Desperate Hours (1990) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An escaped con, on the run from the law, moves into a married couple's house and takes over their lives.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Michael Cimino
Stars: Mickey Rourke, Anthony Hopkins
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 52 found boring (21.15%)

One-line Reviews (40)

And not just that, the film is pretty mundane after a very exciting opening.

Entertaining .

This is a very entertaining movie that delivers the goods from start to finish, and unlike other hostage movies, gives us some outdoor scenes, most notably a car (and plane) chase.

It's an entertaining thriller,with good performances (except an overacted Rourke),and nice music by David Mansfield.

Some good scenes, but otherwise a messy, pointless affair with very little structure from what (on paper) is normally a pretty good cast.

Following a court trial, convicted killer Michael Bosworth (Rourke, very good) absconds with two accomplices, one his ex con brother, Elias Koteas who doesn't have much to do in the film, and his childhood friend, ex con Albert, David Morse as we've never seen him before, a slow, fiesty, idiot of low intellect.

The cliché continues through the description of the main protagonist Rourke as being the ice cold killer with a genius level IQ.

There's something here for everyone: bravura performances and stunning cinematography that stretches from the claustrophobic isolation of a home under siege to the infinite reach of Utah's natural beauty.

Her character is pointless as well.

Mimi Rodgers is wooden even during emotionally intense scenes, Shawnee Smith is distraught before the home invaders show up and Lindsay Crouse is both wooden and over-the-top at the same time.

Love film's opening score, and it's speeding car shots and masterfully breathtaking.

This movie is incredibly awkward yet somehow, I find it immensely enjoyable!

Well done, sometimes tense and sometimes exciting thriller .

This is just pure Hollywood, formulaic, intelligence-insulting crap.

Lindsey Crouse is a shrill feminazi barking orders, until her lamely contrived "character change.

You know you are in cliché-land when the opening shot is of a shapely leg stepping out from a car door taken from ground level.

If he could dial some of it back, the movie could be an intense crime thriller.

All in all I think this an enjoyable flick for those looking for something slightly different in their suspense movie.

There are several exciting scenes in the beautiful wilderness of what is said to be Utah.

Sadly,none of this can make the film any less of an uninvolving,uncredible and deadly dull affair than it already is despite this couple of virtues.

I really enjoyed the plot, and even though Mickey Rourke isn't the greatest actor around, he's certainly a compelling villain.

When desperate criminals hold a family hostage in their own home (yawn) there is at least the opportunity for some good characterization.

As Bosworth, Rourke pontificates with painfully long and confusing monologues.

This mediocre movie is a 100-minute snorefest about a bad dude (played by Mickey Rourke, who contributes nothing to the role), who kidnaps a upper-middle-class family.

Kelly Lynch's acting directions must have been "look snappy, especially topless, act like you just ingested a gram of cocaine, and all will go well.

But all this analysis begs the question, would the movie have been more entertaining had it been put together more coherently?

Don't waste your time.

An exciting psychotic film directed by Michael Cimino, with great suspenseful acting by Michael Rourke, Anthony Hopkins, Mimi Rogers and Linda Crouse.

His hot lawyer and lover (Lynch) helps him escape, then he goes on the run with his younger brother (played by Elias Koteas) and his brother's very big and very slow best friend (Morse).

Not groundbreaking in the least as far as thrillers are concerned, but still an entertaining little piece made memorable by Rourke and Cimino's ever interesting pairing.

And like that earlier film, this one is dragged down by elliptical and illogical story points.

Not surprisingly, Cimino's pacing is somehow frustrating and gripping at the same time.

He's made his character intriguing, though he has done better acting.

Mickey Rourke avoids going to trial and holds Anthony Hopkins, Mimi Rogers and their family hostage in this amazingly dull motion picture.

I thought it was a yawn from beginning to end and frankly not worth anybody's time.

I kind of fell off the bandwagon during the 90's, finding his choice of films to be somewhat uninspiring.

Overall, the movie is pretty enjoyable.

And what a fascinating line-up of players, performances, and characters.

DH may have it's share of faults, and is quite disfavored I see, but it's also bloody entertaining and to a point, unintentionally funny.

Michael Cimino directed the lengthy but thoroughly absorbing The Deer Hunter,a drama which sure had more thrills than this 'thriller' has.