Daybreak (2019) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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High school outcast Josh is searching for his missing girlfriend in post apocalyptic Glendale. He's joined by a group of misfits Angelica and his former bully Wesley. On the way they'll face many weird things.

IMDB: 6.4
Stars: Matthew Broderick, Austin Crute
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 58 out of 366 found boring (15.84%)

One-line Reviews (149)

The entire idea for the TV series is SO BAD it's just a waste of your time to even consider watching it.

Not the campy game show, confusing comic book monstrosity that followed.

Loads of Contrivances, Still Worth Watching .

So the main theme is disjointed.

It's an absolute roller coaster, cringy, but in a way that's definitely engaging.

What a waste of time.

He's smarmy and pretty much pointless.

It sometime feels like watching a 1960s propaganda commercial, and I get that some people get frustrated by that.

Utterly complete waste of time.

Kinda Boring...

The whole searching for Sam thing took way too long.

Cool Stuff , Worth watching .

Moves a little slow and add unnecessary filler.

Then it got boring and cliche and weird.

This looked like a poor rip off of Zombieland at first but after a few episodes it's good fun, has all the component parts for character backstory and development and some unique takes on coming of age trails and tribulations.

Pacing is also very goodStoryline is quite simple and you need to suspend belief while watching it but kk e you do it is really enjoyable.

Nope, pure leftist propaganda from the first minute.

The dialogues are unimaginative, dull, and often times far too long.

It's boring and clichéd.

It's very entertaining, and never boring.

It is worth watching, just do not expect anything ground breaking.

Wrong entertaining, a bit different and bring on some more.

It's clearly supposed to be funny/goofy, action packed, and a good easy watch.

The premise of the series is interesting, the plot is kind of cliché, there is a lot of stereotype -over the top - mixed with some classic - high-school characters.

With a commentary on todays teenage generation (which of course get's dragged to the extreme).

It is quite fun and enjoyable.

The story is engaging, interesting and kept my attention from start to finish.

Fun too watch Engaging plot and loveable characters I liked it alot period

A show for when you are bored .

" I dislike it for how slow, tired, poorly executed and just insultingly childish it is.

Then the story began to sag with some decent sequences followed by boredom and general meandering of the story line.

Very entertaining show.

It comes off disjointed and then it gets boring.

It was easy to binge-watch, it was entertaining, not your usual apocalyptic story of zombies.

The love story is cliche which makes it funny.

They do present an explanation why some of this kids survived, but that only applies to a small group, not every single survivor.. Do not get me wrong though, because I found this enjoyable enough to watch all ten episodes.

Waste of time.

This show is weird but is highly entertaining!

Boring .

Surprisingly fun and engaging .

Can it be more cliche...

It all goes downhill from there as it approaches its predictable ending.

It plays off common zombie/post apocalyptic and high school coming of age tropes cleverly.

Blips of Humour Between Long Stretches of Boring .

A couple of episodes seemed to drag a bit but overall the series was very entertaining and Matthew Broderick is brilliant as the infected principal.

It's a coming of age series with several fun twists.

Why waste your time on more of the same rewashed Netflix when there are good shows out there with an actual plot and enticing characters.

Enjoyable .

And entertaining.

If you watched Blood Drive and enjoyed it, Give this a chance!

Likely it is tailored for the younger audience, however the acting, the jokes - all is cliche and not funny.

Entertaining .

If you too enjoy being force fed radical propaganda in the guise of a teen post apocalypse comedy this is the show for you.

There is the awful CGI, the wokness that is shoved in your face along side politics and boring plot lines and sometimes cringe dialogue.

This genre has been redone many times and it's just boring at this point unless you can come up with a good story that makes sense.

I have to be honest it daft but that what makes this easy watch enjoyable for me

Entertaining .

The story focuses on an unlikely combo of characters and slowly reveals their story's through a series of flashbacks and 4th wall breaksIt's an enjoyable series with a lot of potential and while the fiction has its farfetched moments you can see passed this because of the humour, story and concept of the show.

The dialogues are forces, the story is cliche and progresses the least it possibly can and constant breaking of the fourth wall is annoying.

This is a really entertaining series.

Also, on a side note, the music is unbearable.

So boring .

Decent, entertaining, forgettable .

Very entertaining.

Maybe it's just me, but the show is just boring and one of the worse ones Netflix has released.

It is not a 10, sure, but it is solid and very enjoyable.

Boring, too many middle fingers.

Laughs, tears, suspense, gore, asides, great performances, compelling character arcs......

It's a fun, entertaining show that has a unique perspective on an unoriginal (may not be a real word) theme.

All in all , it funny and entertaining.

I'd watch more of Angelica and crumbles though much more entertaining.

It doesn't care if I'm really in the mood to play, it's hellbent on entertaining me.

But then it lost itself in self indulgence, a partly half thought through story and confusing flash backs.

Entertaining .

It's a corny cringey predictable flick that tries too hard to be funny with it's political liberaly ideologies injected into it.

Waste of Precious Time .

If you can get passed all the stunning and brave wokeness, the show isn't bad.

Exciting storyline, more exciting in how they navigate and communicate the story throughout throughout the season.

so bad and, cliche.

Dont waste your time.


Fun and Entertaining .

For the first few episodes, at first, I enjoyed it.

Recycled and unoriginal tv show, it's full of lgbt propaganda.

I'm only 15 minutes into the first episode and I'm already bored.

Daybreak is fun ride i find it entertaining enjoyable i was laughing every episode and i was insterested more and more after watching each episode.

This show was funny, very different, and entertaining.

A show based of more of the same (zombies and apocalyptic world) but presented as a more "realistic", fun and unpredictable way, with stories to tell and society related scenarios!

One minute you'll awkwardly get an adult banging a 15 year old in a stall, the next you'll get a long, overdrawn, boring scene that just drags on for half an episode.

A post-apocalyptic coming of age teen horror comedy...

Really not original, waste of time Very focused on gender rather then story.

Stop it with the liberal propaganda .

It's super entertaining, I like the characters very much, it's interesting to a point where I can't not watch the next episode after what was revealed in the previous, I just love it.

This kind of thing is rare to see, with Netflix often making the mistake of thinking that if they draw out enough boring scenes, it will somehow make up for a lack of a compelling storyline, when the average person will just abandon a show as soon as they realise the questions that make them interested won't be answered for at least 3 seasons.

The high-school flashbacks revealing the "love story" between Josh and Sam was well thought out and engaging.

Don't waste your time.

Ferris Buehler meets the Apocalypse and it's dull as dust .

Teen trash with a way way WAY too strong left propaganda force in it.

Its a fun show, the whole breaking the fourth wall in the flashbacks is really cool, its really cliche and and the story is a bit boring and doesn't make sense.

But overall I enjoyed it.

I liked this one because most Netflix movies are cliché when they include romance.

But how did they get away with such boring, annoying writing?

Its entertaining, fantastic acting, has uniqueness and very surprising pops of originality.

Don't waste your time wtaching this.

She's boring who cares.

daybreakers is boring as hell.

It is very campy and hoakey but it is definitely entertaining.

Got bored after episode 3.

Left propaganda nonsense .

The pacing was off and they used some unneeded flash backs.

It just ends up being boring and needlessly moralizing, not to mention that feels fake.

In the first chapter I realized that the series was not built in the best way, the dialogues were not spectacular and the characters would not be the toughest, somehow the series managed to catch me with a somewhat predictable plot and its ridiculous representation of the zombies that with some differences are now called "Ghuiles", my parents told me that they did not want to watch that series with me but still sometimes the series manages to catch the viewer so we all enjoy it, it is a good and very entertaining series.

The ending was predictable...

Don't Waste your time.

When the series is exploring a different character they theme the episode towards its characteristics which avoids it from being dull and any episode is not like the other because of this.

Don't waste your time on this.

Destroyed by the unnecessary propaganda .

Reading the reviews ordered by rating in ascending order reveals the answer: apparently this is liberal, politically correct, SJW propaganda.

Too many flashbacks, the acting is passable, the script boring.

The story is different, told in an entertaining and unorthodox way, it plays with and destroys stereotypes at the same time, it actually has some real good plot twists, it even touched me a few times.

So fresh, fast paced, well narrated, extraordinary acted.

A show that yet again pushes the awful propaganda cucks & SJW's want you to believe.

however the pacing of the plot itself feels somewhat like a teenage life drama ; going from a mixture of light humour and plot to some pretty intense character background story discover drama towards the end of the show.

Unfortunately it ruins the average for what is a solid/somewhat predictable show with enjoyable parts and a good ending.

Don't waste your time and fast forward a few times, say thank you later.

As it does all things, politics turned this from an entertaining comedy with hilarious dialogue into woke garbage.

Despite the annoying "woke" parts this is an entertaining show.

Got boring .

I hate the kind of pretentious teen dramas like thirteen reasons why which just push on a depressing narrative.

All that being said, it's decent entertaining on a boring autumn sunday, and it's not Sophie Simnett's fault that the writer is bad at dialogue.

Shows like 24 are packed with right wing politics normalising things like 'enhanced interrogation', but it's still a show worth watching and so is Daybreak.

I love anything with zombies and this is similar to Z Nation with funnier characters, better storyline, and way more entertaining.

This show seemed entertaining at first...

The fourth wall blocking is asome and character devlopment is asome suspense is asome and acting is asome and last episode is mind blowing ........

It is funny, campy and entertaining which is everything I wanted.

This show is very entertaining.

Zombies Tv Shows can be original and exciting .

I actually watched several episodes thinking this would be a fun show; however,This is full of leftist ideology and "woke" culture that made this unbearable to watch.

This is full political propaganda, wearing a disguise of teenage zombie/nuclear apocalypse.

The acting was overall good, story was entertaining, film style was interesting just the unnecessary preaching of the woke ideology really made this bleh BS.

This series was amazing, episodes 1-4 everything was on point and entertaining.

Don't waste your time!

Entertaining .

I'm so sick of Netflix shoving it's gay propaganda on us.

Instead we're forced to live through the same old boring high-school dramas and cliche's we've seen over and over and over again for decade upon decade.

At the end of the day, despite being an entertaining binge worthy show, I feel the show isn't too clear on what it wants to be, a more serious-toned drama or a goofy humour adventure ride.


The plot has you on the edge of your seat at all times, wondering "what is this character going to do!

Dear netflix,Don't waste our time.