Dark Waters (2019) - Biography, Drama, History

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A corporate defense attorney takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company that exposes a lengthy history of pollution.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Todd Haynes
Stars: Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway
Length: 126 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 41 out of 310 found boring (13.22%)

One-line Reviews (144)

This movie comes off as an anti-science propaganda piece that gives the message that Teflon and chemicals in general are not safe.

In other words, you can go various routes when telling a real-life tale: you can be funny, you can be serious, you can be quirky, if you are entertaining.

I mean, even Mark Ruffalo was rather bland in this.

Dark Waters boasts a fantastic performance from Mark Ruffalo, and that's the main centrepiece that keeps this film engaging throughout.

The tricks,games,propaganda,false information etc all part of the machine,that is DuPont.

I found the film dragged too much despite having those shocking revelations.

I also felt the 126 min runtime was too long, and felt even longer with the slow pacing and some dragged out/unnecessary scenes.

Worth watching.

Good acting and I'm glad pieces like this are made, but slow and boring.

Robert Bilott(Mark Ruffalo), a corporate lawyer-turned-informant against his firm's client DuPont, is in the intensive care unit, recovering from a transient ischematic attack.

This movie is an infuriating, moving, and thrilling call to action about a recent moment in history that affects everyone, whether you know it or not.

Impressive performances all round and cliche free story deliver a solid and moving story.

I did find the film to have a slow moving direction and dragged in the middle of the movie.

Dreary, depressing and too long.

Whilst the supporting cast was also great much like his character he carries the film emotionally from beginning to end a real powerhouse performance in a completely gripping film from beginning to end.

Then I was on the edge of my seat.

Good story about the evils of DuPont regarding PFOA but story and movie nowhere near as compelling as Julia Roberts and Albert Finney in Erin Brockovich.

In recent decades, particularly since the horror that erupted on 9/11, more than a few dramatic movies have dealt with real-life events and/or social issues in ways that are often so engaging that they supersede most Hollywood blockbusters.

It mimics the drawn-out legal process that inspired it, being built of a series of cyclical successes and failures.

Mind blowing, just fanatic .

Generally boring and nothing new.

The movie is very slow and the story is not the best even though it is based on a true story!

Really interesting and gripping .

It stars Mark Ruffalo as Robert Bilott, a corporate lawyer, and Anne Hathaway as his wife, Sarah BilottThe movie, "based on a true story," is powerful, but somewhat formulaic.

An important story but a dull movie...

It's a very dry and factual retelling.


It still is a very engaging film which is quite scary in terms of how much of an actual reality it is and it does make you mad it happened.

It's biggest crime was that it was boring due to the feeling that the movie was never going to end.

Well I didn't like some of the dialogues in this film mostly because it really feels overused in this types of movie and there is also some cliche stuff like a faithful wife and some others.

Although it's shocking what the big companies try (and can) get away with, I found this film quite boring with its slow pace and chronological presentation of the events.

It is alright given that the whole film relies on the edge of your seat aspect alone.

Again Mark Ruffalo delivers an exceptional powerful and yet natural performance in this gripping and emotional movie directed by the exceptionally talented Todd Haynes.

A story worthwhile telling for sure, but the way it is told is rather tedious with lots of (superfluous) family stuff distracting from the righteous underdog story.

Entertaining, informative, horrifyingThe topic of this film, while it certainly would have been unsettling no matter what, might have made for a dull film, but this was compelling from start to finish.

But, geez, it was quite a dull ride.

And this what made it for me a compelling story.

This is perhaps the 4th movie in 6 months unveiling corporate corruption, I'm getting bored.

The towns of Cincinnati, OH and Parkersburg, WV are featured in "Waters" as they appear like dreary landscapes waiting for the hellhole slaughter.

The story of Dark Waters is both astonishing and scary and is contained in an engaging and realistic package by director Todd Haynes.

I feel this film will go under the radar, and to be honest, only the engaging story and acting will attract a theater watch for most.

Also the first act is slow.

It is a fascinating story of corporate greed and environmental disaster.

As a movie, It's bit of a slow burn as development takes place over stretches of time, after then keep you interested and involved, wanting to learn what will happen next.

It's engrossing.

The problem with this recounting of the determined exploits of lawyer Rob Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) is that it is dull.

The film surprised me at how beautiful its visuals was, it had stunning views of the city landscape, it had some really interesting close up shots in particular in the office with the multiple blinds, and largely the movie was just beautiful to watch with many interesting set locations as well.

Entire film too long, and slow!

An absorbing legal thriller based on real events.

But boring direction.

It's a bore-fest of virtue signaling

Todd Haynes makes it entirely engaging and painfully true that death is a number compared to liability and that is how you can sustain cold hearted industry.

It is also very slow, it took over an hour to get to filing the case.

Gripping and Fascinating Glimpse into Evil, Virtue, and Our Own Bodies .

Dark Waters is a morbid version of a much more absorbing tale of fighting big corporations, who knowingly pollute water, causing illnesses, deformities and finally death.

I don't know how faithful the film is to the real events but the fact that film more or less ends in 2015, is mind blowing considering it started in the late 90's.

Often, it's ever-so-slightly repetitive and, even, dull.

This movie is by far the worst and most boring film I have ever seen!

It does a good job with its potentially 'dry' material and is typically entertaining throughout.

Everything is complex, mixed, tenuous, sincere, unpredictable.

The only reason I didn't give it a 10 was because it was slow in some parts.

In verity, if you like the dreary temperament of North Country, the investigative candor of Erin Brockovich, the exhaustion of A Civil Action, or 2015's Spotlight, then Dark Waters will effectively put you in cinematic harm's way.

Important if a little boring and overly long .

Gripping legal drama/eco-thriller .

Too long, slow, and weird!

A boring movie .

For those of us who HAVE seen the story before this becomes tired and frankly, the movie is too long.

This leads me to why this is rousing stuff in terms of mechanics of narrative, that is to say quite apart from the subject matter being worthy.

only minus being,for me,that the movie went far too long.

It was rather tedious, grim, like real life, really, and given that nothing in the plot really allowed for dramatic effect, I guess I would have liked a documentary format better, which would have allowed more data, numbers, infographics, and that sort of things.

Directed by Todd Haynes (best known for Carol), Dark Waters should be gripping, given its subject matter dealing with corporate corruption & environmental harm, but Haynes narrates the whole thing in such a bland, formulaic & by the numbers fashion that neither the plot nor the characters garner our interest & investment.

And when was Anne Hathaway relegated to playing a teeny-weeny part as the boring wife?

The movie did a great job in unraveling this tale in a meaningful and riveting way and cannot believe such injustice is STILL right under our noses - I still can't believe DOJ dropped the investigation.

I can take or leave Mr. Robbins, and films about corporate law really aren't my thing, so I wasn't expecting too much, but I'm happy to say that Dark Waters is actually pretty good -- not nearly as funny as the people in front of us thought (they were old and probably didn't know where they were), but still quite absorbing, the film helped in no small part by a strong central performance from Mark Ruffalo (he's the real star of the movie; Robbins only has a supporting role as his boss).

i saw it and didnt dislike it so its a recommend, its just a little bit slow and churning

Mark Ruffalo did a great job convincing us that being a lawyer can be tedious and dull.

Should have called is Dreary Waters as the photography is terrible there is "no color" in the color of this movie and it drags on and on.

The actors, all otherwise fine and talented actors, seem to be walking through this with as much glazed boredom as the audience suffers.

Very thrilling and well made.

In fact the film is a fascinating glimpse into power, the legal system, the rigors of research, evil, and virtue.

"Dark Waters" is a stunning and surprising film that gets under your skin.

We get a deep-dive into the significant events starting in 1998 that lead to intriguing findings in the subsequent years, with sufficient drama packed in for storytelling purposes.

This movie is compelling & informative.

This by itself interesting story is rather TEDIOUSLY executed, because even while this story had written FIGHT all over it from the get go, what I get to see as a viewer are many tedious personal talks with his wife.

Alternative: Watch " A Civil Action " (1998) with John Travolta or " Erin Brockovich " (2000) with Julia Roberts instead, those 2 classic movies have got a similar subject about a lawyer battling a big chemical company, but they both have got SPARK and PUNCH and are suspenseful and thrilling (and even funny), everything "Dark Waters" unfortunately isnt.

You'll also revel in the mesmerizing performances by Mark Ruffalo (he disappears into character via defense attorney Robert Bilott), Anne Hathaway (Bilott's intense wife), and Tim Robbins (Bilott's equally intense superior).

The failures of the EPA and Congress -- all due largely to the Republicans who for some reason feel that it's okay for industry to poison the American people as long as it's profitable -- are stunning.

It is important for everyone to know about this story because it's something which could be affecting them, and it helped that it was told in such a riveting way.

Final Say -You will walk away from Dark Waters with a different perspective on modern day companies and a likely look through your kitchen's utensils, yet while Haynes film is at all times watchable and other times utterly gripping, its lack of energy or enthusiasm makes for a bleak viewing experience.

Very enjoyable to watch.

Another movie about an attorney fighting the system, boring.

My Review : 8/10Mark Ruffalo aces the part of a lawyer hellbent on exposing one of the world's largest chemical manufacturing corporation DuPont - 'Dark Waters' is gripping and absolutely rocked my world - The subject matter is mysteriously common and no normal person would ever think of something so trivial being harmful to them.

Filmed throughout in an almost exclusively bleak and grey hue, the film feeling like it was born out of the All the Presidents Men 70's era of this type of procedural film, Dark Waters has barely a moment of respite from its own depressive dealings that covers Haynes directional effort which lacks any type of flair or vitality, instead comfortable to let its characters talk it out, noticeable in the films most extended exciting sequence that inter-cuts Billot talking to Anne Hathaway's short-changed wife Sarah about the findings he is uncovering about the DuPont company and other situations.

Beyond its resonant real-life story, though, is a narrative that's as exhausting as it is engaging.

A deeply compelling and brilliant story of perseverance .

Each character in the film is faced with many difficult choices, and this choice, one by one, constitutes a whole story line of ups and downs, gripping.

Compelling storytelling and visuals, as well as good acting across all the main characters.

If this sounds boring then, well, it almost is.

Moreover, this movie is compelling, informative and it feels more realistic and true than any other this type of movie.

Compelling & Infuriating .

the pace of this product are horrible slow, that might not make you stop chewing the chemical coated band on you water protected jacket.

Fascinating story..............

In real life, holding power to account is often a thankless task that involves serious mental labor of piecing together clues that don't make sense for a very long time - it is mind-numbing, repetitive work that involves paper and legalese.

I was on the edge of my seat until the very end!

Mark Ruffalo is spectacular, bright, intriguing and catch on him the spectator's eyes for all lenght, a very powerful perfomarce mainly joined by a spectacular cast made by Camp, Hathaway, Pullman and the mighty Robbins.

The miniseries Chernobyl was slow-paced and rather heavy, but riveting to watch, even though you knew what the outcome would be.

Worth watching!

The film suppose to be touching at certain point, but the weird acting of the main actor, make the film unwatchable!

Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying acting behavior of the main actor!

Slow, and very rarely looking to win the audience over.

At the end, while the pace of the film might be laborious for some, movie is gripping indictment of corporate greed in modern America and if you have Teflon in your kitchen, it may well make you nervous too.

) and boring melodrama.

Instead we are swept up in a second rate, predictable drama, with very little to discuss at the end except for the poor acting performances, boring editing and anaemic script.

The movie is worth watching for Tim Robbins alone for his complex interpretation of a conflicted lawyer trying to support his friend and colleague.

Sarah has to update this empty shell, doing a poor impersonation of the man she married, on the family and extended family's trials and tribulations.

Initially, reluctant to waste his time on an unrewarding case, he finally caved in to investigate the farmer's complaint.

A thrilling case that took years to build is given great detail to help explain everything happening, while also moving to keep you engaged.

Worst movie EVER!!.

" But director Todd Haynes still makes it entirely engaging and painfully true that death is a number compared to liability and that is how you can sustain cold hearted industry.


This is how entertainment should be: engaging, entertaining & telling an important story in a time of civic society uprise against corporate coruption.

I like what it gave to me I like what I got from it, but it was a little bland in delivery.

I hope this film leads to others like it: deep,engrossing, well told and not dumbed down, true stories.

And the kicker is how nothing happens to the devils perpetrating these deeds.

maybe a little too slow on the pace now and then and certainly needed better script.

In the meantime, because of the court's slow processes, Dupont's putting roadblocks at every turn, and the slowness of a medical testing company that was reviewing, over sixty thousand blood tests, people were continuing to be poisoned and die from being exposed to C8.

It's compelling.

Natural themes such as "the greed and insensitivity of corporations" could be the "leitmotif" of the film, instead they were replaced by banal events of work and daily life, so that it too, little by little went getting polluted until it succumbed.

At its best, it's riveting.

Most gripping film I've seen in a decade!

Todd Haynes manages to make the DuPont American chemical company (**) fascinating, this account of a case told in 2016 by a long-term investigation by the New York Times.

" The color palette was probably a little too dull even for the subject matter and really the film's strong points really lye in the writing and some strong performances.

The plot is predictable and handled with a poor sense of pace.

It was very serious but i found it engaging the whole time.

though it's fair to say there are other actors who could have put in more compelling and watchable performances.

Great to know about, super boring .

That sort of leads into my problem with the film, for such a complex, fascinating, heart breaking and shocking story.........

He gives a restrained, compelling performance and resists the urge to overplay the everyman-as-hero aspects of this story.

Chorale music is used as a sound bridge when "Dark Waters" transitions from the intensive care ward to a Catholic church.

The story is engaging and absolutely gripping.

Granted I liked EB before this ever came out, but Mark Ruffalo made this seem much more deeper, darker, and intense.

It's both educational and entertaining.

Informative & entertaining.

The story to someone like me was extremely fascinating seeing it unfold before me, probably due to the fact that I really didn't know how it was gonna end.