Dead to Me (2019) - Comedy

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A series about a powerful friendship that blossoms between a tightly wound widow (Applegate) and a free spirit with a shocking secret.

IMDB: 8.5
Stars: Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini
Length: 30 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 15 out of 262 found boring (5.72%)

One-line Reviews (77)

In my opinion the writers could've made it all even darker with the comedy-aspect and certain intense situations.

I think she was supposed to be some sort of feminist standard-bearer, but the politics are clumsy and dragged in by the scruff of the neck.

With dialogue that rings with realism along with creative subplots that hit emotional buttons, this series entertains, intrigues, and captivates it audience with a dash of R-rated conversations or stunning words spouting out of actors' mouths typically used behind closed doors and announcing unexpected twists.

Found it predictable and couldn't understand the fuss.

It's worth watching and falling in love with these characters.

So enjoyable .

I like the thrillers which start normally, build up nicely and end in the most unexpected way.

The plot twist are many and some are predictable .

The story is a bit drawn out because of this.

With crazy spoilers right from the start, a great cast and even greater writers you will feel suspended in this suspenseful dark ROM com, so all eyes on Linda Cardellini the hottest spinster of the neighboring old folks home and Christina Applegate the Brooklyn tough mature as they navigate life alone in the crazy streets of Newport.

The story has so many twist and turns and it's well worth the watch

The pacing of every scene and episode is enjoyable and kept me engaged throughout.

I want to start off by saying that for me, most of the time I try to avoid American Tv series' as I find many to be contrived, overly censored or just dull.

Binge watch, I enjoyed it very much so has a lot of twists.

Am I the only one who thought this show completely contrived and unbelievable?

Hats off to the writers and editing for a very compelling concept which never let's up.

The only real disappointment of this series is the slow demise of the fine balance of comedic and dramatic tones that eventually are almost drowned out with the darkness that creeps into many crevices in the later episodes, unlike the Emmy award winning "Killing Eve" television series that has been able to retain the wonderfully cynical humor that Dead to Me eventually fades into the mid-distance.

Outstanding tragic dramatic comedy with many funny and hilarious situations at the same time, as well as ingenious turn of events to make it compelling.

The writing is amazing and the acting performances were awe inspiring.

This was an unexpected find and I'm so glad!

A funny, engaging dark comedy that delivers.

Linda Cardellini is an actress I only know from the Scooby Doo movies and other supporting roles in comedies (Daddy's Home) and the MCU, I didn't really have an opinion of her, I didn't like or dislike her, but she is amazing hereDarkly comic at times and heartbreaking at others, it is utterly compelling and each episode just makes you want to watch the next.

Entertaining (especially for ladies) .

It was predictable and it was just about men bashing .

This is one of those stories that unwinds (or you might say unravels), slowly exposing additional tidbits that twist the storyline in new, and unexpected ways.

It's filled with suspense, small humor, sadness, dealing with grief, and thrilling all in one!

The acting of both leads is enjoyable and some of the dialogue is well written.

Just really boring, sloppy, predictable writing.

Super addictive, enjoyable characters and great cast.

Really enjoyable dark comedy, drama, crime all wrapped up in to one.

The pace is just so slow.

Enjoyed it faster than I thought I would have.

For a "suspenseful" dark comedy it was really predictable and had no suspense.

Fun, intriguing and worth watching.

The unexpected spots are what lifts this show way up over most drivel produced today.

Worth watching.

So, what gets it over the hump of predictable?

The story line is great, because it speaks of the unexpected.

Dull, pretentious, and poorly written .

It's a dark comedy with such talented folks and good engaging story telling.

The show is original, funny, witty but suspenseful and even deep at times.

Dead To Me Season 1 is a tale of sorrow and mystery, the latter intriguing its interested audience the most.

They literally miss everything that makes the experience of losing a spouse so horrible and profound and instead infuse this mess with pretentious opinions of what it's probably like sprinkled with the typical political agendas we've come to expect from our entertainers.

The story unfolds in the addictive, fun, stunning way that you want from and episodic procedural.

My wife and I were heckling the TV in the last 2, completely predictable, and formulaic.

Intriguing Mystery .

Very entertaining and easy to watch.

The story is too predictable

Really enjoyed it.

It's amazing how much is on tv, and how little is worth watching.

It's gripping and occasionally hilarious.

A very entertaining dark comedy.

Intriguing performances by both leading ladies.

Applegate is truly very compelling in her widowed character and her delivery of lines was just perfect.

Dead To Me is dull trudge through a "comedy" that forgot to be funny or even witty, and instead just settles for being unpleasant.

Instead it went from good, to slow, to predictable nothingness.

Waste of time!!.

The two ladies are awesome leads and the plot twists are non stop and unpredictable.

It is entertaining, and being only a 1/2 hour long, it is easy to watch and keep your interest.

The story is entirely predictable and simultaneously drags in places while skipping over important details which would add a layer of complexity to the characters and the story.

Dark, funny, exciting.

Both leads could be tedious, I mean how many times can you see Christina Applegate being slightly pissed off?

8/10 Adult comedy that isnt overly raunchy or pretentious.

The acting is also great and the pacing of the short episodes is engaging.

Really enjoyed it until it insulted half its audience at the end of episode 1 .

I highly recommend it, one of the best TV shows I have seen in a long time.

Worth watching though .

One of the waste series of recent time.

The show has great pacing, an engaging story, wonderful acting, and good character development.

Hilarious, intense, exciting.

This show is different, it's fresh, it keeps you on your toes as to what's going to happen next, and the characters are really enjoyable.

I experienced all sort of feelings watching this show, It made me laugh, it made me cry, it was thrilling and the pace was just right.

The show is simple and even with the plot twists it is slightly predictable in a comforting way.

I think Dostoevski would have enjoyed it.

There are some characters you'll want to see more of that don't get enough screen time, but perhaps giving them that would slow things down too much.

Suspenseful, twisted and funny in that order.

Thoroughly enjoyable.