Death at a Funeral (2010) - Comedy

Hohum Score



A funeral ceremony turns into a debacle of exposed family secrets and misplaced bodies.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Neil LaBute
Stars: Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 122 found boring (17.21%)

One-line Reviews (43)

Not all of the laughs are the type where you laugh out loud, but I found the entire film enjoyable.

This remake was genuinely pointless, a waste of money and I wish I hadn't watched it because it might put a dampener on the UK version- so I highly recommend that you watch the UK version and skip this one.

I found it to be enjoyable enough, especially because it was amazing how the funeral turned out with all the weird things happening.

Yeah it's the same story but boosted with many more enjoyable laughs.

Bored to death by Death at a Funeral!

Which doesn't really work most of the time, the trailer seemed pretty dull and boring comedy and this movie is basically the same.

Unfortunately, little do they know there are so many secrets that will be revealed from so many different people in the family as they tread through chaos and confusion.

A remake worth watching it.

pointless .

After watching the 2007 movie one left the theater with a smile; after watching this movie one leaves hoping that their funeral won't be as disastrous as the one in the movie.

I found them both funny and entertaining.

Completely pointless and if you want to buy the DVD just make sure its the original you click on and not this piece of rubbish.

Yes, it was silly, and had a lot of bad language, but is was hilarious at points and very entertaining.

The movie attempts to be goofy but winds up being contrived.

What was hilarious then is repetitive and annoying now.

Both of these movies are good, enjoyable, fun watches.

Overall, Death at a Funeral is an excellent movie that is well worth watching if you want to have a laugh (actually, tons of laughs).

Luke Wilson was pretty much pointless here, not offering much in terms of anything worthwhile.

It's my own fault that I was boring and watched it anyway.

Still the movie was very entertaining and warrants a second look.

Worth watching!

All the other reviews on here are calling this movie boring and useless.

I don't know how good the original version is, but this movie felt like a waste of time most of the way through.

Uncle Russell played the role of entertaining and kept the audience in the mood of laughing.

Entertaining .

Was entertaining and a good laugh.

It wants to be mad slapstick, but reverts all the time to ponderous, sibling-issues dialogue utterly out of place, and unthinkable during the crises.

You'll be bored.

Completely pointless remakeThe original British version was perfect....

In the uproar that follows, a resolute Rock commands the audience's attention because his trite message is important.

" The need for loud "comedians" to reiterate what just happened in something considered part of a visual medium, is confusing and aggravating.

A pointless remake of an excellent British film.

So, while the British "Death at a Funeral" is inventive and funny, this American "Death at a Funeral" is just disjointed and profane.

Still, this was quite an entertaining comedy to me that didn't become too unbelievable in the way things happened.

Out of a 6 star rating scale I gave it a 5.4 because it was great but there were one or two things that threw me off from a perfect score but it is an enjoyable moving that can be shared with the whole family.

3 years after the solid Death at a Funeral, an entertaining British comedy, for some reason it was remade in America with the same screenwriter, the same jokes, the same characters and even the same actor playing the dwarf.

Both these movies are good, enjoyable, fun watches.

Completely pointless remake .

DVD has an enjoyable commentary track by the director and actor:Rock, three featurettes, deleted scenes and outtakes.

The film lacks a main plot line, which makes it extremely boring.

However, on occasion I find myself with an agreeable attitude, as in this case, watching and hoping to find a nugget of merit amid a pointless mimic.

Only watched half of it - what a waste of time that was .

Bored to Death....