Dear Comrade (2019) - Action, Drama, Romance

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A hot-blooded student union leader falls for a state-level cricketer but his anger management issues and violent streak threatens to derail their love story.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Bharat Kamma
Stars: Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna
Length: 169 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 17 out of 155 found boring (10.96%)

One-line Reviews (53)

Worst movie of the year .

Its and waste of time not like arjun ready movie and the hero roll is similar like arjun ready no story line

Intense, deep, soul-stirring flick.

Worst movie ever.

First half is an intense love story and the second is something else that he can't even imagine.

Boring Movie .

Intense love with Exceptional music (no duets like routine).

Stunning background music n songs.

Story which can be completed in 2 hours has been dragged for additional 50 minutes.

An intense love story .


Vijay deverakonda's and rashmika's performance was very matured and intense.

Dead Slow and Dragging .

, except the compelling rawness and vigor is seemingly amiss.

Most pretentious movie of the year .

After a slow and tortuous journey for these characters, the climax is very unimpressive.

This story doesn't beed the runtime you gave itComing to the movie, the movie is very entertaining, emotional and goosebump maker.

Mind Blowing Movie....

This Actress acting superb Sweet and emotion mind blowing.

The story was too lagging which was boring.

The second half of the second half comes out of nowhere and a lot of moments and even story is very cliche - one doesn't need to go through certain accidents to get the lead characters together.

Other than that movie is slow and boring.

The movie has a slow screenplay and most of the plot revolves around the ups and downs in their love story.

The film get sits applauds and sobs at all the right places, and stands out as an evocative, rousing crowd-pleaser which knows how romantic it must be.

Direction is really poor and dragged too much.

Worst movie i have ever seen.

Perhaps, that would also explain why even a contrived final sequence of confrontation seems to work.

A powerful and intense love with beautiful music .

Narration is very slow and routine body language from the lead actor and too much emotional drama which makes audience boring , a good message though which makes movie positive .

Director has dragged this story as much as he can.

this is just a propaganda movie.

Film hugely disappointed in terms of irritating screenplay throughout which makes it lagging and boring despite witnessing terrific performances from leads, finest cinematography.

Mind blowing screenplay and direction.

First Half: Bobby's Flashback, Student Leader Bobby (Vijay Deverakonda) intro, Fight Scene, Lilly (Rashmika Mandanna) Entry, Bobby - Lilly's Love Track, Flashback EndsSecond Half : Bobby meets Lilly in hospital, Bobby supports Lilly to achieve her goal, ClimaxPositives: * 2 Songs * Few Scenes on Lead pairNegatives: * Boring Narration * Screenplay * Length of the movie * Lack of freshness in the StoryFinal Verdict Comrade Disappointed

The middle part of the movie is bit draggy but the intense climax leave you speechless and ur heart with many emotions racing and will sure make u cry.

Waste of time .

it s moving forward very slow......

Damn dead slow paced, ruthless screenplay, keep dragging the story till you get frustrates and turn off the TV!

A Movie Worth Watching.

Very very slow .

My respects to the crew for making a thought provoking and an entertaining film as well.

Very slow and boring movie.

Simply dragged the movie to 2.45 hrs.

Story is about the intense love of a student union leader who falls for state cricket player and what makes him fight for heroine's dream is rest to watch on screen.

Absolutely no story line.

there was no plot.

Dear Comrade is a love based story intensive movie and it is very well written and executed.

This is one of such Telugu movies which has a wonderful story line, The acting Of Both Vijay Devrakonda and Resmika Mandaana is fabulous, This movie consists of various phases life, and how a person can change after falling in love, all is to say a wonderful experience worth watching.

Utterly boring.

Worst movie nothing is there in movie worst acting by rashmika maddanna be acting ok

slow and disappointing .

Tedious To Watch .

It aint your general fast paced action packed telugu romance movie.