Dark Phoenix (2019) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Jean Grey begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix, causing the X-Men to decide if her life is worth more than all of humanity.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Simon Kinberg
Stars: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 217 out of 1000 found boring (21.7%)

One-line Reviews (519)

Incredible cliche relationship between Professor X and Jean Grey2.

Nothing new, boring It's a waste opportunity for macvoy and Fassbender

One of the worst movies I have ever watched, makes no sense at all and even if we ignore all the other movies in the series this movies is still crap with crap story and acting.

Because nobody wants to see an undefeatable all powerfull heroes, men or women, such a boring proposition.

Then you get the fans on the other side who enjoyed it and therefore blindly give it a 10 (and others trying to counter the unfair low ratings).

It was slow and boring.

But this time It was THE STORY LINE .. very poor and predictable script.

Some of them were good, while others were bad, terrible, inconsistent or just plain boring.

I literally fell asleep 3 TIMES while watching this stupid movie.

Cliche .

I feel it does the dark Phoenix story a lot better than X3 including an actual explanation of the Phoenix force this time around, the action scenes were all gripping and the story continued at a decent pace which kept your attention the whole time.

I won't talk about the plot itself, but overall the movie went from slow to fast, and it didn't feel natural at all.

Hopefully the coming ones will be more exciting.

All the theme music that made each of these movies so memorable is stripped out and replaced with bland, forgettable background noise.

I gave it 9/10 as it was enjoyably entertaining.

This movie showcases great performances, especially from McAvoy and Turner, amazing cinematography, thrilling action and effects to accompany a gripping story about Jean's powers going awry and how it impacts the world around her.

The acting is clearly dull from the very first scenes - McAvoy was a fantastic actor in Days of Future Past (and also in First Class), nicely paired with the huge talents of Hugh Jackman and Fassbender...

She's just like a wooden stick, flat and boring.

It is a most enjoyable original story of high caliber with enough action to please the real fans of X-Men.

Pulling one of those out of the ground is unexpected and impressive.

Verdict 4/10 OK action scenes but a boring movie that just ruins the Phoenix story again and just dosent have anything interesting in it Last Stand was more fun.

Waste of time.

i throughly enjoyed it.

Disjointed and poorly made garbage that should never have been developed.

The movie was full of cliche attacking moves.

In another scene, in the middle of a totally confusing fight, he raises a subway train from below the ground.

The dialogues are bad, the stories are boring, the tone of the whole movie is awkward and cringe-worthy.

I enjoyed the movie, it was action packed (can always count on that with X-Men) which I love, made me jump and I liked the story line.

So boring you can hardly keep awake.

Still it is a great movie and highly entertaining.

Don't waste your money and time with this.

Cliche, my dear friends.

I dragged many non geek friends to the first X-Men film and 99% of them were awestruck.

Was thrilling from start to finish.

The special effects are great but the storyline is dull, the acting is dull, everything about this film is dull.

As a result, the few yet repetitive action scenes fail to impress.

Soooo boring .

Thanks mr Simon Kinberg for bringing us yet another piece of propaganda poo from the propaganda poo volcano that is Hollywood today.

There is no script.

Absolutely horrid and dull .

Enjoyable to watch and much better than Avengers Endgame .

written better, alas the actors did the best they can with what material was given to themSecondly, the movie itself is not as bad people make it out to be, it's entertaining and has great special effect.

Watching any X-Men movie in past Years was so enjoyable that You can easily considered the simple mistakes or any type of acting facts.

Short story Boring Predictable Poor effects Nothing new Poor script Poor cgi Dissapointed

The score was also unimpressive and the same repetitive 'drone' was used over and over on every action scene.

Apocalypse got boring towards the end because of the over the top action scenes.

Honestly the movie has amazing fighting sequences and the plot is intriguing compared to other movies.

The franchise should just stop because it's getting confusing on how characters are alive or dead with the whole past/future/present times shifts they keep doing.

A senseless pointless movie .

I was so bored throughout this film .

I was in shock by how much I actually enjoyed it.

She's an excellent actress, and it's enjoyable to see her acting range.

The first major problem is that they chose the most uninteresting character to make a movie about.

Why must the current propaganda machines from hollywood destroy all and everything, even DC (Batgrirl).


) only to come across as contrived and nonsensical.

It all becomes rather boring and it makes the whole X-men universe uninteresting.

we don't know anything about them Yeee, the main villain, who is boring and ....

And his directing is really dull.

It was a great ending to Fox's X-men franchise and I highly recommend it.

This will probably upset the haters of this movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and at least for the viewers like me who don't already know the storyline, please treat yourself to this X-men flick.

Lazy and boring.

Jessica Chastain's acting was robotic and they ruined it with Fem Nazi overtones and lame pointless female empowerment.

Overall, it was good and entertaining, with one silly scene or two that could have been reduced for smoother flow.

The trailer for this was intriguing to me because it looked darker than the others which I liked.

Don't waste your money .

It was refreshing to see the X-Men Dynamics against a dark brooding back drop of intriguing dialogue sans one-liners and comical intervention.

As a huge fan of the X-Men, it kills me to say that but I would rather have the series end than to have the brand dragged through the mud with terrible films every 2 years.

The storyline, while predictable, still was executed well, except the ending of the franchise.

Terrible, flat, rushed, no plot, uninteresting.

I'm not a massive x men fan, I've seen good and I've seen bad, this was dull and rushed.

I think the movie had more of these pointless distractions - for instance the comment in the beginning about Beast just having modified the plane.

I don't ask for anything other than to be entertained, and Simon Kinberg's Dark Phoenix was very entertaining.

The fight scenes are pretty intense and had my wife on the edge of her seat.

What action scenes there are are confusing and weird.


This is very enjoyable!

Entertaining .

Not perfect, but enjoyable.

The worst movie of the entire "saga", i'm really disappointed with this movie, i was waiting for the best and then came this...

The whole feeling of it was just weard and dull.

It's a waste of time, even for die hard teeth guy or split personality guy fans.

Garbage spiced with feminist propaganda .

The acting was monotone and the script was probably written by a 9 year old.

They waste too much time on bloody exposition and arguing about whether they should save or kill Jean Grey.

Waste of time.

To conclude an summarize, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is a good movie, entertaining and enjoyable, too much hated by minor mistakes.

An intense, meaningful, and powerful story--and all the more I don't understand the claim this is the last ever X-men movie.

Other than watching Sophie and Halston, and enjoying the fact that laser-boy finally got to kick some ass, this was totally ho-hum.

It blows my mind how the writers took the rich, full & insanely interesting source material and turned it into a boring, unlikeable shell of a story.

First of all for me the movie itself is just mind blowing.

After watching it a second time on Bluray, I enjoyed it even more.

Definitely not a golden movie, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Waste of talent and time.

Therefore watching this movie is meaningless, useless and pointless.

This film is a collection of no story, dull main character, poor acting, horrible computer visual effects and bad directing.

Very enjoyable if you forget the comic .

Sophie Turner is beautiful, absolutely stunning.

I Enjoyed It .

don't waste your time.

Unfortunately, as with "X-Men 3," the filmmakers insist on having everything come down to a big battle sequence that's overlong and predictable, although it's better and more moving here.

Totally pointless movie...

It's boring af!

It was entertaining, it is emotional and it moved me.

Even the characters are boring themselves.

It really sucks bc it's actually a great and extremely entertaining movie.

Some characters acting seemed al little lax in their acting and the plot maybe a little predictable.

The movie also has some powerful moments exploring Jean Grey's backstory, but it's just so drab and dark that it kind of chokes the fun out of the franchise and it doesn't pay off nearly as well as it should.

So so dull .

In the film, the Phoenix power consumes Vuk's planet and she follows the power through space and witnesses Jean absorbing it.

It was better than Captain Marvel, but a bit cliche, and definitely below Dark Phoenix.

I found this personal story far more engaging than the tired, world-ending nonsense of Apocalypse and the motivations and stakes were far more identifiable.

Despite its definite flaws, Dark Phoenix is very watchable, and very enjoyable!

I really really have enjoyed it.

The "evil aliens" are just such a generic character which is very disappointing because they aren't really being given a big story, they just say: "our planet is being destroyed so we came here to take this planet" and in my opinion this was also something that the paste hurt because in my opinion if the pace was a bit slower we could've explored their character more.

I think this is the first one where I got bored, the first one where I felt the urge to roll my eyes.

Visually, the effects were stunning and I never found myself groaning from poor or overdone CGI.

The plot was really dull and the motivations of the villains were only expressed through small exposition.

There are scenes when it get so intense and captivating.

Why waste time on a making a boring subplot about her causing her mother's death?

It is entertaining as a stand alone movie.

Don't get me wrong, she does have some amazing powers, and she proved, on many occasions, that she was untouchable, but from an entertainment point of view, the character was dull, with no sense of emotions.

It was also very cliche.

Worth watching!

But that's all, really & thus, I'm not confident myself to actually suggest you to watch it but on the other hand, I cannot really say you'll be completely bored either.

This movie is a complete disaster, the acting of Sophie Turner really bad, amateurish, they totally came out of the timeline, nothing makes sense, silly dialogues, boring and emotionless.

I find most of the characters unattractive and bland.

If you enjoy the "X-Men" franchise, then "Dark Phoenix" is definitely a movie well worth watching.

We have some boring speeches nobody cares about anymore (I liked how they referenced South Park even if it was unintentional).

Based on the IMDB rating I had fairly low expectations but, as a family movie, it was action packed enough to keep everyone's attention for the whole film.

It's hard to follow, it's slooooooowww.

Not that she's playing her character (Vuk) badly, but it's just that the character is so pointless, AS COOL AS IT IS, pointless.

I enjoyed it!

The character of Jean ruined this togeather with the lack of plot.

The movie has no plot, otherwise great soundtrack and ok action sequences.

It was the worse movie of series, everything was predictable even by a child, "hey look, a trouble situation happened, so trouble moments can be, of course let's we make it more trouble with worse decisions!

It's boring and they couldn't have made a more wrong chose by picking this girl as Jean.

Enjoyed it .

I really enjoyed it .

Waste o time money and talent....

The worst movie in the X-Men lineup.

For my work I have to watch all films that have significant amounts of VFX in them, and I would rather watch this again than sit through another three hours of "Avengers:Endgame".



Written and directed by Simon Kinberg, "Dark Phoenix" is rather an dull attemp at adapting the classic Marvel's comic book saga having the same name.

Definitely the most boring and flashy of all the new xmen movies.

Hans Zimmer's return to superhero flicks is solid, too, even if it can get repetitive, and Kimberg confidently helms the piece, even if he doesn't really have a signature voice.

waste of time .

All in all, it was still an enjoyable watch and Fassbender killed it again as magneto.

The evil albino looking Vuk (Jessica Chastain) was a total waste of time, and Jennifer Lawrence's (Raven) brief appearance was badly written.

I don't get why people are complaining so much, this is a perfectly good movie and is fitting for the x-men, I actually enjoyed it more than the previous movies.

The dialog is a bit trite.

What a waste of time and money.

There are certainly better X-Men movies, but still this is quite entertaining to watch.

James MacEvoy does a great job, as only the best professionals can with limited and bland material and that's where it ends.

Feeble, unappealing and mundane...

But, this boring movie made me ange!

I am a fan of XMen movies and this one disappointing There is no storyline very lame movie I miss the old days with the XMen movies

It's hard to know whether the blame should be laid at the feet of this still learning actress or the experienced hand of screenwriter Kinberg but regardless of who is at fault, both factors ensure that the focus of the film being on Grey and her journey of unlocking the true potential of her powers is one that remains cringe worthy throughout, where it should've been unpredictably entertaining.

total bore!

It is very intense, makes room for every character with a lot of thrill in the action scenes.

The acting isnt good enough, the storyline predictable, and the ending not satisfying at all.

Too much is spoken that has to be shown, it is, or rather should be cinema, not a telenuvela style, no real high thoughts, mishmash action, dead characters, as in souls, they never live, you cannot fall in love with them, never satistfying, boring, sad little film it is.

My girlfriend who typically isn't even a fan of these movies walked out of the theatre saying this was her favorite.

A waste of talent and money from Fox who doesn't understand source material .

Stilted acting, tedious dialogue, and unexciting fight scenes.

Dark Phoenix is an absolute disappointment the worst film in the Xmen franchise once again they ruin the Phoenix storyline and make a film that is just boring.

Then it's really weird that Jennifer Lawrence's character Mystique which they insist on calling "Raven" to add to the confusion plays her part as though she's been the leader of the X-men the whole time.

The potential end of the world feels rushed and uneventful.

The whole plot is pointless, the ending is insulting.

This film is action packed and is emotional and truly great way to see Jean Grey being the true Dark Phoenix.

Most of the action sequences are rather underwhelming, the antagonists are as underdeveloped and uninteresting as they get and fan favorite characters are either completely missing or spend the entire movie being confused about what their motivations are.

Waste of time.

As it has been hammered by the critics etc, I was put off at first by the initial reviews but thought I'm a fan of the genre and have seen all the rest so give it the time, And to my surprise it was a great fast paced movie with lots of action, drama, excellent special effects and storyline throw a hans zimmer sound track in and boom its great movie all the main characters given time to shine too 8/10 all day everyday don't listen to the critics it's an excellent movie.

Unconvincing, uninteresting boring shambles.

Now unfortunately this movie was a mess and surprisingly boring.

Don't waste your time.

One of the worst movies I have seen.

Even you can tell the actors such as James Mc'Avoy and Michael Fassbender as Professor X and Magneto themselves are yawning in the background asking for Director Simon Kinberg to fire them already.

She's terribly bland, boring and doesn't offer a big threat in the story.

Unwatchable .

Given the writing team are, presumably, intelligent people one does wonder if this is a misguided attempt to try and tap into teen-angst - itself a hugely boring subject - for misguided marketing purposes.

And I am actually glad that I did, because this 2019 addition to the "X-Men" franchise turned out to be the most entertaining of the movie and also the movie in the franchise that was mostly appealing to an adult audience.

Actually i enjoyed it!.

Precisely the same criticisms as Avengers: EndgameA first half that is slow to the point of causing moments of tedium, while the writers and director try to inject 'emotional depth' that only comes across as mawkish, cloying, self-pity from the characters.

X-MEN with all wonderful stories and characters, with all exciting and memorable moments and scenes ENDed up by our tears for LOGAN.

again I say they are just boring antagonists to even care about since we don't get to know much about them except they shape shift like the Skrulls in Captain Marvel.

If this really is the last film in the series, it does the job with the explosive fight and chase sequences, filled with splendid and spectacular special effects, the story however is fairly predictable, and if you have seen the past entries you are left questioning if they were ignoring previous and "future" events, we can look forward to future films from 20th Century Fox merging with Disney, all in all it is a reasonable fantasy action adventure.

The final scenes are a disappointing parody of what has come before, and all the fantastic CGI and rousing Zimmerian score in the world can't make up for the film's central failing in its abrogation of its responsibilities to what were always the series' strongest assets, its great cast, depth of source material and engaging, complex characters.

Instead, like over at the MCU, it tries to take some elements and blend them into a new and, hopefully, engaging story.

Sure it's entertaining...

Overall X-Men Dark Phoenix is basically this X-Men new generations Last Stand it's disappointing a waste of time watching and doesn't do justice to the Jean Character or the Phoenix storyline just like Last Stand.

The entire end sequence from the appearance of the train (& everything about it) until the intense grande finale...

I really fell asleep .

It's quite entertaining, give it a chance!

But this movie as well as previous x men films, is actually enjoyable.

Lot of great acts but just a sad waste of money and talent.

Firstly, Hans Zimmer's score, while breathtaking, does remind me a bit much about his Interstellar score.

Hans Zimmer score is pretty engaging.

Stunning in its mediocrity - yea that was sarcasm.

Dark Phoenix is more than an entertaining film, it's thought provocative (related to its themes of family and unity), and serves as a good ending to the current franchise.

Boring and very predictable.



So cheap and poor lines, so poor, bored and fake acting drowned in glossy, sparkling, shining visual effects.

With no real character interactions, she is basically in the film for her undoubtedly stunning looks, to make up the numbers and as someone to utilise special effects through.


Granted Jean Grey is one of the most boring X-Men what makes Phoenix unique is that its about the only time in the comics where she becomes "interesting" because she basically has a different personality placed to her character.

Overall entertaining but feels a bit bland .

Propaganda .

spoilersThe story of Dark Phoenix is so incredibly boring.

On the whole this is a good film, total escapism and well worth watching.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, terribly directed, the screenplay is ridiculous, offensive for the good actors in it.

Overall it was okay, but some of the turn of events seemed pointless, some didn't connect with the previous installments and some just makes you ask what did you just see.

This one goes into boring territory.

At worst, you get to see mutants showcasing their abilities and kicking ass for a good portion of the movie so I'd say it was worth the watch.

Probably the most boring X-Men movie to date .

It's an entertaining movie with a great score, great special effects and decent acting.

The acting was sooo bland, colorless and amateur-like.

The story is boring, they give you no reason to care about any of these characters & the dialogue is mediocre at best.

Actually enjoyed it more than the last 2 MCU movies I've seen.

The Stream: The movie is a bit predictable, lacks originality and the end leaves you a little empty.

The Actions seemed to be very slow!

Entertaining .

Everything is fast paced, not enough time to take in a scene or emotion.

Absolut horrible and super boring .

While it has problems in it's storylines, acting and dialogues, it makes up for it by giving us an entertaining couple of hours of action and adventure.

The villains are weak but this really isn't a killer due to the X-Men being so entertaining and the film going by so fast, that you really don't dwell on them for too long.

Dull and lifeless, this is the death knell of the X-Men films .

kind of boring .

As a huge X-Men fan, i can safely say: Everyone associated with this dumbed down leftist propaganda, should be ashamed.

As far as the story goes, it was so incredibly boring.

and it was action packed not a snooze fest like the avengers.

It bored me so much that I was rooting for the aliens to destroy mankind along with this film in it.

I definitely felt the story and characters were underdeveloped and that it was just bland and some scenes would just go on and on and I felt like it was never ending.

The script was so awful, conversations made me cringe and the entire movie was a waste of time!

but equally terrible by way of being boring, flat, and misguided; trying to make a clever introspective feminist film that rounds off the canon, and instead it makes every character we loved an insufferable slave to the machinations of the two-dimensional plot.

It was boring as hell.

The acting and dialogue again seems bland.

Don''t watch this , it is a waste of time.

Overall, it's a most enjoyable film.

You name it something, put some action packed CGI, and you are ready with your movie.

The poor acting and cliche plot does not make you worry about Jean Grey or feel that she is a power threathening the whole world, she is mostly annoying so you can not wait her to perish.

Unless you are a really fan from the franchise, don't waste your time.

When i heard this movie was being made, I was very excited to see this being remade after the previous attempt..Not that I disliked the original one, far from it, That movie rocked,was intense, and had oodles of depth and feeling coming from its characters..to me, it was a very good installment in the series...

The special effects are pretty subpar and the story is pretty dull.

Their addition to the movie was totally flat, uninteresting.

' (2019), but it's still an entertaining time.

Tough, Emotional & Action Packed !!.

There is a plot and in the same time, you feel like there is no plot.

Worst movie of 2019

The X-Men films aren't without their flaws, but generally I find them to be entertaining, and the X-Men were always my favorite Marvel heroes.

The ending was predictable and boring and why Jean Gray decided to de-rail the train to kill everyone then fight some further people hand to hand was just plain strange.

Everything else, ranging from the story, characters and the other actors is just so boring.

If there was music, it was as uninteresting as everything else in this movie.

Dark Phoenix is so empty.

It was bland, There was no story.

Dull and a terrible script.

Without a Doubt, One of the Worst Movies Ever Made .

Which overall gets boring pretty quick because we have seen it all before in various movies.

The story is boring and Sophie Turner is not strong enough to carry it.

Enjoyable end to this XMEN legacy .

Moreover, Turner's Grey, with all the exciting possibilities afforded by a great actress and rich source material, is allowed little more than hackneyed cliches, baffling generalisations and confused motivations.

No plot .

While Dark Phoenix falls short of being a cinematic masterpiece it is nonetheless an entertaining, competently made movie.


I remember just one that impressed me, everything else is dull.

Their dull expressions and their way of expressing themselves was simply not worthy of this movie.

This political and social propaganda piece missed the mark by miles.

Very boring.

Pointless .

It is a relatively slow-moving, psychologically motivated action movie.

There's plenty of action, it's fast paced, has some tender moments.

First off, I felt entertained and neither bored nor appalled, and that's already something.

Watchable and enjoyable.

i don,t understand why people put 1 of 10 on this which is very entertaining.

The action was also entertaining as usual and also contained great special effects.

Bit Fast Paced & Shoddy Storyline .

It was kinda boring, very little plot, no depth, even the action scenes were kinda average, which begs the question...

Same as Xavier - dull and undervalued.

Instead i get dragged through a very long uneventful origin story that could be wrapped up in 3 sentences.

Besides a bunch of explosions this movie was really boring.

Some movies I watch these days can be a little too intense to watch.

As of this writing, X-Men 7 Dark Phoenix is @6.1 This film is the darkest X-Men yet and I enjoyed it very much.

Simply boring and uneventful .

Its not dull, but so fast paced it is near impossible to work out whats going on.. The editing cuts so much that you are trying to keep track of 6 fights at once and its RIDICULOUS!!!

Anyway, it was very enjoyable and I'll watch again.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

The first and second act of the film are extremely slow paced with uneven motivations of characters.

), boring storyline, ...

Predictable and boorish .

Dont waste your time.

This was the most boring X-Men movie I've ever seen!

Very engaging film.

A large number of written ratings from reviewers rate this movie badly, not worth seeing, the worst movie ever made, giving it a 1 or 2.

The opening sequence in space, as well as the final train fight are stunning to see on the big screen, even if the film itself doesn't necessarily play well into the 'summer look and feel' to most big budget blockbusters.

As the film it was weak in plot and very predictable.

I didn't even see End Game, 'cause, frankly, I was so utterly bored in Infinity Wars.

The story is very disjointed, and the main baddy's existence and motives are so disjointed and unclear that it makes the plot nearly incomprehensible.

Long and short of it was that it's a great movie and worth the watch.

The movie was pointless and I will act like it doesn't exist.

I was going with it for about thirty minutes but it becomes repetitive.

Bad acting Bad story Bad special effectsDon't waste your time and money on this.

Simon Kinberg closes Fox's X-Men franchise with one of the least engaging, forgettable and feeble films in the series.

This movie was a disaster, and I suggest that you don't waste your precious time watching it!

Beast, Dr X and Mystique were bland.


Worth watching.

What a waste of time.

But it is still an entertaining superhero action movie with some well done fights and top-notch special effects.

Many key characters were turned into jobbers so that a boring wolverine can shine.

While an entertaining film, this one though suffered from a myriad of problems, the main one being it almost seems like there should of been another film between this and Apocalypse.

It goes nowhere, but never quickly enough as the ending seems tantalisingly close, but takes way too long to arrive.

Poor performance, weak effects, silly story, a waste of time!!

Maybe a matinee but I watched it for free and enjoyed it.

Massive boring story line.

Worst movie ever.

I've read the source material, the Claremont books, and found them melodramatic, soap operatic, and yawn inducing.

I'd rate it ahead of the first Deadpool as well, seeing as that film had no plot whatsoever.

Its just BLAND!

Yawn is the best word to describe this movie.

Whole plot and dialog were predictable as written from a 6 year old.

It is absolutely boring and joyless!

Enjoyable at times but I was expecting more like a grand finale to the XMen instead of a fast paced underwhelming film that needed a proper director and screenwriter instead of relying on the audience to know everything about the previous films.

Super Powers fail Super Slow Story .

It's not great, but it's still fairly enjoyable.

Most of the actors were boring and lead role just the same.

It's by the worst movie of marvel & x-men ever produced.

While worth watching, it doesn't hold up to previous X-men movies.

Oh my gosh, i was getting bored when i watched this dark phoenix until the last thirty minutes i started open my eyes widely, the plot of this film very bad, fortunately beautiful sophie turner as jean gray was acted very good.


Very lifeless plotless...

Worth watching, don't know why the low ratings.

I tend to use the audience score from Rotten Tomatoes and the score from here as a good indicator if a movie is worth watching.

Worth the watch.

Zzzzzz .

might be a little weaker in the other departments, but this movie was exhilarating, exciting, intense, and full of emotion.

it's all so bland now and makes no sense either.

The last two X-Men flics were so predictable.


Because after reading God Loves Man Kills, it's clear that they are far more three dimensional, urgent, relevant and thrilling than any of the films, despite all of the talent involved.

Its one of the worst movies in the whole series.

Such a waste of time .

Weak script, weak acting (at least Gene Gray), and in general the movie looks extremely ridiculous and illogical + 99% of the film was shown in the trailer, so there are no surprises, the film is not so much to disappoint, but in the movie I would this did not go, nothing more to say, my rating is 7 out of 10, a very empty and strange end to the series

Damn, such a waste of time watching this movie.

I'm not going to go into details about the whole plot, but I found this film abit slow and boring.

Raven's death was very disappointing as there was no plot to it and it just seemed forced to fit the storyline.


Don't waste your money seeing this garbage.

Still, for what it is, it's far more enjoyable than it should be and doesn't end the franchise in a bad light, even if it is a far, far weaker ending than what we got in 2017.

Pointless deaths.

Next, I will explore the visuals which are as always stunning.

Stunning and just amazing .

Game of yawns - detention for everyone .

Sophie Turners lead character is dull and wooden.

If your an xmen fan its definitely worth the watch!

It was so slow and over dramatic in every single scene, that there was no time for story and character development.

Horrible pacing, boring, CONFUSING, stupid plot, lame, slooooowww.

It did lack some depth but overall it was worth the watch to me.

All new faces, some french sounding chick taking the place of Halle Berry and a plot that's just mind numbingly boring, I want my money back!

I enjoyed it so much.

Sometimes it's distracting, other times just really bland.

the most boring version of x-men .

Why do people hate this very entertaining movie??.

Bad acting, bad writing, boring and overall stupid...

They appear as skrull-like aliens, shapeshifting into human form near the beginning of the movie and proceed to lurk in the background, giving us the dullest scenes of this very fun movie.

Plot is weak and all the lines are cliché.

Anything intriguing and original?

Slow, predictable and pointless.

Thoroughly entertaining for what it is supposed to be.....

Dont waste your time watching this trash

The 'alternate timeline' thing is also just very confusing...

Intense and desperate like Terminator .

Comic book movies in the 90's had a slow steady decline until oddly enough, X-Men (2000) heralds in the new era.

snore feast of 2019.

The film leaves some questions open, but very entertaining

You could fill the rest of the cast with Oscar winners, and this drab story and lead would make them seem devoid of talent as well.

Keep your propaganda at bay murica.

I simply have nothing else to write here, the movie was pointless, poorly directed and written, I have no idea (except money) why this was made.

Dull, all over the place incomprehensible.

Thankfully though, the positives do outweigh the negatives, most importantly in how entertaining it is.

lesser X-men but still entertaining .

The characters are so confusing and no one really calls each other by name.

Boring and poorly edited movie .

snooze fest.

I'm sorry some of my favorite actors got drug into this God-awful waste of time and money.

First of all I really disappointed about Quicksilver, I mean we all knew that Quicksilver has a epic scene and slow mo scene that we loved, and I thought I was think about Quicksilver and Magneto relation as Dad-Son that would be nice, and they put Mystique just like trash.

To start with the positive's (of which there really aren't many), I've seen worse films than Dark Phoenix but its lifeless, dull and downright lethargic undertaking is so bland and void of spirit that you can practically feel the lack of enthusiasm emanating from its cast of known and established talent, that are unable to stop this charisma free affair from becoming two hours of the dullest Hollywood filmmaking you can imagine.

That said I found watching dark phoenix more enjoyable than avengers endgame.

There was a lot of character building & introspection, with a lot of tension & intense moments all along.

It was enjoyable, plenty of nostalgia and for a final closing movie ending with a game of chess and peace, it was about right.

More enjoyable than I expected .

Apocalypse and X3 were entertaining at least.

Don't waste your money.

This may be the reason why the movie feels like it's lacking originality, but ultimately the movie is just too predictable on its own.

It is just so middle of the road it becomes boring.

Worth watching if you can catch it.

Even in some of the worst movies that have been made I can find redeeming factors ...

The third movie of the series had mixed reviews but ultimately was very entertaining.

On the other hand, the antagonists led by Jessica Chastain's character were unremarkable and uninteresting.

stunning effect and better fight scene than x-men apocalypse.

Scenes which should have us on the edge of our seats leave us unmoved.

" I do however fully blame Kinberg's handling of the script and overall story, plus the entire confusion and post-production hell that ensued after.

The ending's not bad, just tedious and perfunctory, similar to the big battle sequence in "Avengers: Endgame," albeit less dull.

And apparently Raven had many lovers ;)All in all, the script isn't well writen, it doesn't bring nothing new (always humans accept mutants, humans don't accept mutants), everything is predictable (besides professor x), confusing to understand at what moment of the story are we, terrible acting for the main character....

The green screen backdrops look green screen, accents waver, the action is boring, the plot is dull, the actors look half asleep and the whole effing car crash hinges around Sophie Turner's performance which in a nutshell, is wonky.

When the film ends, it makes you feel like you've been on a journey unfulfilled and pointless, diminishing aspects of some of the world's greatest superheroes.

Boring and not really worth the time.

The X-Men save the crew on an extremely hazardous mission with Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) absorbing the energy from the phenomena.

But right from the start the shoving down of the social ideologies made it unbearable.

Boring as hell.

This entire X-MEN franchise has been extremely dull and need I say it white washed by Hollywood.

I went in this movie ignoring what the reviews were saying, I found the movie to be quite enjoyable.

And to top that, the main villainess Vuk (played by Jessica Chastain) and the other alien Villains overall look even more bored than the X-Men themselves and...

The storyline was very creative and I had enjoyed it every bit.

The script was tight, the storyline well thought out and every sequence providing a thrilling moment building up to the next.

Dull, that's all I can say to describe this film.

The actors are so novice and inexperienced with this genre, their very gestures while using their powers is so lame and artificial that you laugh at them for being dull.

she's always in the center and she's dull.

I've tried to get into this full timeline but it only gets more and more confusing.

My friend and I were literally on the edge of our seats for most of the movie, and I would happily pay to see it in the theater a couple more times.

Honestly still very worth the watch.

For her, it was just one long sting of, why did, who was, etc. There is no story here.

Enjoyed it more than endgame.

To add a got actress to a movie franshise is one thing but make a movie about her is a stupid move marvel .. and it was really really sad to waste james mcavoy and Michael Fassbender to make sophie turner a badass it was boring very very boring and sophie turner still dont see her as a dark phoenix yeah she was great before but she get in camera for a scene or two not a whooooole moviee about her donot watch that movie

Anyway, it's hard to say anything positive about the film because I was left feeling empty, and pretty disappointed.

and absolutely pointless.

If you were bored then you are too young to understand.

Please move away from the bland cliche super hero comics and build something better like this movie!

Coming back, Sophie as Jean is just so empty.

Despite the rating is not quite high and so many critics flies around, I watched it anyway because x-men is the only ongoing sequel that always satisfy me with its strong plot and breathtaking cgi-action, and it still.

This is a more than enjoyable take on the X-men movie trope, it seems to be set in the real world where the characters are human beings with abilities and not "Superheroes", and is a lot closer to X2, First Class or Logan than any of the (increasingly embarrassing) others.

The last act on the train was dull ( even with all the action )I see where this was going and I would've liked to see the rise and fall of mutant kind not be rushed.

Poor reviews are from people expecting a MCU type action packed movie with zero story.

She just cant act , all here moves are empty like watching a robot or a child who has something memorized and is now afraid that he is reciting it badly ...

Had some good fights but part that I starting to fall alseep because I was bored.

This movie is bad in so many ways, it's difficult to focus on any one collapsed support as being the thing that ultimately laid the structure low, but a smattering are: This is a sequel, that actively ignores vast swaths of what has come before it, in confusing and dizzying waysthe Phoenix saga stuff is really well known and defined, and charming and well-loved, and they decided to do something completely different and also bad.

All the xmem movies were always dull in my opinion.

Frustrating then mildly entertaining .

Also unfortunate is that the movie itself is dull--a retread largely full of characters we never became as invested in as we did with those the first time around.

It actually feels exciting and we get to see many mutants use their powers in a stylized action sequence.

Was it exciting and entertaining, absolutely.

Enjoyable and never boring .

It starts with a dull script.

The story is Bad, it ruins X men 3 storyline, same formulaic story as in MCU - Kill one of the major Character in the movie just for the sake of it.

The film has its weaknesses, but also one emotional and thoughtful action, with touching music, painterly effects and exciting ideas in the fight choreography is refined.

So why is Dark Phoenix such a mixed bag of boredom and overall unsatisfying cinema?

It is enjoyable in a throwaway sense.

The only good scene is the action scene on the train at the end this film is just a mess there's no story no good performance apart from Sophie Turner and there is absolutely no heart in this movie.

Well worth the watch .

This was such a waste and it's sad that the director/writer can have all the elements, money and talent (not his) at his disposal to make a good film and squander it so carelessly.

Boring .

They just brushed it over like nothing happened.

Ok, i watched this film and yes it isnt as good as the first two installments of the reboot of the X-Men but it isn't that bad either, i watched it a couple of times now and i do admit that it could have been written a bit better , better plot and the things with the Aliens well kinda far fetched but i did find it entertaining and keep me watching to see what was gonna happen at the end.

Don't waste your time .

The worst offender of the bunch, however, is the woefully miscast Turner; who completely sinks the movie with her lifeless and bland delivery.

There was a lot about it, that was over the top silly, and some parts just didn't make sense, but still, I enjoyed it, and think it might be one of the best xmen.

If your life is pointless and worthless, if you have absolutely no aim, please don't waste any more of your time by watching this.

8/10 - contrary to popular opinion, I believe that this is a worthy addition to the superhero action genre with its engaging story, dazzling effects, and cast of superstars

don't waste your time or money on this movie.

The ending was good but the overall movie wasn't that good, i mean it had alot of boring spots

How the f$&& did you make the frekin X-Men boring!?!?

If you are a fan of XMEN you will fall in a real confusion.

Actors appear obviously for contract purposes and they kill characters for cliche story beats.

My criticism for this movie, putting aside the petty minor details of many other reviews such as blood splattering on a shirt, is the alien race being under developed and somewhat uninteresting.

As Dull, Disappointing & Redundant As Any Sequel Can Get .

Jennifer Lawrence has a line in this film that is just cringeworthy just a boring and heartless film and now I can't wait for Disney to make Xmen because anything would be better than this.

The acting was utterly bad (the good actors had no script to act with, Sophie Turner had no talent to act with) - the music was utterly nonsensical (Hans dear, stop falling asleep on the keyboard while composing), the same score stretched continuously for half a movie, then a slightly different score playing continuously for the other half...

Granted, I am not much of a fan of superhero movies, but still I find the time to sit down and watch them because they are actually fun enough to watch for the mindless entertaining they turn out to be.

Worth Watching.

Sadly, a big waste of time.

There are plenty of really visually stunning moments.

An absolute snorefest from start to finish.

Enjoyable .

The rest of the tired and tiresome cast is just rounding out their contracts and rounding up their bank accounts.

the fight is also boring just kids are fighting each other

Emotional and Engaging .

The lines were terrible and flat, the storyline was boring and seriously lacking.

Which can only mean the director and producers are as bored of x-men as I am of war and religion.

There were some good moments though, and overall the movie was still entertaining with good special effects and fighting scenes.

I think this movie was pretty good and entertaining.

I believe in an open-eyes approach to life, even when it's uncomfortable: taking in a diversity of the news sources, knowing my history, etc. But I'm slow to judge those who see merit in not fully disclosing everything to everyone under their care, all at once.

Everyone looks bored.

I found the premise of this movie really fascinating.

It was certainly better then Avengers End game which for the first hour was so boring and silly that I didn't care what happened next.

Acting is cliche, Scripts are clichéd, music doesn't fit in, utterly disaster.

Otherwise, I would save your money, it is not worth it.

Sophie Turner was bland and terrible in this; I mean she was just as bad on GOT!

We fast forwarded through most of the 2nd half and I spent most of that time playing on my phone out of boredom.

Painfully mediocre, cliche and boring .

From a writing perspective, it's contrived, not well paced, and has a very anticlimactic conclusion.

His score here is beautiful and awe inspiring it really elevates even the more simplistic scenes.

Worst Movie of this Franchise .

Bland at best .

This was just a bore, and I thought Venom was bad!

It was unwatchable.

Was entertaining and our family had fun watching.

i commend those who made the effort to make an entertaining film and to end the franchise with as fitting of a close as they could under the circumstances.

But even when she dies (that could be foreseen directly from the beginning) you can't be satisfied / sad because everything was so predictable, so it comes down simply boring.

Bland, cringy and just so boring every second of the movie!

The rest of the movie is drowned with a bland script and anticipation leading to disappointment.

With every new iteration of x-men movies the timeline becomes more confusing.

Most times streamlining a plot and getting rid of the excess fat makes it easier to follow the story but in this case they cut out too much and made certain elements hard to follow and zero explanation from any reliable characters.

Overall the film is well made, fun, fast paced and a new ride for the X-Men.

Not so, Dark Phoenix dragged the series even lower than Apocalypse ever could.

Between Stan Lee's passing and the resultant movie, there might have been a compelling reason.

Totally makes the whole "Dark Phoenix" aspect pointless.


At least propaganda pamphlets dropped from airplanes during WW2 were free, I had to pay for this...

And I really enjoyed it.

Its solid and enjoyable and I hope they make more episodes to come.

To be fair it has strong action and visuals that are impeccable and such is a very enjoyable film.

Dull characthers, feels like the movie was shot with an IPHONE.

A waste of time.

It's also more powerfull to have BOTH her parents disown her, instead of just her bland father.

Totally enjoyable overall, it just doesn't deserve ratings that bad

They were stupid, monotone, shapeshifting aliens with a very standard design and zero personality.

Characters that I love and follow for decades, here just was dull and empty....

Other than that, the story was good, with a slower pace than most superhero movies, which was a plus.