Death of a President (2006) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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Years after the assassination of President George W. Bush in Chicago, an investigative documentary examines that as-yet-unsolved crime.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Gabriel Range
Stars: Hend Ayoub, Becky Ann Baker
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 17 out of 124 found boring (13.7%)

One-line Reviews (87)

There was no message beyond the flimsily appended, "Patriot ACT, wah wah wah...

The script was excellent, and the way you're is forced into these intense, face to face sessions with the characters works much better in this pseudodocu format than it would have as a normally structured movie.

And even if it did, it spread itself too thin in being unbiased and the events following the assassination were just predictable and were nothing more than childish statements on what's wrong with the country: racial profiling, the "Big Brother" concept/Patriot Act, and Iraq.

What looked like it was going to be an intriguing bit of extrapolation on the political situation caused by the current president's domestic and foreign policies, and the subsequent possible reactions of the worlds most self-righteous and dangerous superpower to the assassination of it's leader, unfortunately turned out to be a rather disappointing who-dunnit.

It's the Blair Witch Project of politics; a consistently entertaining mockumentary that warrants much intrigue and delivers some genuine suspense.

That it sides with a right-thinking, open-minded liberal 'Left' is admirable and that it is very well made of its kind is to be applauded, but as someone who sympathizes with its political point-of-view I was somewhat disappointed by the sheer bland matter-of-factness of its arguments.

I just found the movie to be plain boring.

So instead they choose this complicated idea to share a boring political stand point.

I saw "Death Of A President" a few nights ago and found the movie to be incredibly boring.

If you can get past this first sentence and any political undercurrents, then it is well worth the watch for pure entertainment value.

Mix of adrenaline filled excitement of a news flash and a touch of dryness that even the best of old-fashioned documentaries suffer from.

The only negative aspect to the film is that it's pretty slow.

Inordinately fascinating study into the hypothetical assassination of Geroge W.

Death of a President is a terrific mockumentary, thoughtful and engaging, as it details a fictional event in a way that almost makes you believe something like this happened or could very well occur.

Admirable but a tad on the dull side .

Told mostly through interviews of the individuals involved, all well acted, the movie suddenly hooks back into what made it so compelling at the beginning: the emotional core of watching a documentary and people telling their stories.

This is a strange and compelling movie.

This was just dull.

And to Bush's bible- belt-supporting legions of unquestionable servants, the movie's utterly realistic depiction of this fictitious gun-down will all but guarantee Conservatives equate this sentiment with Nazi propaganda.

Excruciatingly dull leftist trash .

In all, Death of a President was a very entertaining mockumentary and deserves to be seen.

"Death of a President" is a compelling cautionary tale.

Did you ever think assassination could be boring.

Despite intense and violent protests on the road to the convention centre and outside, the speech went well and President George Bush felt buoyed to the point where he decides to go on a controlled rope walk.

Perhaps for true huge political fans such as myself it might be worth looking at and dissecting but for the average film goer you'll find it boring and uneventful.

Basically, you're gonna assume it'll start off with Bush getting picked off somehow by some dubious fellow, and move onto an intriguing "what-if" scenario.

I can get barely ten lines in on what a waste of time this was.

Pointless fake when REAL documentaries show credible information the world needs to know.

Don't waste your money or your sense on this ridiculousness.

It was entertaining to see what Cheney might do if confronted with such a situation.

engrossing .

right now do we really need a fictitious documentary confusing the truths and facts about government vs.

Pure Garbage sick government made film propaganda .

Exciting as the "recreation" of the foul deed may be, "Death" is really more about the capturing, trial, and conviction of the suspected assassin, who may or may not be the killer.

The movie then takes a sudden, sharp turn, throwing the audience into a series of faux interviews featuring fictional characters, either your boring talking-head analyst or your 'I was there' type, all delivering a fairly straight forward description of what happened and what happens next and it doesn't really work.

I thought the concept was in poor taste, and the plot was predictable.

Death of a President is well, intriguing.

For me, it was bland, bland, bland, with a side of reheated leftover commentary.

Overall enjoyable to watch.

If you want reality watch the Corporation or Supersize Me or even a Michael Moore film but don't waste your time with this as it unfortunately manages to fall between all stools.

Predictable at best.

The film itself was well worth watching, and should be no surprise to anyone who is paying attention to what has been happening this country in the last seven years.

The 2 events have nothing to do with each other in reality, so this is obviously a propaganda film, that will make the viewer more apt to support actions against protesting, against constitutional rights of citizens.

What it IS about is: Big Brother, the Patriot Act, loss of civil liberties, racial profiling, corrupt and hidden political agendas, etc.But what is fantastic is that ALL of this important information is presented in a highly entertaining film with excellent production values, great editing and truly believable roles.

It is surprisingly engaging and the director works well with the score and script to keep it tight throughout.

"What IF" history is an intriguing way of looking at history.

As such it is actually a pretty engaging and professional affair.


propaganda movie against protesters and freedom .

Regardless of how we got there, anti-patriotic propaganda like this uncalled for.

as if they decided to try and give a twist that was unexpected just for the sake of it.

The major problem with this is its banality.

The whole thing is as entertaining as being steam-rolled into your armchair by a Lee Harvey Oswald documentary.

So boring, in fact, I left three-quarters of the way through it.

" Considering how dull the flick can get, it could have used a little bit of Jack Bauer.

An appropriate ending as we, the public, typically are forced to live with confusion and misinformation over the events that shape our countries and our lives, never knowing for sure what really happened, only what our governments have told us to believe.

BTW, most of the acting was terrible and so contrived.

While it is still engaging and interesting I was left wondering what the point was and, with a clear message or reason to it I was often left thinking that it was a bit flame-baiting for conservatives.

It was intense and you almost felt as if you were there.

I did think that the script was rather predictable and unoriginal.

If you are ready to lose 90 pointless minutes of your lives that you will never get back, and get your intelligence insulted, then watch this!

It is entertaining, and eerily foreshadowing.

It is a clever and snappy commentary of our times.

What makes it gripping and somewhat eerie is the subject matter - the assassination of a current president - and the emotional distance that the director creates through the use of a documentary style.

And while "Death" may have an unnerving style, and even be quite powerful at times, its central gimmick is hard to sustain for the entire runtime and it ends up being exactly what a documentary shouldn't be: kinda dull.

Nevertheless, the plot is suspenseful, the acting and staging are realistic enough, and it's a good way to spend one and a half hours.

since the idea of terrorism is at its very peak in the states, people will be led and scared into passing judgement without the evident, and believing that this act had been committed through terrorism, maybe we should all appreciate the work of Gabriello Range for this fascinating piece into our perception of humanity as a race.

However, if the movie let imagination run wild we would have a memorable commentary rather than a boring CSI botch-up.

Even the killing itself was a bore...

admittedly in a mist of confusion i almost suspected i had completely lost the plot!

This movie bored me to distraction.

They needed to say something in this movie, something smart, significant and compelling about President Bush, his actions, his America and the nature of his opponents.

Death of a President is an intriguing motion picture, and if you get caught up or offended by the assassination of George W.

Strange and compelling .

Suddenly, with the dramatic tension removed, all of the characters revert to clichés: the protester suspects are come across as dirty, amoral hippies, the investigators come across as jack boot fascists, the nerdy forensics guy who talks about searching for evidence looks like he stumbled out of the scientist cliché-nerd character workshop, and more.

I made sure not to miss a moment, and it was very entertaining, even though it was a "documentary", and a false one at that.

The film itself is fairly engrossing.

The actors/actresses are all pretty good, but sometimes the dialog is too long and a bit silly.

After about an hour of this, then we go into the formulaic dystopian aftermath stuff that we have seen done in so many movies, some successfully, others not so much.

Fiction novelists use this tool as an entertaining genre.

" It is a stunning work, literally.

And because the events portrayed haven't happened yet, and because we live in a world in which they could, the mystery that the documentarians are trying to solve in the film is even more of a mystery for us in the audience, and even more compelling.

The plot (loosely defined) was feasible, but the documentary-interview style (with several experts, CIA agents, confidants of the president etc. post assassination) used in the film was not only full of some absolutely amateurish acting performances, but often quite boring as well.

But, to reiterate, the concept is very intriguing, even brilliant, and I think it's fair to say it was executed pretty well.

When there is so much propaganda happening in the U.

Its pure propaganda and a silly attempt to lead America astray again.

In further support of the movie, the acting was good for the most part, and the real footage meshes perfectly with a simple yet engaging story that just seems to work.