is concentrated on the final half, which is basically a race to escape the volcano.

It's stupid and a waste of time.

Dante's Peak was very exciting from the start because it had an action scene first.

The volcano effects are realistic and exciting; there's enough background science to keep things interesting; and if the acting isn't exactly stellar it's at least appropriate.

The movie is very enjoyable and is an easy way to teach and learn about volcanoes.

Definitely worth the watch though, and showing it to your children a few times when they're old enough to appreciate the story line.

DANTE'S PEAK is what it is, a big-budget summer offering, where the money is heavily spent on special effects, and the script is either out of focus or uninteresting.

The Latter half of the movie was vastly predictable and contained some very 'hollywood moments'.

Also there are a few very silly scenes that will make you scratch your head in confusion.

And a thrilling and enjoyable musical score by John Frizzel .

1997s Dante's Peak i Remember Seeing Dante's Peak When i Was Seven Years Old And Boy i Tell You i Wasn't Excepting This Kind Of a Movie, i Mean First There's The Awesome Special Effects, Then Comes The Suspenseful And Exicment Trills And The Movie Has Some Risky Heroic Moments in it, i Was Also Hooked When i Saw Dante's Peak The First Time And Even To This Day i Still Love And Like Dante's Peak To Me, it's Definitely One Of My Favorite Diaster Movies Of My Growing Up Childhood, And Because Back in The Seventies There Were The Classic Diaster Movies Like Irwin Allen's "The Towering inferno" And "The Poseidon Adventure" And "Earthquake" With Charlton Heston And For The Audiences Of That Time, And Now This is My 90s Version Of a Diaster Film.

Dante's peak was an exciting movie .

Even though his developing romance with Linda Hamilton is predictable, the dialogue and acting make it good.

I thought it was exciting and fun to watch and sometimes scary and I liked this combination of genres.

I liked it when the family were in some tense situations like when they were driving through the lava and when they were going through the lake these parts made the film all the more exciting and enjoyable.

The plot is predictable, the characters are a bit shallow.

this film was quite enjoyable and i would recommend it to a geology student and i would also say that it had good special effects in it for its time.

Dante's Peak is a gripping human drama starring Pierce Brosnan as Harry Dalton a volcanologist who arrives at a countryside town which was named Dante's Peak after a long dormant volcano.

Yes, there were things in the script and the story which seemed a little contrived and strained believability.

It built up slowly until the moment the water turned brown then it became riveting.

I'm really impressed that the filmmakers were able to pack this much character development, backstory, romance, suspense, personal conflict, with an intense end-sequence in under 1 1/2 hours!

Even if we don't care about these cookie-cutter characters, those action scenes (including the one where they're chased by the cascading lava flows) are pretty exciting.

Dante's Peak Movie Review 16/10/15 Recently in class we watched Dante's Peak, it was a movie about our topic volcanoes and earthquakes, it was really enjoyable to watch and it was really educational.

Very Entertaining

It is MORE realistic than "Volcano" I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes intense action all the way right to the end.

Entertaining Disaster Flick .

It packs state-of-art and breathtaking special effects by computer generator that are far more varied and genuinely terrifying .

The storyline is a total cliché (scientist warns town about volcano, they don't listen, volcano erupts and kills some people, hero survives with his friends).

With the main point being that Dante's Peak is much better at pacing its movie and teasing the villain (Volcano) until the end of the movie for an enjoyable climax.

Definitely worth watching if (like me) you find volcanoes inherently interesting.

), and all boredom breaks loose.

The plot is short and simple but there are so many special effects and drama that make it both very entertaining and a frightening suspense.

The worst movie of all time .

"Dante's Peak" gets off to a riveting start with a volcanic eruption in South America, and then subsides as the filmmakers lay out the story and deploy their characters.

It lacks deep characterization , displaying some boring moments and a tiring script that was presumibly well paid .

The scenery is stunning and the special effects are awesome.

Both educational and exciting, this movie ticks all the boxes!

Overall I think the movie was very well made, with its' characters and script it makes a very enjoyable and intellectual movie to watch.

The cast, though enjoyable, are really only there for the rocks to fall on.

Pointless action flick .

The movie takes an unexpected turn at the start, when the main character (Harry) and his girlfriend who are volcanologists, explore and try to escape a small village that has been overrun by the eruption of a volcano.

After a lull in the eighties, there was something of a revival of the genre in the nineties, and 1997 saw two volcanic films, "Dante's Peak" and "Volcano".

Pierce Brosnan was great as the cliché main scientist protagonist.

"Dante's Peak" is a very entertaining disaster film about a volcano erupting in a small town in the Pacific Northwest.

This is a disaster movie with no real plot behind it.

A very enjoyable movie.

Usually the opposite happens when the characters are so bland or annoying, that we just as soon see them get buried in molten lava or whatever.

Though "Dante's Peak" had its share of faults, we (husband and wife) found it enjoyable, particularly the special effects and the small-town character.

Most unbelievable scene was driving the car through lava, very entertaining - lava can reach 2000 degrees, don't think there would have been any signs of the car left.

The robot 'spiderlegs' was quite interesting because it seemed to have many uses, to videoing and collecting information, it seemed to me, to be one of the more realistic parts and therefore I enjoyed it more.

I felt that Act I was too drawn out and that the actual eruption could have started earlier in the proceedings.

I thought that the movie was very good and bad because it was very exciting to watch this movie.

Very entertaining movie:-) .

A Boring, Predictable Film...

Of course this movie lacks credibility at times, but it is a very entertaining watch.

However, all in all it is very entertaining and enjoyable.

I Love Dante's Peak Such An Awesome Movie I Really Enjoyed it Lots Of Action Great Story Lot Of fun How Can Anyone Bash This Movie This Movie Deserves So Much More

The result is some of the most enjoyable scenes of sheer terror and destruction to ever rampage across a movie screen.

Dantê's Peak reviewI thought Dantê's peak was a good, interesting movie with a mostly realistic and enjoyable plot.

Fearing the risk and the danger of a possible and unexpected eruption that may cause a gigantic scales' accident, the geologist tries to alert the place's inhabitants , what makes him begin a confrontation with the powerful business men of the town .

A couple of scenes in the first half are a little boring.

Everything happened one after the other in the most predictable way.

The movie followed a good storyline but I found that it was too predictable (e.

It was so terrible I can't believe how bad it was..It's a natural disaster movie and noone dies..FOUR PEOPLE, only two of which are of any significance, how unbelievable is that, typical sappy moment, with the Pierce "Pathetic Performance" Brosnan and Linda "Least Desirable Female" Hamilton kiss, Brosnan laid in car bloody and broken apart for 2 days and he climbed and walked away just with a limp, a dog with 2000 degree lava surrounding it jumped off a cliff into the back of a pickup truck, but the best without a doubt, was the giant volcanic cloud that moves in reality about 100-150 mph, BEING OUT RUN BY A PICKUP WITH FOUR FLAT TIRES..ugggggggghhhhhhhhh awful movie, if you waste your time, its your own fault...

Dante's Peak One Of The Best Disaster Films Of The 90s With Suspense And it's Thrilling Special Effects That Still Holds Up To This Day.

I just saw this movie, and I must say the visual effects are stunning.

Overall, I found the movie enjoyable to watch.

Yes, "Dante's Peak" is entertaining; Watching it for the third time around, I had to laugh at some of the parts I hadn't picked up on or had forgotten from my two previous viewing experiences.

Overall a very enjoyable movie!!!

The buildup to the volcanic eruption is played quite well and suspenseful, even though you find the other characters stupid for not taking Harry up on his advice even though every single bit of evidence points to him being right!

It appears to be scientifically accurate about the behavior of a volcano and how unpredictable it can be and the devastation it can cause.

Dantê's Peak was a very entertaining and factual film.

So it's definitely formulaic and occasionally irritating, but for all that it's still a very watchable and enjoyable film.

I'll admit some of the situations are a little hard to believe, but at least they keep the film from being boring.

A very enjoyable movie.

I was on the edge of my seat a number of times.

Dante's Peak is essentially a formulaic disaster movie.

) Don't waste your time with this movie.

Great entertaining movie!

Corny, predictable, if you can manage to stay awake through the standard disaster film opening 20 minutes you will continue to be disappointed.

My class and I watched this last week as we are in the middle of learning about volcanoes so I thought this movie was very entertaining and helpful with teaching me and out volcanoes:-) some strengths that made the movie good were the technology and the graphics that they used good because it made them seem more realistic.

It might not be the most intelligent film, but it's very entertaining 109 minutes, and that's the name of the business.

The characters are good and the acting is good, though predictable.

It was good and exciting when Pierce Brosnan took risks to get out of town alive.

Decently Entertaining, Could be Better .

So I want to commend the filmmakers for having enough integrity to make an entertaining film within the boundaries of scientific accuracy.

The law of physics says that a motor immersed in water will not run.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last moment.

This movie is suspenseful enough to keep your interest.

Expect the unexpected.

From the beginning I enjoyed it because of Harry's wife being killed by the Pyroclastic bomb.

Only the brave scientific Brosnan and spunky Mayor Hamilton stand between the breathtaking volcanic mountain and meldown .

The all-time worst is "When Time Ran Out" (1980), Irwin Allen's final disaster epic in which the cast was as boring as the subplots they had to deal with, and even the volcano explosions were unmemorable.

The film had the most predictable plot ever, I had a job to stay awake throughout the whole film.

That is what makes it enjoyable.

The fact is, Brosnan has an engaging appeal to audiences, we want him to win, and we root for him and really believe this man could save the world.

The movie begins with every cliché in the book.

Directed by Roger Donaldson this fairly entertaining big budget natural disaster film which demonstrates how vicious the fury of mother nature can be is one of two halves, the first half is rather talky & is there merely to pass the time until the second half when the volcano actually erupts so the big budget special effect set-piece action scenes & destruction can begin.

Worth watching.

Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton are both fine actors, but the script, special effects and characters are predictable and dumb, and there are no thrills in this film.

As it is, this film could appear in the dictionary under "formulaic".

Overall I loved this movie, it was humorous and exciting to watch, and I would say that this movie is really intense.

The writers of this film have earned themselves a place in one of the circles of hell for this inaccurate, unbelievable, and ultimately uninteresting movie.

What I mean by that is that the film strictly adheres to the disaster film code, thus making the film extremely predictable.

It's amazing to me that no matter how many times and in what amount Hollywood manages to cram in the most overused clichés into one film, they always seem to be entertaining at some level.

The fight for survival is very gripping and the devastation is powerful.

It is SO exciting.

I guess this is the weakest part of Dante's Peak, it never really distances itself from that single, eternal cliché of disaster films.

Although the story is 100% formula, Disney style, still it is a very enjoyable movie because it doesnt pretend to be a serious action movie, it is just sheer family entertainment fun.

This film is so incredibly predictable that there is no suspense throughout this movie whatsoever.

One of the most dramatic and exciting movies I have ever seen.

Dante's Peak is far better than the sum of its wonderful parts; it is a riveting visual experience and a compellingly executed premise.

watchable but formulaic disaster movie .

Solid, enjoyable actioner .

Having our top stars escaping from one narrow miss after another gets just too trite to believe.

i would advise people to give the movie a go because it i quite educating and it has some exciting thrills

But, it's entertaining...

"Volcano" seemed so deliberately contrived, and it went on and on forever with contrivance after contrivance.

Danté's Peak is boring for most of the film, is because it's poorly written and simply because I knew the kind of build-up because i've experienced it countless times before.

She's met the only man who has the right answer about the volcano, likes her kids, likes her, is intriguing, and is everything her ex wasn't.

I thought it was realistic and accurate but I would have enjoyed it more if there had of been even more gore in it!

The characters development never got deep, the plot was predictable.

It is so exciting!!!

The movie offers lots of thrilling moments.

What a thrilling movie .

When it comes to really trite screenplays, this must rate as one of the worst films for a long time.

Despite a few inaccuracies, the film provides a pleasant, engaging experience and is overall a good movie.

So yeah, I guess it's entertaining after all.

Its a great movie, and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

All effects, bad acting, and annoying script, makes DANTE a dull Movie .

This movie suited me because it is action packed, thrilling and exciting.

The movie has great intense parts and the pyroclastic cloud AWESOME CGI!!

I thought Dantes Peak was an interesting and exciting film.

Interesting and enjoyable.

I really enjoyed watching this movie as it made you constantly think about what could go wrong next, This movie had an exciting take to the more scientific area of volcanoes, by introducing us to the robot that detects gas and also has a camera called 'spider-legs'.

The scene where they are traveling across the acid lake is one of most erie and suspenseful i have ever seen.

This movie had me gripping on the edge of my seat.

" "Dante's Peak" turns out to be just as formulaic as both "Jaws" and "When Time Ran Out.

The lake becoming so acidic that it could melt the boat was used for the Hollywood effect but was very entertaining to watch and so was the car having to drive across the lava.

The ending wasnt what i expected but i still enjoyed it.