Die Another Day (2002) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond is sent to investigate the connection between a North Korean terrorist and a diamond mogul, who is funding the development of an international space weapon.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Lee Tamahori
Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry
Length: 133 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 193 out of 1022 found boring (18.88%)

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Another Day, Another Cliche .

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSJames Bond returns to full glory in this action packed movie.

I would have rather picked a sitcom to watch then that boring movie.

Also, the sword fight was very enjoyable.

Hooray then that Bond has some exciting battles with this undefeatable foe, including an incredibly tense fight in a hospital and a fantastic car chase later on in the movie.

This has been the first time I've ever stopped watching a Bond movie from boredom.

I enjoyed it (most of it).

While this film is not in my top ten Bond films and I do prefer Brosnan's Goldeneye and, probably, Tomorrow Never Dies, it is still an exciting film with terrific sets & imaginative action sequences.

The story line is predictable and unoriginal.

Entertaining as it was this film just wasn't Bond....

However, for some reason "Die Another Day" seems to make the fantasy more laughable than exciting, more ho-hum than entertaining.

However, after about 20 minutes the movie becomes a pointless and uninteresting succession of CGI action sequences.

'Die Another Day', as the 20th Bond film, made on the 40th anniversary, tries to be a tribute to all the previous films with numerous references (the jetpack from 'Thunderball', the laser from 'Goldfinger' etc.)However it seems to fail the series by relying on CGI, pointless witticisms and implausible gadgets (an invisible car?

The music isn't bad, with the thrilling James Bond theme placed where needed.

The dogfight between the Aston Martin and the Jaguar was one of the flashiest, most entertaining, thrilling action sequences out of all Bond movies.

He just does the impossible and then cracks a pithy one-liner [YAWN]What happened to the REAL Bond, the one from Goldfinger who was allowed to show human traits like FEAR and panic (as in the laser scene) This latest Bond is nothing more than the front man for a 2 hour product placement.

We get Halle Berry as the sexy Jinx and just when the film is about to get very exciting in every way, it starts going downhill.

The pre-credits sequence to Bond's stay in Hong Kong make up the one small part of this film worth watching.

The ending in particular falls apart with a pointless add on after the villains have been dispatched to the past.

It is entertaining, has a great actor for Bond, a very evil villain, and a really pretty Bond girl.

I almost walked out to wait for the credits to finish.

She has a completely pointless fight scene against Miranda Frost that could have been cut entirely without disrupting anything in the film, and Berry's presence ultimately slows the film down.

The climax on Graves' plane is terrible, the fights are slow and cumbersome as there's a lack of danger despite the setting.

Adrenaline movie junkies will probably just really enjoy the movie.

All in all an entertainment that continues the legend of James Bond, predictable but enjoyable.

Watching a captioned copy of the film, it states how the actors Pierce Brosnan and Toby Stephens were themselves in the intense (and very dangerous) swordfight scenes.

Of course he is still enjoyable in the role and delivers his line with credibility, but his material is pretty bad throughout and he looks bored for most of the film as a result.

Also along for the ride are Jinx (who might be a secret agent, but I honestly didn't care because she was a bland, lifeless individual), some guy named Zao who has diamonds stuck in his face (are you telling me that he can't get them pulled out?

), out-think the bad guy, get a couple more girls, get out of an unnecessarily slow moving easily escapable trap, blow up the lair, and then get the girl again.

but I would like that journey to be more intriguing with some twists and turns.

David Arnold's score, with the exception of a few cues, is bland and too techo for my taste.

An uninteresting, overhyped loudmouth of a character, Jinx is little more than an amalgam of other Bond girls (Major Amassova, Holly Goodhead, Wai Lin, etc.) who is given to a Flavor of the Month actress in a chance to catch lightning in a bottle.

no acting required, no story required, just be there...

Unlike Sean Connery, whose boredom with the role was starting to show, Brosnan went out with class.

It is as action packed as any fan could want, the villains pretty nasty, the Bond girls attractive (especially the yummy Rosamund Pike), the gadgets pretty way out (OK, VERY way out) and the fights interesting, if nothing classic.

Brosnan deserved a better swansong than this poorly made snoozer.

Brosnan is definitely appreciable in all his Bond films – they are all very thrilling, starting from Golden eye to Die another day.

I must say that I prefer Die Another Day's madness over the dull Tomorrow Never Dies which in my opinion is the worst Bond movie to date.

Okay, that's hardly a unique problem in the Bond films, they've ALL been formulaic.

Another unexpected new direction for a Bond film is a villan you can almost find yourself rooting for and that you really believe might be in with half a chance against Bond afterall.

But I happened to see it again just the other day, and I realized that it really is quite an entertaining piece of electric boogaloo.

Lee Tamahori's pointless pop-video gimmicks highlight the surface glamour of the Bond film franchise.

As 2002 was an anniversary year, it was decided to litter 'Day' with references to past-Bond films, many are forced and contrived.

This is racist cliche - why do these filmmakers insist on villains being so over the top and cardboard parodies of past Bond villains?

For any Bond fan, you'll find there your weapons, cars chases, contrastive climates, and unpredictable girls that will make you committed to its successor.

That's okay in small doses, but to waste valuable time that could be spent on the actual plot is a big mistake.

This movie`s ugliest flaws are that the action becomes boring as you continue watching the movie, the lack of a good story and most important of all; the lack of a great villain.

The confusion continues with the identity of certain characters and from nowhere a space satellite appears, a strange ingredient considering the opening revolved around diamonds and weapons.

The film sacrifices story to make way for mindless action, but in order for the audience to care about the action there needs to be a compelling story driving it along (I guess those responsible for the movie never heard about the chicken and the egg).

The villains have come up with amazing technology but rather than use it for profit or to improve their standing in the world they come up with a very mundane use.

The plot is just inane and uninteresting - with all respect, the forcible reunification of Korea is not something that I or I suspect most audiences can get that excited about.

The return of the Aston Martin is definitely a big improvement on the very bland BMW's we were stuck with, mostly cars driven by sales reps or CEO's of IT companies.

Most Enjoyable?

PLEASE don't waste your time with this TRASH....

the movie is bland, plain bland.

An adrenaline-junkie super-baddy who doesn't sleep?

With its exciting action sequences, a strong villain and two very attractive and action styled Bond girls, it's a wonder why Die another Day isn't praised enough by its fans

The car was probably the best part of the movie, and while the chase with the bad guy made it obvious that Bond and the villain were both showing off their cars to each other rather, it was still entertaining to watch.

WORST SCENE: The rest of this waste of money, time and material.

From beginning to end the action was mind blowing.

I hate the horrific auto tune and repetitive lyrics.

I do question however if they would have given that overly-trite cliched line "yo mama" to another actress.

The action scenes are lame, the characters uninteresting, and the plot makes no sense.

The films tend to be made on a fairly predictable formula, with the theory of the plausible impossible.

Overall though, as an example of mindless entertainment this was pretty mindless and only moderately entertaining.

He tries to escape in a hovercraft, but only ends up being thrown in a torture camp for 14 months.

But it is a very entertaining crazy ride, I must admit.

this new Bond moive has brought back the boredom (thats a good thing) and that makes it a Bond Movie,the last two I cant even rember what the mission was.

Stephens succeeds in making him slimy and obnoxious whilst looking stylish, yet his dialogue is so dull and if anything he's just an irritating presence who lacks threat.

The four Brosnan Bond films are so incredibly formulaic that one can guess each plot development half an hour early.

BUT when the traitor responsible for Bond's imprisonment and torture is finally revealed, the final battle with the villainous turncoat is handed over to a second-string Lara Croft (Halle Berry's gorgeous but rather bland Jinx).

SPOILERSMy dad may hate this movie, saying it's all FX and no plot(and go figure, he LIKES the Matrix, which really is all FX and no plot), but I think it's a bit of an improvement over the average Tomorrow Never Dies and the horrible The World is Not Enough.

Any way, back to the boredom, er' Bond film.

I personally found it to be quite entertaining .

Even the opening credits have an unique feel where Bond has a pretty exciting surfing sequence and continues onward with the hovercraft chase scene through the landscapes of Korea,Cuba,and then finally Iceland where the best part of movie takes place in Graves's lair,an spectacular ice palace in Iceland where our hero does some fancy driving on ice to escape the baddies and rescue the damsel in distress and not only that does have a chain of events including Bond parachute-surfing around icebergs(which is incredible to believe).

The score is great, the action is exciting and Rosamund Pike is especially good, but these only help make it just about enjoyable.

In summary, Die Another Day was thoroughly enjoyable, albeit flat in certain parts.

This is his fourth attempt at Bond and he has gone from a stunning debut to fully fitting into this movie.

Hopefully, I'll be able to stay awake next time.

The makers of the Bond films try to give its audience what it wants: frenetic action sequences, loud explosions, compelling visual effects, hot chicks, and one badass protagonist.

It's a movie that is far more interested in lavish setpieces and blowing things up at the cost of a reliably thrilling brand.

Halle Berry is a goddess and that one particular scene is visually stunning!

The plot is silly and predictable, and there are huge jumps between scenes that leave a lot of unexplained holes.

A Waste of Time .

It involves surfing, an explosive diamond trade and a thrilling hovercraft chase.

It just seems stupid and a waste of time,causing me to lose all interest.

Then he follows clues and contacting with a cocky megalomaniac(Toby Stephens: son of Robert Stephens and Maggie Smith)and begins an exciting fencing duel.

People have gone to Bond films for the simple villains; the fun, easy, even predictable plots.. and they love em.

Predictable sequences (One example of the poor cinematography/directing is that of the supposed finale when Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry come down in the copter) and the end looked very patchy.

Step 1) This is dull.

The hovercraft chase is very well executed and the idea of Bond being captured and imprisoned is intriguing.

This movie is slow,the action is poor,the script is bad.

Clearly the end of the Cold War has made it much more difficult for the writers to come up with compelling villains and plotline, and this film delivers little more than a shallow parody.

I thought the opening pre-credit sequence was rather boring, the Madonna theme song was downright horrid and didn't fit the picture (or series) and her cameo really isn't any better.

Bond's "snappy" comebacks were either lame or plain vulgar.

All Bond movies are predictable: the baddie loses and he gets the girl, we all know that...

But, she's got to be aggressive, and snappy, and not really a fully-developed character.

After being exposed as a spy and causing mass chaos in a unique and exciting hovercraft chase, Moon is apparently killed and Bond is captured by General Moon.

Well, Halle Berry is pretty bland and the other regulars don't have much to do.

However, this film shook things up by having Bond being captured by his enemy and not only not immediately escaping with the help of some tricky gadget, but by being imprisoned in a torture camp for quite some time!

But, since the end of the cold war, themes for new BOND movies have been more than contrived, to say the least.

DAD is thrilling,and visually stunning.

I have never been a huge fan of Bond films (I have always found them too cartoonish and too far removed from reality), but I was dragged along to see 'The World is Not Enough' and actually enjoyed it and was impressed with Brosnan and the film.

Amidst all the chaos and confusion, one key element gets left behind.

everything a James Bond film should be, from the fast paced action (it goes without saying) to the snappy repartee rife with bons mots and double-entendre (at which Berry/Jinx also proves to be a match for Brosnan/Bond) to one of the best `henchmen' (Zao, played terrifically by Rick Yun) since Goldfinger's Oddjob.

I know we all go to Bond films for escapism, but this one tries too hard to model itself after all the other plotless, explosion-laden, action films out there.

I don't know the terms, but the effect where they slow the film down while the camera swings, and then speed it up for a burst, and then return to normal speed.

Abominable opening music, long slow stretches, very poor computer graphics, and too much double entendre.

Enjoy the action packed ending and the pretty cool action sequences as well as the ever enjoyable Q.

What renews that rush of adrenaline that the James Bond theme always brings?

A predictable romp in the ice .

But ever so gradually, the movie devolves into an uninteresting adolescent cartoon.

However, Brosnan remains as effortlessly entertaining as he was in his first three films so none of the blame for this disaster can be placed at his feet.

However, excess soon renders such repartee tiresome.

I, like many, was surprised by how strong and snappy the film was going until the sequence in Isla de Los Organos.

I still prefer the old Bond style of movie, but I still found this movie very entertaining and great escapism.

None of the films have been outright terrible, but all have felt extremely formulaic.

As a Bond fan, I was expecting Michael's experience to bring Bond back to earth and give Pierce a spy adventure, instead we get a boring Triple X-esque movie, which panders to the lowest common denominator AKA MTV crowd.

The film had NO plot.

As a humble suggestion to any future writers out there: Concentrate on quality rather than quantity and relying on post production CGI to cover up the lack of plot with big planes, explosions and multiple frikin' laserbeams.

He has the dry wit (somewhat lacking this time as the sexual humour was bland and obvious), the look, and the sophistication to stand up to Connery's portrayals anytime.

Not to anyone I like anyway, I wouldn´t want them to waste precious time on something like this when there´s fun things to do...

Halle Berry is gorgeous, looking stunning in a range of well-chosen outfits, and the scene where she emerges out of the sea and meets Bond is very-well written.

Finally, from all the movies of the Bond series performed by Pierce Brosnan, the visual effects and the incredible machines accompany and help the actor to end an exciting and vibrating movie.

Overall the film has a few (and I stress just a few) bright points but these are drowned in dreadful (and unnecessary) CGI, the worst script and director in the history of Bond and lousy supporting characters, especially Jinx and the utterly pointless Michael Madsen's NSA chief.

The picture is a bit long but exciting enough to stay with it.

You want to go for the MTV generation and beat XXX, one of the worst movies ever made?

This film has a whole going through the motions feel to it rather than be an engaging film, and the series is in desperate need of something to revive it in the action/spy movie genre.

The first James Bond movie of the 21st century introduces us to a character so sordid and dreary even Austin Powers wouldn't want to parody him.

To say a Bond movie is predictable is kinda like saying Halle Berry has huge .

i would have rather watched "triple X" with vin diesel on a 13" screen with mono sound then waste my time watching this flick.

Like The Matrix had boredom for the first 2 hours and action in the last 15.

How much more exciting could a Hovercraft chase be...?Forget Triple X, Bond couples culture and intelligence with savagery in a way that no other hero can.

The movie does borderline absolute silliness, but after the extremely boring "The World is Not Enough" this is a pretty welcome change.

After spending 14 months in a torture camp, Bond is finally released.

Great stunts are exciting when the viewer can believe that an actual person is performing them and that the stunts lie within the realm of actual physical possibility.

The film opens with the promise of compelling imagery, mood, and toughness.

Personally, I believe that the last one, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, was just such a bore that it has easily become my least favorite.

Its doubly disappointing because it is just an incredibly bland overblown actioner...

*I liked the finale in the plane, it was pretty entertaining.

So all in all as a lover of both the Connery and Moore films I can find a much to complain about with Die Another Day, but Brosnan really is competent as Bond and it's a fairly entertaining affair.

Dialogue aren't memorable, but the action is completely enjoyable.

The opening surfing scene is well done and simply thrilling on the big screen.

Bore Another Way .

The film was set to be an anniversary celebration of the series' legacy as well as the exciting way forward.

After the opening scene and the 10 minutes worth of credits, this opinion changed and I just got really bored while watching it.

Fairly enjoyable...

Snoozer .

There are several enjoyable references to the old Bond days, for example Halle Berry's costume refers to Ursula Andress in 'Dr No', and when Bond talks about ornithology, he casually picks up the book on the subject by a certain Mr Bond who inspired Ian Fleming for his hero's name, as many of you will know.

Maybe this is Kleinman's idea of Bond in hell, but it is nonetheless cruel and unpleasant as it represents the series' growing refusal to be entertaining just for the sake of being entertaining.

No matter what's true or not, this is an exciting Bond film perfect for Bond being thrown into the new millenium.

very entertaining .

The action was intense, the plot was usual bond depth, and the gadgets cool.

There are some fun homages to the tried-and-true Bond mystique, particularly in the Q sequences with John Cleese, but overall, this picture looked hastily put together and disjointed (Halle and Brosnan seem to be working off of separate scripts for the most part - a fact which apparently will win her a spinoff franchise).

The girls are absolutely stunning, the Ice Palace is breath taking and the car has never been cooler (it can go invisible!

Entertaining fun 007 movie .

Its as if a once-influential character when through a DNA swap and came out the other end as a lifeless bag of energy determined to herd us like sheep, after a torture session.

Gems of half-wit philosophy include: "It's only by being on the edge that we know who we really are.

I'm not just talking about the lack of realism (Invisible cars and riding a tsunami with a piece of a vehicle and a parachute), or the terrible science (Replacing someone's bone marrow to make them look like someone else), or the rather pointless globetrotting (From Vietnam to Hong Kong to Cuba to England to Iceland).

It is unfortunate that they lost their nerve half-way through the plot and decided go the old formulaic route of super-villain causing WWIII.

The effects and explosions were competent but with too many blandly acted villains, a disjointed script, that silly invisible car and interminable ice scenes this is a botched Bond.

A Really Enjoyable Romp - Don't take it too seriously .

The big threat, which has to do with another tired "death ray" is duller than dull and freely copies from "Diamonds Are Forever" (Is it any surprise DAD turned out the way it did?

)Rick YuneCGI and over abundance of actionlack of story and plot developmentFilming locations were a tad boring, (cloudy Korea, colourless Iceland)Madonna's helium theme songConclusion- too action packed for a Bond film, theme song was rubbish and not as good as Bond 20 should have been.

Despite some God awful CGI in some sections, particulary in reference to Bond's escape from Icarus in the Jet Dragster, its a racy, exciting and energetic story, masterfully created by all involved.

Her character is bland and useless to the whole film.

The Bond girls are frisky with Halle Berry getting much, much attention, I would rather lean towards Rosamund Pike in her obvious duality persona, which she still presents with quite an engaging presentation, in those big eyes you can see an Oscar worthy talent in there.

So utterly predictable, I almost died of boredom before the closing credits.

The film starts out in North Korea and then switches to Cuba, where Bond meets Jinx (Halle Berry); next Bond has a thrilling fencing match in Britain with the main villain (Toby Stephens) and the final act switches to an incredible ice palace in Iceland.

Even some of the actions scene's felt boring me , as I felt done those car chase parts went for far to long.

Overall I enjoyed it.

gorgeous girls, fascinating gadgets and beautiful locations equal a top shelf Bond movie.

It actually starts off interestingly enough, but lapses into horrible double-entendre cliche before very long.

Let us all hope that Bond 21 will have a Fleming-type Bond, an intense story, real stunts, normal editing, and good characters.

Rosamund Pike seems predictable too, especially when she holds a gun at Graves, we can tell what she's going to do next...

Die Another Day has bad acting, bad story and a confusing plot.

To date, i have enjoyed every single bond movie, some more than others, and though they all have there negatives, everyone portrays the character a little differently but still well, in my opinion, and for the most part they are all good and very entertaining.

who he was, before he said it, and I was quite sure Miss Frost was the traitor, though I believe were relatively predictable scenes.

Gustav Graves is just a boring re-tread of other villains, mainly Drax from the novel Moonraker.

The villain is suitably maniacal, and also puts up a good fight, while being sufficiently bland as to not upstage 007.

Anyone who doesnt like lots of guns, cars and women will find the movie a waste of time.

Don't waste your time on this tripe, go watch "Goldeneye" or "From Russia with love" if you want to see good Bond.

Fun entertaining bond film .

Superb sets, stunning stunts, gadgets galore, Halle Berry, John Cleese, virtual reality (not new for Next Generation fans), double-entendres, big bangs, hovercrafts, product placement, great cars, interesting locations - this Bond movie seems to have it all.

were the makers of this movie just plain bored ?

You know, there's ridiculousness that's enjoyable, like in "GoldenEye", then there's "Die Another Day", a movie so caught up in its complete silliness it forgets to realize it, thinking its overzealous use of gadgetry, its hilariously bad Robo-villain (cut me some slack, I couldn't think of a better nickname), and Halle Berry.

But as long as all you lemmings out there, of every race, creed and nationality, continue to fork over your cash to see these incoherent, pointless spectacles of marketing, they will go on, unchanging, forever.

Not the best Bond flick or even the best Pierce Brosnan effort, butthoroughly entertaining.

It's another to senselessly smash the audience over the head with every Bond cliche in the book.


On the bad side the Iceland scenes go on far too long as does the fencing and Madonna is terrible in her extended cameo.

Bond movies are meant to function as thrilling escapsim, though only a few efforts have really gotten the adrenaline pumping (for me, at least).

Visually stunning.

Villains are boring.

But it is all enormously entertaining and Bond will be back.

"Boring" and naive.

Where this movie failed utterly was in the lack of plot and overabundance special effects.


But then it dragged on.

The action sequences were overly long and predictable (especially the car chase on, in and around ice), and the reliance on CGI was blatant.

Titles: Amazing, breathtaking, inventive, interesting, incredible!

The villain, a North Korean spy is also a two dimensional, yet boring and unremarkable villain.

Even though some of the scenes were a little bit unbelievable the film on the whole was very entertaining.

Disappointing - very little plot, dull dialogue .

But special honors should be handed out to the exciting, swashbuckling sword fight that 007 engages in midway through the film; this is the high point of the film, for me, and the most exciting, tensest sequence in the movie.

It's filled with exciting action, and it has a really cool Bond girl in Jinx (Halle Berry) and a very menacing villain in Rick Yune.

Anyway check this out for an entertaining evening.

It has stunning visuals, sophisticated action, and plenty of top secret gadgets.

The sequences in Iceland are beautiful and in the final dramatic scene stunning.

As I watched the movie I was alternatively entertained and bored/disappointed.

Not only is he immune to cold, he can slow his heart rate!

The special effects are breathtaking.

All the usual cast is still there (although this time John Cleese is Q, and he's doing a decent job at it), so I fully expect there to be an enjoyable fifth Brosnan Bond movie.

Her role in this film waas pointless and the limited amount of lines she had produced a Razzie-acceptable performance.

The story line is also very entertaining.

All in all though Die Another Day proved to be a highly enjoyable film and I recommend it to anyone who prefers fun to realism.

As usual, the opening sequence was stunning and set the tone that, I think, should have been followed.

Halle Berry doesn't have much to work with but shes good as a bond girl, Rick Yune is the only good villain but he doesn't get enough screen time instead we see another guy, ** out of ***** save your money unless you are obsessed bond fan

But besides that, I found the movie so boring I was thinking about the ten bucks I spent to see it.

Enjoyable entry .

The word that comes most readily to mind is "contrived".

Entertaining, if you can ignore Halle Berry .

The movie is action packed and the story is told in a quick pace and the movie is actually tense and exciting.

Maybe the silliest Bond ever, probably the most empty-headed, but certainly one of the most entertaining too.

Why should anybody waste his/hers time with a film which has nothing to say?

Of course being a Bond film we should have some crackling dialoge to explain what all this confusion means.

The producers find themselves in the unenviable position of either persisting with their intention of making Bond a hero for the new millenium, invariably involving more outlandish stunts, ropey CGI and near plotless narrative to retain the 'new' breed of young fans weened on Arnie and Star Wars whilst alienating the hard core fans.

The story is difficult to follow, you don't know who the bad guys are, or why they are bad guys, nothing that happens makes sense, and ultimately it looks like a script for Batman that someone inserted Bond into.

The plot is pretty dull and very convoluted.

The Most Lavish And Exciting Bond .

The various vehicle chases at the end became repetitive, although the idea of drowning in a room was the stuff of nightmares.

The action sequences are entertaining, the bond women aren't the worst in the Bond series.

But to me, Bond has become plain boring.

With this film, you always get the feeling that the quality can't quite last, and the second half, while still perfectly enjoyable, gradually loses sight of its plot and characters to wander down the well-trodden path of outlandish action set-pieces for their own sake.

haillie berrie, did excellent job at being a female james bond, the gadgets, were way over the top but thats what makes it so enjoyable.

I wish they had realized that as they ventured into the last half of the movie when things get bigger and weirder and just plani boring because of the size.

Even though Halle Berry did her best with her character, I still found Jinx rather uninteresting and shallow.

Well, Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is accused of being a traitor after being held captive for a whopping 14 months and once he is released, tries to find out the link between a North Korean terrorist (Will Yun Lee) and a snooty diamond broker (Toby Stephens) with help from Q (John Cleese) and an exciting girl named Jinx (Halle Berry) along the way.

The sequences in Cuba were ok, but I was starting to get bored by then.

The brilliant all too brief scene between Bond and Q (John Cleese) sums up the last 40 years of Bond gadgets with some snappy comic dialogue which would need a repeat viewing to catch all the gags and references.

It is just boring.

The plot was down-right boring.


I have always thought the whole '00' agent thing, and the history behind it could be a fascinating part of the character that could be explored.

The film isn't a cinematic masterpiece, but it is a lot of fun, and surely this is what Bond films are all about: entertaining the audience.

That said, it is still a very entertaining experience.

A very entertaining film puts it up there with the best Bond films.

Instead of exciting scenes with Bond in a great car we get bad CG effects and no feel of the car at all...

Some of the interplay works -- mostly between Bond and Graves as well as Bond and M -- but mostly the dialogue is trite and uninteresting.

Halle Berry is pointless, well in a narrative sense and she drifts in and out of the film without any real effect.

Halle Berry was a wonderful addition to the script as Jinx, who reminded me of a childhood character from GI Joe of the same name, and ethnic background who was also an action packed little fire plug.

Here we experience the most contrived and awful exchange of dialogue between two characters that I've ever seen in a film.

The climax on the plane was dragged on & on and was so far fetched, I thought I watching a "Streetfighter" sequel.

I had "the person"pegged as soon as I saw them "in London" All in all, I enjoyed it and it was 2Hrs+ of pure escapism and awelcome respite from the Christmas shopping.

I hated the beginning bit because it dragged on for ages and I didn't think Bond looked particularly rough after all those months of torture.

This one is just unbearable.

Expect a seduced beauty or two, exciting special effects, bad guys who get theirs and a 007 who triumphs in the end.

A lot of Bond films have an issue with being too formulaic and at times Die Another Day is just that.

In this film, we get an exciting super-car battle, improbable but entertaining fencing battles, a hover-0car battle, a drag car chase involving a killer satellite, and Halle Berry.

After the somewhat dull disappointment of The World Is Not Enough,the Bond filmmakers obviously decided they had to pull out all the stops for Bond's 40th anniversary movie and compete with films like XXX.

This unexpected turn of events and the shock of seeing Bond turn into a long haired, bearded beast of a man are very odd and seem out of place in a Bond story.

But all in all, 132 painless and rather entertaining minutes.

Such a bloated barrage of tropes too often becomes simply noise, and noisily boring at that - and Bond should never be boring.

You know what to expect, and what you expect is the unexpected.

Her first scene is nearly unbearable, and I found myself wishing she was actually killed off.

After that exciting hour or so, I was thrilled enough to continue looking the sequels.

"Die Another Day" is a pretty damn good latter-day Bond flick, but three major flaws keep it from being a classic (although to be honest, many of the classic Bond flicks are classic in their entertaining cheeziness and not in terms of actual quality).

While I don't rate it very high as a movie, it is very entertaining, it gives your surround-sound system and powered subwoofer a very good workout.

The scene where they face off on the crashing plane at the end is VERY entertaining.

I actually wanted to walk out of the theater and haven't done so since "The Avengers".

Die Another Day is probably one of the most entertaining Bond-films ever.

If you're five, you'll find it entertaining.

Madonna's cameo is as bad and as pointless as her theme song.

The dramatic and often intense first act completely disintegrates in the face of a useless second act (other than revealing the identities of the villians, what was the point of the whole ice palace sequence?

In the end I just had to yawn as I saw Bond go from one unrealistic stunt to another.

Her dialogue was so incredibly bland that I think she used Guy Richie's influence to make the director give Madonna permission to write her own lines.

Finally, that dumb cliché where you-know-who was bad, and did the thing where they point the gun at the villain, and then switch around to point it at Bond.

To long of a movie to have no plot.

Other than that, it was really entertaining.

4)horrible acting 5)predictable twists 6)diamond faced man is appalling as a henchman 7)rubbish weapons 8)the very funny john cleese is under used 9)judi dench is over used 10)dreadful special effects oh ive already said that well their twice as bad

And the lines feel so corny and cliché.

" What "Die Another Day" IS is an extremely entertaining exercise in Bondian shenanigans that gets more and more implausible as one mulls it over afterwards.

Brosnan appears bored and is probably only there for the pay-check.

Save your money.

It does get tiresome to watch the middle east, russia terrorist thing so to tap into North koreans ( who do have nuclear power) was a very cool idea.

It does symbolize how the franchise seems to be moving toward pointless action.

The ending is poor and bores the audience, we know Bond escapes, theres no tension or suspense in watching how he does it, especially when the aforementioned special effects are going haywire around the proceedings.

He did his best though with a horrible script, so convoluted and predictable it needed endless and meaningless fight, chase and explosion scenes to attempt to mask a lack of plot or direction.

To start with, I have to say that Die Another Day is certainly an enjoyable film, in a similar way to xXx.

Don't waste your money on it.

There is a market for good character driven enjoyable spy action flicks.

Jinx is another extremely uninteresting character.

The fencing scene is well done, but the rest -- the car chase near the end sin particular -- are predictable.

Bond does a bit a surfing, and while these scenes are exciting, does anyone remember the last time they saw an old British guy shooting the curl?

It's rolling the entire series into a single two hour adventure and the result is actually pretty entertaining.

Halle Berry seemed to forget the fact she won an Oscar, Pierce Brosnan did some rather incredible things that looked more like a ripoff of XXX, and the whole Icarus laser thing seemed really contrived.

One scene that I did like in this film, however, was the fencing sequence because it was very engrossing to watch and very edge of your seat.

Creating new, exciting adventures for 007 after 20 feature films in forty years is a difficult task at best, particularly as public tastes change, and the character of James Bond has to maintain at least a degree of the 'persona' created by Ian Fleming.

The fact that I actually found Bond's fight a lot duller is unacceptable.

The film kicks off with an exciting hovercraft chase, followed by the colorful main title sequence, in which the plot is actually developed for the first time.

Bond films,by their very nature,are formulaic,and Die Another Day makes a virtue of copying things from some previous Bond films and slightly changing them.

Intriguing villains, such as Zao (played by Rick Yune of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) and Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens) make the film that much more enjoyable.

on the whole very disappointing even pierce appeared to be slightly bored with the whole thing which is a shame cos til now I thought he was the best bond especially after the world was not enough.

In the end, this movie's only merits are some good puns, and of course John Cleese, who is always worth watching.

Brosnan is a good actor but a bit bland and didn't play Bond in the cool, indomitable manner.

The overall tone of LALD was serious and humorous at the same time, and took advantage of Bond's built-in fan base to produce a movie that was entertaining.

Acting and script: Halle Berry may be a competent actress but I found her bland in this role.

The special effects are enjoyable, close to breathtaking.

All in all, this was an enjoyable entertaining movie, which is all it was meant to be.

I think it's a very enjoyable film if you know what to expect from Bond movie.

The credibility of this epic 133 minute extravaganza suffers mildly from some hopelessly unrealistic but nevertheless exciting predicaments that challenge our globe trotting British secret service agent.

There is other humor, but Bond is dull.

It is filled with a topical storyline, sexual innuendo's, mind blowing gadgets, cartoon like villians and classic bond like action.

I would add, a scene where a CGI Bond is "surfing" while holding onto parachutes is a pale reminiscence of a far more exciting scene from earlier in the film which was physically shot in Maui.

Michael Madsen wasn't really needed in this film, he didn't have much purpose, and using him was just a waste of money (i like his Mr. Blonde smoke a cigarette thing at the end though).

That's why the film, despite the highly promising start, ends up being such a crashing bore.

4) Predictable.

Intense, good and captivating!

Even the potentially exciting development of Bond's capture and torture and then discharge by MI6 at the start of the movie is wasted because so little of the film concentrates on developing his change in character in response to these events.

After having proved himself to MI6 and to the NSA, Bond returns to London and has a spirited fencing match with Graves at the Blades Club… There he meets his publicist the gorgeous Miranda Frost… In "Die Another Day," Brosnon is wild, and ready to light the fuse on any explosive situation… His methods are to provoke and confront… His Aston Martin is loaded with high tech gadgetry that renders his vehicle invisible to Zao's sporty Jaguar… There's an amazing chase between the two across the frozen waters of Iceland… There's also an interesting battle inside Graves' treacherous fortress; and two battles to the death aboard Graves' airplane … Halle Berry is one of the Bond girls who looks so stunning especially when she emerged from the Cuban waters in her bright orange bikini… This Oscar-winning beauty matches 007 in intelligence, sophistication and toughness, leaving Bond in the island in an explosive situation… Toby Stephens as the psycho billionaire Gustav Graves appears determined to use his unique satellite the Icarus using its power to 'bring light and warmth to the darkest parts of the world… or to clear the minefield creating a highway for his North Korean's troops… Rosamund Pile plays the fencing master with breathless beauty Miranda Frost… Rick Yune plays Zao, the dangerous Korean arms dealer and sports-car aficionado who works for Colonel Moon (Will Yun Lee), the renegade North Korean army officer who was determined to invade the south… Michael Madsen plays Damian Falco, NSA spy master and Jinx's boss who's tough on Bond…The comical British character actor John Cleese takes over the role of Q...

Some of the action sequences are intense and cool, the set-pieces is beautiful and still the first part of the movie is kinda good.

Taking cues from both the books and the movies, it mixes the best of the lower key and over-the-top elements into a entertaining blend.

On a positive note, however, John Cleese seems to have got over his lengthy "unfunny" period to put in an entertaining performance as the new 'Q'.

This film has been criticised by many members of IMDb, i don't understand why though, it's a great film, far better than The Bourne Identity, at least this was entertaining!

Halle Berry, for an NSA agent, seems too predictable and appears to get in too much trouble.

If you want to see a different and more compelling Bond girl character, see Michelle Yeoh in Tomorrow Never Dies (my personal favorite Bond movie).

There were enough stupid actions by the characters, enough predictable moments and enough cliches to make me pray for the movie to end.

Give her a bigger partThere are some bits in the film, some okay, some brilliant:The pre-credit sequence is exciting.

Brosnan feels quite flat in his role along with a plot that seems quite far fetched with so many things happening it is a bit mind boggling.

007 invades a North Korean military base and, after an exciting hovercraft chase, is captured and imprisoned for over a year.

His heart clearly isn't in it, whether it be due to the corniness of the film or boredom with the role in general.

Having said that, it does keep you on the edge of your seat, and if the story is ridiculously over-the-top at least it is interesting.

Save your money, rent it on video, and in the meantime, go check out Goldfinger, From Russia with Love, or The World is Not Enough.

Others have mentioned the mediocre CGI and boring charcters.

100 percent line readings, pointless whining, and awkward blaxploitation one-liners like lame 'yo mamma' jokes made her, very unwatchable.

Plenty of action abounds with a good hovercraft chase at the beginning, and a thrilling sequence where Bond drives his Aston Martin (which can turn invisible at the touch of a button) around Graves crumbling ice palace to rescue Jinx.

But it is packed with memorable scenes, fast and thrilling action and enough gadgets to make sure that it dodges the last few hurdles and sprints across the finish line.

In summary, Die Another Day is more entertaining than any other Brosnan-era Bond film due to its explosive action scenes and plot twists.

It's a first-rate bore.

While it is not Brosnan's best,(Goldeneye,)it is far more original and exciting than the last one (The World Is Not Enough) Some random thoughts: A.

I highly recommend it if you at all like this kind of genre.

Quite enjoyable as a film, a bit dissapointing as a Bond oneoverall- 6/10

The use of plot devices from previous films further erodes any remaining quality by making Die Another Die exceptionally predictable.

"Die Another Day" is the final nail in the coffin ofthe once-proud franchise that produced such highly-entertaining films as "The Spy Who Loved Me," "Goldfinger" and "For Your Eyes Only.

Again, Pierce reprises James Bond, and he and the filmmakers deliver another entertaining Bond film.

Pierce Brosnan in his fourth Bond outing is solid and engaging.

The scene when Bond is in sick-bay after his release and somehow manages to slow his heart-rate to a COMPLETE STOP!!

Graves turns out to be someone else, and he wears a Power Rangers type outfit until the end battle on a plane with Bond, and it gets kind of silly then, but always exciting if you just suspend disbelief for twenty minutes or so.

action but boring .

I also liked Madonna's cameo in the film even if it was pointless, because it's nice to look at her (and her muscles) for a minute.

The pace of the movie is so action packed that Pierce Brosnan never really gets a chance to enjoy the full benefits of being Bond.

The answer is no, because the James Bond films are always so entertaining.

Climactic battle: Awesome, incredible, one of the most exciting Bond climaxes ever filmed!

A very enjoyable film that seems to improve on numerous viewings.

" Hale Berry was one of the most dull and unsophisticated of all the Bond women ever to grace the screen.

Really a waste of time & money.

Die Another Day: 7/10After the highly intellectual (at least by recent Bond standards) "The World Is Not Enough", which combined great action scenes with great acting (save Denise Richards), great writing, and a superb dramatic feel, comes a film that dives in "Tomorrow Never Dies" territory - overly action-packed, with no plot and unbelievable villains.

The Bond opening sequence is simply stunning, possibly the best I've seen ever, bringing fire and ice beautifully mixed together, an excellent ode and premise to the movie.

So much pointless action is put into place, including the ridiculous sword fight, and Bond is made out to be just some useless British guy out for revenge.

Anyways the twist that came with this move, was very predictable, lame and not really needed.

Fast paced action fun.

And just when you think the movie is over, there is an additional half-hour of pure adrenaline rush that pushes the envelope for special effects and intensity never before seen in a Bond movie climax.

the "keep feeding them bland and boring until they think the rubbish we serve up is actually good " syndrome.

I hate to say it, but the film was just plain boring.

He was so wooden and so utterly dull and boring that I actually found myself wanting him to get shot in the film.

Its derivative,plodding,unfunny, unconvincing,badly acted,sloppily edited and utterly,utterly appalling.

In all, the movie was very far fetched, the movie was very fast paced, and it was very typical.

this movie was horrible and completely predictable.

Anyway, the music is woeful, the title is horrible - the bond movie is enjoyable, it is good (in parts) and it is pretty good.

In the end, I still enjoyed the film despite all these complaints, because James Bond films are always very entertaining.

All in all, a very enjoyable couple of hours, and DEFINITELY a DVD purchase!!!

Summary : Stunning opening scenes of surfing , beautifully filmed leads to silly Everglades type hover-craft being used as military vehicles by some cardboard cut-out Korean bad guys.

It was extremely entertaining and I enjoyed every single minute of it!!

Final word: save your money and rent a couple of Bond movies instead.

Hopefully nothing happens to break up the Dame Judi/Brosnan/Samantha "Moneypenny" Bond team, because they've got a great dynamic going, and Cleese fits right in.

Most of the stunts are excellent although one or two falter over poor C-Gen execution (when Bond improbably slaloms his way through the debris of a mini-tsunami), but there are plenty of others to savour, including a superb back-dive escape by Berry off a cliff, a no-holds barred sword-fight, a car-chase over and under ice and a final thrilling fight in a rapidly de-pressurising aeroplane.

Very enjoyable!

All James Bond movies are about great action sequences, car chases, women and, naturally, Bond getting out of the most wicked situations in the most unpredictable way.

When I was a child and might have enjoyed it, they didn't have the technology to make an actual movie out of this sort of comic book stuff.

Immensely enjoyable also the in-jokes and multiple references and tributes to so many of the other Bond flicks - from Klebb's shoe in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE through to Roger Moore's crocodile in OCTOPUSSY!

The stunts are well put together, the car chase scene with the new car was very exciting, and contained the usual amount of impossible tricks and maneuvers worthy of the best of the Bonds.

During the endless action scenes I just got bored and switched off from what was happening, then I completely lost what the plot was supposed to be.

This sets the tone for revenge and an exciting prospect.

Primarily for all those Bond fans, hope you're techno-wise because 2003 Golden Globe nominee MADONNA - `Die Another Day' sets the pace for this atmosphere with a most exciting James Bond theme song.

`Die Another Day' is a reasonably entertaining installment in the seemingly endless James Bond series – provided you don't go into the theater expecting too much that is.

When I saw Die Another Day in the theatre my friend beside me kept on nudging me because I was falling asleep.

Appalling special effects, terrible script and bland acting .

The one thing that truly made this Bond film enjoyable was the big car chase near the end of the film.

This however will probably not stop it from making billions of dollars and the producers and movie studios will have no incentive to actually make a good movie in the future..They have Brosnan playing Bond, the extremely tired formula - which is always the same - just change a few villians, the 2 bond girls (1 good and 1 bad - very predictable) and locations..voila!One can see that a lot of imagination went into making this film.

Sadly the thrillers always age better than the blockbuster and even though it had been immensely popular at the pictures and I really enjoyed it, when "Casino" appeared it immediately spelt the end of enjoyment for "Die another day".

This is easily the worst movie I have seen all year, and is the last James Bond movie I'll see...

It may not be the Best Bond movie of all time, but its certainly the most enjoyable.

Halle Berry was a waste of money,they should of got a top villain with her fee instead of the bargain basement rubbish on display here.

Recycled Bond with no story .

Enjoyable Xenophobic Stereotyping Hokum .

This is a guilty pleasure for the discernible viewer because eventhough formulaic it is great entertainment.

This movie has the FX, but no story.

Also dislike that we have a disfigured henchman, a Fleming cliché I find distasteful.

-The acting was enjoyable...

Brosnan's aging fast and he moves very slow from one action scene to another.

Though we all know he's had some training in psychology, his power in understanding others is just thrilling (he observes Graves in his show off before confronting him,.

From the beginning of the movie till the end it was gripping, fun and very entertaining.

After Cuba mostly pointless rushing from one place to another and EVERY, SINGLE, TURN you see it coming from a mile away: who is the double-agent (and Bond didn't see it coming), who is the bad guy, what is the joke in the end.

She was hot, exciting, and probably had more screen time than Berry.

Instead they made a boring, 2 hour sci-fi Bond film with weak action and an even weaker villain.

As so often happens with Bond films, plotlines become murky and confusing and it gets difficult to know just who is doing what, to whom, and for what reason.

Michael Madsen's inclusion is completely pointless.

The car chase was pretty exciting as well.

The movie is completely far fetched and it takes place all over the place- it is confusing and frustrating to tag along.

There are two types; the Bond spectacular, all guns and explosions and non-stop entertainment, like "Moonraker", and then there's the thrillers, more grounded and slower paced that work off intrigue, great script and subterfuge, like "Casino Royalle" or "For your eyes only".

DAD starts well and stays well until the half of the movie - then it becomes boring, predictable and even annoying.

Since there is less depth (and no single script surprise) than the previous Michael Apted-directed outing, Die Another Day tries to impress us with pizazz, beautiful women (newcomer Rosamund Pike is believably ice-cold and stunning) and Bond one-liners, which Pierce Brosnan is now comfortable delivering.

The worst movie of 2002 .

Or a breathtaking ice palace where Graves resides is a triumph of production design for Peter Lamont.

) Halle Berry is an uncharismatic and boring 'Bond girl' who has no chemistry with Pierce Brosnan.

I thought this film began brilliantly with Bond's unexpected capture and disgrace.

Enjoyable, at least.

The opening fight scene with the koreans is action packed.

The action sequences are amazing, a little exaggerated at times but still exciting.

It was unexpected.

Another boring aspect, we've seen a giant space laser before, and it was cooler when it wasn't all in fakey CGI.

I will admit that the film isn't one bit boring, it's well photographed, fast-paced, and for a limited while entertaining.

Although flashy, the older Bond movies were always way too drawn out in various unnecessary directions, often resulting in a hard to follow plot - the novels just didn't translate too good to the screen.

It's terrifically entertaining as are all the earlier Bonds.

Loosley enjoyable edition of Bond which cracks under its own weight; ironically allowing the franchise to die so that it may live another day.

overall the movie is entertaining.

The first 15 minutes are alright, but after that the film gets a bit boring.

The plot was quite predictable.

It was boring and seemed like the same ole same ole.

A lot of things in it are silly, or dumb, or predictable, or "been there done that" and it's all baked into a frantic frenzy of a movie, making it a little too much to even bare.

Even the early films are overrated, but they were new and exciting at the time, and are now lovely bits of high camp.

This is a fast-paced and exciting opener, with some great stunt work and intense fights.

The sword fight between Bond and Graves is very exciting, and Rosamund Pike plays a brilliant role.

Enjoyable Non Classic Bond .

So this movie is fun but sometimes boring 6/10.

She definitely makes one of the most memorable first entrances from among the rank and file of the Bond Beauties; emerging from the sea in an orange two-piece suit she looks absolutely stunning, calling to mind Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder in 1962's `Dr.

It was bitsy, it lacked flair, the baddies were flat and un-engaging, the plot...

Yes, this Bond film was awful in parts..but let's give him another chance - remember that the 4th film for both Connery and Moore is often regarded as Box office trash - "Thunderball" is seen as boring, and "Moonraker" way over the top by many fans.

) in a good, solid plot, being sure to give it several unexpected twists while stirring.

Gustav Graves is probably one of the most intriguing Bond villains to date(you must watch and see why!!

The intent was obviously to celebrate all things Bond, but the result just seems rather empty compared to previous films.

Overall if you like bond and want an entertaining film this is one of the best bonds of recent times

The film has its flaws and is at times completely ridiculous, but it also has cool gadgets, decent-looking Bond girls, good visuals, and compelling enough action for me to recommend it.

Those were exciting.

The movie's second act consists of all the worst clichés, a sword-wielding Madonna, a lame villain, fake-looking car chases, predictable twists and an absurd ending that involves Bond and Halle escaping out of a carrier plane's hangar ( the vehicle is about to crash) in a small helicopter, with shrapnel flying everywhere around them, and the chopper they're in is only half-way started!

The stunning Halle Berry plays the tough U.


Rants aside, this is an enjoyable, entertaining movie, and for Bond trivia buffs there are a cornucopia of references to previous movies to keep you glued to the screen.

Her role in Die Another Day is pointless and pure eye candy.

There are lots of subtle jokes for Bond fans that will go over the heads of people who got dragged to the film.

Most of it was very predictable, and the action scenes were desperately prolonged, so two thirds of them seemed to be pretty much boring to me.

So many problems (spoilers ahead) - too many diamonds, JB in prison for way too long, M telling him he is useless, the awful awful awful second surfing scene, invisible car (!!!

For our time standards genuine Fleming's spy-character is boring.

The sexual innuendos, always a staple of Bond films, were predictable and not very clever.

The opening scene was very captivating and exciting; the sounds and incredible effects were astonishing.

"Time was, this series relied on wit, spectacular stunts and entertaining storylines to propel a movie.

Well I got the impression that the makers of Bond wanted to do as much action as possible but they completely forgot about the most thrilling part: they didn't include an exiting story!

The following hour of the film managed to hang on to the intro and was pretty good, but it was the second hour of the film, that really started to get me bored, for it got more and more unbelievable as the film went on.

)During the initial sequence, Colonel Moon (Will Yun Lee) is seen during an intense work out with a kick-boxing bag.

The action however, at least mainly, was very entertaining.

After causing some havoc in the Caribbean, Jimbo heads back home to London, and gets into a highly entertaining sword fight with the bad guy, before being accepted back into the fold.

*yawn* .

Save your money andrent any pre 1980 bond on DVD

This movie is the most entertaining film released all year.

They seem to know where they are going but seem a little misguided especially with the creation of the pointless Jinx character.

It has stunning effects, plenty of great action and pretty girls.

No redeeming value, no lasting impression, just a good, exciting, fun 2 hours of mainly action.

I can understand producers intentions (obvious already in 1960s) to upgrade that genuine boredom with something "bigger than life".

Whoever wrote the 'script' to 'Die Another Day' needs to be dragged out into the street and SHOT!

- Action that makes you yawn.

Those parts were the only thing that kept me interested in this movie and even at that I had a yawn every so often.

It does,however,knock spots off the dreary Along Came a Spider.

As tense and gripping as the story can be, it's also a fun ride.

I actually fell asleep watching it on my DVD player.

Bearded Bond/Hong Kong stuff: This was so bold, so unexpected, so unBond,and so overtly dramatic, I should have hated it.

Sorry I can't comment on the climax, since I walked out of this atrocity when the military plane with non-bulletproof windows got hit with a bullet and depressurized (a bit lifted from goldfinger).

This film is totally disjointed and even more then usual the plot is weaker than ever....

Halle Berry gives a very rounded and enjoyable turn as tough NSA agent Jinx Jordan.

And it's full of one liners,that get tiresome.

I gave a good score to the movie because it really is entertaining, it is got good humor and action.

Too many movies use this clever advertising gimmick: Editor's speed the film up then suddenly slow down to slow-motion to grab the viewer's attention.

For there are the action sequences, which are spectacular, the amazing storyline, and some stunning Bond girls.

After a promising start, little to recommend; way too long.

This is just a truly boring mess of a movie, that will hopefully signal an end to the franchise of four decades.

The car chase is one of the best in the series, and the swordfight is unexpected and interesting.

The first hour and 1/2 is entertaining enough but the end is stretched out far too long.

After the two tedious Bond films that had come before it, I needed this to be a true Bond spectacular and it did not disappoint.

Christian Wagner's MTV pretentious editing calling attention to its self - "hey look at me, I'm MTV" AWFUL.

It was very enjoyable.

Once he gets out of the prison and heads off to Cuba, it gets dull.

A Bond movie has a mixture of boredom and action,the bordom is mainly informational,without it,we wouldnt know what the mission is to begin with it.

"The name's Bond, James Bond" are the most exciting words in the movies, and this 20th instalment (released on the series 40th anniversary) still managed to get mileage out of the formula through a mixture of an opening twist, some barnstorming set-pieces and production design by Peter Lamont that are easily up there with Ken Adam's best.

Once Bond escapes from his medical prison (which is on a frigate of some kind), in a ridiculously easy fashion, and rather unexplainable stopping of his heart, the next hour of the film is mostly slow moving, except for Bond's encounter with Zao in Cuba, again reminding me far more of the Bond novels than the movies, as he chases his quarry around, using real (well, pseudo) detective work to find Zao, and the incident with Chinese intelligence in his hotel room reminds me of the novels and a different, more down to earth Bond film, harkening back to Sean Connery being taped making love in From Russia With Love.

Very exciting.

The story was completely contrived to encompass 2 hours of mindless explosions and gunplay.

We're then treated to a bizarre title sequence composed of a torture montage with quite simply the worst theme tune ever devised for a Bond movie .

I played it with the nephews of my widowed mother's boyfriend at the time and always I enjoyed it.

Add in uninspired direction, a going the motions script filled with awful innuendo and a complete, absolute absence of anything resembling Ian Fleming's novels and you're left with a near unwatchable Bond movie.

Gadgets, guns and girls are on full display (as are many homages and insider nods to the films past) with action packed accuracy tailor fitted snugly as the glossy tuxes Brosnan dons and proves once and for all to give original Bond, Sean Cannery, a real run for the money in this excellent chapter of a never say die series.

The script has some nice moments too apart from some cringe-worthy one liners, while the action is very intense.

You will see some Gadgets in this are insanely stupid, near impossible, but some are fun and well thought out with the story, Bond uses them to his advantage and that can make some scenes truly thrilling for the viewer.

) Third, the film was flat BORING.

The computer graphics are stunning and quiet obviously the best to have ever been seen in a James Bond film.

Plot is boring once we reach the ice palace.

So the opening half hour is good, Rosamund Pike gives a good performance and there are thrilling moments occasionally.

And the burning jet in the boring final sequence looks like it's out of some sub-standard PC flight simulation game.

This is Bond at his most thrilling, unhinged and gloriously gadget based.

There were some fun surprises in there as well (the little gadgets that Bond gets to play with, a well-acted Madonna looking stunning I must add, & of course the diva of the hour, Halle Berry.

The entire 007 series has had it's numerous "ups" and "downs"; some have been vastly entertaining, some have been campy/corny and others have been pathetic entries in the saga.

Awesome and Exciting .

Overall, I think the DVD is stunning, the behind the scenes segments are better than any other DVD I have seen, period.

The post-titles opening is intriguing and deftly handled: Bond has been abandoned for a year in North Korea then unexpectedly traded by British intelligence.

Brosnan looks bored, Berry is simply awful, Graves is a dull villain, the editing is weird and the writing is some of the worst of the series.

It's Really the 2nd Half That's Terrible (NO PLOT SPOILERS) .

One views a Bond film with a willing suspension of disbelief, but Die Another Day set new lows in confusing plotlines and paper thin villains.

Oh and Halle Berry is about as entertaining to watch as shredding paper.

It's something grim and unexpected, and certainly the series most shocking moment since the death of Tracy in ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE.

Errr.. surely if you slow down, it catches you?

Why would they want to replace it with boring (and ridiculous) CG effects?

I remember hearing rumours of talks of having a spin off film with her character and I hope that they were just rumours, because the character was boring and she was two dimensional.

It was enjoyable and fun for the 40th Aniversary .

There's a tiresome chase between two autos in the palace which goes on way too long.

As others have outlined, the opening of the film is ultra exciting as Bond (and two agents who kind of disappeared from our radar as their helicopter is destroyed) infiltrates North Korea to get at the good Colonel Moon.

Because when the long-overdue (and equally interminable) finale lumbers around, it's another entirely predictable let-down.

There is a riveting hovercraft chase across a minefield and the unfortunate capture of our hero.

It has a plot more predictable than any other 007 I've seen - anyone surprised by the fact that Miranda Frost was a crook needs to have their head checked.

I did not enjoy first 20 mins of the movie , as I don't think it felt like I was wacthing a bond movie I felt like I was watching some scfi movie instead f normal James Bond movie, I felt like the movie was very slow pace.

I also give it credit for making the love interests a bit unpredictable.

But I am interested in film classics and open for an entertaining movie.

)and you've got a movie that, while it is entertaining, leaves you feeling empty at the end.

Pierce Brosnan is the perfect modern James Bond and that alone makes 'Die Another Day' worth watching.

I fell asleep during one of the car chases, I believe it was the half-hour one.

All in all, a very entertaining film with a new harder edge to it, and something of a return to form for the series after the very average The World Is Not Enough.

As a Bond movie this is quite poor in expanding the series for the future, but as a fun, entertaining action movie that makes 2+ hours just fly by I think this is somewhat overlooked, I know this because overlooked it myself.


Although he's not the best villain in the Bond series, the story is pretty entertaining.

Again Samantha Bond as MonneyPenny in an enjoyable intervention of wet dreams with James Bond.

Certainly more entertaining than a game of baccarat!

I also blame the writers for starting out the film as an entertaining spy thriller and turning it into a video-game by the second act.

I couldn't wait for this film to be over, it felt like it dragged on forever.

Save your money for some of the better blockbusters coming in the next few weeks

A few individual scenes work well on their own (like when Bond throws his training manual in the air and the Aston Martin's shotguns shoot it to bits), the sword fight in the middle of the movie is exciting, and Rosamund Pike's Miranda Frost beautiful and far superior to Jinx.

Although the movie is pretty pointless from Cuba and further on, it's packed with some of the best action ever to be seen so far in movie history, and it is done in such a fashion that you won't even notice the holes in the story because of the intense action.

The "twist" that she was an NSA Agent was predictable.

This is exactly what it's supposed to be, a fun well acted, action packed Bond film.

Sure she's attractive in a hoity-toity, toffee-nosed, gerbil-faced kind of way, and sure she looks great in a sports bra, but as a villain she's pretty dull.

`While one never expects more than "the usual" (girls, guns, and gadgets) from a Bond film, there are several ways the formulaic mainstay has gone wrong in its impressive 40 year run.

Die Another Day is a great show that discharges adrenaline for each second of footage.

Some great Scenes like the Swordfight, the Introduction, etc., BUT the same Storyboard for over 30 Years - that is more then boring.

He's rather uninteresting and is not at all menacing.

The beginning is quite fun, and the pre-credits sequence promises a darker, edgier film, but it felt pretty vapid and empty once the credits rolled, and we were treated to silly CGI women, and an auto-tuned Madonna.

The film is some times confusing.

The initial impression given by yet another James Bond film is (predictably) of a supremely pointless and ludicrous work, full of product placement: while many car commercials aspire to appear like Bond films, this Bond film is happy to appear as a car commercial.

BORING YAWN YAWN May Casino Royale be better than this (or the World is Not Enough, haven't seen it yet) Worst Bond film since ever...

The latest addition to the Bond series is slick, predictable action-packed fun containing the usual array of girls, gadgets and fashionable cars.

Its very entertaining with great action scenes and amazing special effects.

Dull addition to the series .

Most of all, the Cliché-effects - and it sure isn't Weta WS who made them - destroys the movie.

Even the sex was dull.

He is intense and displaying more of a darker edge to Bond.

Spirited performances and some entertaining set pieces can't hide the laziness of the CGI, the execrable 'jokes', or the languid familiarity.

After seeing it again, I have to say Die Another Day is neither is dull as Diamonds are Forever, or as mechanically formulaic as You Only Live Twice.

Unfortunately this movie is a slow wide bend with billboards (read endorsements) left, right and centre.

It was pointless, crude and an insult to fans of the series.

Bond is a classic, loose the techno beats, and synthesised music, lose the CGI special effects, and lose the repetitive dialog.

Awful Loaded with Action but still boring .

It obviously wasn't enough that she provided one of the all-time worst theme songs for the series, a dull and grating "techno" mess.

" The action scenes, though overblown, are typically well done and exciting -- with the swordfight between Bond and Graves the obvious standout highlight.

or was it the lack of plot that lost me?

Enjoyable Bond film .

That's different to say the least,yet it is intriguing,a sign that the series is taking on a rougher edge.

(SPOILER) We get to see an unexpected change in the relationship between Bond and M after his release, when you can feel some real contempt from Bond for M's and his government's actions surrounding his capture and eventual release.

I really loved the opening sequence and in particular the bit where Brosnan is being tortured it was different but also intriguing at the same time as it added something new to the film.

Other than a genuinely thrilling (though short lived)high speed hi tech chase, the movie was, by and large, an undisguised insult to the Bond genre.

Halle Berry's 'Jinx' is a bland clone of 'Lara Croft' ( it is hard to believe she almost landed her own spin-off movie ), while Rosamund Pike's 'Miranda Frost' is beautiful but uninteresting.

It's only a Bond film in name and cliche.

Other action highlights are the pre-credits hovercraft chase,a car chase on ice and a climactic fight on a plane,thrilling even if it is reminiscent of the end of The Living Daylights.

Very entertaining!.

The acting ranges from dull to disgraceful.

Had I been in the theater I probably would have walked out.

The cast is mostly respectable, Brosnan is brilliant in his final appearance as 007, Halle Berry, shortly after her Oscar-winning role in Monster's Ball, does a nice job as sexy NSA agent Jinx and Oxford- educated Rosamund Pike is equally stunning playing Miranda Frost, Bond's other love interest in the film.

Then, mid-way through the final act it suddenly looses its bottle entirely and decides to introduce a bland doomsday device for good measure ("oh no not another space lazer").

All I care about is if the movie is entertaining, has good acting, has familiar actors, and good special effects.

Girls-Madonna's pointless cameo further reduces her status to inglorious levels, once an interesting artist, now some woman you would avoid on the street.

The opening sequence is one of the most exciting ones, and the plot of the movie from then on is very unique.

However, Die Another Day should mark itself in theannals of modern movie making as the most useless, tired,boring tripe.

It was an exciting adventure that focused on suspense and thrilling the audience with a story that one could get into.

The problem is he appears to be bored with the role.

Following an initially intriguing premise, the narrative of this Bond movie takes every ludicrous turn possible in order to force any cheap-jack interest it can get.

But so much is the case these days that all the good actors in the world can't save a script that is confusing, disjointed and is totally consumed by a copious amount of special effects and stunts.

The movie also includes the most painful one-line cliche ever heard in a Bond movie, "Saved by the bell!

D is action packed, with my eyes fixated to the screen through out the whole movie.

DAD is a total waste of time and money.

• One years worth of filthy, matted beard removed by a Philishave that would actually be hard pressed to razor the hairs from a particularly languid gooseberry.

Witless, plotless, emotionless and politically correct to the extreme.

other than going off of the typical bond routine i though it was a good and entertaining movie.

Die Another Day stayed intriguing and almost exciting film-making for the first fifteen minutes, as Brosnan's Bond gets captured and tortured for fourteen months, and exits to go off to exact revenge on one in-particular North Korean madman (Rick Yune).

A true James Bond film keeps you on the edge of your chair every time you see the movie.

The action sequences and sets are breathtaking and endlessly elaborate.

what a waste of film, and definitely a waste of money worse movie i have seen all year.

There were also some thoroughly entertaining action scenes, especially the sword fight.

Forget the non-excitement of the passable but uninteresting THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH and instead sit down to watch an action-packed ride through danger, thrills, spills and fun.

From being an enjoyable action romp, it became an endless succession of ridiculous dialogue and ever more ridiculous scenes, with a good few continuity errors and just plain foolishness thrown in.

This movie was the most pumped up action packed movie in the series, not top mention Pierce Brosnan's best Bond movie.

Apparently the new formula is to abandon all sense of intrigue, make the action scenes even more over the top than in the not-very-good later Roger Moore movies (amazingly, it turns out this is actually possible), and throw in a Bond cliche every other scene.

The action sequences are true adrenaline mayhem with Tamahori excellent in producing the ultimate rush.

There is one word that accurately captures the essence of the current Bond movies, and that word is YAWN.

It's all glitter and glamour with no story at all, gadgets seem to make the world go round(and save's lives).

The first hour is the main set-up whereas the last is the payoff, basically consisting of one long set-piece that unfolds into another, altogether more gripping set-piece.

Worth watching.

Now they have some old granny who is for no reason always upset with Bond, and watching her scenes is dull and irritating.

The film begins with a rather well-made action sequence,but after that,everything slows down till you yawn.

Good FX, but mostly a big YAWN.

Unlike many, I found Madonna's theme enjoyable - at least, it wasn't the film's main flaw.

But again you all must go see this film, It's still quite good and I highly recommend it.

I do have to give some props to actress Pike, who starts out as a demure agent in a very secondary role, but transforms into an exciting femme fatale out of some grand adventure by the time of her final scenes, complete with sword and outfit.

I think that's a good thing, makes it entertaining.

While it has an excellent, exciting and surprisingly dark first half hour, it falls apart completely after that and ends up as an absolutely dreadful film.

One of the worst movies in the last 10 years .

'Die Another Day', has full of well choreographed action sequences, special effects, chase scenes, and is generally entertaining (hollywood) film over all.


I would advise anyone to watch this movie, its an enjoyable movie experience and has brought James Bond films back on the map.

What's worse is that "Die Another Day" commits the worst offense a Bond film can make: it's boring.

Jabs and witty jokes aside, it is an entertaining movie providing a wealthy suspension of disbelief.

In spite of the unprecedented camp surrounding her, Judi Dench's M remains a paragon of class, sparring well with Michael Madsen's growly bureaucrat, while John Cleese's solo outing as Q is so supremely enjoyable, replete with dazzling wordplay, impeccable double-takes and a "flesh wound" gag shouldered with impressive restraint, that it's almost a shame the Brosnan era didn't span one film longer, if only to spend more time with Cleese.

Bond needs it again now, as the franchise has been dragged too far from its roots.

Predictable boriness .

The story telling is good, the script both witty and involving, and the action sequences entertaining if a little far fetched.

The reasons for this creep of boredom are numerous: a miscast Halle Berry, gadgets that are second-rate, a story line that emerges as a retread from a prior Bond film, and bad guys that just don't feel sufficiently significant.

While the fast paced action still limits what you can do, unusual attention to characters is actually what makes this movie work, what allows you to take it seriously while it shows impossible stunts, and fashions you'd expect to see on runways, not in real life.

Overall, it was an entertaining movie and I recommend seeing it, if you don't have anything else to see first.

The name is Bland, James Bland.


Surprisingly, Die Another Day goes the extra length, and includes some elements as non-formulaic as ever seen in the series.

I quite liked Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost but the character was yet another deathly boring one.

There were some thrilling moments in the picture highlighted by the opening action sequence, and it's got the iconic walk out of the ocean that got Halle Berry a lot of attention.

Bond meets him and his stunning publicist Miranda Frost (the gorgeous Rosamund Pike) at a posh fencing club.

But I thought the film was far too long.

While Bond movies have never been uniformly great, they were for the most part consistently entertaining, at least in the Connery-Lazenby-Moore period.

A pathetic, even if entertaining Bond movie .

Never as good as the first(you see), but still enjoyable.

The last half of the movie has her and Bond teaming up to take down the bad guys, and it's an action packed spectacle that has to be seen to be believed.

Disjointed, overlong and often ludricrous entry into the Bond canon makes me wonder if we've had enough of these movies.

Yuck--Save Your Money and Wait for It to Be on TV .

I also have to say that Madonna's cameo role in "Die Another Day" is a waste of screen time.

Brosnan is awesome as 007 in this movie, and both of the female leads are stunning (and the lucky git beds them both ;P) I'm not gonna go into any of the movie as it would take far too long.

The answer is - Casino Royale was gripping, far more intelligent, and also proved to us that Bond didn't need gadgets or huge explosions and fast cars to be great.

Its devastation, however, is a second-act climax more visually exciting than the third-act climax, which feels almost like a formality.

Eventually, the layers begin to fade away and we begin to see that Gustav Graves is on the edge of insanity.

I saw this movie with friends, and we all enjoyed it for its entertainment value alone.


Watch out for the stunning swordfight betwixt Bond and Graves which destroys a swank London fencing club ('Place needed redecorating anyway' a dreadlocked messenger observes drily as he regards the wreckage all around him); very impressively shot.

Negatives: Ending that has been done several times before; wasteless, pointless cameo by Madonna.

Rosamund Pike is stunning as the 'back-up Bond girl' Miranda Frost.

Somehow the older Bond films were much more enjoyable.

It's adventurous, fun and exciting at times.

Things have sure dropped down to a sad level since the first Bond flicks with their clever and nuanced plots, witty lines, entertaining action scenes (without computer-generated overkill).

Boring bad guys made it even less watchable towards the end.

John Cleese did bring a bit of a snap to the film with a great rendition of Q (after assuming the role in the last film), but his scene (one of the only enjoyable ones in the film) was too brief.

Great action movie, but to be a great Bond movie you need to slow things down a bit more and focus on creating atmosphere and intrigue.

Now if only the rest of the movie had been this exciting.

Director Tamahori makes for swift and fast-moving action and should be first in line to direct the next one.

The acting was pretty good and the North Korea settings provided much tension and exciting thrills to the story.

There's the opening hovercraft chase, the intense sword fight, and John Cleese's wonderful performance as Q.

It was very entertaining and exciting.

It kept you on the edge of your seat.

-- This movie was a real yawn-fest.

It is all just pointless and far too forced.

Intense action scenes, jaw-dropping gadgets, a fine cast and exotic locales all add to the successful concoction.

Finally, this is the first of the Pierce Brosnan era James Bond movies that I could honestly say that I rather enjoyed.. the others looked kinda stale and borring.. but in this film he finaly has the persona down pat and the filmmakers have concocted an entertaining film around him.

He snarls and struts his way through the paces of a typical Bond villain, but I found his performance flat and uninspiring.

(61%) After watching this again I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

The villain of service is a worthy opponent of Bond, very menacing and positively scary, an improvement on the effeminate Jonathan Pryce in GE and the rather bland Robert Carlyle in TND.

Ihated Halle Berry as Jinx, because she was a huge cliché, and Iloathed Madonna's theme song.

'As for Lee Tamahori's direction,he handles the film fairly well,but it's nowhere near as thrilling or enjoyable as the first film of his I saw,the superb The Edge.

Toby Stephens makes a boring main villain and Rick Yune as the diamond faced henchman Zao is a walking parody.

This film has two main problems: firstly, all North Koreans look pretty much the same to the average Western person, which makes things confusing.

Plotless, too many mistakes seen (especially the poor scenery of South Korea...

Of course the special Bond wristwatch is presented , but in such a ho-hum way with a flippant line by Q " bring this one back unlike the other 20 ".. problem is that in this movie it REALLY is ho-hum.....

put that into the Bond cliche generator...

The opening scene in North Korea, the concept of Bond being captured was intriguing (despite groans from the die-hard fans); and the Zao guy with diamonds in his face was far more threatening than the foppish Gustav Graves.

Bond's missile-hemorrhaging glacial car chase with Zao, in particular, is a video game overkill snore-fest.

' Any chemistry with 007 is all but non-existent with their 'banter' being invariably puerile and tedious.

Over the years, James Bond has become tiresome, predictable and at times boring.

The stunning Rosumand Pike plays ice-cold turncoat agent Miranda Frost and Oscar-winning Halle Berry gets to kick some butt as elusive CIA agent, Jinx.

Very entertaining, DAD is never boring.

With such a great cast it looked really promising, but unfortunatly it was totally marred by a non-existent plot.

This (the 20th and final bond before the latest reboots casino royale and quantum of solace) is a great entertaining bond flick which is what it should be despite what many say.

Having seen so much nay-saying before I saw DAD I was a bit worried that I'd be wasting my money, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If a movie want to get away with being "mindless action" than it shouldn't take that action so seriously , and should at least come up with an enjoyable story, instead of this incoherent and boring mess that only seems to serve to glue the action scenes together.

There were some action sequences that were rather dull at times, a few actually.

It becomes a boring, implausible CGI-fest which slides out of control in a worse way than Bond's Aston (great car...

The last truly entertaining Bond film I have seen was 1995's "Goldeneye," Pierce Brosnan's first--and finest--outing as the secret agent.

After meeting with Q and getting stocked up on supplies, I had seen enough and fell asleep.

** Strong Action, High Tech, Visually Stunning.

Michael Madsen (agreed his role was so short) and Rosamund Pike's (agreed her role is too long) level of acting is near zero in this 'Die Another Day' movie.

The worst Bond film yet still well worth watching.

But dreary Turkish masonry-like inside.

I would rather have dramatic and hyper-active editing with fast and exciting action such as this than the dull and worn-out editing by Jim Clark in "The World is Not Enough".

I'm sorry, but I found myself thoroughly bored within an hour of the movie starting!

(Note: I usually try to write longer reviews, but the film was so overstuffed with convoluted plot lines, silly characters and pointless, corny action sequences, that I gave up and made this a short one.

When you watch a 007 movie, the plot is always predictable: the same formula is being used for years, supported by lots of stunts, special (status-of-art) effects and beautiful and sexy women.

If you havn't seen this movie, don't waste your money.

Plot less, clueless, no real villainy, No searing intrigue, no characterisation, no STORY...

They cannot see the vital ingredients that made those old Bonds so enjoyable and successful, and just rely on a tedious combination of stunts, explosions, and product placement to keep the show on the road.

Die Another Day starts out all right with a cool surfing entrance and an exciting hovercraft chase through the Korean DMZ.

I do have to say, that the movie is so bad, it's kinda good, in how entertaining bad it was.

Sit back and enjoy, this film is a celebration of what Bond is about, a celebration of 40 years of film making and 4 decades of entertaining generation after generation.

It all seems rather pointless.

No plot, no acting, no interest.

It then moves into the usual story rhythms and is entertaining and exciting .

Contrived, confused and unfocused .

It keeps things grounded and exciting, making it the most suspenseful PCS since The Living Daylights.

The second half, however, soon became tiresome, repetitive and, the cardinal sin for any Bond movie, slightly dull.

The worst movie in america .

The actual problem is quite a cliche, with a satellite that can beam a destroying ray towards the earth and bla,bla,bla...

I found it to be rather boring and it seemed like a plot that would have worked much better in an alien movie.