Dead Birds (2004) - Horror, Thriller, Western

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A group of Confederate soldiers hole up in an abandoned plantation after robbing a bank and find themselves at the mercy of supernatural forces.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Alex Turner
Stars: Henry Thomas, Patrick Fugit
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 32 out of 129 found boring (24.8%)

One-line Reviews (89)

Cast OK, but poor performances due to lack of storyline, camera work OK, a few bits towards the end give the producers a chance to make a good trailer so that buyers and end consumers can be deceived...

The characters are by the books with some decent performances by Patrick Fugit, Isaiah Washington, Nicki Aycox and Michael Shannon, though I thought Henry Thomas was rather bland as the leader.

To sum it up, Dead Birds is still delivers some good scare, and despite the flaw is worth watching.

"There are worse things than dying" shows a complete lack of imagination, which is something common throughout this mundane movie.

Using voodoo or whatever it was that was written within the torn book Todd was reading lets the film go into some thrilling areas particularly concerning the children and what they turn into.

This had great atmosphere and is super suspenseful and creepy right from the start.

I found it dull, the characters aren't worth saving and a bad ending.

I was bored to tears.

Until the climax arrives, all we get are a bunch of ghostly apparitions (with some pointless CGI work done to their faces that looks very silly) & the gang's mistrust of each other leading to their downfall.

Tying up the events with an historically defined time frame ("the old days of the wild, wild west") only dragged it through a muddled compound of anachronisms and made the paper thing characters even less believable.

Lastly, the story ends in a very predictable bad ending, that the last survivor burst out of the field and what a surprised he's turned into one of those weird dog monsters from the beginning.

This is a dragged out slooooooow moving, silly film that used occasional gore and the same silly shock gimmick over and over.

Overall, an intriguing experience all the way to the final frames.

Languid tempo and very very silly hooks make this good beginning very sour and then vapid and bland.

However, to the movie's defense, then the twist at the ending was so enjoyable.

My biggest complaint though is the soundtrack which is way too repetitive and is basically a ripoff from the Shining soundtrack.

We got up the next day to try and watch the movie again, while barely staying awake, we managed to choke down this god awful movie and it's entirety.

It has a good, though formulaic, visual horror style.

Recent examples of this sort of film, which include the likes of The Grudge (Jap version and remake) and Deathwatch, are very trite and dull films and once you've seen one; you've seen them all.

A scary movie with gripping narrative.

Dead Birds is a boring, predictable & not very good low budget horror film.

Oh lord, why did I waste my time?!

That was a concern, if the filmmaker decides not to bother with an authentic look, maybe they'll be lazy in building suspense and delivering shocks, and let boring horror movie clichés do all the work for them, and they're all here; - A Flashback/Delusion/Dream, call it what you will, is the scariest part of the movie.

The huge empty plantation has a very eerie atmosphere the moment the soldiers step in it.

It's worth watching just for Isaiah Washington (Dr Burke Grey's Anatomy)!

try something else because i dare say you will be dead from boredom!

The whole film just seemed boring.

Just another dull ghost story - nothing to see here.

The characters are cardboard and uninteresting with no character development and their actions are consistently illogical.

There are decent special effects, some good shock moments, and a twist at the end to fulfill your expectations and keep you from falling asleep.

It's a very slow paced movie, that doesn't develop either its story or characters well enough.

Alex Turner, for his first feature length debut, has crafted a haunted house picture that positively pulses with dread, with its slow deliberate pacing and hushed conversational tones, the atmosphere crackles with unease.

Dead Birds instead makes an interesting but ultimately pointless haunted house tale.

We've got loads of people with white faces, some "shocking" imagery and a bunch of dull actors portraying a bunch of dull characters.

The soundtrack is superb, atmospheric, chilling and suspenseful.

The surprise, twist ending that follows is just as pointless.

) The rest of the movie is set over the ensuing night in the old house, and it is so horror cliché that I won't bother explaining it.

Hell they could have talked about what they ate for lunch but no, there is no script.

But saying that, there were some parts that were a tad slow and there were some unnecessary clichés that kind of annoyed me.

It relies more on its dark atmosphere and slow pace but this rather makes the movie dull and uninteresting than original, scary and/or exciting really.

Remember, you were warned, this WILL bore you to death...

I was with a friend who is a big horror fan and he said that he really enjoyed it.

It's not a slasher movie, it's a slow burn creepy horror.

Right, so the bad guys, 5 guys and one babe go on the run to Mexico, only night falls and they decide to stop off at an abandoned house on the edge of a cornfield.

Boring nonsense.

But while it has that slow and subtle build up of inspiring dread like those particular films, it also gives us some grisly violence and sadism.

But the script is confusing, predictable and lacks in tension.

It has all the things that a good horror needs: a believable premise which we can all understand and identify with normality, a slow transition to abnormality, and the predatory nature of "bad things" which tend to isolate people and get them one by one.

I just guess I was expecting far more from it the first time, but second time around got into this foreboding atmospheric presentation, which drills away with its intense chills and unnatural hints.

More boring and exhausting than day # 3 without water in the Sahara, looking for an oasis that turns out to be a mirage.

I was deeply bored.

The Final Verdict: With some great points mixed in with a few pretty decent ones, this one here is a fairly competent film that will be enjoyable for some.

This film had me literally sitting on the edge of my seat and still made me jump at a few tense scenes.

It is so dead boring that it cannot be funny.

The link below will take you to an article on "Dead Birds", a definitive guide to clearing up any misinformation or confusion about the movie, which was compiled by Elaine Lamkin with the assistance of the Director and the Writer of Dead Birds.

It has one of the single most confusing stories ever.

Like the first reviewer, I thought it was slow at times.

So boring that mere 90 minutes drag like all 900 hours.

The middle section here is quite slow, since it has an eternity-long card game that just has way too much time going nowhere that it just has nothing at all that adds to the flawed nature of the film.

Ghost stories, particularly modern ones, tend to be rather boring and this film doesn't do anything to dispute that fact.

I watched it again recently and I enjoyed it just as much.

Truly dull.

Suspenseful horror.

Absolutely boring .

I am happy to have come across this unexpected little DVD in Blockbuster earlier today.

- For those who mentioned being confused about the ending and the plot, it's because there was no plot, and the ending made pretty much no sense.

The Good News: This one here was a pretty overall entertaining film.

There is a twist at the end, but overall it is predictable and bellow average.

The script which feels like a lame cross between Ravenous (1999) & From Dusk Till dawn (1996) by co-producer Simon Barrett takes itself very seriously & is slow, very slow & I must admit that I lose interest very quickly in slow, boring, dull & predictable films such as Dead Birds.

If you are strictly a 10/10 movie watch then don't waste your time.

But the cast seemed scared and I enjoyed it.

But when you have a 90 minute long movie and nothing happens until the last 30 minutes, you're bound to flop.

"Dead Birds" is watchable and enjoyable enough for what it turned out to be.

The setting and time period were refreshing and the build-up and pacing of the movie were enjoyable.

It's not even good in a bad way, it was just a waste of time watching it to be frank.

Sure its slow but that's what makes it suspenseful.

A creepy little horror that's a tad slow .

it just moves from one intense moment to another.

The movie was very confusing by who was dead and who was alive and what was happening to these people.

seemed to be a real western, but then, when a horror genre crept in, a boredom crept in, too.

The film starts out with a very intense opening.

Absolutely NO script whatsoever.

But what really makes this movie so good and commendable is a welcome and invigorating element of freshness and creativity: The story isn't cut and dried, there's a compelling ambiguity evident throughout, and the neat theme about greed and mistrust bringing about the thieves' ruination gives the picture some extra substance.

Yes, this movie revisits familiar territory but they did it with heart and respect for the landscape where they wanted to leave their footprints.

From this point onwards, the cast get picked off one by one in an entirely predictable and yawn-inducing fashion.

dead boring.

If you're going to make a slow, ominous horror tale that will test the viewer's patience, at least give the viewer a pay off.

The movie starts out like a gory western and then turns into a slow horror flick.

This film was so awful I nearly passed out dead from boredom.