Dead Lucky (2018) - Crime, Thriller

Hohum Score



When an armed robber with a history of murder resurfaces in Sydney, an under pressure Sergeant Gibbs and her trainee Charlie Fung race to catch him before he wreaks havoc across the city.

IMDB: 6.6
Stars: Rachel Griffiths, Yoson An
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 3 out of 30 found boring (10%)

One-line Reviews (7)

The acting all round is woeful but it is mostly Griffiths' contribution to this uninspiring steaming pile of crap that totally turned me off.

By the 2nd episode, the unexpected plot twists, which kept this long-time TV viewer guessing, overshadowed that.

Boring and predictable .

It looked to be really cliche, and the characters seemed like "TV characters".


Started Out Slow, Got Better Fast .

Uncreative, slow paced, uninteresting, flat characters, nothing special happening, good lord, how do these infantile projects get funded?