Dark Phoenix (2019) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Jean Grey begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix. Now the X-Men will have to decide if the life of a team member is worth more than all of humanity.

Director: Simon Kinberg
Stars: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 178 out of 1000 found boring (17.8%)

One-line Reviews (546)

The writing was also bland and lazy.

The rest of the movie is easily predictable, trajectory, dialogue and all.

The action is also boring and cliched to the max.

Don't waste your money .

This movie was a snooze fest.

The movie is entertaining as well as captures the audience very well.

not cool and kinda a bit convoluted or messed up because if you see the X-Men timeline, it's messed up as well and really confusing, because of X-Men: Days of Future Past is the finale of the future and then X-Men: Apocalypse led us to the past when James McAvoy was gonna shave his head to look like Patrick Stewart or Michael Fassbender was gonna look like Ian McKellen.

Much of the dialogue is cliche, apart from a few, saving moments.

The trailer for this was intriguing to me because it looked darker than the others which I liked.

Slow, uninspired beginning mostly followed up by plenty of cliched & dull moments.

Bad story lines, bad actors and just boring and predictable.

Worst movie I have watched this year even worse than hellboy.

Sorry to say that's but this is the worst movie I have seen it ever it is a joke, the worst x men group I have ever seen in my life..

I don't ask for anything other than to be entertained, and Simon Kinberg's Dark Phoenix was very entertaining.

There are of course core differences between comic and movie but I certainly prefer this adaptation by and far if I would compare it to the uneventful "Last Stand"(2006) , Dark phoenix(2019) is largely superior.

The flick also messes up the franchise's timeline, which was essentially 'fixed' - if confusing - prior to this.

It didn't make a lot of sense structurally, which was quite confusing as an audience member.

The cinematography and effects were good but a lot of the acting was mediocre (like cyclops doesnt really stand up to sophie turner whose really built up her abilities during game of thrones), the story moves really slow and it doesn't really feel over when it's over.

In one film they were able to offer an adaption that was enjoyable to watch whilst nodding to source material that couldn't be fully told e.

One slightly better than the other, but always entertaining.

Kept me on the edge of my sear .

Hopefully the coming ones will be more exciting.

And the action scenes were just absolutely fantastic and intense.

All in all, it was still an enjoyable watch and Fassbender killed it again as magneto.

The powers turn out then to be bland.

But some of the other cast members don't thrive as much, Jessica Chastain plays a villain in this film and she is just utterly terrible, she is so bland and boring and I wish they had just left her out of the film as I feel it wouldn't have made the film too much different.

It actually feels exciting and we get to see many mutants use their powers in a stylized action sequence.

I thought the plot was good and there were unexpected twists and turns, as a standalone film I cant understand why it has such a low rating.

I enjoyed it.

If you want to waste about $20, and sit through the most cringe worthy, predictable, and poorly written garbage movie for an hour and a half, this is it.

The writing becomes atrocious, one of the most forgettable and nonsensical villains ever shows up (and I thought that comic-book adaptations were working past the cliche "bad guys"), characters like Quiksilver are barely in the film (why set up his relationship with his father if they never approach that subplot again?

This film just feels languid.

I just got out of seeing Dark Phoenix and here are my early thoughts, all together I'd say I enjoyed it.

Like a cold, bland meal served by an angry cook .

Story is down right dull.

Until midway through, it's a pretty well-written, well-performed, and exciting film (with occasional minor issues).

The movie was flat out boring and flat, except the Magneto scenes.

This movie was actually enjoyable.

The conversations the characters have are just bare and empty, with no emotional weight.

Some fairly effective action pieces contribute to making the movie watchable and more entertaining than it would otherwise have been.

It is just flat out boring, uninteresting, and extremely predictable.

The main problem of the movie isn't the movie itself, but the consistent changes that entire X-Men universe suffered on each new installment since the 1st movie, coming to an unbearable situation where chronology mistakes and character misinterpretation stopped being incidents to become part of its self destruction.

But you don't get enough of the lively characters, such as Quiksilver and Nightcrawler, the alien race are boring and their powers (and particularly weaknesses) are ill defined and there aren't any nods to the wider universe.

The soundtrack alone makes it worth watching .

This is very enjoyable!

His score here is beautiful and awe inspiring it really elevates even the more simplistic scenes.

I was quite disappointed by the last few minutes of DP; it's one of the lamer ends to an otherwise enjoyable film that I've seen in a while.

I found myself bored and nearly walked out of the theatre.

The first and second act of the film are extremely slow paced with uneven motivations of characters.

It's fast paced.

Overall I enjoyed it.

First of, the movie is very evocative, with great help from Hans Zimmer's score which fills the movie with dread from the very first frame, but it is also very unpredictable.

Give it a miss, we all deserve more enjoyable stuff than this confused mess when we go to the movies.

stunning effect and better fight scene than x-men apocalypse.

The rest of the cast is major mistake.. Plus the script was pathetic, lame and boring.. Sorry guys, I had high hopes for this movie.

But THIS is the heavy con: Hollywood feminazi propaganda striked again, and this almost got me to leave the theatre.

Worth watching!

Audiences aren't given any reason to care about her, and there are many scenes which should be heartfelt and sad, but rather are strikingly boring and skimmed through.

It is very intense, makes room for every character with a lot of thrill in the action scenes.

The acting was sooo bland, colorless and amateur-like.

the story is boring...

Next, I will explore the visuals which are as always stunning.

Weak and Boring.

The film is a bit fast paced.

Some action sequences were thrilling and the optimistic ending left a better taste in my mouth but so many questions remain unanswered and the plot seems disjointed.

The moive was entertaining from start to end, with great well placed action scenes throughout.

I liked where the story went albeit it was a little predictable and I would've wished for a gracious goodbye to this incarnation of the X-Men despite these being the younger versions.

Well I enjoyed it, was a lot better than I thought it would be, pretty good script, SFX, acting.

The story is just boring and underwhelming.

It was lovely to see the old, well-known characters again, and some of the acting was really enjoyable to watch.

The one redeeming feature however, is that the acting was solid, especially from Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, who gives the best performance she can with the bland material given to her.

The supposed grand finale of this 20-year-old superhero franchise shouldn't be so generic in its action, unceremonious in its deaths, bored in its presentation, or unintentionally laughable in its few non-tedious moments.

My friend and I were literally on the edge of our seats for most of the movie, and I would happily pay to see it in the theater a couple more times.

Predictable .

Also unfortunate is that the movie itself is dull--a retread largely full of characters we never became as invested in as we did with those the first time around.

Welll worth the watch.

But if you can get over the first part of the movie, which does seem rushed, but does add some build up to the Dark Phoenix Character and her relationship to the other characters, I think you will find an enjoyable live action version of the X-Men.

You really don't care about the story, characters are forgettable and uninspiring, arcs are just all over the place and again there is nothing to this film.

Typical cliche plot.

Enjoyable Character Story .

Judging what actually hits the screen, fan service and the connection to the last 19 years of Fox X-Men this movie did a damn fine job and is very entertaining.

Save your money.

There are scenes when it get so intense and captivating.

To have the proceeding film tackle the Dark Phoenix story almost immediately with no background knowledge and emotional attachment to these reformed characters, well, naturally results in an exercise in combating boredom.

Dislikes: The first problem is the story is slightly bland, it feels safe and I agree with what Chris Stuckman said with this film, I do feel it could've been better with R-rating.

It is enjoyable, and does not have anything lacking compared to the other X-men films.

Boring .

Save your money and YOUR TIME!!!!

Moreover, Turner's Grey, with all the exciting possibilities afforded by a great actress and rich source material, is allowed little more than hackneyed cliches, baffling generalisations and confused motivations.

If you expect a compelling X Men story then you wont find anything you haven't seen before here.

Not quite as good as the former, but perhaps a bit more complex and intriguing than even Apocalypse.

I managed to stay and watch the whole film but others walked out.

Precisely the same criticisms as Avengers: EndgameA first half that is slow to the point of causing moments of tedium, while the writers and director try to inject 'emotional depth' that only comes across as mawkish, cloying, self-pity from the characters.

Every scene was visually stunning and some of the shots that the director chose were innovative and well chosen for particular emotional scenes.

Hans Zimmer really help the intense keep going on overall movie.

However, there are many problems with this movie: bland characters, bland story, terrible villain, etc. The characters feel like they're phoning in their lines and for the most part deliver very dull performances (Except for Michael Fassbender who continues to deliver a great magneto).

Some massive plot holes and wild jumps in logic but this is overall still fairly enjoyable stuff.

I honestly enjoyed it a little more than endgame, which just felt like more infinity war to me.

but it's a pretty entertaining movie, I do not agree with the criticism, it's not the worst of the saga, there are other worse ones (Origins: wolverine, wolverine immortal or X-men 3) so go see it and draw your own conclusions, and do not get carried away by the bad and undeserved criticisms that this movie is receiving.

I will say I enjoyed it more than how X-Men The Last Stand ended its trilogy.

The pacing left me feeling quite bored in places.

Go see it for a somewhat action filled entertaining movie.

However, it really was an incredible waste of time, nothing that happened had any meanings, it did not feel like a franchise of nearly two decades has come to a conclusion at all.

For what its worth, its a good, entertaining movie and a good follow-on film in the X-Men Origin franchise.

What surprises me about the savage reviews this movie is getting, is that compared to the love some of the other Marvel movies receive, from Venom to Spiderman and Black Panther, which I see as shallow but entertaining enough (with some terrible moments in each), this movie had way more depth, grit and meaning.

there are tears and death, and intense drama, and YES some really terrific action scenes.

First I just want to say that if you are a fan of Jean Grey or the X-Men in general than this will be an exciting movie to watch.

The story was all over the place as much as it was totally confusing.

Jessica Chastain is one of the best actress in this generation, but seriously, this is the worst movie she even been.

It's one thing to botch a fan favorite story, but another to make it more boring then paying taxes.

However, the action is enjoyable and well filmed (especially in the third act).

Dark Phoenix did come across as rushed to me and when trying to put so much into the movie just left out key parts of what makes a film really enjoyable which was disappointing as I did enjoy the other movies which had the current cast and think that they ended it on a film which no-one is able to connect to the characters within it making it difficult to grab the watchers attention.

The effects are breathtaking, and Hans Zimmer's score really intensifies the dark thematic material the film is gunning for.

I wasn´t bored, at least.

The movie is distorted, rushed, predictable, flat and overall unimpressive.

From a writing perspective, it's contrived, not well paced, and has a very anticlimactic conclusion.

Dull, all over the place incomprehensible.

Given the writing team are, presumably, intelligent people one does wonder if this is a misguided attempt to try and tap into teen-angst - itself a hugely boring subject - for misguided marketing purposes.

There was also a lot of cool action sequences that I found very entertaining.

Too predictable .

Verdict 4/10 OK action scenes but a boring movie that just ruins the Phoenix story again and just dosent have anything interesting in it Last Stand was more fun.

Difficult to follow right after a movie like End Game.

The action scenes could have been much more vast, but I believe the intent here is to keep the action scenes intense, not too broad.

As a true fan, I really enjoyed it.

It is a relatively slow-moving, psychologically motivated action movie.

After Apocalypse I was expecting some cool costumes in this film but they are nowhere to be seen and it makes this film feel as bland as previous films.

Terrible, flat, rushed, no plot, uninteresting.

Is it because of its script, so plain and dull?

This movie is so slow in its pacing to the point I nearly fell asleep a bunch of times.

This film had a mixture of dull filler moments that felt like they could of been cut from the film.

It's enjoyable, we get some new mutants, go watch this one and remember it's in the past.

First of all I really disappointed about Quicksilver, I mean we all knew that Quicksilver has a epic scene and slow mo scene that we loved, and I thought I was think about Quicksilver and Magneto relation as Dad-Son that would be nice, and they put Mystique just like trash.

Despite Jean Grey being one of the most interesting mutants in the entire series, X-Men: Dark Phoenix manages to turn this character study about her into a bleak, depressing bore.

Save your money .

Kinda confusing .

Give it a watch only if you're a die hard X-Men fan and got nothing to do otherwise in a lonely, boring day.

But it made a wonderful story more powerful and engaging.

The pacing was strange- horribly slow most of the time and then quick when there was more needed to say.

Aside from decent fight scenes, this movie is just midly entertaining.

Overall, it was good and entertaining, with one silly scene or two that could have been reduced for smoother flow.

Enjoyed It!

A very enjoyable movie and deserve a 7.5/10 .

would like to see more xmen characters involve.. other than movies was very enjoyable!!!

Even the action scenes were boring to watch.

I enjoyed it.

It was so slow and over dramatic in every single scene, that there was no time for story and character development.

As others have noted, there is a real sense of teamwork among the cast, in both the action sequences and the slower dramatic parts.

These supporting mutants, mostly comprising of Cyclops, Storm and Nightcrawler, are severely underdeveloped and lacked the backstory in 'Apocalypse' to become compelling individuals now.

What a waste of time and 200 million dollars !

I really wanted to like this movie and prove the critics wrong, but man was it just boring to watch.

Totally waste Michael Fassbender talents, wasn't enough screen time for this movie.

Long and short of it was that it's a great movie and worth the watch.

If this really is the last film in the series, it does the job with the explosive fight and chase sequences, filled with splendid and spectacular special effects, the story however is fairly predictable, and if you have seen the past entries you are left questioning if they were ignoring previous and "future" events, we can look forward to future films from 20th Century Fox merging with Disney, all in all it is a reasonable fantasy action adventure.

I really enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

I would recommend you save your money and giving this a pass, as you will regret watching this film.

The ending was good but the overall movie wasn't that good, i mean it had alot of boring spots

Aggressively boring .

Prof X & Magneto's verbal sparring give some relief, but otherwise, it's just dull.

I've tried to get into this full timeline but it only gets more and more confusing.

Still they could have redeemed some portion of it if they could have added some better & exciting action set-pieces as a fan service at least; the final showdown in the running train was alright though.

Just a series of disjointed scenes.

Hans Zimmer elevates this film so much that I found myself immersed in the background ; music is very important and given how intense certain scenes were he brought it up to an 11.

One of the most bland movies I've seen this year .

Their motivations were never clearly defined, their powers were confusing and they just sorta took up space.

I felt Sophie Turner did a fairly good job of delving into Jean's anger and resentment, and she can do intimidating and unpredictable far better than I could have anticipated, even after Game of Thrones.

Entertaining, that's it.

FYI: By contrast, Black Panther garnered universally good reviews but I found it fairly tedious.

A redundant story and a messed up confusing time line .

I will never get that time back, nor the brain cells i wasted watching this garbage, and honestly the directors did evan peters dirty as hell, what a waste of money, and time.

Plus, when the action comes, it's as energetic and exciting as you'd hope, with a focus on tangible stunt-work over CGI 'beams in the sky' - though, the latter do come at certain points.

Dark Phoenix is an absolute disappointment the worst film in the Xmen franchise once again they ruin the Phoenix storyline and make a film that is just boring.

This movie was boring and feels rushed, incomplete, predictable in places and poorly constructed.

While the movie could have been improved a lot, it was a really good and enjoyable movie and i think you will like it too.

This was the most boring X-Men movie I've ever seen!

The whole fight sequence on the train towards the end was great and by far the most entertaining part of the movie.


First of all I found this a very good, engrossing and well paced film.

But I really enjoyed it so much.

Story is boring and a lot of it doesnt make sense.

I've read the source material, the Claremont books, and found them melodramatic, soap operatic, and yawn inducing.

we don't know anything about them Yeee, the main villain, who is boring and ....

Bad and boring dialogue by good actors still equals bad acting.

Their dull expressions and their way of expressing themselves was simply not worthy of this movie.

I went to see it anyway and I enjoyed it.

While talking about the movie with both female and male friends they all said they enjoyed it and couldn't make sense of the extremely bad reviews and thus I'm writing this review.

waste of time .

It's totally worth watching.

This is a decent X-men movie, although could be better, I still enjoyed it!

Enjoyable end to this XMEN legacy .

CONS: plot was as dull as watching a snail going from point A to point B.

" plot, Dark Phoenix is a dull, boring slog that makes for a terrible ending to the X-Men saga .

And this franchise is confusing kinda stuff.

The X-Men series has done really well, but this is one of the first ones that I walked out of the theater missing that blown away feeling.

Directionless and boring .

Chastain, my baby girl, did the best she could given that her antagonistic role was redundantly pointless.

Clean and exciting.

Enjoyable for fans, okay for casual cinema .

waste of money and time ...

A enjoyable X-film .

Poor reviews are from people expecting a MCU type action packed movie with zero story.

The poor acting and cliche plot does not make you worry about Jean Grey or feel that she is a power threathening the whole world, she is mostly annoying so you can not wait her to perish.

Also the timeline for these movies is beyond confusing at this point, and this movie makes no effort to honor the established continuity.

Enjoyable Movie .

Bland .

20 minutes in someone was snoring because apparently they had fallen asleep they were so bored.

You can tell everyone else is just bored and Sophie Turner/Jessica Chastain are the most underehelming and yawn inducing couple together on screen I've seen in quite some time.

I had a good time watching the movie, but I'd say it's only worth watching in the cinemas if you're a big X-Men fan.

Yawn .

The ending itself for me is predictable and really does not do justice for the first two films of a trilogy featuring The Last Stand Remake.

As such, it's only ever so entertaining, even though it's doing - ostensibly - everything right.

Predictable, and predictability is essentially boring.

For a comic book film in 2019 its just a bit bland and we've seen it all before, there wasn't much that was new, fresh or exciting.

Yes, some of his music pieces were dramatic and did blend in but mostly, relationship between the music and action was dull AF.

When I venture to the theater to see a movie, any movie, I have high hopes it will be as entertaining as possible.

Subpar but Entertaining .

Story is simple & somewhat predictable too.

The villains felt like the same boring trope of "lets destroy the world" with no fleshed out background as to why other than "because our planet was destroyed".

The film goes right into action and the music through out the film is amazing it leaves you on the edge of your seat through major twists.

The potential end of the world feels rushed and uneventful.

I found it enjoyable to the core as I didn't look for flaws or something even close to that.

Very enjoyable if you forget the comic .

Her whole characters motivations just felt very generic and dull and she never felt like to much of a threat so this was also very disappointing.

It's poorly written, has no heart, and quite frankly is boring.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I would recommend people go and check it out for themselves.

The dialog is a bit trite.

Sadly, though it's nothing to write home about, as always Beast is an awkward fighter and Storm's powers look right out of the early 2000s (alright, maybe I'm being a little harsh, but the CGI was mindlessly entertaining at best.

The worst of all is that everyone can imagine how great it could have been since the cast is perfect (Sophie Turner shines), Hans Zimmer's score is sumptuous, and the action is riveting.

Action packed.

I was in shock by how much I actually enjoyed it.

Yes, but it is still very enjoyable.

There are so many missed opportunities to have made this a brilliant conclusion to the Fox era of Marvel films, like in the vein of Logan, but instead we are given an anti-climactic ending with a repetitive and formulaic plot.

Depressingly Boring with little to no plot....

Dark Phoenix is like a cold, bland meal served by an angry cook.

Found the storylines uninteresting and gave me no emotion.

I really went in thinking this was going to be good at worst and left litteraly falling asleep for like 3 minutes during the movie before waking up to more boring scenes.

Painfully mediocre, cliche and boring .

Everything in this film (If I can call it a film because there is no plot) is bad.

Save your money and wait until it hits the blu-ray bargain bin.

Even the action sequences, save for the finale aboard a train, lack the excitement that usually makes these films entertaining at the very least.

But at least is was entertaining.

Mildly Enjoyable .

Although the largely loathed X-Men: The Last Stand was a far from perfect adaptation of The Dark Phoenix Saga, it still had occasional moments of heart and exciting action that salvaged it from being an absolute disaster.

An enjoyable conclusion .

Absolutely horrid and dull .

One of his fight scenes was truly just cool and was exciting to watch!

The movie confusing so hard for didn't know what kind the movie its tries to be, and the worst part is that the whole cast are phoning-in in this movie !

How they drag out every scene, for instance- any time magneto performs some minor display of his powers.

Thoroughly entertaining - another one the critics have called wrong .

The film is small I'm scope and bland, nothing of interest happens.

This political and social propaganda piece missed the mark by miles.

The latest big-budget X-Men film is curiously un-engaging.

The final is also dull, violent and overwhelming.

It was very thrilling.

Its boring.

Entertaining .

Director Simon Kinberg knocked it out of the park, this had a great story, soundtrack, fantastic acting, stunning cinematography, visual effects and a realistic/grounded feel to it.

But all in all it is an okay popcorn movie with stunning visuals and sound, I actually enjoyed it more than Captain Marvel.

Basic and pretty much uninteresting/ uneventful story, it desperately needed some wow factors or something out of left field.

Sophie Turner was amazing and the action pieces were breathtaking.

The story was predictable and borrows far too closely from common superhero tropes.

Internal good-vs-evil conflict is a concept that has been explored through art for centuries, and it has always been at the centre of the X-Men world, but here it's played too simply and too on the nose to be engrossing.

Don't waste your money.

In the end, however, this is a decently enjoyable superhero story.

I enjoyed it.

However, to my surprise, I found that I really enjoyed it.

The X-Men movies have always been ultra predictable.

I have no idea what movie the "critics" were watching, but I found this to be enjoyable.

For those that thought Apocalypse was an obnoxious yawn, Dark Phoenix was a woot from a Captain America fan when he wielded Mjolnir!

The whole plot is pointless, the ending is insulting.

As such there's no bang at the end (other than literal bangs), which has led to a lot of criticism being levelled at how "pointless" this movie feels.

But even when she dies (that could be foreseen directly from the beginning) you can't be satisfied / sad because everything was so predictable, so it comes down simply boring.


This is due to the boring dialogue and a slow-paced story that never really picked up at any point.

Most boring movie of 2019 .

Somber, dark, and enjoyable.

Terrible movie, don't waste your time .

What some may label as boring I identify as surprisingly fleshed out and rewarding.

Nothing happened in between.

Bit Disappointing But Worth Watching.

At its heart, this is a dark and occasionally violent action movie, that as a stand-alone film, is enjoyable to watch.

Confusing End .

Uninteresting take on the (dark) Phoenix saga .

The characters are so confusing and no one really calls each other by name.

Sophie Turner is amazing and makes for a stunning Jean Grey (and a quite intimidating one in her corrupt state) and the rest of the cast delivers very good performances in general.

There are plenty of really visually stunning moments.

This movie is total garbage I'd recommend watching paint dry it's more fun

Controversial I know, but I just really enjoyed it.

The scenes were mostly just really, bland.

The movie is boring and too familiar and then you have characters that behave out of character (beast and Xavier).

The opening sequence in space, as well as the final train fight are stunning to see on the big screen, even if the film itself doesn't necessarily play well into the 'summer look and feel' to most big budget blockbusters.

I dragged many non geek friends to the first X-Men film and 99% of them were awestruck.

Honestly, the movie was enjoyable.

I didn't even see End Game, 'cause, frankly, I was so utterly bored in Infinity Wars.

But if you want something that's entertaining to kill time then this is for you.

It was better than Captain Marvel, but a bit cliche, and definitely below Dark Phoenix.

Things happen in the movie but it feels like nothing happens.

It is a waste of time save your money !

I really enjoyed it.

The most frustrating thing about Dark Phoenix is just how dull it all is, meaning it closes the Fox X-Men franchise with a bit of whimper rather than a triumphant flourish.

Its more so character driven than action packed.

On top of it all, the sound effects, music, and special FX/CGI were breathtaking.

But it still enjoyable to be watched i think giving the score 1-4 is not fair enough.


The films big second act action piece is a dull fight in the park against random baddies.

It's boring.

save your money guys.

Dark Phoenix unleashes its messy, often incoherent but entertaining fire in all its finality.

I really enjoyed it .

It is action packed throughout.

Then it's really weird that Jennifer Lawrence's character Mystique which they insist on calling "Raven" to add to the confusion plays her part as though she's been the leader of the X-men the whole time.

Terrible acting and writing, what a waste of time, money and some great actors.

The opening of the film with the X-Men rescuing the astronauts in low orbit is another fantastic display of teamwork, and while the strategic choices don't always make the most sense, it makes for a very entertaining sequence nonetheless.

Just watch it, don't judge it before you see it and don't expect the best movie ever, just rather a good movie, entertaining and with good soundtrack.

Waste of money&time

The action is entertaining enough to keep the film interesting from time to time.

But this time It was THE STORY LINE .. very poor and predictable script.

With the exception of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, everyone either seems to be in a monotone or just an uncaring vibe.

Was entertaining and our family had fun watching.

The worst movie I have ever seen .

Jean's scene with her father especially really tugged at my heartstrings and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Despite the rating is not quite high and so many critics flies around, I watched it anyway because x-men is the only ongoing sequel that always satisfy me with its strong plot and breathtaking cgi-action, and it still.

The cgi is lackluster and bland!

While that one is at least somewhat memorable, Dark Phoenix is a dull, boring slog that repeats more of the same mutant discrimination and "whose on what team" dilemma that a lot of these movies have done.

I felt that the movie lacked a solid story line and was jumpy and a bit boring.

The acting is clearly dull from the very first scenes - McAvoy was a fantastic actor in Days of Future Past (and also in First Class), nicely paired with the huge talents of Hugh Jackman and Fassbender...

All action scenes were intriguing and well choreographed.

Thought it was flat with far too many cheesy/predictable dialogs.

This film is under the mistaken impression that the closer the camera is to the actors face, the more intense it is.

The cast looked bored to tears, the story was convoluted and dry.

Worst movie of the year

But I was surprised how entertaining it is!

After all postponements and refills, I went see this with none expectancy, and surprised myself with a worthy plot rich on feminism, which is very important, but still have drama and everything about the Fenix, your power, your origins, and how the mutants feeling about this threat, the battles are pretty exciting.

I enjoyed it!

Add some repressed childhood memories and (step)daddy issues and then have the whole thing end with her giving an uninspiring speech on how she has evolved and finally with the two most powerful men in the film laughing about deciding to play a game of chess and I guess you have a coming of age story that is meant to show you your place in society as a woman.

Breathtaking on IMax .

It is entertaining first of all, it is NOT DUMB, which I am very grateful for (unlike JL).

But I don't want that to put too much of a downer on the movie, because I enjoyed it.

The story is engaging, and the visual effects are quite stunning.

X-MEN: Dark Phoenix is so frustrating I have just walked out of this film and I am so annoyed what they did with this film how dare they make this film it's insulting to me I was excited to see what they did with the Dark Phoenix story after they've already messed it up once before and I honestly have to say that X-MEN: The Last Stand is so much better than this film.

I want to give this movie a 7/10, but that would be like squeezing one too many drops out of a withered orange, so, I'll give it a 6/10, however, it is a strong, and quite enjoyable 6, that was further solidified by Hans Zimmer's bombastic composition.

Dont waste your money on this very films-student-style and loaded with tropes movie.

This movie is not a masterpiece, but it's entertaining and not boring at all, except the ending.

It's fun, exciting and action-packed!

Jennifer Lawrence has a line in this film that is just cringeworthy just a boring and heartless film and now I can't wait for Disney to make Xmen because anything would be better than this.

Everything feels like there was very little effort whether it be the very predictable story, boring writing, generic villains and tame action scenes and as a result leaves a very bland and forgettable movie.

Yea, so better than Apocalypse is not a great gauge, but it is an improvement over the boring, bloated Apocalypse.

Maybe it's because I'm a huge X-men fan but I really enjoyed it.

There are two types of characters, the interesting ones that move the action and the uninteresting ones that get carried away reacting to the action, all the characters are the second type, so nothing remarkable and boring.

Dark Phoenix is a monumentally tedious viewing experience.

Which is to say not that the film makes terrible choices, or is technically deficient, rather more is dull and plodding.

Lacklustre and bland.

Jessica Chastain's acting was robotic and they ruined it with Fem Nazi overtones and lame pointless female empowerment.

There's plenty of action, it's fast paced, has some tender moments.

She's just like a wooden stick, flat and boring.

Darker in tone than your average Marvel/X-Men outing, which is perhaps what has led to critics slamming it (disappointed expectations) - but actually a very enjoyable, rather beautiful film.

Chastain plays a heartless monotone role perfectly suited to the character.

So why is Dark Phoenix such a mixed bag of boredom and overall unsatisfying cinema?

There is plenty in this movie to like and even love, it isn't spectacular, but if you give it a chance, it is enjoyable story telling.

The movie was absolutely enjoyable.

It is formulaic, cliche, and everyone mails it in.

But this was a very bland and quite frankly boring movie.

Absorbing the solar flares lethal radiation, Jean undergoes a rebirth and the destructive Dark Phoenix alter-ego contained within her is awakened.

This film is slow, plodding, and boring.

I found the film to be quite enjoyable which you gave come to expect from Marvel.

It really sucks bc it's actually a great and extremely entertaining movie.

Worth watching if you can catch it.

It's boring, it's rushed, they act like the SE of her face looking like it's cracking is so great, it's all they need.

It is a boring movie that repeats ideas from better X-Men films and feels more like an obligatory reunion than a deeply considered goodbye to iconic characters.

It are good entertaining films, like reading a comic.

The movie alone is very flat and boring, then there is Turners wooden acting - this combination is simply a waste of time....

The only good scene is the action scene on the train at the end this film is just a mess there's no story no good performance apart from Sophie Turner and there is absolutely no heart in this movie.

Despite its definite flaws, Dark Phoenix is very watchable, and very enjoyable!

All in all though, I thought it was an entertaining movie, particularly the later scenes, and certainly worthy of 7 stars.

I definitely felt the story and characters were underdeveloped and that it was just bland and some scenes would just go on and on and I felt like it was never ending.

Action Packed With Great Suspense.

While the third act does ultimately feel a little anticlimactic, the action sequence on the train is up there as one of the most engaging of the entire franchise.

Dark and exciting.

Quite a waste of money for such a famous actress.

Nothing happens, they go nowhere, the characters learn nothing, and the action is just anti-climatic.

It's boring acting is way sub par.

Listing flaws seems pointless because that's all the detractors have latched on to (the villain is one dimensional and ultra powerful out of nowhere and some decisions are shallow and out of character) I prefer to focus on what worked and quite a bit did.

Overall, Dark Phoenix was enjoyable on the level that I love seeing superhero films, there were some really cool action sequences, and I like many of the actors in the film, including Fassbender, McAvoy, J-Law, and Turner.

But it's also not scary, thrilling.

This is worst movie i have ever seen...

Her acting is rather bland and unconvicing.

Hated it so much .. maybe it got 6.1 rating due to X-Men tag but other wise Don't waste your time

Just boring .

Save your money.

But then we got Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix, two movies oozing with bad writing, childishly predictable plots, bad acting and flat characters.

Visually stunning, moody and atmospheric.

And when the few action scenes do occur they are really boringly staged, and it all comes to an exhaustingly predictable and lackluster finish.

The first half of the movie seemed as if even the actors were bored.

Reasonably boring watch, the story was idiotic, and the action was okay save for some exciting scenes at the end.

Days Of Future Past is arguably one of the better X-Men installments, but Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix feel such a waste of time because they never really explore what the time-travel event really changed, and now time's up, a complete reboot is coming.

To be honest,it has a lack of story which kills half of the movie!

Some characters acting seemed al little lax in their acting and the plot maybe a little predictable.

Bored through and through.

The soundtrack was riveting and the action / fight sequences were done well.

Boring and Predictable.

The beginning was a bit choppy but it quickly came together due to the cast and the intense action scenes, and as always, Magneto stills the show.

Terribly boring.

The movie was enjoyable.

I prefer movies where the pacing is a slow build up to the epic battle at the end and they delivered on that.

At the end of the day it's an enjoyable and emotional fill that closes this chapter of the X-Men nicely.

Everything was disjointed.

Now unfortunately this movie was a mess and surprisingly boring.

Better than what I thought, my son enjoyed it, we were surprised better than what critics say.

Slow build up, lack of story, poor finish.

As a 1 off film it was good but as its part of an ongoing story to link up to the original trilogy it was pointless.

Anyway, it was very enjoyable and I'll watch again.

Although this movie has some flaws (it starts off a little slow), I really enjoyed it.

Just boring.

I left the theater after 20 mins into the movie.

It's just dull exposition with some dull action.

A Must Watch Finale of the 20 Years Long X Men Series and i tell you, IT IS DEFINITELY WORTH WATCHING SUPERB MOVIE.

Sophie Turner delivers a staggeringly bland performance as Jean Grey; she possesses no emotional weight whatsoever and fails to capture the rich complexities and depth of Jean Grey's comic book incarnation.

What transpires is a fitting conclusion and YES at times a thrilling conclusion to the Fox X-Men run.

Too poorly written and slow for his own good.

But the actors did what they could with an ok script and made it enjoyable to see each character on screen.

Entertaining .

Totally enjoyable overall, it just doesn't deserve ratings that bad

Boring Film I waste my time money not good Film Flop

*MCU fanboys*But about this film, I enjoyed it.

I fell asleep.

I quite enjoyed it and didn't think the story was flat at all.

some of the scenes are rather embarrassing, cringy, cliche and even those talented actresses/actor couldn't bring them alive.

Action packed and emotionally engaging describe the film sequences perfectly.

But most movies start off slow before the movie starts kicking into gear.

But they feel empty and devoid of tension.

The audience turnout had also been quite lower than usual following the negative talk but I still enjoyed it like any other X-Men movie.

It's basically bland.

The acting isnt good enough, the storyline predictable, and the ending not satisfying at all.

Plot is weak and all the lines are cliché.

Boring, slow, and not very entertaining.

Whole plot and dialog were predictable as written from a 6 year old.

rating 4/10 be cuz was entertaining, just not memorable, NOT AT ALL !

The end is pretty predictable.

McAvoy also gives a fantastic physical performance as he's telekinetically dragged up the stairs.

That said, Dark Phoenix was actually pretty entertaining from start to end.

There is a plot and in the same time, you feel like there is no plot.

Entertaining movie with a good cast and a great play by Sophie Turner

However the villains have the most cliche and basic "destroy the world" motivation that has been done so many times.

I went in this movie ignoring what the reviews were saying, I found the movie to be quite enjoyable.

What a complete waste of my time.

Dark Phoenix throws all of that away like it's an empty wrapper.

But at the same time it's like they took out all the bits that made the Dark Phoenix saga the epic that it was and replaced with something really dull.

There is like three or four action scenes in this film and every single one was just as boring as the last one.

Enjoyable to watch and much better than Avengers Endgame .

Excellent acting, great story and entertaining throughout.

Starts well then draws out the same boring concept which I'm sure was done in Xmen3 Unfortunately It's more a fantastic four type movie.

That said, the lack of humour and overly dramatic pathos of constantly switching loyalties can be a little tedious.

P" is worth the watch!

Not that she's playing her character (Vuk) badly, but it's just that the character is so pointless, AS COOL AS IT IS, pointless.

This movie has some of the crappiest, most bland writing and directing I've seen in a super hero movie in a long time, and not to mention, terrible pacing.

The movie was great, I enjoyed it until the last second.

On the whole this is a good film, total escapism and well worth watching.

This movie was really good and kept me on the edge of my seat.

The dull accusation and execution fails miserably for this movie.

The movie starts off quite slow.

In spite of all that I still found it entertaining.

slow routine...

The acting was utterly bad (the good actors had no script to act with, Sophie Turner had no talent to act with) - the music was utterly nonsensical (Hans dear, stop falling asleep on the keyboard while composing), the same score stretched continuously for half a movie, then a slightly different score playing continuously for the other half...

James McAvoy (Professor Charles Xavier) continues his streak of gripping displays (if he doesn't get a freaking Oscar in the next years, I'll explode), Michael Fassbender is splendid as Magneto, and Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) doesn't do much.

This film have elements of dull moments, killing of characters that shouldn't of been killed off.

Waste of time .

Everything else is boring.

The plot is too boring and predictable

The "evil aliens" are just such a generic character which is very disappointing because they aren't really being given a big story, they just say: "our planet is being destroyed so we came here to take this planet" and in my opinion this was also something that the paste hurt because in my opinion if the pace was a bit slower we could've explored their character more.

There is no script.

Well, I actually quite enjoyed it.

Well, I enjoyed it.

They both had a dark side to them that was unexpected and it was displayed through their ruthless aggression when fighting the shapeshifters.

Characters that I love and follow for decades, here just was dull and empty....

It is rather slow paced, nothing is really happening in spite of rather well choreographed action scenes.

Worst movie in the franchise.

Bland .

I think this movie was pretty good and entertaining.

Save your money, wait for it on Blu-Ray.

Some of the most unexpected things happen.

worth catching on TV when you are bored .

The only time when things became more energised was during a relatively exciting train sequence, where 2nd assistant director Brian Smrz (clearly a stuntman by trade) took the reins.

As of this writing, X-Men 7 Dark Phoenix is @6.1 This film is the darkest X-Men yet and I enjoyed it very much.

Watching any X-Men movie in past Years was so enjoyable that You can easily considered the simple mistakes or any type of acting facts.

Beast, Dr X and Mystique were bland.

The critics may have their own prejudices (as they've always had) but X-Men : Dark Phoenix is a thoroughly enjoyable ride.

The movie repeats this specific formula throughout it, and it gets way too boring, with the same thing continuously happening over and over again.

Quite entertaining .

It is enjoyable, with good sequences.

There is no story line only things that happen.

Enjoyable .

" This is easily one of the most boring, unenthusiastic, unexplained, undeveloped, so called blockbuster movies I've ever seen.


The cast here is very strong, and the performers do as much as they can with the material - while some of the dialogue is perhaps a bit on the nose, and somewhat lacking in subtlety, when you have people like Sophie Turner, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, and Jessica Chastain acting it, even middling dialogue sounds reasonably compelling.

The movie is too slow and boring.

Highly enjoyable with stunning visuals.

So much of the excitement is done in a few snaps of the finer, mostly tuned to dramatic arguments and repetitive plot points than anything else.

The finale of Dark Phoenix was directed by an unexpected person, Simon Kinberg, long time screenwriter and producer and this is his first time to direct an X-Men film.

It was not a bad movie, but an empty flat one.

All in all, a disappointing, but semi entertaining last hurrah for fox's xmen

The action was ok (confusing at times though), and the CGI was done well, I guess.

Characters are fully fleshed out and you get to see their human emotions at play here Seeing Magneto vs Phoenix battle for control over the helicopter was breathtaking in intensity.

I enjoyed it.

The music is pouring pointlessly, which makes it more annoying than enjoyable.

Personally, I found myself bored by this movie, simply because these characters didn't feel like they felt in any of the previous movies that preceded it.

No plot twist and predictable.

The mutant powers are displayed in a fascinating way , and you also get to see some really good tie-ins that weren't featured in any other X-men movie.

Its just BLAND!

The visual effects and action sequences are entertaining and plenty throughout.

Better than the original 3 and the unbelievably overrated and dull Days of Future Past.

I can understand from the beginning why this movie got bad reviews, and the problems with continuity of the Timeline why people would be confused but to me this is a fun, good action packed Comic Book "Fantasy" movie which I am glad I watched.

It is exciting.

Besides a bunch of explosions this movie was really boring.

It was even unpredictable.

If you are a fan of XMEN you will fall in a real confusion.

Its an emotional, action packed and exceeded my expectations, its still up there for one the best.

She did a great job at portraying phoenixes mental struggle and her conflicting emotions and made her feel real and authentic and made her character development and arc very interesting and entertaining to watch.

While an entertaining film, this one though suffered from a myriad of problems, the main one being it almost seems like there should of been another film between this and Apocalypse.

" Well that's what you going to feel if you sit down and watch this movie, save your money instead and buy something for dad on Father's Day.

Fresh and Familiar, Enjoyable and Serious, A Well-Made X-Men Film.

Yes it's not the best of them (First Class is still my favorite), but I still enjoyed it greatly.

It was otherwise quite boring.

My girlfriend fell asleep.

Its not dull, but so fast paced it is near impossible to work out whats going on.. The editing cuts so much that you are trying to keep track of 6 fights at once and its RIDICULOUS!!!

There is no real plot goal or purpose in it and this films includes nothing what we love about X-Men.

The movie was pointless and I will act like it doesn't exist.

Attempts to interject emotion were lost to predictable foreshadowing and sequences where only a few showed any interest.

Boring .

The movie also has some powerful moments exploring Jean Grey's backstory, but it's just so drab and dark that it kind of chokes the fun out of the franchise and it doesn't pay off nearly as well as it should.

The final scenes are a disappointing parody of what has come before, and all the fantastic CGI and rousing Zimmerian score in the world can't make up for the film's central failing in its abrogation of its responsibilities to what were always the series' strongest assets, its great cast, depth of source material and engaging, complex characters.

" I do however fully blame Kinberg's handling of the script and overall story, plus the entire confusion and post-production hell that ensued after.

Stunning Visual Effects .

The odds are immensely against the X-Men and each action sequence displayed on screen as gripping.

Slow, predictable and pointless.

Why do people hate this very entertaining movie??.

Worth watching .

Though the films greatest mistake is simply how boring it is.

It gets the viewer gripped from the opening dialogue to the very last moment with its fast paced screenplay and well executed nonstop action.

bland like other parts of the movie, I would rather hear the 20th Century Fox Title from X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse.

When the main characters were in danger or fighting or wounded, there was not a single *gasp* from anyone in the theater, unlike shows like GoT or Avengers where the twists and near-death experiences feel real and suspenseful.

Dialogue was short and sometimes simplified but I enjoyed it.

Besides looking like it was made by a film student, this movie is overall boring.


The rest of the movie is drowned with a bland script and anticipation leading to disappointment.

First off, I felt entertained and neither bored nor appalled, and that's already something.


I was ready to leave the movie within 45 minutes of starting it.