Dead Mary (2007) - Horror

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A group of friends enjoying a weekend in the woods play a game of "Dead Mary" and summon an evil witch who begins possessing them one by one.

IMDB: 4.4
Director: Robert Wilson
Stars: Dominique Swain, Marie-Josée Colburn
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 22 out of 48 found boring (45.83%)

One-line Reviews (57)

The ending is ridiculous and the first half an hour is deadly dull with too much talk and nothing of note happening, everything seeming disengaged.

Trying hard to stay awake for an ending that could possibly have saved the movie from sucking totally turned out to have been in vain, 'cause the ending was the biggest disappointment of them all.

First it is very formulaic: a bunch of young people go to a remote cabin where something supernatural will start hunting them.

It all fail to thrill and are very predictable and the drama is overwrought and sometimes unnecessary.

Remembering a night when you stood in front of a mirror, called Bloody Mary's name and thought nothing happened.

Bland, boring and features very little good moments .

What makes "Dead Mary" worth watching is the dark and eerie photography that has you feeling that, like those in the film, your in some kind of ghostly forest where it never stops raining.

They become bored the first night and dare to play the game of "Dead Mary".

The missing mood starts building up after the midpoint with some intriguing psychological horror.

Dialogue is very stilted and rambling, especially flat in the first half an hour, and although the film picks up a little after the first half an hour, it is still extremely bland and weird.

It is simply boring.

Considering myself to be quite a genre knower I believe this is one of the worst, or should I say BORING, horror flicks I've seen.

Speaking of The Evil Dead, this film reminded me a lot of it and I enjoyed it very much.

These boring friends talk and talk for hours about their personal baggage and who slept with whom almost to the point you forget you're watching a horror film, or are supposed to be.

Going on to the negatives, the story does feel over-stretched and some of it comes over as vague and under-explained in the last third where the film especially became duller, more predictable, more senseless and less unsettled and never gaining momentum.

But "Dead Mary" is awful, with a boring beginning, a messy story where "Dead Mary" never shows up, and a ridiculous conclusion.

They even wasted time of showing us, how bored they were, soon they play the Dead Mary game, well instead of the Bloody Mary , which was about hour into the movie.

Otherwise it all adds up to one huge and very boring movie.

We only want films that are able to keep us on the edge of our seats which this movie does throughout.

The only thing that stops me from rating the movie higher is that the beginning is so slow.

The strength here was in the slow naturalistic build and the good acting.

Intense and gripping horror .

Far to slow movie .

Honestly, this movie defines BORING.

what a waste of time.

Boring Mediocrity .

The first half is slow.

The first of which is the incredibly boring and nearly impossible-to-get-through beginning.

This is just way too dull for most of the film to take up with.

The first 35 minutes of the movie is the most bored I've ever been watching a movie (In my life).

There's no build-up, no sense of impending doom, just bored young adults and their problems.

So one by one our bored characters enter and exit a bathroom having uttered the most cursed of all names into the mirror.

Making the film feel bland and forgettable with not enough heart put into it.

I don't know what happened after that as there was no rules established, no plot established and whatever was killing people was not established.

stupid or no storyline....

But "Dead Mary" is awful, with a boring beginning, a messy story where "Dead Mary" never shows up, and a ridiculous conclusion.

It's really a cliché, right?!

The movie seems to go absolutely nowhere for the first half hour until Eva, Marie-Josee Colburn, suggests that the by now bored to tears young people play a Ouija-Board like game called "Dead Mary".

When they all try it, nothing happens and they go about the rest of the trip.

Torture and blood starts flowing fast in this suspenseful and horrifying gem.

Director Wilson does alright here actually, the film has a very laid back & lazy feel to it with slow camera moves, lingering shots & a pace that at times if it was any slower the film would be going backwards.

Dead Mary is slow and the director obviously took his time to get the viewer familiar with the characters (you'll have to admit, for a horror flick, the character development is pretty deep)I love the cinematography, the way the movie was shot, the film that was used, the colors that were brought out during the editing.

This is no classic, but it's a perfectly entertaining way to spend 103 minutes.

Chilling and compelling...

Ted was missing the whole movie (Guessing dead), Gas station was empty in the very beginning (all probably dead), No other vacationers in the area (Also probably dead)...

Though the beginning of the movie is a little slow, and some of it predictable, once the movie gets going it proves to be very enjoyable.

Boring, Boring, Boring.

A couple who seemed have broken before going Cabin in woods with friendsSo place it going will awkward for all their Friends, which to talk about 92 % of the movie, Which was very boring.

We went from a very long and drawn out beginning, that was more like a show of General Hospital than a movie, to people chanting Dead Mary in the mirror, to zombies, then possession (I think?

A lot of 'Dead Mary' has underdeveloped plot elements and often nonsensical and confusing character motivations, while too many of the things to make you shocked when the film sort of gets going are far from creative or unsettling.

Well worth watching .

But, their little personal dramas will mean little to them when they accidentally conjure an evil force during a game(resembling the "Bloody Mary"/"Candyman" mirror game..*yawn*)of "Dead Mary".

The film starts out uncomfortable then intense as it shows the dysfunctional relationships between some old friends who spend a weekend by the lake with each other.

Entertaining low budget horror .

The cinematography looks great, and could have easily made this an awesome horror film, but in the end, we are left empty and a bit confused.

The Final Verdict: With some really bad flaws and a few moments of watchability, this one comes off as wholly underwhelming and quite bland.

along with that, however, there were also a lot of conjecture scenes and pointless plot points too (hey where is that Ted guy anyway?