Dear John (2010) - Drama, Romance, War

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A romantic drama about a soldier who falls for a conservative college student while he's home on leave.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Lasse Hallström
Stars: Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 47 out of 218 found boring (21.55%)

One-line Reviews (103)

love, death, Dear John's love story is more paternal than heterosexual and its various deaths are entirely unexpected.

I thought the movie was actually going to be good because so many people said it was worth watching.

Overall the movie was pretty slow and I got a little restless about hour and 20 minutes in.

"Dear John" is an engaging drama.

I'd say it's definitely worth watching and I wouldn't listen to all the critics.

For the first hour or so I was either bored by the ridiculously predictable drama or amused by the horrendous "romance".

The movie has its moments but tends to overdo the soap opera and goes on far too long.

So basically, if you are a great fan of Nicholas Sparks, don't waste your time or money on this movie...

Though Channing and Seyfriend give great performances (I was very pleasantly surprised by Channing's), and the father-son scenes are very touching, the plot itself was rather confusing.

The problem is lack of plot.

At least, I enjoyed it.

It was interesting and entertaining, and I enjoyed it...

Quite an unexpected surprise .

Sounds boring?

The direction is good too, while the cinematography and scenery are breathtaking and the score beautiful.

Abandonment, commitment, redemption are depicted beautifully in this story of love and the coming of age.

From the dull acting/characters to the ever slow moving plot and boring dialogue.

Now I loved The Notebook and A Walk To Remember in fact these two are my favourite Nichloas Sparks movies of all time in my opinion as the story was better and more believable,here its kinda boring and clichéd.

what a waste of time .

Some of his works, is becoming very repetitive.

I love a good love story, so don't think I rated it 1 because I hate romance stories, it's just because this romance film is very dull one.

I had a real hard time getting into the second half of the movie because of this, while the first half of the movie was perfectly told, in a slow and beautiful way.

Throughout the whole movie after they have split, the 'back and forth' relationship is (for me) too predictable.

The Richard Jenkins track is a yawn, it looks out of place.

The acting is really good and I enjoyed it.

boring .

Now the trailer is just plain dull and boring looking to the point I wanted to avoid watching this.

To sum up, I have to say that "Dear John" is a bad movie with a poor and boring plot that don't make an effort of maintaining the interest of the audience if there was any.

It also was cliché movie.

At point the story lost it's credibility and became dull.

Perhaps it was my brain's defence mechanism, hoping to protect me from the cerebral poison of the worst kind of chick-flick, or perhaps my mind was attempting to kill itself, sending me to the suicide of sleep, but either way I fell asleep eight times during the film.

Stories behind the coins were really fascinating.

Both the remake and this sequel are amazingly boring and uninteresting, skill-less shtick regurgitations aimed at milking some quick cash from an undiscriminating MTV kid audience.

The movie was kinda of blah and it really was just one boring story.

An engaging romantic drama .

This movie was brilliant, emotional and unexpected.

Definitely worth watching.

While they both didn't do so hot separately, I have to say the chemistry between them when they were on set together was believable, intense and undeniably noteworthy; Certainly the best thing about the movie, in my opinion.

His character looks awkward and empty.

Recommended to those fond of intense relations and profound issues.

The beginning is very boring.

But my girlfriend dragged me into watching it.

He plays an autistic individual who has an intense interest in coin collection.

Compelling and endearing, though some things definitely just don't click at times...

The script: Basic storyline, predictable scene.

worst movie that i have ever watched, shocking story line.

I saw this recently with a friend of mine at the cinema and we walked out half way through!

I think the storyline was really good and I enjoyed it greatly.

Otherwise it is an extremely pointless experience.

I was looking forward to seeing two bright young actors appearing in "Dear John," but it was very slow moving; and I felt that both the screenplay and the direction hampered the flexibility of the principle performers.

Sure, the acting was decent, the script was well written, and the music was fairly engaging.

and stick them in your mouth to stifle your yawns because if you're not wiping the tears from your eyes due to the syrupy clichéd seen it all before romantic drama then you'll definitely be bored by the way the story is told and shotMuch of the film's problem is the way it's shot and framed .

The "twist" seemed so cliché.

The only thing that makes this movie a 8 and not a 10, is because the ending is a little predictable.

The acting isn't very good, Channig Tatum does a good job but the character is pretty basic, same case with Amanda Seyfried, it's basically two stereotypical characters doing what they supposed to be doing, so the plot becomes predictable and can be discovered in the first 10 minutes.

As much as I adore him his portrayal of John is kinda bland.

Anyways I started watching this movie, and just like what I expected the beginning was plain dull and tries to make it way too clean and predictable with uninteresting characters.

I was enjoying the movie a lot, and the "she found a new guy"/ "they're engaged" part, was quite cliché as well.

At first, it was just dull.

Inevitably, John and Savannah topple madly in love with each other and launch an endless exchange letters of love letters that are sleep-inducing by any standard.

with the female protagonist "forced" to marry her older neighbour as he is dying and the male protagonists father dying all in amidst their romance going up in flames while (channing) is overseas participating in a war due to 9/11, it is just unbelievable and gets to the point where it is a series of depressing events crowded together instead of a put together story, I'm a teenage girl and while all my friends enjoyed it because it was "soo sad" i feel that a well maintained storyline would have had a greater affect than just creating a movie for young girls to cry in.

In my opinion it was exciting.

I saw this recently with a friend of mine at the cinema and we walked out half way through!

they meet and fall in love in two weeks his dads slow and likes coins.

the movie is boring and the love story is totally unoriginal and dumb.

The feel-good ending is far-fetched and trite.

There was some beautiful photography of the Carolinas but this is a boring and stupid romantic "drama".

It's also difficult to think who the film might appeal to because women will be put off by the war scenes while guys will be put off by the long dull talky sickly sweet scenes.

Maybe if you haven't read the book you might like this movie, but I thought it was so dull compared to the book.

This is by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It is too long and boring.

She has that engaging, sensuous appeal to her that captivates you the minute you see her on screen.

If only the plot was little bit more interesting this could have been an outstanding love story, but, of course, it was very predictable, therefore not the greatest thing you will see.

Not only is, Channing Tatum's character kinda boring, Tatum delivers line, so wooden, that it's hard to believe, that Savannah loves him, anything else than his looks.

Worth watching, ignore the critics .

Due to her unique and ultimately stunning looks and way of acting, talking and apparently feeling, I was completely captivated by her by the end of the movie.

Now I know people who have watched this movie before and they seemed to have enjoyed it, so I figured what the heck!

At least the story steered clear of the usual romantic twists and as such keeping it fresh though safe, and tolerable rather than to roll your eyes at another cliché.

And because a lot of the scenes are through letter reading, it can get boring real quick.

Save your money & two hours of your life & just buy a can of sweet corn.

The storyline was very engaging and took you on an emotional journey from the beginning to the end.

however from the start to the end of the movie i was either bored, frustrated or rolling my eyes in disgust.

Touching, riveting, and just deep enough to choke you up every now and then.

The only reason I rated this film as 2 is because Channing Tatumis beautiful however the whole film lacks emotion and was boring to watch.

In summary, Dear John is a simultaneously tragic and apathetic romance which enormously bored me.

But 'Dear John' was predictable.

There were also some compelling supporting characters in John's father (Richard Jenkins) and a neighbor friend of Savannah's named Tim (Henry Thomas, who can still deliver years after his breakthrough as Elliott in E.

However, save for that egregious continuity errors it was predictable bu good, one tissue tearjerker.

Usually I adore a good romance but this was just a waste of time, I didn't shed a tear despite it containing sad content it just wasn't acted very well at all.

Predictable .

Just waste of my time!

If that sounds like a fairly contrived story-line, then the reason that he ends up receiving her "Dear John" letter while serving abroad will stretch credulity even further as will the way that it still ends up all happy ever after for the two by the very end.

The filming, locations, characters and storyline all make for a movie worth watching.

Tatum and Seyfried give both loving and tragic performances, and as a couple they are pretty perfect, despite its cheesy moments and slightly predictable material, it is quite an emotional story that can affect both the women and the men, a most watchable romantic drama.

Nothing crazy, very linear, slow paced and calm.

Second off, the chemistry between Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum is pretty dull.

Lasse Hallstrom's adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' Dear John was a very compelling drama to me .

It's just about that simple, the dialogue is very dull and uninteresting, I couldn't stand the script, with dull characters saying dull lines of dialogue, one gets bored and increasingly uninterested as the movie goes along.

The best scenes in the movie, by far, were the intense scenes with John and his father, especially the "hospital scene," in which Channing gives a great performance.

Much of this is amiable enough, mildly emotional if essentially somewhat inconsequential, and enlivened by some rather unexpected plot developments towards the end.

Watchable, but too tiresome to watch such shallow love of the younger people.

the story is so simple and predictable.

Well, the chemistry between Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried is really intense and it is one of things that saves this movie.