Dear Mr. Gacy (2010) - Crime, Drama, Horror

Hohum Score



A chronicle of the interaction between college student Jason Moss and the object of his obsession, serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Svetozar Ristovski
Stars: William Forsythe, Jesse Moss
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 3 out of 26 found boring (11.53%)

One-line Reviews (16)

He also finds himself playing a little too perfectly into Gacy's hypnotic spell, which is complemented by all the right situational elements of his own life --- boredom with his girlfriend, resentment of his controlling mother, subtle contempt for his passive brother's victim-hood at the hands of the school bully.

Well acted, intense and frighteningly realistic .

Boosted by an intense performance from Forsythe as Gacy, the pic is always compelling, though some poetic licence has been taken to advance the plot dynamics.

The life story of Jason Moss is at least as intriguing – and slightly disturbing - as that of the people he dedicated his life researching… Imagining the depressing and harsh subject matter he dealt with continuously, I can more or less comprehend why he committed suicide at the age of 31, even though there isn't any actual indication that his work directly or indirectly led him to end his own life.

If it had a broader scope, it might just be the definitive Gacy biopic, but it probably wouldn't be as outright compelling, either.

Remarkably intense and creepy, he seemed to embody John Wayne Gacy.

The pace is slow due to the fact that the kid and Gacy don't go face to face until close to the end.

I would recommend this film, without a doubt, for anyone who read the book, whether you enjoyed it or not.

It is a slow, well timed, minimalist, almost art house type film, think it is also directed quite well.

Intense psychological serial killer thriller .

The cliché "be careful what you wish for" immediately comes to mind.

The story is exciting and follows the main character's journey into the mind of a serial killer, and crosses back and forth between the main character's thoughts of "I'm glad I am doing this" and "What did I get myself into?

The bond between Moss and Gacy develops so damn predictable!

What we end up experiencing is an intense and uncomfortable story that goes far deeper into the psyche of Gacy and anyone who came into contact with him than the usual fare.

It's surprising that the substantial bulk of serial killer movies has yet to render anything really compelling about one of its most complex and twisted subjects --- John Wayne Gacy.

All in all, DMG is an intense, fun ride you won't forget.