Diamonds Are Forever (1971) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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A diamond smuggling investigation leads James Bond to Las Vegas, where he uncovers an evil plot involving a rich business tycoon.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Guy Hamilton
Stars: Sean Connery, Jill St. John
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 58 out of 289 found boring (20.06%)

One-line Reviews (218)

It is easily the most exciting scene in the film.

Both Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny and Desmond Llewelyn as Q return in there enjoyable roles, Moneypenny notable not behind a desk and aids Bond.

Thumper and Marie have some acrobatic skill but they are very slow and amateurish with their martial arts.

Also the girls are looking fine in their top and the fighting scenes between Bond and the elastic black girls are entertaining.

Lazenby was too pretty, Moore too old, the others just a yawn.

I still enjoy this film, because it got me hooked on the series, and while I don't tout it as a Bond masterpiece, it was nice to see Connery back as Bond and it has many entertaining monents if you've seen others.

He just seems bored like never before, and he was really to old to play the part at that age!

Perhaps a more intriguing point to note is that DIAMONDS' final Bond triumph just before the end credits depends on its audience accepting as "fact" that gays know nothing about wine!

Apart from an exciting car chase through the streets of Vegas there are few thrilling action sequences, and the final scenes (set on an oil rig) are less spectacular than many Bond finales.

And while some movies are dumb but kind of entertaining (Moonraker and Die Another Day) this one isn't even the slightest entertaining.

The plot is somewhat muddled but is full of intriguing ideas such as the Howard Hughes-inspired recluse Willard Whyte,and the action,which includes a brutal fight in a lift,a silly moonbuggy chase which begins on a fake Moon set,and a terrific car demolition derby in Las Vegas,is great fun.

The story is only loosely based on the novel and is confusing and very strange.

Sean Connery's last go-round in the initial James Bond series is a quirky entry that I find one of the most enjoyable.

The other guys areJames Bland.

Yet there is another entertaining and typical Bond story with again Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Charles Gray) Bond's arch-nemesis as the main villain.

So it's both dumb, bland and boring.

The action sequences are a mixed bag; the fight in the lift between Bond and Peter Franks ( Joe Robinson ) is one of the very best to grace a 007 film, ditto the bruising encounter with 'Bambi' ( Lola Larson ) and 'Thumper' ( Trina Parks ), the moon buggy chase and Les Vegas car chase stunning ( remember Bond's car being driven on two wheels?

Additionally, the Las Vegas setting feels rather dull, failing to offer much scope for adventure.

The film's plot is rather dull and lacks the same kind of excitement and lavish feel of previous Bond outings.

It's particularly entertaining to witness how Bond's opponents insist to try and annihilate him via bizarre and convoluted tricks… If they would just shoot a few bullets in head from close range, the franchise would have been finished since "Dr.

) But this movie is the most boring one in the series!

The plot is all but non-existent but still manages to confuse and bore.

Viewing it as an adult, I see some flaws, but I still find it very entertaining if you can suspend belief for 2 hours.

Although I love big battles in James Bond movies, the fight on the oil rig in this one is kind of boring.

I didn't care anymore about the whole scenario, and was sort off bored by the plot and its twists.

I enjoyed it, I was entertained.

The film loosely follows the superior and much too maligned novel of the same name, except it adds doubles for Blofeld (played far too passively by Charles Gray, who at one point lets Bond go so he can put him in another pointless death trap when he can just shoot him right then and there!

I enjoyed her unpredictable and enigmatic character.

And, Bond is even slower to react.

However, it lacks either the wit or elegance of Goldfinger, relying instead on a succession of bad puns and tedious chase sequences, including a particularly stupid one which sees Bond being pursued across the desert while driving a moon buggy.

A slower Connery and screenplay for the Bond series .

But thw film is still slowly paced.

Compared with the usual vicious/ice maiden/dumb Bond girls that seem to appear in every other movie, Jill's portrayal of Tiffany Case makes her, in my opinion, the best and most enjoyable of all the Bond Girls.

Most Bond fans say that The Man With the Golden Gun or A View To a Kill are the worst Bond films, but at least those films are enjoyable.

The book was enjoyable, the movie so over-the-top silly it nearly parodies itself (e.

But, naturally, it's an extremely entertaining movie, as all the Bond films are (with the exception of Die Another Day), so understand that for these criticisms, it's still a valued entry in my DVD collection.

But the film is not without its drawbacks by being a bit dated and it is sometimes lacking the qualities of earlier Connery-era Bond films, being more violent and also a little bit dreary and has also been hampered by production problems.

The plot was confusing.

The film is entertaining throughout with campy, over-the-top characters that keep things interesting in every scene.

Overall, Diamonds Are Forever is a heavily flawed film, but it also has a great many strengths that revive interest and make it worth watching.

The action sequences are mainly boring, and a car chase on a parking place looks rather like a scene from an old Keystone Cops comedy.

Now, I feel I cannot be entirely negative, so I will say that it was very enjoyable to watch Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd strutting around and killing people.

It's silly beyond words, and from here the film alternates between being ridiculous and borderline tedious.

So other than the fact that this film has the dumbest cops in film history, weird duo characters, and it's tonally inconsistent, it is a decently entertaining film.

The film manages to be both witty and boring.

Definitely worth watching.

Next to worthless adaptation of the next to worthless novel by Ian Fleming, Diamonds are Forever is Sean Connery past his prime and the 007 series run out of steam, with St. John making a particularly banal Bond babe, Henderson from You Only Live Twice returning as Blofeld, and Jimmy Dean making the only plausible (and likeable) contribution.

It can be enjoyable, providing you don't take it too seriously.

It has all it's cheesy cliché moments in a James Bond flick.

entertaining .

Thanks to Tom Manciewicz's fresh and enjoyable screenplay nothing seems tired, and Guy Hamilton milks everything he can from Comic Book/Pop Art humour and action.

Opening Credits: Maurice Binder's style of opening montage is wearing just a tad old and predictable.

Diamonds Are Forever could have been a great Bond, instead of merely an entertaining one.

Another film that is frequently shown on Saturday afternoons in England but not a Bond film I would stay in for as Connery was more or less bribed to appear in it, he looks bored all the way through and the scenes with him in a pink tie make him look stupid.

) tags along with a big yawn.

The director, Hamilton, claims this was meant to be the funniest of the Bond movies, and while some humor is good, and Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd are good, entertaining villains, some points are just...

Since the story is weak and formulaic, "Diamonds Are Forever" instead relies on the same campy jokes and pointless chase sequences that would later plague the Roger Moore era.

Bond fans, conditioned by the slow but steady descent from "From Russia With Love" to "You Only Live Twice", had long ago pledged allegiance to plotless, artless action/spy films.

And, come to think of it, the actual plot is more than thrilling and competent enough as well, it's just too bad about that clumsy and almost ridicule climax.

) In this case, though, the novel has a particular authenticity even in the diamond smuggling and the rigged casinos, perhaps in part because of Fleming's real-world study of "The Diamond Smugglers" (not an exciting book, but a worthwhile read) and in large part because it had elements of the mundane and of the true human misbehavior that would not fit the feel-good commercial action/adventure genre.

the bond girls are bad here but the movie is entertaining so sit back & pick this up.

The intense geek of Donald Peasence and the uncouth thug of Telly Savalas are replaced by Charles Gray, who opts to play the part with droll, bemused wit and -- radically -- a full head of hair.

Outside of a few pacing problems the terrific cast makes this a very entertaining entry in the series.

Unfortunately, after the exciting and well done first forty minutes, leading this Bond fan to think I'm about to watch potentially one of the best Bonds, the screenplay degenerates into a seemingly never-ending series of gags and pratfalls and silly vignettes.

The first part of the film is boring, the second half has more action -although the final battle scene is not very well done.

He looks like he aged about 20 years since You Only Live Twice and seemed bored and uninterested and was only there for the money, having been paid a million, the highest paid salary at that time.

The ending is anticlimactic; the fight in the lift was more exciting.

Now, I do have to admit, if you don't expect too much and you don't watch it right after "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", then this can be pretty entertaining film.

But sadly, there are all too silly and mostly dull moments in DAF.

However, this movie is still usually boring, and may seem like an abnormally long two hours.

This action packed all-American Bond is my fourth favorite in theseries.

It's the best sort of time-capsule and thoroughly entertaining.

The tongue and cheek tone that Goldfinger sort of inspired had already grown tiresome and over the top by Diamonds Are Forever.

The fight that actually ends the film, with Wint and Kidd against Bond, is totally boring and only adds to the overall boredom that is apparent in the film.

One of the Bond let downs but still enjoyable .

A bit of a dull one film this one.

Gray does make a fascinating bad guy, and there are some moments where you may be biting your knuckles may be sore from biting them.

Silly and confusing- this isn't what Bond should be.

It's a mostly dull and ridiculously improbable adventure in which we find 007 once again going after Mr. Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

This is the only Bond film I've ever watched and felt bored.

However, a couple of deleted scenes with the Plenty character makes things a bit confusing for her character arc.

His return was both exciting and different.

But his investigation leads him to Las Vegas and an unexpected nemesis.

Diamonds Are Forever is a highly entertaining Bond film with a great slice of wit and sophistication, excellent fight scenes and a very satisfactory car chase in the streets of Las Vegas.

The gay assassins were irritating and pointless.

Sean Connery's final Bond movie may not be his greatest, but it is certainly very entertaining.

Then, his encounters with Gray appear confusing thanks to the multiple lookalikes he has, several meeting some fascinating if gruesome demises.

The script resembles one of the latter Moore films where lots of things may happen but serves to disguise the fact that there is nothing happening plot wise .

The setting used for most of the film is dull.

Instead, it isolates itself from the series and turns out dull.

There is the moonbuggy sequence but that is mildly entertaining and can't save the movie single handedly.

There's a car chase through the streets of the glitzy Las Vegas which is among the dullest you'll ever see, and I've saved the most important for last ...

Boring, silly, poorly conceived characters, crummy script, and in Jill St. John, the absolute "bottom-of-the-barrel" as Bond girls go.

This 007 adventure has all the components that made the Roger Moore films so entertaining WITH the addition of the best actor to play Bond, Sean Connery.

The film is mainly set in Las Vegas but also includes other stunning locations.

Almost the entire cast is awful, the action is dull, the plot is complicated for the sake of it, it's not interesting visually and Connery clearly doesn't care.

It is, in my view, a most enjoyable Bond (and my personal favourite)!

Lusty, exciting, ingenious 007 yarn--one of the best in the James Bond franchise.

She's a curious mixture of flaky girl and worldly woman, usually flippant in her approach, sort of reflecting the trivial nature of this Bonder, where nothing happening is really of grave import.

This one runs more like a B-movie with slow car chases, a dull plot, silly characters, a dopey performance by Connery, and not very believable occurrences.

The bond girl syndrome is elevated to a more respected level- well, they are still working on that, it is a slow rickety skate- in a sense that it isn't there for glamorous event, they have got few cards hidden under those, umm, pockets; on terms of the whole gender equality notion, the franchise collapses from the first chapter itself, it is good that we can laugh about it now(!

With very little skin in the game and passion to spiral out a thrilling thriller, Guy Hamilton, the director, who gave us one of the best chapters of James Bond, makes it look like it was a fluke.

(played profoundly awfully by Jill St-John) This story and how it plays out is so ungodly bland I refuse to talk about it anymore.

Connery looks truly old, the atmosphere is dull and stuffy, and the plot (?

Early 1970's Vegas looks dreary rather than glitzy, and the Nevada desert is not exactly a glamor spot either.

It's chase scenes (one including a moon buggie) are silly, it's action is pretty bland and there is never any real danger or excitement!!

The film contains spectacular fights , action packed , car chases , apocalyptic and overwhelming scenarios along with the typically glossy ingredients series but Sean Connery looks a little bit boring ,in fact is his Bond last film , before his surprising return .

All this adds up to an exciting and funny action adventure.

This movie is far from boring from the start.

The flaws here are too numerous to list: incoherent, illogical script (you can watch this film 100 times and still not be able to follow the story), unexciting car chases, total lack of tension and urgency, Connery in his most bored and by-the-numbers performance as 007, one of the dumbest Bond Girls ever (though she begins as smart), and so on.

Regardless of what "could" be wrong with Diamonds Are Forever, it definitely holds up well and is very entertaining.

Diamonds Are Forever is a relaxed and highly entertaining film that refuses to take itself seriously, which makes it easy to watch.

it was enjoyable to see these guys spew off one-liners as they knocked people off.

Not enough lines again, how many lines does one need to say the film was a waste of time and money, shall I write more lines, and keep writing lines, why do you need ten lines, is this ten lines now?

Enjoyable Bond extravaganza, almost undone by wacky plotting.

The Wint and Kidd henchmen duo seem especially goofy, and just plain weird rather than fascinating.

There's also a confusing bit about Blofeld cloning himself and then being able to fake anyone's voice.

(Her character's name, Plenty O'Toole, must count as the second-most contrived moniker for a Bond Girl after Pussy Galore).

Nevertheless, it's one of the most enjoyable.

These performances are not aided by the plot, which moves in a much slower and less interesting fashion than usual, nor by the special effects, which this film seems to lack.

Of all the films, "Diamonds Are Forever" is surely one of the most boring and cheap-looking, with even the Ken Adam sets not matching those of the past or the future.

Score: John Barry keeps his excellent record intact with another enjoyable score.

He seems to have been more fixated on his million-and-a-quarter dollar fee than he was with playing his part, and looks bored and disillusioned.

The car chase through the streets of Las Vegas is both thrilling and inventive and the same (perhaps even more since it's also very funny) goes for the moonbuggy chase.

While many Bond films tend to drag on the plot a little, this one was pretty fast-paced and entertaining for me and I thought it closes out the Connery saga pretty well.

This 007 film is very good action packed!

No matter how many people die (and there is plenty) Bond is only ever knocked out, and when he becomes invincible, it's all kind of pointless.

Wint' ( Bruce Glover ), while 'Tiffany' ( the stunning Jill St.John ) is far more brash than previous Bond girls.

This movie was action packed to an extreme.

I actually thought Case did a good job in her role; she was very funny and entertaining.

Connery looks old and bored, which is not surprising given the rehashed plot and rather dreary action sequences.

Connery finally meets his match in St. John, and the interplay between them is always entertaining.

Fake humour and no plot.

The car chase scene is long and boring with the director reversing the film we've already seen to build up the running time of the film.

At any rate, the ensuing chase scene was entertaining enough, particularly the hilarious three wheelers.

This film actually makes you yearn for the Roger Moore era, and seeing how enjoyable his first three stabs at Bond are, it might be better to skip Diamonds are Forever altogether!

Once it's revealed that Blofeld is only pretending to be Whyte, the character becomes rather tiresome.

The characters themselves were equally fascinating.

On the plus side Bond's punch up with the real Franks in the lift was exciting, the car chase through Las Vegas was amusing, and Bond getting hot under the collar in the funeral parlour was chilling – there's plenty to savour, although Plenty wasn't in it for long.

The plot is both boring and confusing, with most of the film being Bond moving from place to place and Blofeld's scheme being in the background most of the time.

One of the most entertaining films you'll ever see and in the end it's about being well entertained.

Diamonds are Forever does feature some entertaining henchmen in the form of Mr. Kidd (Putter Smith) and Mr. Wynt (Bruce Glover) who prove to be amusing when on screen, although nowhere near as intimidating and Oddjob or Fiona Volpe.

The plot has some similarities with that of "Goldfinger"- the two films also had the same director, Guy Hamilton- but is a bafflingly complex one, far more complex than it needs to be, and is often difficult to follow.

It's an un-engaging battle for the viewer though, Stout Bond looks for the most part uninterested in putting in the actual work for the money for which he was enticed back.

The atmosphere is nasty and boring, and the bad guys are Gay!

Each film includes something stunning which you remember all the time.

It is all of such low quality that even the film's strengths are overlooked - the surprisingly effective performance of Jimmy Dean, the swimming lesson between James and athletic guardians Bambi and Thumper, the competent performance of Normann Burton as Felix Leiter (though once again miscasting is the case), the uncredited Shane Rimmer, and the always engaging Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell, and Desmond Llewelyn.

The movie is rather dull to be honest, and lacks the excitement I look for in a James Bond movie.

Done right, all of this might have made for some kind of entertainment, but it all piles on until the end, when the audience it left scratching their heads and trying to make some kind of sense of the whole affair, which is of course pointless because even the filmmakers don't seem to have an idea of what's going on.

I suppose 'Diamonds' is a good movie as a whole, good plot I suppose and some great sequences, but personaly I feel this film dragged on at times.

Evidently thinking Bond two wheeling through an alley, driving a moon buggy through the desert and spending most of the finale in a crane is exciting, this one lacks the sparkle of the various locations used.

He had aged since his appearance in You Only Live Twice, but his no-nonsense confidence worked very well with a terrific, fast-moving story that constantly surprised and entertained.

Even the bad Bond movies had one or two thrilling sequences.

In truth, Diamonds Are Forever is one of the most enjoyable and original of the entire Bond series.

Nevertheless, a very entertaining, slightly weird Bond film laden with delightfully witty one-liners.

Sean Connery is clearly bored as James Bond and is showing off no emotion to the fact that his wife was murdered in the previous film.

The action is timid and dull, the locations are far from inspired and Charles Gray is nothing short of pathetic in the role of Bond's nemesis, Blofeld, who seems to have gone from uber-villain to uber-camp cabaret act.

It's entertaining enough and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Perhaps he was becoming as bored with the franchise as Connery had.

There's still plenty of good action, an interesting plot, the quite stunning Jill St. John and some wonderful scenery.

Funny and entertaining.

Unfortunately, all the action scenes in DAF are all similar and dull.

Blofeld is not intimidating at all,and quite boring.

The plot is pretty boring and un-involving, Jill St. John is absolutely irritating as Tiffany Case, Charles Gray feels completely miscast as Blofeld, and the Las Vegas setting is pretty drab despite it's overload of glitter.

There's something about it's inherent sincerity and lack of forced, contrived, self-conscious cynicism that appeals.

"Diamonds Are Forever" was the first Bond movie of the seventies and wanted to leave the sixties formula of cold-war-fiction behind - the problem was that the producers didn't know where to move.

Sean Connery looks so old and slower in this film that it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Middle-aged Connery (offering the first glimpse of his oncoming paunch) appears bored, tired, rather over the whole Bond thing.

There are gadgets galore, beautiful women and fascinating locations, along with a classic Bond plot.

The plot is confusing and ridiculous.

And the action,it's really uninteresting,besides the elevator fight and driving a car on two wheels.

But it's just enough to hang a number of funny and exciting scenes on, starting in Holland and ending up in Las Vegas.

As I mentioned, the characters are not only boring and artificial, but the actors themselves don't bring their all, even the "all-mighty" Connery, who looks much, MUCH older than in "You Only Live Twice" and is suitably bored with the proceedings,only rarely showing the flair that he did in the previous entries.

It features the usual dull climax at the villain's base with lots of explosions and an alarming countdown, and the henchmen Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint are awfully weird and misplaced.

The result is a tonally dull and overly complex that, while mildly entertaining at times, is pretty unmemorable.

Aside from a slick nighttime street chase, the little action that is left looks fake and slow.

Diamonds are Forever is certainly entertaining and its picture quality is an improvement on many of the earlier Bonds.

My last pro is Blofeld's henchmen Mr.Wint and Mr.Kidd,they're creative villains and are creepy and entertaining to watch.

Of course, 007 has no idea Blofeld is behind the diamond smuggling ring because he iced the arch-villain in the entertaining pre-credit sequence which marked the return of Sean Connery after the debacle of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and one-time only Bond George Lazenby.

Connery is fantastic in Diamonds are Forever, wich is a very enjoyable and well made movie, and a great start for Bond in the 1970's.

However, despite its predictability, Diamonds are Forever is a fun and even a slightly self-parodying experience and definitely an entertaining movie.

It has a good start with an intense elevator fight between Bond and the real Peter Franks.

It's action packed and features what has to be one of the most remarkable car chases on film and is helmed by classy director Guy Hamilton.

The whole plot is ridiculous, boring, lame and just another repetition of the Blofeld-wants-to-conquer-the-world-story without any new ideas.

The screenplay provides many great oneliners but the action sequences are dull.

The film's plot is intriguing and fairly well written.

Dull, unimaginative and packed with cut price production values (goodbye volcano, hello an old clapped out oil rig), the seventies had arrived for the Bond series and the lightness of touch evident here was to shape the Moore era that followed.

When he is ordered to put up his hands, he moves them to the side like a man bored with being bored.

What should have been the end of Blofeld, and therefore a satisfying film, ends up being merely entertaining, with too much emphasis on humour which does not suit Connery's style.

Like "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", this seventh official Bond film is somewhat tedious, and that's not its only problem.

The relationship between Bond and Case is boring, the villain gets boring and never learns.

Going in with this understanding, only an imbecile tries to draw too direct a comparison, and thus the films are generally enjoyable.

Now don't get me wrong I am a big Connery fan and in the early Bond films he was really quite good, but his performance in the film is a complete bore.

Enjoyable anytime!

It's a good thing that Blofeld (who returns after his appearances in "You only live twice" and "On her Majesty's secret service") isn't the only baddie in this film, because that might have been somewhat boring.

Here Gray is a colossal bore who does nothing except bark orders out and push buttons.

In this film, you'd fall asleep even trying!

Mr Kidd and Mr Wint steal the film, the Bond girls are bland, uninspiring, and are quite frankly, involved too much.

The inclusion of the team of Las Vegas hoods who looks as though they've just walked out of a production of 'Guys and Dolls' is truly an eye-opener, one of them will later recur as the assassin whom Tic-Tac hires to entertain Scaramanga at the beginning of 'The Man with the Golden Gun'.

The climactic battle on the oil rig is boring, hampered down by terrible effects of exploding helicopters and a pathetic end to the film.

Plenty O'Toole was a pointless character that didn't even deserve ANY screen time.

Which means, I think it is one of the most enjoyable Bond films made--a sophisticated, stylish romp.

It's exciting, entertaining, and fun.

And the acting is not great, Sean Connery is my favourite Bond mainly due to his suavity and charisma but he seems bored and uninterested here and gives an unusually flat performance in the role, while Charles Gray did nothing for me as Blofeld and Jill St John makes for an unmemorable Bond girl.

Case is incredibly boring and every line she says is delivered annoyingly.

Although not in that class, it nevertheless makes it a thoroughly entertaining film, and that's what James Bond is all about!

He just seemed completely bored the whole time (well, that's probably because he was).

It's a bit too dull and ordinary for its own good.

I also loved the stunts as they are ridiculous but they also work with this film and make it much more fun and exciting to watch.

When James Bond is at its best, it can prove to be an enormously entertaining romp.

Connery on the other hand was finally allowed to act his age, and followed up DAF with 1973's The Offence, in my opinion the most intense and outstanding performance of his career.

Sure it isn't as serious as some of the other Bond films, but I found it very enjoyable.

This is, I believe, due to the excellent script with probably the snappy contributions from scriptwriter Tom Mankiewicz.

The plot is all over the place, characters flat and/or uninteresting and the humor at times feels really forced.

Ranting aside, there are a few good scenes including a punch up in an elevator which is very well done, a car chase, a small shootout, loud explosions and a battle scene at the end of the film,the storyline is terrible but it's a little intriguing.

The structure is rather predictable even if the variety of action keeps the film from becoming boring.

John Barry's score is fine, but has too many repetitions of the Bond and 007 themes from previous movies and also contains some dull comedy tunes that rather fits into a Disney movie.

There is a storyline but it seems like it takes forever to develop and it makes the movie appear slow to get going.