Darkness Falls (2003) - Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

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A vengeful spirit has taken the form of the Tooth Fairy to exact vengeance on the town that lynched her 150 years earlier. Her only opposition is the only child, now grown up, who has survived her before.

Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Stars: Chaney Kley, Emma Caulfield Ford
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 98 out of 364 found boring (26.92%)

One-line Reviews (266)

It wasn't 100% scary, but it was very entertaining.

The villain is visually stunning in my opinion, also despite what critics say and as has been stated it keeps at a good tick.

Don't waste your time unless you're truly wasted.

"Darkness Falls" slides neatly into the category of cheesy yet mildly entertaining scary movies, the once that seem to balance between good and mediocre from beginning to end.

Why Todd McFarlane felt the need to make an action figure (in the guise of his Movie Maniacs line) of such a boring character is beyond me.

I enjoyed it & think the tooth fairy special effects were effectively creepy.

What actually works well for this one is the rather enjoyable atmosphere here that effectively makes this a lot creepier than it really should e.

) What a waste of my time.

The acting is both pathetically funny and annoyingly bad, the script is formulaic and contrived, the CGI tooth fairy looks fake, and there are enough stupid plot holes to make Ed Wood Jr. scratch his head in amazement.

EVERY movie these days, spare a few, suffers from horror symptoms: cliches, contrived plots, cheesy lines...

from the terrifying opening to the exciting end, me and my freinds were at the edge of our seat from start to finish, the girls grip that was sitting next to me in the pictures was so tight that my hand turned red.

It's also very short (85 minutes) and does have its dull stretches.

Sub-standard PG-13 Hollywood Horror Trite.

It runs on a tiny bit too long, the monster gets repetitive and the annoying, creepy little boy begins to grate on you after a while.

my girlfriend and i watched this movie and thought that it was good, suspenseful and had it's parts that made us jump.

I enjoyed the movie and found it pretty entertaining.

I enjoyed it more on my second viewing .

Decent acting, good story flow, nice special effects for the budget, honest scares, fine gore-avoidance, entertaining mood-setting opening credits, and cliches up the whazoo.

When the movie let out, people were very positive, many coming down off of adrenalin highs from such a suspenseful climate.

Although I'm not usually a fan of modern films having shorter running times (it was more understandable back in the days of literal A and B films on the same bill at a theater), Darkness Falls is compact because there is little "dead time" between the suspenseful material.

While this is not a classic or even considered as a good Horror movie, I think we could be generous with it and label it as an entertaining B-horror effort that should be enjoyed for what it is.

after a bit i got very bored with the whole movie.

The whole bland thing made me think that this was a "christian" produced horror film.

Let me start off sayin that this movie is not the next Ring, but it still is a step in the right direction for PG-13 horror, entertaining the audience w/ countless jump scenes and a few tense ones too.

Its a fun movie if you don't expect too much from it, overall I enjoyed it.

Seeing this poorly acted, cliche-riddled, plot jumper reminded me of a writing class class in junior high where everyone tries to be scary by piecing together the "coolest" elements from horror movies, only to look back years later and realize there were no original thoughts or talent whatsoever.

I mean, John Carpenter would have stayed away from this terrible film, and he's made a career out of trite and stupendously tepid films.

This thing contains no tension, it's extremely predictable, stupid and it's a waste of your money.

Worst movie ever .

*sarcasm* This movie was a waste of money and time that I will never get back!

This film is thrilling, suspenseful, and really scary.

This film will not age well, but its entertaining .

BeginFirst the movie had a slow intro.

It is the worst movie of all time.

As far as the story goes, it's typical Hollywood with a plain boring ending (and I'm not even talking about the pointless final scene).

'Darkness Falls' is the first film to EVER bore me to sleep.

"It's not shoddy special effects, wooden acting or derivative, predictable, implausible plots that we horror fans mind - it's having our intelligence insulted.

The very premise - a disfigured old woman who was once kind to children is lynched, curses a town, and comes back from the dead to kill people that happen to see her - is complicated, contrived and derivative of better movies.

Special effects are awesome and the finales exciting.

Of course, in the end, every character ends up dead except the protagonists, yawn.

The tooth fairy's horrible screeching and the intense sound effects used easily make you jump.

Well, whatever your reason is to see this movie, fine, but if your looking to be scared, don't waste you money.

Its worth seeing especially if u like the predictable plots and over used scare routines.

The dialogue is pretty bland.

The film is dark and intense and definetly scares you in many aspects particularly its boogeywoman the toothfairy (refreshing to have a female villian isnt it).

It had me on the edge of my seat wanting more!

Fast paced, entertaining, Take it for what it is.

Don't waste your money renting (or, God forbid, actually BUYING) this movie!

Also me and my friends agree that it was too predictable.

God, talk about wretched and boring .

To wrap up: unless you like movies featuring loud, screaming banshees and boring lead actors that look stiffer than the Terminator........

Not only was this movie boring, the plot pointless and the actors lacking, what was with " Evil toothfairy!

The attempts are too laughable and predictable to be taken seriously.

Entertaining flick that's far better than its reputation.

But the simplistic story, cheesy dialogue, and stereotypical characters were pretty tiresome.

Then the 'back story' of the protagonist was creepy, and suspenseful.

An unique idea gets turned into a boring slasher flick.

The film lasts only 74 minutes which means someone was cutting their losses on the editing room floor but the result is just more confusion.

It didn't help that I'd just watched THE FOG remake, which represented everything bland, boring and senseless about modern Hollywood horrors.

) it gets boring.

The little kid, who this Tooth-Fairy is after at the beginning, is just as boring as the little kid whom he tries to help after becoming an adult.

Hey if you score free tickets or a $0.50 show go for it, but other than that don't waste your money.

If it had been 5 minutes long it would have been really quite good, if it had been half an hour long it would have been enjoyable, at an hour and a half it was just a waste of my time and money.

Being predictable is it major weakness.

It does make you jump and you will leave the theater "entertained".

He was a very good intense actor who gave a great troubled performance with Kyle,the kid who saw his mum killed by the evil old hag when it came to collect his last baby tooth back when he was 10 yrs old.

Part 2: The ho-hum middle - I learned rather fast that the possibilities of goodness that Darkness Falls created in it's opening got sucked out of the movie rather quickly.

It's crap, it's painful to watch, and if you really don't mind the painful moments, it's just a bore.

The movie is well paced and very engaging.

True some of the dialogue was clunky (how many times did he tell the police to stay in the light, use the flashlights etc), and there were some truly predictable moments (we're safe in the car...

As long as people are being killed in vicious and exciting ways then who really cares!!!

Suspenseful, creepy atmosphere, shocking death of the mother, finishing up with a great shot of the boy crouched in the brightly lit bathroom as the ghost hovers over the doorway in the dark.

The story is really predictable and lame.

Unoriginal, nonscary, nonthrilling, waste of time.

I watched it with my cousins, who liked it, and the only thing that kept me from falling asleep was that my uncle turned off the lights in the living room from the basement.

Also, despite that fact that she APPEARS with predictable regularity, I am disappointed that the character of the Tooth Fairy was not USED as effectively as it could have.

What a waste of 75 minutes of my life!

The movie didn't work because you didn't care what happened to these people, it was a waste of talent, the plot was too predictable, the ending was way too simple, doesn't anybody get tired of watching monsters explode?

It was a scary on the edge of your seat thriller type movie.

"Darkness" is a boring, routine horror move that offers us nothing new at all.

What we are left with is a product that instead of being a b-grade scare fest, is an average looking b-grade snore fest.

Entertaining vengeful ghost story follows all the clichés of the genre and certainly won't surprise anyone at Oscar time.

It's quite entertaining.

Very Predictable .

Very Entertaining.

(spoilers)Nicely photographed, well-composed with nice slow tracking shots down corridors for suspense.

Intense, Dark, and scary.

you might be bored.

dullest in your kitchen drawers in fact.

It was dull sometimes and didn't hold my interest in some parts because the movie was getting quite dull and 'thin' but overall, horror buffs might get something good out of this.

But, if you look for an entertaining popcorn movie, you still can have this; even you already know what is happened before you watch the movie.

What I THINK were trying to be the "gripping" parts of the movie sporadically popped out of no-where and were just so...

Totaly pointless and I think I lose an I.

Darkness Falls opens with a decent scene, but the film quickly becomes uninteresting ghost-drivel.

" As I left the theater, I thought, "If Mystery Science Theater were still filming, this would be a movie featured on there in about five years.

There are numerous scenes of Tooth Fairy attacks that just aren't clear in terms of action, who's being killed, etc. The plot is one big cliche.

Once I was able to stop laughing at the appearance of the "spirit" (which looked a bit like an old-style hockey goalie's mask with a green plastic garbage bag attached) I was able to discern enough to realize how absolutely empty the story was.

It kept me on the edge of my seat practically the whole time and when I turned off the lights after tucking myself into bed...

These here do manage to hold it down, but it's still enjoyable enough here.

The finale in the lighthouse is even more fun here with the race to get the lights on against the encroaching darkness, the high-energy brawling and the fantastic spectacle to finish it off is also a part of this one's better elements that all come together, along with the creepy look of the spirit in its mask and charred look that makes this one quite enjoyable against the flaws.

I finally caught DARKNESS FALLS and enjoyed it, though I can hardly imagine ever sitting through it again.

A good idea done right by television standards, and well worth watching for free.

Some parts are clichéd, such as the rugged handsome hero helping his old girlfriend,the inevitable shoot out in the cop shop, and the grand CGI unveiling of the monster at the end, but Darkness Falls still has a great atmosphere and some dense and suspenseful scenes - the opening, and also the kids "therapy" session...

Darkness Falls is way too predictable, boring, and lackluster in every way.

Why it's emergency lights fail in a predictable cascade sequence.

run time, yet was really entertaining and fun.

The fact that she expanded her vendetta from terrorizing toothless kids to attacking grown-ups who happened to get in the way, not to mention her pursuit of the adult protagonist who escaped her clutches when he was a child, made me wait for her to huskily say "this time it's personal" or some other cliche that the film seems to borrow liberally.

Darkness Falls seems to be Hollywoods latest attempt at squeezing out the same bland scare flick with the only Mythical creature that hasn't been exploited...

Other than that, complete waste of time.

What starts out as a promising concept turns into a pathetic bore.

Really disappointing considering all the promotion gimmicks and trailers - and yet, you're left with an empty feeling.

This also gives another feel here for the big-energy action scenes here of the rampage through the police station taking out the force in one chilling, high-energy fashion or the attack in the hospital staff where it throws around the staff in thrilling fashion while also further the darkness angle to aid the action.

I seriously wanted to laugh so many times, it was just so moronic for a horror movie to be this dull.

The editing is haphazard in places too, sometimes making it hard to follow what's going on during some of the more involved action sequences.

Other than that the film is very enjoyable and Emma Caufeild is magnificent.

It gains the attention of the audience teasing us, making us believe that the rest of the film might by chance be worth watching.

It just seems stupid and pointless.

This movie had me on the edge of my dark blue couch.

Ho Hum.

Another cliché during the movie was looking out the window and the friend jumps out of the dark to say hi.

It was unimaginative and uninteresting.

Overall, I found the movie to be entertaining, somewhat.

The plot was predictable, the acting was bad, it was just boring.

This is a very suspenseful and smart film.

This is not your average ho hum run of the mill horror; this is great, fast paced, chilling entertainment.

The middle only succeeded in boring me with it's dull acting and typical slasher scenes.

A Bad Predictable Horror Movie .

I just want to say that I enjoyed it and gave it an 8 out of 10.

At barely seventy minutes long, carrying a whomping fifteen minutes of agonizingly slow end credits in order to hurdle the film past the acceptable eighty minute mark of a feature film, it has a notably difficult time conjuring up a story, let alone explaining it, and introducing characters we must be sympathetic towards for the film's entire runtime.

It's just a waste of time for me.

or the more and more contrived action flicks every summer.

I was getting slightly bored of Anya and was interested to see whether Emma Caulfield could pull of acting in anything else.

The movie is predictable, the creature is annoying with its high pitched screams, and the characters are paper thin.

The commercials were very compelling, and even the website is done very professionally.

My friend was actually going to leave the theater on a count of it being so scary, and everyone screaming!

Tough to watch the first 30 minutes but the last 20 were at least entertaining.

I'm talking about how it goes from very suspenseful to techno/pop/dance music.

But instead, the film becomes dreadfully boring.

Darkness falls too predictable .

All mindless, CGI, well photographed fluff, but entertaining none the less.

Though there are plenty of action-filled portions, the movie is only mildly frightening and superficially engaging.

Overall this one was quite underrated and pretty enjoyable for what it was.

The box art promises you something fantastic, but judging this poorly written, tiresome film by its cover is definitely a mistake.

Don't waste your money.

(The back story probably would have made a much more absorbing flick.

By the end, its a boring train wreck of a movie, even though its less than 80 minutes long, that disappoints on all ends.

Sure, the acting was not that good, the plot was, well, rediculous, but damn, this movie was a hell of a lot better than that yawner "One Hour Photo"!!

That being said, I WAS distracted by the story's failure to live up to its potential and the predictable, CGI-laden set pieces and chase sequences.

But, no, they had the little boy suffering through the whole thing and I was bored.

I love horror flicks and understand they usually wind up being cheesy or just unscary but I really did not enjoy this film because it had potential to be suspenseful and creepy and, aside from the first ten minutes of the film, it wasn't.

Suddenly the tooth fairy is smashing up the town, killing everyone and even engaging in car chases.

Kinda like the kid in the Sixth Sense but it was dragged down because of the crappiness of Darkness Falls.

The build-up is completely dull and the ending is mundane and unfulfilling.

The Ring worked because of its chilling atmosphere, engaging mystery, and fine performances.

It was the unexpected things, yes, like the cat jumping on the car.

Ultimately, there is no plot, character development, or any creativity put into this movie.

The beginning is slow, very little jumps make it not worth seeing.

Pointless, tedious piece of crap .

You've got lots of typical, boring horror conventions--Lights going on and off, pop-scares, loud sounds and off-screen deaths.

The film suffers from way too many plot flaws and repetitive dialogue.

stupid and boring .

, "The Ring", "The Vanishing", etc.)I found it to be an entertaining film with few pretensions.

For a large part of the film, it dragged on, in "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" fashion.

This leads to many suspenseful situations involving flashlights and overhead beams.

To be honest, I think it's very entertaining, has good action sequences, decent acting, great use of lights in the dark, and a not so bad looking supernatural villain.

There is no story to talk about, it leaves no impression whatsoever.

All in all, it is the worst movie I have ever seen.

If you're bored and you have a couple of hours to kill, call a friend or two over and watch this together.

The cinematography reduced itself to one cool shot, given away in the first ten minutes of the movie, then descended into unwatchable mediocrity.

I watched this after a night out and couldn't think of anything to put on, I remember buying it and at the time it having loads of bad reviews, I was intrigued because of the tooth fairy thing, on watching it i really enjoyed it, and it also managed to scare me a few times.

The creature is well conceived and scary (at least in the beginning) but as the movie goes on things fall apart and it becomes a boring sub-standard monster chasing people in the dark flick.

As well as a thrilling and suspenseful musical score by Brian Tyler.

But after that, it gets a kind of boring.

Just because it makes you jump doesn't mean this cleche, predictable, uninspired horror mess is any good.

Contrived is the first word that comes to mind in describing this tripe.

The legend it's based on is interesting and the backstory of the hero is also fascinating with the first ten minutes both creepy and sympathetic of it's main character.

This was a boring and tedious exercise, ruined from start to finish.

I could feel their boredom and embarrassment as they delivered flat lines of clunky dialogue.

The scariest and most suspenseful PG-13 film I've ever seen.

For a few entertaining moments and a cool intro.

If you suspend logic just for the movies spooky and shock value as well as it's special effects the movie can be quite entertaining.

Part of this has to do with how predictable the film is.

It's simply a collection of steriotypical scary movie moments, all of which have become terribly predictable, and making this movie horribly boring to sit through.

I can't even comment on the story, because there was no story.

I rated this one star because it was a waste of my time.

This was one of the worst movies i have ever seen.

90% of those who get dragged off by the angry spirit have absolutely NO character development, so when they finally get it you don't really feel too sad at all.

Over all, i thought the movie could have been made a lot better but i am not going to complain, cos i totally enjoyed it...

But, in the end, this movie is entertaining.

Forty minutes in and I quite literally fell asleep in my chair.

Nothing is new, everything's cliche and worst of all, this film could just as well have been made in the 80ies - no surprises at all, no twists, no nothing - except one and a half wasted hours..

Cheesy Horror Crap - But Entertaining .

After this fast paced beginning I was pumped and ready to go for what I was hoping to be an equally cool continuation once the credits went through.

Its predictable, has cheap jumps and it leaves you asking yourself about the loopholes in the characters.

Possibly the worst movie ever....

This is a character that could have been taken to brave new heights, but is refused access in the name of the horror movie cliche.

Big cliche.

The Acting In This Movie Was Brilliant With Emma Caulfield Providing A Stunning Performance.

The main character says the same phrase more then ten times witch shows that this movie has a really bad and predictable story tough it is better than some other movies of the kind like Jason X.

The movie takes a bad turn around the midpoint when Kyle (Kley) makes it to the hospital just as the boy is about to undergo an experimental procedure, which is ultra-contrived, and the film never recovers.

There are so many vastly superior horror films out there, don't waste your time with this one.

Another teen-friendly PG-13 horror film that'll turn out to be a toothless (pun intended) waste of money and time.

To have that loooong opening with the cliche voiced narrator explaining their story's history - which was just Freddy/Jason like - a horribly scarred victim ready to seek revenge.

All in all, it was really scary and entertaining.

This is not a `forever-actual' movie (like `An interview with the vampire'), but it's enjoyable and will keep you cuffed to the screen till the end.

Ten minutes longer would make it feel tiresome, believe me.

A complete waste of time and mental energy in every respect.

The movie is fast paced.

We've all seen this before but what the heck, it's entertaining and it sets the right mood instantly.

) Only it's not the Menace yet, it's a young girl, the very engaging Emily Browning who should prove even more engaging as an adult.

Liebesman packs the scenario with a number of false scares, perhaps to atone for the lack of gory thrills necessitated by a studio-mandated PG-13 rating, though the reliance on mood and suggestion yields some effective results, facilitated by George Liddle's atmospheric art direction, Dan Laustsen's evocative cinematography, and - especially - Randy Thom's ultra-creepy sound design, all of which conspire to generate maximum tension from an otherwise mediocre script.

The story is actually engrossing, a take on the classic tooth fairy tale.

This is a movie that will make you yawn and laugh at how bad it is, it is one of those RUSHED Hollywood TYPE MOVIES that come by quickly and leave quicker, this film should never of came at all.

)It shows that a low budget,plotless horror film without your *TOP* teen stars can still be released.

) Loosely based on some uninteresting folklore from southern Australia, this is a by the numbers horror story, not without some (not much) atmosphere.

From dodgy acting with several lines repeated a number times, to poor direction which bores the viewer, then a pretty uninteresting and badly used 'baddie' and this not to mention the ham sound effects which are more comical than fearful.

When the theater is zoned into the movie, the movie is entertaining.

Unexpected Brilliance.

The effects were creepy and mysterious, it's "typical" of horror movies of the 20th century, but still was good and entertaining.

It is an effective time waster (at a tight 75 minutes or so) and good entertainment for a boring night of movies.

' It suffered from EVERY 'Friday the 13th' type of cliche (even the damned cat jumping on the car).

A movie that had possibilities, only to p*** them away and ultimately be a simple, sometimes entertaining goof fest that is easily forgettable stuff.

It has no real plot, no resolution, and the only difference is you see a monster!

A Short, But Entertaining Jump-A-Second Scarefest.

Even though it was predictable .

If you have watched this movie and considered it anything other than a complete waste of time than you have proven just how stupid you really are.

) The movie is painfully predictable.

Boring, dragging, why is the Tooth Fairy trying to kill the kid?

If you just want something to waste your time then go watch this movie.

It's pure eye candy for an hour and a half, and it's quite intense.

Gets my vote as worst movie I have ever seen.

It IS a shorter film, but take a look at the number of reviews for other movies that state that "the kids were bored" halfway through the film.

Halfway through i just wanted the movie to finish but boy did it drag on and i was shocked when i walked out and i realised how short the movie actually was.

What ever it is the movie did got pretty OK cast but with so lame-o script (actually it is so unexpected, who would ever thought of (killer tooth fairy, who's also afraid of match stick light?

This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Well we turned it off after about 40 minutes because we were BORED!

Silly, but enjoyable.

The lighting's good, and the tone's okay too (not too jokey like the Kevin-Williamsonian teenybopper screamers, not too full of itself like `The Ring'), but the cast and characters are bland, the scares are all the same, and the monster-fight scenes are repetitive, confusing, and worst of all boring.

The dialogue is extremely repetitive, the whole story is easily guessed within the first 15 minutes, and the characters are extremely dull and as non-interesting as possible.

The only surprises were when excessively loud sounds were added to the predictable situations.

I've seen pictures of the creature and they look stunning.

The movie runs very short, and thank God.. at the end, you're staring at the screen in complete confusion.

Like the bland characters in this wreck of a film saw the ghost, I saw this movie, and also like them it gave me night terrors.


Overall, a great, innovative story, interesting story- a few lame 'scares' but still very addictive and highly entertaining!

It's a fact that there's a stable audience for such C-grade horror flicks, which despite lacking a story and entertaining characters, provide plenty of jump scares and helter skelter adventure that can pass for cheap fun on a lazy weekend.

It's boring beginning to end and there is no horror whatsoever.

"We then get one contrived plot development after another, each designed to get somebody alone in the dark for spooky moments, all of which have been done better elsewhere, such as in "They.

Every killing scene is predictable that it becomes comical.

Pretty much despised by the discerning horror-phile, Darkness Falls, to me at least, is a creepy, interesting and totally enjoyable thriller/ghost picture worth reappraisals.

but what i loved was the predictable opening frightner, the mother getting killed in the doorway was scary as hell and the toothfairy hovering outside the bathroom was class.

It reminds of the eighties when a shallow,plotless horror film like for instance Sleepaway Camp 2 can be 79 minutes long,be fun as hell,entertain the crap outta you and get it's point across.

I highly recommend it, ignore the critis and get scared for once.

But it was really predictable, you knew what was going to happen.

It just gets boring and predictable from there on out.

Darkness Falls has to be the worst movie I have ever seen.

Overall, it's tripe but entertaining and the tooth fairy reminded me of a ghost from a Japanese horror flick in the way that she was climbing walls and flying around in a long black cloak.

The plot is stupid at it's heart, very predictable and has enough holes in the story to amaze a gopher.

"It has any number of gripping images and scenes.

Also I found the monster's looks dull and ridiculous.

etc. It's so routine that it becomes a bore.

The collaboration of fast camera-work and editing is incoherent, and the supposedly suspenseful sequences (with the exception of one) are not stretched out enough to build anticipation, and instead much of what we get is a classic case of rehashed, reused boo moments.

Sure the loud, suspenseful music was scary and the horrible noise emitted by the witch was enough to send shivers down anybody's spine, on the whole it is just another bad movie.

When I first started watching it I enjoyed it,and I thought it was good for a period of time.

Darkness Falls is a dull knife;...

Nevertheless, the movie had its suspenseful parts, which to my surprise; they were the ones that weren't scary at all.