Delicatessen (1991) - Comedy, Crime

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Post-apocalyptic surrealist black comedy about the landlord of an apartment building who occasionally prepares a delicacy for his odd tenants.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Marc Caro
Stars: Marie-Laure Dougnac, Dominique Pinon
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 180 found boring (8.33%)

One-line Reviews (91)

Unlike their later films, "Delicatessen" may not be for everyone, as it's mix of black comedy and surreal fantasy may seem at times too close to absurd to be enjoyable.

Nothing interesting happens most of the time, boredom being the main sensation left by the first half of the film.

The melancholic undertones of the story are truly highlighted through the long and slow pacing of every shot.

A particularly boring movie, like I said!

Taking a very original idea and transforming it into a entertaining and entracing film.

Jeunet and Caro have mastered every single aspect of cinema in this one film, and because of this, the film is on the one hand a challenging thought provoking film that requires deep concentration, but on the other simply an entertaining flick, i think that Jeunet and Caro have managed to find the perfect equilibrium between entertainment and art.

Very enjoyable....

An often ingenious, always entertaining cult favorite from France.

Once this comes into the film things get out of hand with nonsensical comedy (jokes involving large people and toilet water) and an uninteresting scattered pace, also, our intriguing tenants disappear from the story and become seemingly useless.

It's certainty worth the watch because it is something different.

There are no plot twists.

This builds atmosphere impeccably well, and is rather exciting when it goes for that.

the movie is very original, whacked and very entertaining and quite funny as well.

Delicatessen is as funny as it is creepy and as entertaining as it is fascinating.

The characters are wonderful, the situations are delicious, and the possibilities are intriguing.

The movie itself was a little slow at times.

Pushing aside a presumption of a bland cannibal movie, Delicatessen provided an interesting view with its dark cinematography with slight yet effective humor and unpredictable twists.

A film that contains both impressive originality and predictable cliché.

This world, as tiny as it is, is littered with colorful characters and comedic types that all have to have a say in whatever situation, providing one of the most entertaining approaches to in-group dissolution ever shown on screen.

Right from the start the credit titles were just startlingly fascinating to watch!

Everything in this movie is so fresh, and unpredictable, and new, and fantastic, and there is even a beautiful love story incorporated!

The camera work is brilliant, the sets are simply amazing (with the final bathroom scene at the pinnacle), the editing and pace is breathtaking.

What's awesome about this movie is that that same form of fresh cliché wiped off and given a new cover dots the entire narrative...

This means people will think of it when they try to come up with names of films in this genre or theme, and it's enjoyable to re-watch from time to time regardless of personal preference.

To mention some : 1) bed-springs sound for a symphony 2) soporific tea scene 4) Cow noise toys and a house full of mad people The plot gets too predictable and even though the story is original it is still hollow/weak.

Who knew cannibalistic activity in the future could be so entertaining?.

Once again, despite its reputation this is a terrifically enjoyable (though unusual) light romantic comedy.

The movie is entertaining through every shot.

Before the colorful dreamworld of "Amelie" caught the worlds' attention, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro unleashed their incredible talents for story telling through originally entertaining vignettes in a post-apocalyptic pre-vegetarian France.

so I found myself particularly bored by this movie.

Delicatessen was a film that i have watched in a recent film studies lesson and i have to say that firstly i thought the narrative was incredibly inventive and entertaining.

His influence is clear, as each quirky screen shot is visually stunning, and when it is considered the low budget of the film, it makes this feat far more impressive.

It took a lot of nice scenes to slow down and build up the relationship between the two leads showing them playing instruments together to create a more natural relationship.

Instead, it is merely predictable and boring.

Strangely funny, yet thoroughly enjoyable.

With its nice shooting style and interesting characters it delivers some entertaining humour and dark visuals.

Highly Enjoyable, original.

However i was pleasantly surprised after just ten minutes of the film as i was really enjoying the black humour and the strange and unpredictable characters.

The title part of the movie is so creative and intriguing.

Recently, in a film studies lesson I did get the chance to watch Caro and Jeunet's futuristic dark french comedy, and as I soon discovered, the film was surprisingly entertaining.

But if you are looking for a comedic, highly artistic, original and entertaining piece of cinema, then this may just the film for you.

Jean Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro have given us a treat of black comedy and sarcasm embedded with fun and frolic of unpredictable characters.

Within this farcical tale of horror is a cliché romance between two tenants, Louison (Dominique Pinon), and Julie (Marie-Laure Dougnac).

The unpredictable dynamics of audience reaction can be very critical.

I would like to request to make films which are good to watch and enjoyable.

Delicatessen is a sumptuous and entertaining work about a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has resorted to eating other humans.

There were arguably at times dull moments, and even moments that were so unorthodox they became too weird to comprehend, but as a whole, Delicassen was an enjoyable experience.

I loved the intro, with the butcher's assistant trying to escape with the garbage, by wrapping himself in newspaper and hiding in the dustbin, only to fall fate to one of the ready-sharpened cleavers among the butcher's arsenal, leading to the enjoyable opening credits.

The post-apocalyptic cinematography is somewhat interesting initially but then it accentuates the drab atmosphere and adds to the dreariness of the experience.

Delicatessen is a dark comedy laced with mild amount of horror and with this mixed with deliciously deranged cast of characters serves a intriguing piece of storytelling about...

The old building is fascinating and cinematography is amazing.

This is far and away the finest film ever created, a thing of beauty and genius beyond compare, even the sublime, glorious City of the Lost Children doesn't come all that close; every single character in Clapet the butcher's weird apartment building is a masterpiece of pathos and bleak, black humour; the romance between Luison and Julie is touchingly awkward and wonderfully warm, the acting is superb throughout, not a scene, not a second is wasted, a list of memorable moments would probably include just about the whole film; the atmosphere created by the visuals and the fantastic soundtrack is amazingly real yet incredibly surreal, and the climax is both hilarious and thrilling.

It is the style and execution that makes this fascinating and funny.

Beautifully choreographed and staged, well-written, and exciting.

Well worth watching!

original and very enjoyable .


The comedy is so overdone that it's not only unfunny, but it's dreary and depressing.

But as it stands, Delicatessen is entertaining and fresh even after it's been over fifteen years since it's released.

Beyond Bizarre, Wickedly Entertaining Tidbit of a Movie .

The poor crazed woman `Aurore Interligator' repeatedly trying to commit suicide but somehow always being foiled in the silliest of ways is more of a tedious act rather than comedy.

absolutely riveting!!!.

Written by Gilles Adrien (who also wrote many of the previous Jeunet & Caro shorts) as well as Jeunet & Caro themselves, "Delicatessen" is a wonderfully imaginative tale of sweet romance and hilarious black comedy that gives an unexpected light-hearted twist to a plot that most writers would treat as a serious subject matter.

It was just weird on a level where it stopped being fun and entertaining.

This is the setting for an outrageously bizarre story that provides lots of intense laughs and absurd reactions from me the entire time.

It is a brilliant, bizarre and very entertaining film to watch.

the tenants are very diverse in personalities, entertaining and weird.

A weird, fascinating french fantasy.

Particularly boring...

Quirky, bizarre, stylish and exceedingly entertaining .

As I began watching this film midway through, I found myself quite lost in terms of the narrative, with random kidnappers with goggles that would randomly appear confusing me slightly.

I usually don't mind weird French films because they're often engrossing and unique.

The ingenious and entertaining integration of different noises to create music as well as the creation of rhythmic movements with sounds coming from the television are only two of the many creative ideas touched upon throughout the movie.

Colors and atmosphere meld to form a bleak, murky, misty and dreary filmscape.

The film has beautifully drab and depressing feel to it that really accentuates the disintigration of society...

Basically, trying to describe this film makes it sound too bizarre but I highly recommend it to anyone who likes originality and their humour on the edge of darkness.

Overall, I enjoyed it, though I did hit a few snags with the pacing.

Inventive in design, insane in plotting it's a latter day French minor classic Co-directors and co-screenwriters Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro made a brilliant feature film debut with this bizarre and visually stunning comedy about cannibalism.

Herbivores: As in most cultures, the battle between meat-eaters and vegetarians if often discreet; each side attempting to sell their propaganda in order to excite the pathos in others (more so with vegetarians).

ach, and the story is very weak and boring.

the acting is fun, direction intense, use of music is good, plot good.

The plot is contrived, and not in a surrealistic fashion that works.

The way that the film looks is also wonderfully different; Delicatessen has a yellow hue, which lends it a style that is very dull and dreary; and that does the film no end of favours when you consider it's core subject material.

Bizar, absurd and exciting!

it's charming, screwy, futuristic, retro and entertaining all at once.

I found it thoroughly enjoyable, nicely paced, and entertaining.

the plot is quiet simple, but due to the details and little subplots, it becomes an exciting story.

Delicatessen is a delicious black comedy that shouldn't be dismissed as empty fantasy, one that definitely should be enjoyed by all.

are hard to enjoy, i find myself searching for hidden creative meanings, pretentious expressionism and obscure references and often sit puzzled as i try to distinguish the fine line between creative genius and random drivel.

Overall i would give this film 8 out of 10 as it was very entertaining and consider it to be one of my new favourites.

The premise has the potential for a delicious black comedy, but the execution here is so bad that it's unwatchable.