Dead Man Walking (1995) - Crime, Drama

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A nun, while comforting a convicted killer on death row, empathizes with both the killer and his victim's families.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Tim Robbins
Stars: Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 204 found boring (9.31%)

One-line Reviews (74)

A stunning film about a nun (Susan Sarandon) enlisted to comfort a death row inmate (Sean Penn) in the days leading up to his execution and the tentative friendship the two develop.

Don't waste your time!!!

The film is not, however, a standard propaganda movie.

But the movie comes so close to showing the "good" side of the death penalty, that the movie is clearly, distinctly "saved" from being a piece of bleeding-heart anti-DP propaganda.

The writing is trite, the direction deplorable.

Just as Penn's character is a waste of life (who wastes other lives) so is Penn himself here.

I admire any film that is brave enough to tackle controversial issues, but this film is one of a kind because it explores them in such a compelling fashion.

Lee Ermey, was a bit confusing.

A real intense feeling which directors like Kurosawa, Bergman, Wenders and Kiarostami have beautifully explored.

Worth watching alright.

Many find movies like this boring.

Riveting .

ACTING % Sean Penn and Susan Saradon give stunning performance.

This movie is terrible and so slow!!!!!

Because the chemistry of Susan's acting and Nusrat's music, is mind blowing.

I say this because he avoided convention and cliché.

A stunning film in every way (spoilers) .

It is a great film that is well worth watching.

Even though we can predict Poncelet's fate, we are drawn into the fascinating transforming journey of these two intriguing characters.

The script is a little flabby in places, and David Robbin's score could have been used more for impact, but there are still some fascinating set-pieces debating the nature of punishment, prejudice, redemption and religious belief.

It does, however, succeed in taking a look at the human issues involved in the death penalty debate instead of making simplistic propaganda for one side or the other.

It delves in the background of the doer and the sufferer with much intense drama.

SPOILER: This film was one of the most boring, tedious and nauseating examples of liberal American bilge I have ever seen.

Compelling and heartrending.

In its defense, though, it was probably worth watching since the performances were good (although Penn's was definitely sub-par considering his abilities) and it was fairly entertaining, not to mention well shot.

The acting was superb, the dialogue intense and dramatic, and the story had a terrific punch as it dealt with a common happening in our society today.

A boring, wishy-washy and forgettable film.

The movie is as slow and inexorable as a river.

This format leads to a slow build-up as Poncelet runs out of options and viewers start to wonder if he will truly meet his fate.

On the whole yes but some scenes dragged a little.

We see how he and Helen make the final connection, we see remorse in his eyes, we see him dying a slow death and at the same time the horror of the crime is exposed to us.

The somber music coupled with the slow march to the execution room as a cop shouts "Dead man walking!

The movie is well-worth watching.

This is engaging without being manipulative and well concluded without going for an unconvincing `Hollywood' ending.

The most pro-death penalty piece of propaganda ever .

Humane, brilliantly acted and continually engrossing character-study.

Highly recommend it.

The long silent scenes tend to get boring after a while, whereas the scenes of the car in the forest with the eerie music in the background are riveting.

Both Susan Sarandon as the nun and Sean Pean as the convicted murderer, the Dead Man Walking, are masterfully compelling in their respective roles.

I did, however, feel that the film tried too hard to make its audience feel, pushing emotion and intense dialogue on us in a way that they were expecting us to be in tears, rather than simply letting the piece and its characters speak for itself.

a wonderfully compelling film .

I really enjoyed it, it made a lot of sense.

I'll start by letting you know that if you're heavily into action movies, or movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat, than I don't think that this movie will be for you, because it's mostly just talking, for about two hours.

Worst movie ever .

This is not a movie for young children, very intense reenactment of a brutal crime plus language and adult themes.

When he breaks down in an uneventful moment and accepts his crime before Susan Sarandon, -the nun who has done everything she could to give him a fair chance - and subsequently apologizes to the parents of the victims just before his execution, the scenes of the brutal and shameless crime are brilliantly juxtaposed to the sophisticated act of execution.

The ending is a bit morbid yet gripping & the soundtrack is one of my favorites.

The message might have been worthwhile, but the presentation was so contrived that it came across as a propaganda film .

Direction, fotography, a thrilling and dramatic history, wonderful soundtrack and, most of all, the incredible credibility of Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, the best and most underestimated "under-40 generation" actor.

A movie that could've easily been arguing against the death penalty argument in a propaganda-like manner could've very well been the film we got.

While I believe that our judicial system should let the punishment fit the crime, and I personally have lack of sympathy for convicted murderers (not those who do a person in for self-defense), this movie's story and acting itself is compelling as it depicts a nun who empathizes with both the killer and the victim's families.

To some it might seem boring that there is no plot and only a story.

Confronting, confusing and up close...

It was bland, tedious, predictable, formulaic and very detached, and left very, very little to think about.

In those breathtaking final moments of catharsis, the audience is left with the big question - is taking a life right?

Both performances were worthy of Oscar consideration and expressed the enormously intense emotions which take place during the final weeks of one's life on death row.

And it hurt me much more that these people who murder the condemned because of their murder, can arrive home calmed and fall asleep, without feeling remorse.

Well acted and nicely written, Dead Man Walking is an enjoyable two hours that is worth the watch if you are looking for a good drama.

It's a compelling account of a horrible crime and how best to cope with it; and the main players involved in its conception have done themselves proud.

Morbid yet Gripping .

The script and acting are compelling and multi-faceted, the direction effective.

However, other than Penn's performance and an equally engaging one by Susan Sarandon, there's not much to see in this film.

I wish more films could be made that inspire a greater awareness for these compelling issues that surround us.

A thoughtful, brave and compelling story with all the complexities of punishment, forgiveness, evil, redemption and guilt.

Pretty boring, difficult to connect with and narratively messy - overall a bit of a letdown .

All in all, this movie is anti-death penalty propaganda.

"Dead Man Walking is a film that explores the unique and unexpected bond formed between a Catholic nun and a convicted murderer on Death Row.

Dead Man Walking is a stunning piece of filmmaking for many reasons.

Susan Sarandon is unbeatable in this powerful and fascinating adaptation of Sister Helen Prejean's true-life novel about her experiences as a nun counselling inmates on death row.

The blatant death penalty opposition was tedious.

This movie was suspenseful, riveting and emotional.

Is this an enjoyable film?

A gripping,thought provoking film.

The players are well-suited in writer-director Tim Robbins's gripping setting, who also contributes fine work, and the musical score does it justice that much more.