Dark Blue (2002) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A robbery homicide investigation triggers a series of events that will cause a corrupt LAPD officer to question his tactics.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Ron Shelton
Stars: Kurt Russell, Ving Rhames
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 124 found boring (15.32%)

One-line Reviews (74)

From here we find our characters thrust into a city on the edge of chaos, chaos fuelled by the lead character of the piece.

However, an uninspiring and predictable script, average performances from all [Russell particularly] and some dull scenes with the backdrop of the riots made this a bit of a waste of time all round.

Overall this was a superior cop thriller that was enjoyable as same.

This is a very entertaining film about some very rotten cops in LA and at the same time it depicts the riots in Los Angeles at the same period of time.

Easy, intense and entertaining .

But don't misunderstand me, this is after all an enjoyable movie, it is just not good enough.


"Dark Blue" is easily the worst movie of 2003.

His abilities have been unsung for far too long.

Kurt Russell's performance alone makes it all the more worth watching.

As a whole the movie was engaging, kept your interest, made you uncomfortable given the history of the races in the US, and could have, of course, had a tighter plot - not a happy ending, mind you, just a more engaging story - with a setting like this, the script missed some wonderful opportunities to make more insightful observations on the relationship between the police and various communities.

Possible SpoilersDark Blue is a surprisingly good cop thriller that is tense, taut and quite riveting from start to finish.

a slow film with a lot of talking .

This is a particularly uninteresting and dull cop film.

Some Good Elements and Some Liberal Propaganda .

See this movie if you're ready for a dark look at LA law enforcement, with little redemption but intense acting.

Russell shows us once again that he can play terrific "intense" characters and he REALLY pulls this one off.

5 and a half hours of driving that day, allergies, and a nearly empty theater made Dark Blue a bit less of the experience I had expected.

'Dark Blue' has a fascinating look at police ethics (or the lack of them) and 'L.

While the writer did have the corrupt characters make some good sense of the philosophy that getting bad guys off the street at any cost is necessary, ultimately, it was a piece of propaganda partially justifying the riots and slandering the L.

I usually like Ving Rhames, and though he maintains a powerful screen presence, his performance in this film is one-note as he recites every line of dialogue in a monotone, hardly showing a glimmer of emotion.

Although the stories seem to mirror each other to a certain degree in content, `crime dramas' still prove to be engaging and thrilling at the same time.

What starts off as an engaging expose of institutionalized racism between LAPD officers and commanders and between the cops and the vast, drug and murder-saturated LA gang society degenerates into gore and incoherence, with the background of the 1992 LA riots edging ever closer to the principals on screen.

Dark Blue is a surprisingly good cop film and even though it has the cliché elements of the bad cop/good cop theme, it's better than expected thanks to a wonderful performance by Kurt Russell and a well-written screenplay by David Ayer.

The story keeps you on the edge of your seat, and there are several subplots that all come together in the end, giving us an ending which leaves us all satisfied.

Compelling film .

And the riots in the street, caused by the decision of the jury near the end of the movie, add a lot to the exciting climax of DARK BLUE.

I HIGHLY recommend it!

"Dark Blue" features a pretty great ensemble cast, but I have to admit to some degree of disappointment that they're in the service to a fairly bland police procedural.

The story goes on from there, and takes several unexpected turns, and proves to be highly entertaining, just like the rest of the movie.

Similarly, Russell's 'And Justice for All' type conversion at the end of the movie, where he switches from crooked cop to sacrificial hero is just too sudden, contrived and hollow.

After this film,Ron Shelton directed a pathetic movie called Hollywood homicide and I cannot believe how after a great movie like this,he made that boring movie.

The backdrop of the LA Riots is very effective here in terms of atmosphere (the Watts Riots form a key part of Ellroy's first major work, Blood on the Moon), but also pretentious and unilluminating.

I've seen this movie twice and enjoyed it both times even while recognizing its imitative qualities.

Over time some fellow film fans said this was worth watching and deserves a look.

The ending is thrilling and the depiction of the chaos of the L.

Michael Michele is OK here, but looked bored at times, and didn't have much to do, she was hot though.

' It's such an artful talent to construct such compelling material from such a bland and awful movie, that I feel compelled to give the production company a big `thumbs-up' for doing a job well-done.

With the worst script I have heard in ages and terrible acting by THE ENTIRE CAST this may even be the worst movie of the decade.

I think the film oversimplified some of the common stereotypes that people have and should have stuck to entertaining, and not preaching.

It is a shockingly brutal and intense scene that it immedately grabs you at the begining of this film.

VERDICT: A bland drama from start to finish.

It is an exciting story about a man who's done the wrong thing for years.

Mildly entertaining, a bit too violent, and not a keeper.

Boring and offensive .

But it is still intense, there is some kind of suspense, and the final product is entertaining.

He was riveting.

I felt it was far fetched and unbelievable at times,and I could not agree about the script, I felt it was weakened by excessive use of bad language and so I felt the film became tiresome and irritating and above all I found the ending extremely inadequate.

Comments: An intense story with a great background story.

A good, engrossing cop thriller.

The film was so slow with a lot of talking in the film with only a few good scenes.

It's enjoyable to watch from start to finish.

Ving Rhames is good and Kurt Russell is bad (but Russell is, as almost always, fascinating to watch).

"Dark Blue" gives you a lot to find out and chew on, if a little slow here and there.

Good casting (especially for Kurt Russell, I think his best), engrossing plot, expected final.

Overall, this should have been your run-of-the-mill cop film, but thanks to great acting and a addictive storyline, this film is enjoyable and fun to watch.

Which is just a very entertaining, suspenseful cop movie.

"Dark Blue" is a compelling depiction of corruption among the LAPD.

Perry's character development is hardly realistic but it's good for the film because it gives Russell the opportunity to deliver a very entertaining speech.

4- Cliché.

It is a formulaic film with good guys and bad guys, corruption and the merest suggestion of a political agenda.

So as he and his fresh faced partner Bobby Keough (Speedman) continue to come under intense suspicion from Assistant Chief Arthur Holland (Rhames), Perry's life is suddenly at risk; just as the city is about to explode.

In yet another film that tread's the politically correct liberal line, comes this cliché ridden hatchet job movie that has Perry, a typical evil white racist, homophobic cop (played by Kurt Russell, the only reason I chose to give this flick a chance) who is of course entrenched in a brotherhood of other white, evil, racist cops.

Going from excellent to slightly boring form scene to scene leaves me with the impression that it could have been great.

If the genre follows the usual trajectory it should eventually become "D", and we should start to see the release of movies about corruption and cops in LA that are practically unwatchable.

It comes as no surprise that this dreck comes from Ron Shelton, the man who gave racist propaganda before in the form of Bad Boys 2 (he wrote the appalling script for that, even worse, film).

Mildly entertaining.

The plot was rather predictable and the big flashy ending should've been avoided into a simple good wins over evil without the fan fare.

All the performances are stunning, especially Kurt Russell.

At least this one had a story line, even if it was predictable and shaky.

Dull as .

Let's be honest, going into the theater back in 2003, I didn't think a guy who played Elvis and a director who made Bull Durham could deliver a gritty, absorbing, and overwhelmingly solid cop thriller.

I didn't think he would take to the dirty cop role, but he IMMERSED himself in it.

His selection and use of actors doesn't help - Kurt Russell tries hard but never really convinces, Scott Speedman and Michael Michele are pretty but way too bland, Brendan Gleeson is surprisingly restrained, and someone should have woken Ving Rhames up.