Death Wish (2018) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Dr. Paul Kersey is an experienced trauma surgeon, a man who has spent his life saving lives. After an attack on his family, Paul embarks on his own mission for justice.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Eli Roth
Stars: Bruce Willis, Vincent D'Onofrio
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 93 out of 605 found boring (15.37%)

One-line Reviews (325)

Boring that's it.

In summary, this new remake did nothing for me as far as emotional level is concerned, it's just another bad remake to capitalize with a big name actor, but somehow, you think they could do better, plain and simple - very bad director, acting and chemistry was so so, not all their fault, they don't have much to work with, don't waste your time with this remake.

What I found most satisfying is how the film moved at a slow and almost deliberate pace.

Nothing groundbreaking here, but surprised how much I enjoyed it.

The intro sequence was fun to watch, as it was reminiscent of B series action flicks from the 70s, but as the film went on, montage after montage, the story and action unfold in quite a bland manner, without ever generating much excitement.

There's only like 2 little parts that didn't really flow for me and I think there was something missing, but the ending was decent and like I said earlier I enjoyed it.

The focus on firearms is intense and our 'hero' goes from casual civilian to, essentially, cold-blooded serial-killer in the space of a scene, with his reaction to his first kill being nothing short of psychopathic, making the movie feel morally dubious, at best.

But if you are bored and dont have anything els to do, it is an okay movie to spend the time.

One paced and predictable, this movie is a waste of time and an insult to one's intelligence.

With its flashy visuals (which include overuse of De Palma-style split screen), graphic violence (a squished head being the most fun), and occasional usage of popular songs on the soundtrack, this right-wing pro-gun propaganda piece (even the gun saleswoman is gorgeous) is mainstream trash, as one might expect from the 'genius' who gave us Hostel, The Green Inferno and Knock Knock.

Soooo many cliché's.

Worth watching .

Overall, the characters are boring and offer nothing new to the table, the acting wasn't bad, and some characters were unnecessary.

Complete Waste Of Time .

It has its flaws and you shouldn't take it too seriously, but at the end of the day it is entertaining and if you treat it solely as entertainment going into it, you'll have a good time at the movies.

It's an odd thing to have had happen and an even odder thing to consider after you sit through this dire and tiresome revenge thriller that completely fails in justifying its existence.

The film was overly predictable and I wouldn't want it any other way.

This is both good and bad, it is nice to see Willis develop into who he becomes, and not just magically get there like in most films, but it also a bit slow at times.

It's an entertaining movie with plenty of character and emotion.

It's chilling, mysterious, exciting, badass, awesome music, fresh, and vibrant.

Story wise very predictable house break in follow up with obvious revenge.

Not the best movie I've ever seen, I think I would have enjoyed it more without the obvious "message movie" talking heads.

At this point in his career, Willis has shot so many bad guys in the head that now he just looks bored doing it.

A thoroughly entertaining movie and recommended to those who like the genre.

worth watching for real action lover audience.

The whole police non-investigation angle is also a waste of time.

Willis' smirking and lazy performance made for a real snooze fest.

I wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat engrossed in every scene, in fact, I was mainly bored and repulsed.

Action packed blast with some of the most brutal kills I have ever seen on film, Bruce Willis is back and better than he has ever been.

Its not as nuanced as the original, but it is an enjoyable action film.

This was actually a pretty good and entertaining movie.

Worth the watch .

Waste of time .

Pretty boring with bad pacing.

First of all what I liked was the action scenes, which were rare, too rare for an action movie, but they were good and intense.

Setup was too slow and dragged.

And of course it coming out in the thick of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting didn't help its reputation either, but, as it stands its a enjoyable little action flick with Bruce Willis playing Bruce Willis.

Ok, but pointless .

Wonderfully entertaining movie.

In interviews, Roth mentioned that he would try his best to mimic the unassuming but shocking and intense violence found in movies like A History of Violence (2005) and Eastern Promises (2007).

Don't waste your time!

I enjoyed it with my wife.

The setup is perfectly crafted, and is not rushed, or dragged out.

Seems like a really formulaic movie without much creativity or passion.

Instead, some boring moments in the beginning, some nonsense, a political agenda (it feels like an advertisement for guns), and terrible acting (Shue is the exception).

We enjoyed it very much!

I see plenty of junk on Netflix rated in the 6.0 range on IMDB and lots of it is unwatchable, at least this one had some entertaining moments!

Veteran actor Vincent D'Onofrio, age 58, is also equally uninspiring.

Shocked that Bruce Willis was a part of this anti-Second Amendment propaganda.

America has been starving for a truly entertaining film with no political baggage, and Death Wish delivers.

Meanwhile, the rudimentary, spontaneous practice-kills feel more like an urban asphalt Western, like the original, while the third act is extremely predictable only because...

So I say to anyone who reads this, if you have a Death Wish, watch Bruce bore you to death.

Thoroughly enjoyable revenge/vigilante flick .

Overall, the action is quite bland, except for the overly exaggerated brutality.

A entertaining revenge move .

Super intense .

The screenplay and directing is so god-awful we get this confusing, expressionless, one-dimensional surreal dialogue that we only bare by fantasizing we are watching The Naked Gun: Death Wish.

I enjoyed it.

Good action, predictable .

The original story and movie used to be rather good, but this 2018 version is just a bland, rehashed pile of ridiculousness.

He is monotone.

There is lots of action throughout the entire movie, despite it being heavily predictable.

Death Wish is no different - It is a surprisingly enjoyable film with some gruesome moments, entertaining action scenes, well rounded characters and decent set pieces.

And as it stands its a serviceable enjoyable action film that delivers the goods without any filler.

An unexpected treat.

It packs a screeching and thrilling musical score composed, orchestrated and performed by Ludwig Göransson .

The slow beginning doesn't help.

It is entertaining, fast paced, very well scripted and acted.

It has a deadweight and sleepwalking lead (supposed to be the moral/emotional center of the movie), a relative confusion in tone (big budget action movie?

Like many on here who knew beforehand what they were going to see I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Heavy handed vigilante flick that smacks of pro-gun propaganda .

His wife Lucy (Elisabeth Shue) knows this is a good thing for their daughter but also knows that it is a turning point in their lives as they will soon be facing an empty nest.

It is funny that people guzzling Hollywood propaganda and demonstrably false ideas about firearms then call film which is actually neutral on the subject, scream that it must be: "NRA propaganda.

This is a great modern day version of the 1974 revenge film and is extremely entertaining.

Basically, the film on the merits is watchable and enjoyable, if youre not looking for a reaffirmation of your own political views in literally everything you watch.

Very entertaining .

I highly recommend it to fans of Bruce Willis, action, and the original film.

Want an easy and entertaining watch, give it a whirl.

Death Wish is an entertaining film about a vigilante who takes matters into his own hands.

Enjoyed it, some funny scenes involving violence, could of done with a few more.

It was intriguing and made you wonder how he was going to get through it.

NRA propaganda.

Bruce Willis is as stiff as Cardboard but it's still an Enjoyable Ride .

Action movies are supposed to have guns and violence, but this movie had moments that felt like a drawn out gun commercial.

Hardly "pro-gun propaganda" what it is, is solid quality and entertaining action film .

It's certainly thrilling , though the morality may be questionable , even in this time, as the spectators were clearly on the Kersey-Willis' side .

Made on a somewhat low budget of $30 million, Death Wish doesn't have the epic feel of the Die Hard series or some of Willis' other blockbusters, though it does have nice cinematography, exciting gun battles, and the overall solid production values that Willis' last few years of direct-to-DVD efforts have completely lacked.

This was mindless and the cinema was empty so it was a good two hours of killing time.

Muddled, ponderous and tepid .

But the real problem of Roth's remake is that it almost feels like a padded exercise for political references, there are endless, pointless, and sometimes silly scenes of radio hosts debating vigilante violence and its negative causes to society.

Yet, if you suspend this tie to realism, you will certainly enjoy this thrilling ride.

..the worst movie I've ever seen.

Anyway, the 2,3, and 4 star reviews are accurate, as the film is trite, and not very exciting or exacting for a revenge film.

Also the script spent too much time showing Bruce Willis acting sensitive, which also got boring.

Dragged down by a bad script.

Pointless remake of the '70s Charles Bronson classic this time with Willis as a surgeon turned vigilante after a home invasion claims his wife's life.

Indeed, the film as a whole was fast-moving and included superior aesthetics than the original, low-budget Charles Bronson "Death Wish" films from the 1970s.

Bland remake brings nothing new to the revenge genre .

Thrilling and violent action movie in which Bruce Willis/Paul Kersey seeks vengeance when his family is attacked by some ruthless thieves .

Don't waste your time!

Yawn .

It is very riveting, and entertaining.

It was a thrilling concept to see a guy being twisted around to going on a shooting spree to save the innocents.

Over time Paul becomes frustrated with the police and their slow progress so he decides to take matters into his own hands.

A bland revenge thriller with nothing remarkable about it - passable acting, passable plot, functional characters and ok action scenes.

D'onofrio's character was absolutely pointless and could be entirely cut out and it wouldn't make any difference to the movie.

The film is entertaining.

The daughter was pointless and how did she recover from her injuries so soon.

In spite the genre, its plodding, slow and deliberate, which gives Kersey a sense of intelligence.

This manipulation patently arises with the bowling ball and a wife's ring scene that appears to too artificial and cliché.

I had to put my hands over my eye just a few times, not so much during the violent or gory scenes (there were a couple), but during the suspenseful parts.

It's predictable as they come, as in we know in the end Bruce Willis will find the murderers and get his revenge.

With today's headlines and body count in Chicago, it seems very real for people to be rooting for anyone who can at least help slow down the madness of innocent people (including children) being shot without regard for human life.

I rated this one a strong 7 for being relatively entertaining.

you can go waste you money, for curiosity sake...

What makes this even worse is that when the movie does introduce some more original (and intriguing) subplots, like Willis' character's brother or copycat vigilantes, the movie refuses to exploit these fresh touches.

Very entertaining and not too over the top with the action.

Great movie, entertaining .

I don't know if Bruce Willis had a bad script, but his character was really boring and one dimensional.

Well crafted, fast paced and engaging, with just the right touch of irony and humor thrown in.

Completly boring, nothing new, Willis bad...

Wasn't holding out much hope for this remake of death wish since glancing the 'professional' reviews a while back, but boy it was really rather brilliant, Bruce is in fine form (nice to see) and Eli does some of his best directorial work here, clever, entertaining, and dripping with bloody revenge, don't believe the hammering the critics gave this, just look at the user reviews vs the critics reviews and that tells all.

So slow and no passion.

In actuality, the portrayal of a legal gun sale bore no resemblance to real life.

It will drown in a sea of Progressive anti-gun propaganda, much like Ender's Game was squelched by Progressives retaliating for Mormon writer Orson Scott Card's "gay hate" beliefs.

The action is well staged and Eli Roth finds a solid balance between action and drama, in my opinion, better than the first which was a little slow at times.

The storyline is constructed with an innocent beggars ning, than a big event that changes things and a developement and transformation of a character and finally the conclusion, expected but unexpected at the same time.

A rousingly violent and entertaining revenge picture without emotional depth and complexity.

Overall the movie starts suspenseful and intense and transitions to revenge and justified.

Both Willis's character and performance are a bit too easy-going to be compelling.

All that matters is whether Death Wish is entertaining or even trying update it's themes in a more controversial period.

From a solid screenplay by Joe Carnahan based on Death Wish (1974) and Brian Garfield's Death Wish novel the film works within its own logic, the doctor come vigilante Willis character has an arc and manhunt aspect where the media debate whether he is a guardian angel or grim reaper gives weight to the intense drama.

But results are slow.

Watched this movie last night, not expecting much from it, but I quite enjoyed it!

Do yourself a favor and watch the original with Charles Bronson and don't waste your time on this one.

The pace of this movie felt a bit slow and only started to pick up in the middle.

The highlight of the movie is a very fine and intense performance by Bruce Willis.

Death Wish is bland, boring, uneven, and says nothing.

And in all honesty, apart from the silly gore in places, the silly Hollywoodisms, and the off casting of Willis (who does actually show some decent form here and there), this is generally engaging and OK.

Disturbing, but engaging .

Much of the plot relies on similar coincidences, making it seem contrived.

Bored To Death Wish .

But, when the film gets there, it is entertaining, indeed.

The first hour of the film plays it pretty straight like the original as we get a really good drama with some intense sequences including the invasion.

The film's first half is all character-based slow burn and surprisingly gripping; action dominates in the second half and it's often gruesome, which comes as no surprise given Roth's horror background.

His confusion is apparent, with awkward scenes of Willis trying to grieve co-existing with preposterous scenes like Willis training with his gun set to AC / DC music.

Death Wish gets really boring halfway through the movie, because of the horrible pacing.

There are so many of these films - all with the same formulaic structure - family death, vigilante justice, cop who turns blind eye.

What's interesting is that even though the material isn't particularly original, at least the movie is entertaining and keeps you interested in the next turn of events.

But his strategic approach is played so po-faced that the final result comes off as painfully dull and so painstakingly daft that it's almost embarrassing for Willis to be here.

The move it's self was very entertaining the classic revenge movie with a not so shocking twist.

I like this movies as it is simple, predictable and fun.

It is a classic, tense, suspenseful and thrilling revenge story based on an older movie, revamped for the modern day with modern touches that work really well!

Movies are supposed to entertain and this one is entertaining.

Fast paced and entertaining.

I was a little bored and had extra time on my hand and walked into the cinema looking to kill a couple of hours.

If You've Already Seen Death Sentence(2007) Directed By James Wan, Then Don't Waste Your Time On This Cr*p.

Death Wish delivers an entertaining action film worth your time.

Acting was OK and predictable based on past performances; the cast meets expectations in terms of acting.

So boring .

This was a throwback to old school brutal action films like what made Willis an action star in the beginning & what we've been missing in cinema, good old fashioned action packed & entertaining that's what was being made in the 80's & 90's!!.

Another remake or reboot but entertaining.

Predictable action, poor execution.

Nicely filmed, worth watching.

The remake was pointless and an insult to the original.

Third, considering most police departments today have technology and a decent forensics environment on their side, it was odd Chicago PD was slow to connect Willis' character when he left his blood (aka DNA) and prints at multiple skirmish locations.

We're left with a ponderous and tepid action film that devotes more effort to not ruffling feathers than building complex multifaceted characters with believable motives.

No emotion, just bland.

The story was bland, the characters were one dimensional, and the action wasn't that satisfying.

This movie has so many boring stretches as to make it nearly unwatchable.

The intense action-thriller novel written by Brian Garfield has got several renditions : the first , original and successful 1974 ¨Death Wish¨ by Michael Winner with Charles Bronson ,Hope Lange , Steven Keats , Jeff Goldblum, that's , of course , the best from the series that had various really violent sequels .

One big plot hole but very enjoyable.

This movie is just so boring and annoyingly predictable and cliche.

Strangely enjoyed it .

Enjoyable revenge film .

For me, "Death Wish" is a very entertaining retelling of a well-known story that still holds up and still asks many difficult questions about our society and how to best protect the ones we love.

Yet even with a predictable plot and Bruce Willis phoning it in, this movie still manages to be engaging.

Only a few scenes actually make my eyes water or cause my jaw to drop, the rest of the movie was just bland in my opinion.

I also thought that a couple of the characters were just a bit pointless.

The plot is the same as a million straight to redbox movies starring neeson, cage and travolta, but its entertaining enough.

5 out of 10, just an average bland movie that doesn't even try.

"Death Wish" is a fairly entertaining revenge flick.

While the initial set-up borders on cliché, involving a too-perfect, glossy suburban clan headed towards inevitable disaster, and Dr. Kersey's much-too-easy transition from a mild-mannered ER surgeon into a hoddie-wearing, seemingly flawless and UNBREAKABLE (get it?

However, the theatre was empty and I wanted to relax and kill time so that worked for me.

But it is a Bruce Willis movie (to be honest he is one of my favorites) and it is of course entertaining and amusing.

Don't waste your time with this.

In the first 6 minutes there is a character at the daughters football (soccer) game, who looks like someone from a hidden camera gameshow, who is blatantly trying to get a reaction, First you see him standing there fidgeting, looking all around and then he starts with the obscenities and the threats.

I really enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

This intellectual property was squandered on a film awash with banality and cynical homage.

Either way, Death Wish is deadly boring.

There are only a few action scenes to be entertaining.

I have no idea why I keep watching Eli Roth's films, they're all bland trash with no directorial flair whatsoever.

A bigger problem is that the movie is pretty predictable.

This movie's laughing at people like you and you're too slow to even realize it.

This is just a boring 'revenge' drama.

Father who mourns his family has plenty of emotions running through him but this was just bleak and empty, when daughter left the hospital she seemed happy even though her mother recently died .

This movie is one of those countless American pro-gun propaganda movies.

Also the liberals marking so low and stating it's an NRA propaganda fest, nope it's not that either.

A terrible waste of time .

Pointless remake .

The script is so predictable and the acting is laughable at times.

Edgy action: If you've seen the trailers, you know the movie is meant to be another example of why Bruce Willis is the man with the exciting plan.

This remake was so pointless that it was actually cringe-worthy to witness.

Watching it for what it is, it's not bad- action, entertaining and escape.

If I hadn't had company I would have walked out.

Clearly its gonna be controversial, but surely that makes it more exciting...

His earlier movies were entertaining, and at the time, they were different.

This is a good old fashioned straight forward entertaining movie.

The 'good guy' does his thing, the cops don't worry letting simple things like fingerprints end the story, we have a montage to skips past boring things like learning a skill, and everyone gets paid for an easy product.

Well worth watching, plenty of laughs in the style of executions.

Movie is great and whats most important very entertaining.

Extra padding is also provided by pointless flashbacks to key events that happened less than 45 minutes previously, presumably because the film knows you couldn't be bothered to pay attention to it in the first place.

Good entertaining movie .

One of the worst movies I've ever seen!

To my surprise, it was actually entertaining.

As well as atmospheric and evocative cinematography by Rogier Stoffers.

Worth watching and doesn't take away from the film itself!

It was entertaining and same time it offered some funny scenes.

It is strangely compelling and taps into some fascist souls .

The idea that finding an empty house to rob would be so complex was ridiculous.

Lets be honest, nobody should go to this film expecting rich story and compelling cinema, we came here to see Bruce Willis be a bad ass mofo, and that's what we got a lot of.

It is so engaging, you feel like it was not long enough When it ends.

With all that being said, I sat through the whole film wondering what would happen next, which I suppose indicates that Death Wish still packs some entertainment value and is somewhat compelling.

Fun and intriguing .

This is a good old fashioned straight forward entertaining movie .

Boring bland remake.. .

Oh my, a excellent, entertaining and highly popular film that shows a good guy with firearms killing bad guys.

A bland revenge thriller with nothing remarkable about it .

It felt as if the character bored him.

The story is really cliche, which is normal for a revenge story, it would've been better if they added a twist at the end and tried to be more innovative.

There was no story line for him.

It is Entertaining just like most Death Wish movies starring Charles Bronson.

Its not horrible nor great, its really really bland.

Remakes are usually waste of time, destroying classic films with lower quality rip-offs using the marketing of the original success as an easy way of promotion.

And while crime shootings are often one dimensional, monotone blowouts, Death Wish manages to add some different angles to the mix that are loaded with a dark tone to really bring out the suspense.

Only gave it a seven yet as I said above enjoyed it Bruce Willis nearly back on form, I can not help it I like this sort of movie put my brain into neutral and sit back.

Michael Winner's original version from 1974 was a reprehensible right-wing propaganda film, advocating for private gun ownership and vigilante justice, which opened with a shot of Charles Bronson in budgie smugglers.

The characters are boring and flat, there's no real sense of danger, there's no badass moment as there could have been, no excitement...

There's always the boring critics who complain that violent movies or vigilante movies are bad because it tells people to take the law into their own hands & i say so what!!.

No plot.

But apart from some incredibly brief moments of gore, its about as bland and generic as it gets.

However, Eli Roth once again succeeds in making an entertaining film, a kind of update of the plot despite the same storyline, with veteran actors and actresses and great music score.

Final Say - We've seen this exact story told a million times before and told much better but what makes Death Wish much worse is its poorly executed moral compass and come the films credits, there's little reason to find anything worth recommending in this boring and tepid excuse for a thriller.

I was actually a bit afraid it might be, and was pleasantly surprised at how patient the film is, how it slowly builds its story to what I found to be a gripping conclusion.

I would say the worst part about the characters are how boring they are.

boring, bad script,actors are not real, just role playing, no chemistry .

Hugely overrated - its bland generic trash, with no edge .

Bruce Willis does an entertaining job playing the mild mannered family man turned vigilante after his wife and daughter are attacked by intruders.

One of the most intriguing characters of the film was Dr. Kersey's father-in-law, who surprises Kersey when he pulls out a rifle and fires at poachers on his farm.

A Boring Exercise in Futility.

An action movie that is worth watching if you are in the mood for an action film.

Worth watching, both Death Wishes have the famous finger pointing end which suggests there could be a part 2.

Beside the awkward acting and delivery by the whole cast, you are treated to disjointed storytelling which crescendos in the usual gore that Roth routinely brings to the table.

no emotion, NRA propaganda .

Boring,boring,slow,boring, and at a moment, it's funny (such as when the head breaks like a watermelon!

Bruce Willis is back in action but in a dull revengeful thriller film.

Opening scenes of our lead Willis arguing w/another parent during a soccer match over his shouting at refs seemed pointless and a bit misdirected given common at kids games.

Drab .

Here are some examples: The Punisher(2004) Death Sentence The Punisher(2017) Death Wish(1974) So don't waste your money.

The great part of the original was the slow evolution of Paul Kersey played by the inscrutable Charles Bronson.

It was an enjoyable ride.

Yeah i Know That He Was Going To Make Very Bloody Violent And Making it a Very Edgy, i Mean it's Eli Roth Of Course it's Going To Be Graphic And Crazy What To Expect The Unexpected, Also When i Heard That Bruce Willis The Action icon Bad Ass Hero Characters Who Played The Wisecracking New York City Cop John McClane Of All The "Die Hard" Film Franchises, Or Korben Dallas From "The Fifth Element" Or Even The Character Of Joe Hallenback Of "The Last Boy Scout" Directed By The Late Director Tony Scott Was Going To Play And Take Over The Late Charles Bronson Character Paul Kersey i Was Also Like Oh!

Bruce Willis is a sickly slow low speaking surgeon.

Death Wish gets my top 10/10 This is better than Taken, The Equaliser & John Wick it's that damn good & exciting!!.

Took me awhile to get through this boring mess.

The second half of the movie was enjoyable and more of the action displayed in that part of the movie could have done wonders.

Very cheesy, somewhat entertaining.

street thugs, which is derived solely from dull clichés.

One of the worst movies I've seen in years.

I am a fan of Bruce Willis, but this is one of his worst movies on the big screen.

Kudos, and thanks to everybody involved for this most riveting entertainment!

Watching Death Wish reminded me of The Brave One (which had artsy vibes and depth), Man on Fire (which had a NIN soundtrack and some real bite), Equalizer (again Denzel sold the character and it was engaging), John Wick (fun and well produced), Death Sentence (with some real balls and bite).

But despite all these artistic problems; we are left with a rousingly violent and entertaining picture, albeit one without emotional depth and complexity.

My only complaints are in the ending, *spoilers* there was some confusion if the climax was set the evening his daughter left the hospital or a considerable time later (the time it would take to legally buy a gun was established earlier).

Death Wish has the distinct of a Styrofoam cup; bland and something you see a hundred of.

Don't waste you time.

The draw backs are that it does get laggy in some parts, the movie sets up quickly but goes into moments where its slow and at times unfocused.

In comes Bruce Willis and Eli Roth and the absolute worst movie ever, ever, ever.

The wife and daughter during their brief screen time gave this movie so much life and interesting characterisation, but sadly left it to a bunch of turkeys who are very one dimensional and boring.

This was a very unexpected pleasure.

Pretty predictable plot, no surprises.

As a big fan of Bruce Willis I was hoping to see a glimpse of what made him so enjoyable to watch years ago and that just never happened.

While some moments were pretty entertaining, with both lots of violent scenes and some gun play, the wife and I ended up with the distinct feeling that this was an NRA-sponsored pro-gun movie.

The rest of the cast was boring and without emotion.

The movie itself is definitely interesting, I don't know if I would say fun, but entertaining nonetheless.

He says, "I'm happy," but his expression says, "I'm waiting for the sweet embrace of death to save me from this empty existence.

The cinematography is stunning especially all the night time scenes of the Chicago city!!.

Mildly entertaining.

It's a fast paced thriller with lot of suspense.

They go out of their way to waste your time.

But engaging.

And while the movie has no great moral lesson, it was well done and entertaining.

this is a good and entertaining film.

Overall, it's still an entertaining, straight forward action movie that you can turn your brain off, watch on a late night with some junk food and enjoy.

For the most part it's a pretty straightforward, conventional storyline that isn't necessarily original or special, but entertaining nonetheless.

The movie is not going to be remembered as a classic or even as a good movie, but that is fine with me, as this is a stupendously entertaining and violent film for our violent times.

A total waste of time .

Unoriginal, uninteresting, & unnecessary.

I find the one man wrecking crew of Die Hard fame in a welcome return to form in a more mundane and believable situation as is presented here.

An equally bald and equally uninspiring casting is Dean Norris, who phones in the exact same cop persona that he did in Breaking Bad, minus the obsession with minerals.

It has several scenes that go on for too long, and I got bored watching it.

This is absolutely the worst movie I have ever seen and worst I've seen in a theatre.

It was indeed entertaining.

It's great to watch but I feel the original Deathwith (1974) was more compelling.

Entertaining, witty, and aggressive; just what the Dr. ordered.

There were some glaring issues with the forensics aspect of the story and such that bothered me a bit, but, the movie was entertaining enough to let it go.

But the films I just named tried their best to go above and beyond the tiresome trope.

This was just boring and average (Sadly like 99% of Hollywood garbage).

As you can expect from Willis the action is fast paced - and funny in parts - and sometimes believable and sometimes not - it doesn't matter.

The action thriller is fast paced with plenty of shootouts.

Very entertaining and proof Bruce Willis still got it.

Both films are entertaining.

An entertaining ride despite an unoriginal story .

Definitely worth watching this movie.

Worth watching.

Its hard to class this as a thriller, it went nowhere, really slowly.

Seemed very contrived as a foundation for the entire movie.

The movie was entertaining and Bruce Willis is good in it.

With the barely trying Willis at its core, playing grieving doctor Paul Kersey who sets out to tackle crime head on after his wife is murdered in a violent home invasion and his daughter is left in a coma in the same attack, Roth did indeed have little chance of making Death Wish a film worth watching and sadly with the barebones script from the usually ace Joe Carnahan (another victim of this movies mediocrity), this so called thriller is DOA from opening scene until the last.

If you are not a slave to the PC mentality, it is an enjoyable action flick.

It feels fresh and despite knowing the general plot it kept me on the edge of my seat.

It takes every single cliche in the action genre and literally retells them in a generic and uninspiring way.

Pace = is extremely slow.

Why are they wearing masks to burglarize an empty home?

One wonders if the dialogue actually expresses the angst and frustration of the screenwriter and/or director, compelled by societal pressures to incorporate incongruous political messages which slow the pace and weaken dramatic impact.