DeepStar Six (1989) - Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Hohum Score



At the bottom of the ocean, the DeepStar Six has just discovered a new and deadly alien menace.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Sean S. Cunningham
Stars: Greg Evigan, Nancy Everhard
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 67 found boring (29.85%)

One-line Reviews (63)

The first thirty minutes demonstrate utterly nothing happening.

I enjoyed the other two big horror under-water movies of the 80s (the Abyss and Leviathan) but found Deep Star Six terribly boring with no good action, extremely poor production values, and uninteresting characters who are impossible to care in drab and poorly captured scenery.

If the whole film had been as surprising as gripping as the last half-hour, this might have been the greatest "Alien" clone around.

This is an extremely uneventful film, and though ostensibly a monster movie there is almost no monster action whatsoever until the final twenty minutes or so, and even then what we get is extremely lackluster thanks to some very poor special effects.

the first 30 minutes of this movie are fairly boring,with not much happening.

Watch this movie for unexpected disaster imposed on a seemingly normal sea quest!

" Whereas the actors are skilled, the character development is lacking and, as such, they're relatively uninteresting people and therefore largely fail to apprehend the viewer's sympathy.

Ho-hum .

Despite its flaws I still find it a worthwhile and very enjoyable picture to watch.

The pace can be slow at times, though that does help add tension and it definitely picks up in the last 40mins when the monster actually fully appears.

all in all a good movie with a few flaws but still very entertaining

It's boring, nothing much happens until the end, where this butt-ugly monster that looks like a reject from Tremors appears.

It's as if no one could look at this and think, "You know, that's going to be a COLOSSALLY BORING MOVIE, let's drop the shtick and go for the action...

Its boring and campy...

The first half is very slow to get started, as it concentrates mostly on the day-to-day systems of the station.

The movie is worth watching for him alone!

I enjoyed it and it kept me entertained throughout the duration (and that is the main thing I ask a film to do).

Not a bad movie, definitely able to watch, but also predictable.

That was a mistake--the only thing worse than the rest of the film was the unpredictably predictable ending where Evigan survives a deep underwater battle with the monster and surfaces alive, totally ignoring scientific principles like a necessity for air or the existence of water pressure.

As a result, I zoned out at numerous points in the tedious plot line and found myself strongly considering the stop button more than once...

Even though it is a little slow at times, it's never boring and keeps the attention throughout.

Cunningham (Friday the 13th, Spring Break) made an entertaining, low-budget adventure with some cheap thrills.

As a whole I found Deepstar Six very slow going & at 100 minutes long it could have done with maybe 10 or 15 minutes shaved off the running time.

Lots of action and underwater thrills mean that DEEP STAR SIX, while clichéd, is still a fitfully entertaining undersea adventure.

Cunningham (of Friday THE 13TH FAME), DEEP STAR SIX is an enjoyable late-'80s underwater monster romp, which like LEVIATHAN was made to cash in on the success of James Cameron's THE ABYSS.

don't waste your time.

" While this movie is not as suspenseful, dramatic and adventurous as "The Abyss," I still found it to be quite entertaining and fun.

c, instead its just one failure to escape after another in tedious repetition.

The script is just painful; the creature arbitrary and uncharismatic; the intense scenes dull and slow.

That in itself is a little confusing, as it's not entirely logical and can easily be seen as such.

The movie is sort of predictable and the cast of characters weren't as memorable as I recalled, but it has a quick-paced plot with good special effects and intense monster action one might find enjoyable.

The story was adequate and acting average, but this movie was somehow boring.

The movie is presented in a mood of suspenseful dread, illuminated by a ray of hope for the crew's survival like many good edge-of-your-seat thriller flicks.

when they died,the only reaction i could come up with was a yawn.

S Cunningham (Friday the 13th), which came out the same time as the overblown- but dull 'The Abyss' and for me the best of the three 'Leviathan'.

The Problems: - The first hour is mostly boring.

It was a fun, suspenseful, gory and atmospheric sci-fi underwater adventure.

the movie is also predictable from the get go.

' While it would be impossible for either of the two to even be in the same league as 'The Abyss,' 'Leviathan' was an enjoyable cuckoo film.

Instead, it's just a pretty good, low-budget flick that's worth watching once or twice if it comes on cable.

There are too many crisis situations (they face a life-threatening problem every other minute; it gets tiresome) and too much technical jargon (good for authenticity, bad for comprehension).

DVD also includes an rather dull commentary track by the filmmakers, two featurette, original theatrical trailer and photo gallery.

I angrily walked out on this stinker when I initially paid to see it, but later on television I watched the ending in a moment of terrible boredom.

The bickering and talking between the crew is enlivened by a string of deaths which, while not explicitly gory, are all different enough to be enjoyable.

It had decent special effects, it was very suspenseful and the acting was pretty good.

Average, worth watching .

The problem with this one is that it is a very slow mover and the monster which the previews made it seem like it was the main attraction (as does the tagline) at times just does not factor into the equation.

I found the film very engaging, interesting and thought provoking and I just let my imagination take over.

It has no much plot, but it was all that entertaining and just interesting film.

We have too some emotional buddy scenes, in the aftermath of a late black member, they becomes humorously entertaining.

I liked Miguel Ferrer in Stephen King's The Night Flier and here he gives a very entertaining performance.

Definitely worth watching if you are bored.

An Entertaining Monster/Science Fiction movie with nice visuals.

And while most of the film is talkly and uneventful, I will proudly state that the last half hour are great and very tension-filled.

The scene with Ferrer evacuating ship in his own contraption, going so fast and high, he doesn't remember his own name, where he's subjected to nose bleeds, was quite gripping from what is mostly nothing happening land, it's ending, predictable as to it's surviving number count.

First, the crew must get past a flooding, a nuclear explosion problem and the lot, all tedious in its attempt to thrill the audience.

This is an enjoyable show about an ocean floor mission which uses well-delivered, well-made ships and machinery props.

A boring and stupid movie with too much talk, no scares and the worst monster I've seen in the last 10 years?

Every one of them have absolutely unique and realistic character traits and the dynamism between the crew is superbly entertaining.

Don't get me wrong, there's only one whiny loser in the bunch, but the rest of 'em come off too bland.

As a Guilty Pleasure, "DeepStar Six" is entertaining.

Boring characters, No action, Poor Production Values .

The creatures attacks the sub and crew and then the rest of the movie is basically a struggle for survival with some intense monster action.