Dead End (2003) - Adventure, Horror, Mystery

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Christmas Eve. On his way to his in-laws with his family, Frank Harrington decides to try a shortcut, for the first time in 20 years. It turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Jean-Baptiste Andrea
Stars: Ray Wise, Lin Shaye
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 58 out of 222 found boring (26.12%)

One-line Reviews (146)

The surprising part though, was that despite having correctly worked that out, this was still one of the most enjoyable film experiences I have had in years.

If nothing else, enjoy it as an alternative to the much more formulaic fair usually found in the horror aisle at the video store.

It is modern horror and a truly scary and compelling movie which is incredibly rare.

The acting is really good, and the general strangeness of how the story unfolds is interesting even if the inevitable outcome is extremely predictable.

I promise that you will get a scary, suspenseful movie!

I mean when you are watching it you think one thing is gonna happen and are on the edge of your seat wondering if you are right!


The combination of comedy with creepiness made it thoroughly enjoyable.

I thought the pot smoking brother was boring and couldn't wait until he was removed from the movie.

The entire script is a giant cliché.

just as it tends to get a little tedious and more of the same (when does this road end?

My personal opinion is that this movie is more gross and confusing than scary.

These twist endings are just becoming so predictable, and that's the case here.

a low budget film, that's so crazy and exuberant,that it's incredibly entertaining even though it's not really that great.

The "twist" about as exciting as a headache.

No matter what your idea or conclusion is, I am certain that you will enjoy this creative, intense and short horror movie.

The plot is uninteresting.

The story is simple, a family takes a shortcut - sounds cliché- to get to a certain address on xmas eve.. and then the clichés stop.

There are better ways to waste time and money.

It looks ordinary, there are some really silly lines, and you think you're going to hate it, or worse - be bored by it.

I rarely review films on IMDb, only if one is truly great, truly horrible, or if I'm truly bored.

"Dead End" is such a film, a rare gem within a sea of serial killers and slashers that takes a simple premise to extremes that evoke drama, black humor, and fright in significant doses; in a lot of ways, it is comparable to the 1962 classic "Carnival of Souls," which turned the mundane human condition into a waking nightmare as a church organist (who survives a car wreck) is plagued by raccoon-eyed ghouls for reasons made clear at the film's climax.

I picked this one up at Blockbuster used (3 for $25) and wasn't expecting anything better than some of the other lesser horror that is out there (any "Urban Legend" sequel etc.) Incidentally, the other two movies I picked up were a waste of time (Urban Legends: Bloody MAry and Jeepers Creepers 2, which was a total bomb)Dead End was a great film.

Dead End is definitely the most inventive, enthralling and enjoyable scary movie I've seen in a long time.

I have seen so many Horror films already and I must say: This one was not like a real one, it was just a simple and boring comedy!

If you are looking for a psychological thriller that will not only keep your interest, but will keep you on the edge of your seat as well, then this is the movie for you.

the creepy skin crawling aspect of a baby carriage sitting in the dark, the soft moaning and noises of voices in the forest, ghostly visions beside the car, empty eyes, and creepy children's voices over phone and radio.

Dead End is hardly spectacular in story, acting, or any of the regular production values(lighting, sound, etc..). The only element that I appreciated from Dead End was the comedy from Wise and Shaye(mom and dad)which is definitely the highlight of this ninety minutes and will keep your attention when the story gets confusing or boring.

With no storyline I sat afterwards trying to make head & tail of the story.

They both enjoyed it too, and they're tough critics.

Pointless never ending completely unrealistic drivel.

In itself you can just sit their and laugh at how they get killed but besides that the film is a waste of your time and money.

It was the most boring, unscary horror movie I have ever seen.

But all in all a very entertaining horror flick with some real cool moments.

Nothing happens.

I'm still speechless from boredom.

Even if you dislike the ending, it would be difficult to deny that the hour and a half ride there was suspenseful, scary, funny, and entertaining.

I used to love to watch this all the time years ago when it was shown on the sci-fi channel and get lost in its offbeat eeriness and compelling aura of mystery and dread.

The interplay between the family is seamless and real, to the point where the mental breakdowns suffered along the way (Lin Shaye's performance in particular runs the gamut of diversity with great success) seem more plausible than contrived.

Intense horror movie with an amazing ending .

Worst movie ever .

Christmas Eve Dad takes a detour because "he's bored and falling asleep.

A run-of-the-mill plot that would stink, even for a television movie; contrived, absurd, and predictable.

" It did'nt work, because he fell asleep anyway!

But it's all wasted on a worn out cliché.

But throughout the movie it might seem a little confusing as to why things happened!

A very entertaining horror movie.

It gets tiresome and repetitious and I was just watching to find out what was going on.

Terrible acting, no plot whatsoever, awful awful acting and nothing - nothing at all happened.

The ending was actually predictable, and I don't get how it surprised anybody.

Its enjoyable once i doubt you'll watch it twice though.

As it stands tho its still an enjoyable creepy film.

turn slow right, then slow left.

As much as the ending hurt everything, it's still worth watching.

All in all - worth the watch if you aren't busy.

On the negative side my interest did start to wain as most of Dead End is just the Harrington's driving around in the dark & I must admit it began to get repetitive after a straight hour & twenty minutes of it!

While it probably won't be the most frightening thing you've ever seen, it is certainly entertaining and is definitely worth checking into.

The cast is way above average and makes this crazy ride a fun and entertaining one.

Also, the "ghost" story the dad tries to tell his daughter is so typical and cliché.

it is corny, lame, horrible acting with the exception of the father and daughter character, cliché and more.

what a waste of my time this movie was.

" Yes, that tired old cliché, the final twist is that the family got into a fatal car accident and the whole movie was a bad dream by the only character that survived - the daughter.

Was it as entertaining as I'd hope any movie would be?

Great film..have watched it about 4 times and recommended it to others who have enjoyed it as well.

You laugh a lot but then suddenly you're dragged back into scary-ville and you just have to cope with it.

Frank(Ray Wise)takes a detour into the Twilight Zone when he wishes to try another road besides the interstate which, after traveling it for so many years, causes intense boredom.

Overall: I cannot think of a lesser way to waste your life than watching Dead End.

Unknown yet entertaining horror .

It's a surrealistic head trip that's wildly unpredictable, with a great cast of characters and some of the darkest humor imaginable.

I highly recommend this movie, especially to anyone who likes horror movies that take place all in one night and have a lot of unpredictable things happen.

Dead End is an absolutely appalling waste of 80 minutes of your life - a completely insubstantial effort that adds nothing to the genre and leaves you, or at least left me, feeling sad that so much (although in this instance a relatively small amount of) money is wasted producing films like this when it could be spent on so many better things.

It was really distracting and pointless.

It has an intense atmosphere.

Being a long time horror fan film buff for 25 years or so, I had high expectations for this film, The intriguing premise about a group of vacationers traveling on a endless highway who pick-up a ghostly hitchhiker then shortly after "terrorizes" them...

When they pick up a mysterious lady in white (the stunning, Amber Smith) and leave the daughter behind to catch up, all hell seems to break lose.

With a formulaic plot; family travelling to Mother-In-Laws place for Christmas dinner, father takes a shortcut...

Pointless scenes, horrendous dialog, predictable, no story, weak concept, terrible acting, the list goes on.

The basic idea itself is an intriguing one - a family on their way to a festive gathering take what appears to be a shortcut and meet unexpected ends.

The repetitive things within the drive should flick a light switch for many viewers.

(It 's way more interesting trying to open wrappers quietly than dying of boredom.

The movie is low-budget but there are elements that are very good which make the movie watchable and enjoyable.

Don't waste your time.

The entire plot, a word which i use loosely in this case, is destroyed by the final scene which might as well, and very nearly does, say to the audience "and it was all a dream", this completely removes the point of every previous scene and makes everything you knew about their situation completely pointless.


I was treated to every rebellious teenager cliché available - teasing the sister, baiting her boyfriend, masturbating to porn, swearing at parents, and getting stoned (and I don't recall ever seeing someone act stoned so poorly).

$ plus and make it into those boring "eventmovies" that we had way too many of this summer.

Sporadically entertaining .

While it may be a little confusing at times, it is worth watching to the ends.

The characters are surprisingly engaging, amusing and unique by horror movie standards.

Now that I have watched it in its entirety it really was worth the watch.

Creepy and atmospheric, though slow in parts .

Once you know exactly what's going on the story becomes a little boring, and the only things that keep you watching are the fine performances and the overall alluring creepiness of the film's atmosphere.

what a waste of time, also the film seemed to go on forever with it's unrealistic plot, and with the whole movie being filmed in a car.

It's worth seeing though despite the slow stretches and the ending.

After falling asleep at the wheel and hitting another car the family come across the mysterious Lady in White (Amber Smith) and their initial attempts to help her lead them into a deadly and seemingly perpetual journey involving gory deaths and a mysterious black car.

One by one they start losing their sanity with stunning revelations being brought up, because of the shock and stress of this unbearable nightmare.

Undeniably surreal, sometimes downright ridiculous, sometimes even dramatic, full of plot holes that don't even seem to be plot holes at the end, still brilliant and truly entertaining.

Yes, you can see every plot point coming a mile off and yes the ending is predictable but for some reason I enjoyed it because of that rather than in spite of it.

In Dead End, the debut film from Big Nothing director Jean-Baptiste Andrea along with fellow collaborator Fabrice Canepa, the latter reaction occurs over and over again as a family on the road for Christmas experiences intense deja-vu with horrific consequences.

A very claustrophobic, intense and incredibly classy piece of dark comedy/horror.

but if you like crap like most recent American horror films-fast cuts, big (out of place) stars, and the shock value of gore of the sake of gore- than you probably will get bored and should probable take the 90 min and save the money you'd pay at the video store to instead to see a shrink, or get a CAT scan to work out your mental issues.

Frank will : a) decide for the first time in many years of taking this drive to try a short-cut, b) fall asleep at the wheel and c) come THISclose to getting them all killed when they barely miss an on-coming car.

Pointless hackery like this is just a waste of everyone's time.

In recent years, the low budget exploitation films and horror movies have become more contrived and lost a sense of spontaneity that used to be commonplace.

The mystery begins when a father of some decides he's bored with the highway and foolishly takes a shortcut.

It's probably scaring, full of surprises, full of unexpected events, really tense, in a word: hey, it's cool!!

This results in a much more intense and thrilling experience, leaving you expecting things to happen that don't, and vice-versa.

But it was enjoyable cause it was so creepy, gruesome and fake, my older brother and I watched it in the middle of the night when we were watching cable TV.

The food scene in the car is quite unexpected.

exciting and surprising .

**Final Verdict**I give this film 9/10 because it was very scary, and an intense thrill ride that picked you up and didn't put you down until the credits.

It went nowhere and relied on some cheap stunts in lieu of real plot twists.

But unfortunatelly this movie makes a big mistake and comes up with an ending, that is so uninspired and dull, that it takes away a lot of the overall-experience.

A very good, dark, unexpected treat, if you can sit through the terrible first 20 minutes you'll become highly intrigued.

Entertaining but tedious...

When perpetually agitated Frank (Ray Wise) set out with his family for another Christmas road trip, all he wanted was for something new, something fresh and exciting; something that wasn't the same boring drive down the interstate.

Surprisingly engaging mix of comedy and horror .

trying to decide if a movie is worth watching.

Really tedious horror *mild spoilers* .

A predictable plot, the denouement of which can be guessed in the first act, is lifted above complete dross by some very strong performances.

except to Marcott..hmm, intriguing.

The story is unpredictable.

*MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD* Instead, we get predictable shocks (I knew well ahead of time that baby was dead), inane & platitudinous one-dimensional characters (horny teen who master bates to porn, uptight father, stress-out mother, and of course the "bright" one of the bunch, the psychologist daughter whom saves the day).

Watching them come unbuttoned was the most entertaining piece of the movie.

It's super-predictable and you are constantly fed clues of what's going on to the point that you wonder if the film-makers expects their viewers to be complete idiots.

The ending was predictable, clichéd and a big letdown after spending so much time invested in the characters trying to escape their fate.

Don't waste your time on this, certainly not if you expect a good horror movie.

In fairness, I wasn't expecting much when I watched it- it's possible comedic value, and my sheer boredom encouraged me to make the decision.

I have watched hundreds of terrible horror movies and just about every single good one worth watching, or so i thought.

I will admit that it is one of the better horror/thriller movies from my local video store because I found it to be more entertaining than most other similar pictures(ex-Ghost Watcher, Dark Harvest).

The whole it was a dream is getting tiresome and someone needs to come up with something better.

Predictable, tedious, ridiculous, pretentious, these are just a few of my feelings about this movie.

What this film is, is a frivolous bit of fun, not really scary, not laugh out loud funny but to me, an enjoyable and uncomplicated bit of fun.

This whole premise is very exciting I think and it could have been done a lot better all around.

You can easily relate to the confusion that the characters are feeling.

This film is funny, scary, quickly paced and entertaining from beginning to end.

A drive through the unexpected...

If you are looking for a gore filled full on horror then 'Dead End' isn't it, but if you're looking for a psychological thriller that will not only hold your interest, but will keep you on the edge of your seat, then this is one of the best films you'll see in a long time.

Don't waste your time watching this, I have to turn if off after 25mins since I don't want to waste my precious time on such a failure.

Don't waste your money on this waste of space

A film saved by the "unexpected" twist ending - contains "SPOILERS" .

Its at this point that I feel I must address what others here have said about the film - that its boring, that its not scary or gory.

Fast-paced and surprisingly entertaining.

The movie is mostly footage from inside the car of a totally obnoxious family driving down a road having annoying pointless conversations.

One of the worst movies I've seen .

It's literally the only thing that ties this movie together for me - otherwise it would've just been another mystery horror with an empty plot.