Days of Thunder (1990) - Action, Drama, Sport

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A young hot-shot stock car driver gets his chance to compete at the top level.

Director: Tony Scott
Stars: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 20 out of 111 found boring (18.01%)

One-line Reviews (66)

Is There Anything More Boring Than Cars .

Spectacular direction by Tony Scott and a script form legendary screen writer Robert Towne bring life to this incredibly exciting race car tale in stunning fashion.

This is an enjoyable movie that (somewhat) accurately portrays the on-track action I watch on Sundays.

It may not be a documentary on the real NASCAR world, but it certainly is entertaining.

They've got to be the most boring topic of conversation ever .

7 minutes - it's so god damn cheesy and cliché...

Like Top Gun the bits in between the action are too long and the sub plot of the injured driver coming to terms with his forced retirement is tedious and contributes little.

Racing fans tell me there wasn't a lot of realism with this and actual NASCAR events - mainly involving sponsorship - back then, but I was looking an entertaining film....

I remember being a teenager and every time someone brought up cars in conversation I'd have an out of body experience , that's how boring I found cars .

The Tom Cruise Template Is Starting To Bore .

I personally hate NASCAR, but still I find this film absolutely riveting, and every time I watch it, I suddenly have a desire to go race my car down the highway.

The script gives the cast nothing to really work with, and only Duvall comes out with any real dignity even if he has a cliché as opposed to a real person to play.

Hours of boredom for the promise of action, much like common view of Bruckheimer's projects.

It's just another mindless action movie to help relieve boredom.

Hans Zimmer does an effective job with his second Cruise film in two years (Rain Man was the other), and The Spencer Davis Group's Gimme Some Lovin' makes some plotless racing scenes worth watching.

Tom was really at his peak in this movie: just stunning.

Overall I wouldn't say this is a must see it is an exciting and undemanding way to pass the time.


The plot is easy and lacks any sort of spark or innovation meaning that, when the cars are off the screen, it is easy for the film to get dull.

That the plot is formulaic (father/son stuff, macho posturing, love interest, final big race etc) and it is a bit tiring at times because it is nothing new and it produces large sags during the film.

The worst thing about this movie is that all the plot arcs and indeed the whole plot is entirely predictable.

Days Of Thunder is pretty enjoyable good action/adventure film; it is basically all about the driven, hard-edged racing ego to win.

Apart from the racing scenes, hardly anything to catch your eye, an overall drab affair, a racing fan may just pass through this and for that I give it a generous 6.

The racing scenes are fairly exciting to watch, and personally, I think the rental car scene makes the whole movie worth watching.

I'd walk into a busy newsagents and all these bores would be flicking through mags about cars with the front of their trousers looking like a wigwam .

It's a minor classic that it's enjoyable when not taken seriously.

I'd recommend only to huge NASCAR fans because some of the racing scenes are pretty exciting which is the only reason I give this a higher rating than just a one.

Not Tom Cruise's best movie, but entertaining nonetheless.

As a race fan, i can honestly say its the worst movie i could of imagined.

If, however, you wish to see an accurate portrayal of life in NASCAR, don't waste your time.

He is a natural driver, but driving on an empty track and driving on a track full of other drivers are two different things.

Thank god then, for Robert Duvall; he may be playing a fairly clichéd character but he does it well and steals every scene from his pretty but empty co-star.

Don't waste your time .

Robert Duval is superb as the old time car builder and Nicole Kidman is breathtaking as the doctor.

They had no script, it was made up as they shot the film, a fact you can see from many characters looking at pieces of paper cleverly placed around scenes (notably those shot in the pit-lane) so they can remember the dialogue.

Starting with his stunning intro coming out from the smoke with a bike to defeating his rival Russ Wheeler at the end, he ignites an emulsifying inspiration in this journey of powerhouse racing.

An adrenaline rush that makes something that is very dull to me be very intriguing.

It is predictable and clichéd from beginning to end.

Good formulaic genre movie.

It was a nice, light movie, definitely entertaining.

Then with all Jerry Bruckheimer films, if you have an enjoyable experience, then that will last with you for alongtime to come.

Enjoyable film similar to Top Gun in many ways .

I have seen hundreds of films, and I have only ever walked out on one ("Bliss").

And it's not that it couldn't have been repaired, it's just that the storyline itself was dull enough to rot out the emotions, it never had the chance.

Maybe the reason that the movie was so enjoyable was the very fact that the comic relief alone removed any sense that the film is meant to be taken seriously.

Robert Duvall is wonderful as Cruise's Mentor, he seemed to be enjoying himself, had some great scenes with Cruise was intense, and was just perfect for this role!.

I enjoyed it.

A very predictable movie about stock car racing .

Again, we are given a fast paced story that involves an exciting occupation that most people know little about (this time Nascar racing instead of fighter piloting), with all of the same stock characters that seem to succeed in the film even though logic would seem to prevent this, given the lack of imagination involved in their conception and their behaviors.

He is trading off his fame here and his macho nonsense is rather tiresome.

These latter things are evident in Days of Thunder, making it very much enjoyable if judging on those terms.

It's simple, formulaic for its genre and it offers very little surprises.

The only bad thing about the movie is that the race scenes are too long and very boring.

Days Of Thunders simply felt like a formulaic movie from start to finish with nothing original in it.

I give the production this: it moves fast and slick, and whenever cars are on the track it's visually compelling and exciting as the filmmakers know how to cut stuff together for Fast Impact (lest not forget the camera-work, filled with colors and smoke and cool contours, even a shot with Nicole Kidman standing at one point on the side of the frame is great to look at).


The action scenes are OK but, as with F1, I find many motor sports to be dull and didn't get drawn into the predictable races as much as I wanted to.

I recommend it because it's an entertaining representation of stock car racing.

Even the racing scenes were boring.

It takes a sport that is hideously boring (unless you're involved in it or the cars are crashing into each other) and makes it interesting, despite being at the expense of that sport's connection with reality.

Probably one of the worst movies on auto racing you'll ever find.

The plot is entirely predictable and there is little tension.

Don't waste your time or your money.

Worth watching!

, plus The finale was great and very exciting!.

Surprisingly the usually good Nicole Kidman is rather bland as the love interest although to be fair she's not given a heck of a lot to work with.