Dark Skies (2013) - Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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As the Barrett family's peaceful suburban life is rocked by an escalating series of disturbing events, they come to learn that a terrifying and deadly force is after them, one which may have arrived from beyond the stars.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Scott Stewart
Stars: Keri Russell, Jake Brennan
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 59 out of 229 found boring (25.76%)

One-line Reviews (240)

The storyline was really interesting and compelling, and it starts out slow and then quickly picks up pace and intensifies, right up to the very end.

A very interesting and suspenseful movie.

(yawn) Bad weather ahead...

Watching this movie is like watching a super cliché and generic ghost horror movie with aliens.

It's worth watching if you can sit back and enjoy it without trying to analyze every bit of it.

Kerri Russell as hard working wife Lacy, Josh Hamilton as out of work Daniel, Dakota Goyo as teen Jesse and Kaden Rockett as the poor little blighter Sam are all uninteresting characters and give the audience no real reason to care what's happening, and what's happening never really is a mystery which is a major missed opportunity for the film.

I enjoyed it, even though I still say the whole thing business is hypnagogic hallucinations.

Enter Sandman (slow burn alien visitation horror) .

Maybe, but wouldn't it have made the movie more spooky and exciting leaving this part open to the audience?

Review: Man, this film was boring.

If anything this movie is predictable.

This would be less problematic if Stewart's film was remotely frightening, but other than false jump-scares and fake-out dream sequences, the only thing to fear is boredom.

My job is to tell you if it is worth watching in the first place.

Night Shyamalan's Signs and Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind—all at a tortuously slow pace and with nary a fright in sight.

The aliens are creepy, the characters well-acted and the film overall quite enjoyable.

Dark Skies is just incredibly dull .

The film felt dull with little or no back story on how they got into the situation to begin with.

Fantastic, Riveting, Out of this World .

This begins with the fridge door and all contents scattered in the kitchen, then the next night all packaged and canned foods are stacked into towers, and then one morning the family wake up to find all their photograph frames are empty.

What we get are uninteresting characters doing dumb things in response to their situation.

The movie's biggest problem though is that it's drawn out, far too padded with unnecessary details.

Instead we get tons of boring dialogue, a lot of creeping dread (via an effectively spooky soundtrack) and some dodgy CGI scares of people without eyes and barely-glimpsed figures and the like.

While it is quite nicely done - there is a decent build up and some good made-you-jump moments - it comes pretty much straight out of the cliché store.

But as the film unravels through it's slow disturbing burn we realize there is something wrong here.

Was I wrong, this movie, although with not the hugest of budgets, turned out to be a glaring beacon of light in an otherwise dull, gray and repetitive movie world that Hollywood seems to have became over the past few decades.

It was a big ending with a lot of enjoyable action.

The movie was a bore; the special effects could have been done in the seventies; the acting was poor; and the plot was full of absurdities.

A consistent, dreary bore, it combines almost every element that makes the contemporary mainstream horror genre such a drudge to endure.

All In all, this film may seem to some as a hokey, alien movie (a few things resemble Signs, and some been there done that, cheap scares are laughably cliché).

I can't say that it all hits in the right places the youngest son is badly cast and his performance is mostly unintentionally funny but the film really hits on small intimate fears of privacy, family life and even explores the economic meltdown subtly and coming of age making the proceedings feel so much more genuine.

Regardless, the pacing is tedious and boring - and the action is almost non-existent.

This was moderately suspenseful and was becoming quite an effective psychological horror film which was fine with me.

However, the adults were out performed by the young Dakota Goyo who showed strength in the more intense scenes of this movie.

The movie started out slow and I could tell there was bad writing because of the unrealistic dialog and events.

The whole thing is just really dull.

But, overall, the movie was underwhelming and took way too long to get to the Signs/South Park aliens finale.

It would have been sweeter, and a sort of calming notion and to slow the pace, that the beginning had started to give the audience time to relax a little.

I love that they took the old dream sequence cliché and flipped it upside down.

The movie then goes deeper into the story, and a lot of the most cliché events in horror movies happened.

With composer Joseph Bishara's unsettling score increasing the terror tenfold but in a less-evident fashion than the other Blumhouse pictures he did which are mentioned above, intense lighting, camera work, & sound effects improved this film in more ways than is likely realized by most.

This movie more of slow burning and try to keep you suspense thought out Most the movie, which is done really well as goes more creepy vibe.

However, all these tidbits of unexplained behaviour are utter clichés, and a pointless rehash unless you give them a new spin.

But Dark Skies was entirely uneventful and pointless, and this is coming from someone who at least thought Paranormal Activity 4 was entertaining.

Boring grind first half, able to close out strong .

It was a very creative and very exciting way to end the otherwise standard horror/abduction flick, in my opinion.

It's entertaining, even if it is a little predictable.

But un-encumbered by this I found it quite an engaging ride.

It's much more exciting than having to sit through another "Paranormal Activity" film.

The ending was fun, but cliché.

What i loved about the movie is that the events in the movie are unexpected!

Slow, clichéd and generic .

Poor build up and boring .

It's creepy, suspenseful, and pretty entertaining.

Dark Skies is the latest addition to a library of plainly scripted uninspiring (alleged) "frighteners" that is about as original now as a Big Mac.

Overall, a great flick and totally entertaining!

The plot was very similar to many other alien abduction films, which made it somewhat predictable right down to the final scene, which contained little more than a very very slight turn of events.

You can say that the movie is a little slow for a mainstream American horror movie.

This might be an entertaining movie IF you've never seen an X-Files episode, watched 'Signs", E.

This kind of film is becoming so very tiresome.

Just like the cliché ending.

I love the sci-fi genre mostly but would watch most movies if they are entertaining and well paced.

;-) There are some scenes we could have done without, however you forget about that in the end, because of the strong and dramatically compelling story.

Also, it was very intriguing when they went to visit the expert at his apartment and he shows them that there are three possible forms of Aliens that have been on Earth.

Like usual when a family struggling, people around them going blind were a cliché.

The film is confusing, boring and devoid of narrative, hence Jameson every now and again explaining what is going on.

It was actually an effective and suspenseful alien flick.

This movie is not for everyone, the last minutes are one of the most intense I've seen.

I am personally a person who is scared of horror, however, this movie is just mind blowing.

However, some elements turn this movie into another Hollywood cliché, such as monitoring all the room with homemade cameras-- haven't we repeatedly seen it since 2010's "Paranormal Activity"?

Dull skies .

For the bored nights or the fans of the (sub)genre

It was enjoyable and intense to some degree.

The story was gripping that involves a suburban family that we instantly relate to and care about, making the chilling events that follow effective and downright surreal.

The clouded storytelling in "Dark Skies" keeps the film from becoming more than a bunch of disjointed moments, and eventually settles for a ridiculous conclusion.

So while the scares are typically predictable (and are accompanied by the now industry standard jarring soundtrack), and the big reveal at the end is pretty much redundant given the sledgehammer subtle hints that it surmises, this is a surprisingly decent horror film that will stay with you in a way that the likes of Insidious and Sinister couldn't manage.

Goyo plays his role well, conveying the confusion of a young man struggling with the onset of puberty, while Rockett is alternately adorable and creepy as the youngest son and apparent focus of the visitor's malicious intentions.

It's acting is fairly bland, few good moments hidden beneath a canopy of mediocrity.

Parts of the plot/script were very good, with the intense visits making it a nightmare for the family, especially in real life, how people began to see or suspect the family.

Don't waste your time .

What makes Dark Skies unique is it's fantastic ending, which was very unexpected, and much more eclectic than one would expect to see in a film like this.

Boring camera work.

A decent slow burn .

With that being said, as far as horror movie plots go, this one was relatively predictable.

Goyo was seen in Real Steel where gave an action packed performance and he does a decent job here.

I enjoyed it.

Better watch alone, dark at night and you might get really enjoyable moments.

Too bad, what a waste of talent and the viewers time.

Probably the most unoriginal, completely predictable excuse for an SF flick I've seen in the last 2 years.

The movie was often suffer from overused stock cliché characters like the out of work father that seems like he can snap at any moment.

Ignore the slightly contrived ending and sequel set up and just enjoy.

Tedious Encounters of the Overly Familiar Kind.

What astounds me whenever I see a movie as bad as this is the incredibly large modern day budgets and salaries for the movie stars, and yet todays science fiction movies are a pale shadow of the excellent and gripping movies of the past, made on tiny budgets and paying their actors pennies on today's dollars.

It got boring again.

Dark Skies is an excellent thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

It was just a little bit too cliché.

There was also a silly coming of age melodrama slotted in the middle of the film which didn't seem to fit with the tone of the film.

Unfortunately for me what I experienced was one of the worst examples of dreary genre film making by numbers that I have ever seen.

Entertaining and Spooky.

And Dark Skies follows mainstream plot of these genres, which I find boring.

But then it is loaded with too many horror concessions, and formulaic solutions more often seen in action films.

I watched this movie in high hopes of seeing something different, visually exciting and with a storyline that would intrigue and capture my imagination.

Some funny bits which I won't ruin, some pointless bits, some really stupid bits spoiler like a kid screaming randomly in the park.

Very well-written and acted, intense and engaging....

Despite this however, there are clever and enjoyable things here.

Lots of cliché 'aliens implants' and conspiracy guy that offers advice...

There were two, either intentional or accidental, references to Poltergeist, which I appreciated, even though we've got ghosts vs aliens, but still… two unwelcome, unexpected guests.

All you see for the most part is the psychological unravelling of this dull family as their awareness of what's happening to them clarifies with (for them) terrifying results.

Cheap, Cliché and rushed at times.

Worth watching though.

Every scene predictable.

Next to NO effects or filming that a couple of high school kids couldn't do with a spotlight and handy-cam, and a slow "seen it before" story.

He also proves to be a very good purveyor of slow burn atmospherics, itself something that can alienate the more boisterous and excitable genre fans.

Part of the script and plot were trite and flat.

The story builds slow, creating character as it goes along, with each incident becoming more puzzling and troubling.

I was delighted as a fan of non action packed blockbuster Alien movies like for example Transformers.

Make it more exciting by coming up with the different journeys they take together in order to get rid of the known evil.

But i do think that even the most serious watchers of movies about alien invasions and such (not talking Will Smith now), will find this film quite entertaining.

Worth watching!

Overall, a thrilling experience .

Dakota Goyo and Kadan Rockett give natural and unflinching performances as the sons Jesse Barrett and Sam Barrett, who are just as confused and terrified of the strange events as their parents, but also show their own coming of age story on the side.

"Dark Skies" is sort of an odd mixture between a haunting and an alien movie, and the end result is really enjoyable and highly watchable.

It made it all the more suspenseful.

This is an excellent movie and I highly recommend it, to the point where I might just buy a copy.

This movie delivered one of the most boring endings I have ever seen.

But it is held down by poor story choices and by following every guide line from the how to do a supernatural movie cliché book.

It felt nice to be on the edge of my seat.

The music score was alright, rather predictable as well.

There was no action at all, I had to fight to stay awake until the last 10 minutes of the movie.

- This is all, like I said, predictable plot line.

Slow slow cold .....

Even before the unexpected began, this was a family in crisis.

FOUR: Instead of using lots of CGI and special effects, good ol' suspenseful storytelling mixed with excellent use of set design and cinematography combine to make a great horror movie.

The ingredients are delivered without much style of flair, and the results of the movie makes for a pretty bland dish.

It's a slow burner, household items are mysteriously stacked, surveillance cameras are set up in the home and the occupants encounters with the 'Greys' become progressively more terrifying each night.

Other than two other suspenseful moments this film doesn't offer enough thrills or chills.

Well worth watching if you like thrillers not for the gore mongers though .

The pace of 'Dark Skies is much too slow from the start and it never really picks up.

Slow moving and nothing new to see at all.

Along with being a boring and utterly pointless flick from beginning to closing credits, the most aggravating aspect of Dark Skies is how often what's presented makes no real sense.

Dark Skies can lay claim to being way more enjoyable and tolerable than it really should be.

At first everything we see is fairly normal, until Lacy wakes up to strange things, like a mess in the kitchen, or an elaborate hanging sculpture, or all the photo frames empty.

Really good movie, I really enjoyed it!

With my introduction to the Horror genre being watching over-priced compilation Video's of Chris Carter's astonishing TV series The X-Files with my mum and dad,and also having recently become a fan of,what looks to be a New Wave of Haunted House/ghost films,I started to become very interested in taking a look at Dark Skies,after I began to hear that the movie had given the Haunted House sub-genre an intriguing,extra- terrestrial twist.

Very dull and no surprises.

I was watching it on the edge of my couch and there were many scary moments.

Besides the terrible acting, the plot is just one cliché after another.

Daniel and Lacy are so bland and stereotypical in their relationship while whenever Jesse attempts to do something to expand his character - begin a relationship with Shelly Jessop (Annie Thurman) - suddenly, the sub-plot vanishes into another loose strand.

But the best moments are the small ones in which the family connection is so engaging and than is disrupted by a horrible thought fully realized or a hinted moment that leaves an awful imprint on your cinematic psyche.

Dark Skies seems to lack the religious undertones Stewart's other films Legion and Priest appeared to have, but I think I would've favored that instead of the abundance of ineffective jump scares, uninteresting characters, obligatory plot conventions, and lacking atmosphere.

I happen to like how the film took its time delivering the details and made it a suspenseful and mind boggling watch even if it raises more questions than answers.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the film-making elements all worked together to make a truly suspenseful, scary, and engrossing story.

All in all, it was quite entertaining and I would have given a higher rate here except I did not like the way it ended.

I went into this movie assuming it would be just another stupid, pointless, and crappy "scary" film.

Dark Skies promises much and frequently nods towards better films, not least of all The Birds, as the trailer testifies, but fails to deliver on those promises despite being enjoyable.

Up from the beginning, character build up is really there, the scenes are right, the timing is right, everything builds up to the last moment and the last moment was, well, INTENSE.

Overall the film is standard and cliché' ridden.

The trailer was a yawner and the apparent premise initially screamed "overdone!

The film is available within an Anchor Bay DVD package that includes some interesting "special features", including alternate and deleted scenes, in addition to an engaging commentary featuring writer/director Scott Stewart accompanied by other production team members.

The family is disturbed by rare incidents, we have the typical moments of incredulity, part cliché by the husband that do not believe and the wife that does, the boy that connects and every portion of a decent paranormal movie is there.

His role could of gone on the silly side but it was handled with such seriousness that you to will be on the edge of your seat with his accusations.

While researching, I found the negative light surrounding horror studio Blumhouse Productions' "Dark Skies" film made claims like "predictable" & "bland".

That bit with the alien expert was truly entertaining and actually quite believable.

It's a by the numbers story, that is more than predictable.

K Simmons delivers a great cameo in the films third act, making a simple expository sequence highly entertaining and tolerable.

I would recommend this movie to anybody looking for a good and entertaining movie, which will send numerous chills down their spines.

Either it's something extremely cliché or something completely random and unrelated that happens.

Dark Skies wasn't as technical or scientific as the most of the Sci-Fi I like, but it was still quite entertaining and the ending made a good film that much better.

Simmons packs a decent intense 15 minutes performance.

After boring you with a story that doesn't really go anywhere the film just ends abruptly as though it was so jam-packed with good bits it had to rush the ending or something.

It's moderately entertaining all the same, if you like that sort of thing.

I still recommend to watch it because I want you to be as bored and disappointed as I was.

when I walked out of the theater, I, along with almost all of the other movie-goers, were slightly shaking.

There is a slow buildup, scene by scene of the weirdness.

Now, despite all my criticisms, at the end of the day if you like alien movies, this is absolutely worth watching!

I must admit there are some agonizing and tense moments, that proves this film is suspenseful and horrifying when it wants to be.

The twist ending was kinda weak and confusing, here.

Despite those couple instances of bad acting, the story remains fairly engaging.

It starts off slow, so as to kill 1/3 of the movie time, gets even slower in the next third and then dive bombs through the last 1/3 with no real ending just a simple, Shamalan type idiotic ending that makes you seriously question your own sanity at having sat through such a worthless piece of junk.

OK, this is not a great movie, and like another reviewer said, when you have one character trying to convince another character of something for a long time, it is boring.

To wrap things up, this movie follows a predictable plot line with a good surprise twist near the end.

And again, generic "grey man" aliens that are little more than shadows on the wall, that isn't "riveting", it's boring.

While I enjoyed most of this movie, the ending was so predictable and disappointing that it ruined it for me.

Both Dark Skies and Legion were entertaining movies despite those mis-steps.

However, as the narrative moves along, it becomes apparent that members of the production team have constructed an above-average work, one that avoids undue emphasis upon the too often seen gruesome events and tiresome formulae.

The movie started off a little slow and seemed like it was trying really hard to be Paranormal Activity, then halfway through a twist happened and started to really spin out of control to almost the absurd.

Dark Skies is worth watching many times .

Insidious & Sinister were two great and in my opinion really frightening horror movies (it's become harder and harder to be scared by anything that's released these days, always too predictable) so seeing this new release I naturally rushed to see it.

It kept me on the edge of my seat with my hands at the ready to slap across my eyes.

I found the steady build-up engaging with several effectively creepy or scary moments.

It's worth the watch.

I did really want to like this film, but in the end I found it a dull clichéd film that played every trick in the horror book and combined this with annoying characters to destroy any hope this movie had.

It's all very predictable and, I have to say it, not in the least bit scary.

Writer / Director Scott Stewart (Priest / Legion) did a phenomenal job with what limited resources ($3.5 Million budget) that he had, to bring to the screen a well written, well acted, and highly intense horror / alien abduction genre film.

It has lots of twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat.

I highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies or anyone looking for a good scare.

" Lots of confusion as it touches climax and although the ending chilled my spine, I couldn't rate it more than 6 out of 10 due to some dumb points (look in IMDb boards, they are true), lukewarm experience & a tiring watch.

I watched the movie with my 12 year old son and he also really enjoyed it.

To see a family move through an actual hell was riveting.

Wooden, stilted, slow, unoriginal and dull would just about sum it up.

Saturated with symbolism its a slow burner with a mediocre payoff towards the end.

The third act crumbles into cliché oblivion.

Slow building nightmare .

Don't waste your time .

The problem is that it struggles to sustain these moments the rest of the film is quite dull.

And I highly recommend it to ages 14, and above.

As a matter of fact the whole hour of this movie has got to be one of the most boring build up I have seen.

Refreshing, and surprisingly thrilling .

Dark Skies, Dull Grays.

By the end you're just completely bemused as to why, if aliens were to visit, they would prey on such a tediously tiresome family.

Very entertaining.....

Largely enjoyable.

It was very predictable that this movie will have a tragic downer ending.

Best strategy for this movie is to watch the first and last 10 minutes of the movie to other 80 minutes are a waste of time.

Dreary Skies.....

I really enjoyed it.

It was deeply un- entertaining.


The whole movie is cleverly put together, slowly capturing the viewer, not too slowly but slow enough.

" This alien invasion epic doesn't break any new ground, but it serves up a sufficient amount of thrills and chills to keep you engrossed in its predictable but entertaining shenanigans.

Unimaginably tiresome .

This part was also boring, because the slow beginning wasn't executed well, and we didn't learn much about the characters.

I highly recommend it, even if you don't normally see these types of movies.

Unoriginal, Completely predictable start to finish .

I left the theater feeling pretty stressed, partly because of the suspense and partly because the characters made their struggle so believable.

Kind of Bland .

I quite enjoy a slow movie that builds up the suspense and draws you in ....

This movie is a waste of time and no one should risk being scarred for life by experiencing it like me.

At least when Oblivion ripped off Moon and Independence Day they made it entertaining, this one sadly is not.

What surprised me the most about the reviews of this movie is the fact that the supposed movie going public reviewers were so entertained by basically an empty movie without any special effects, no aliens to be seen and just wind blown scenes that supposedly are entertaining.

Nothing Terribly Original, but I Enjoyed It .

And when the birds flew into the window, man that was an original fright, and unexpected actually.

At around 35-40 mins into the movie i was already immersed into the plot.

The story wasn't much of what we had seen before, but what it replaced the cliché story with wasn't good.

But usually it is an enjoyable flick by most of the people.

I spent a great deal of this movie laughing at my dear wife who spent most of the movie with her head hidden under her jacket (she does not do scary very well) But really, the movie is still worth the price of a ticket, it is entertaining overall and I was surprised at the ending, which makes it even better in my mind as I did not see the ending of the movie unfolding as it did.

Here, though, the familiar pieces of the old puzzles fit together well enough to be an entertaining hour and a half.

This was a slow moving boring unoriginal grind for the first half.

Dull Grays .

The film takes an old-school approach when it comes to developing the story and characters and delivering the frights, which might be too much of a slow burn for fans of fast paced horror flicks.

I've seen films on this site rated a 4/10 and were more intriguing than this film plot.