Diplomatic Siege (1999) - Action, Thriller

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Terrorists take over the US embassy in Bucharest, executing one hostage every hour until a war criminal is released. Plus - 2 specialists are there trying to disarming a secret nuclear bomb.

IMDB: 3.9
Director: Gustavo Graef Marino
Stars: Peter Weller, Daryl Hannah
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 33 found boring (30.3%)

One-line Reviews (25)

S : If you're insisting on watching it, then beware : don't watch it through a TV channel, because with many commercials it becomes long drawn out !

Dreadful wannabe action movie attempts every cliché hurdle and fallsevery time.

The whole enterprise looks hastily cobbled together, using every cliché in the manual.

I'm usually a sucker for mindless action flicks, but this was an incredible waste of time, both for the actors involved and anybody who tried to watch.

"Diplomatic Siege" tells of those involved in the siege of the American embassy in Bucharest for the purpose of compelling the UN to release a Serbian officer being held for war crimes.

Slick, but dull .

so, after bombing, destroying and killing thousands of innocent people in Serbia, it seems that Americans decided to continue their anti-Serbian propaganda with films like this one.

They screwed up one minor cliché.

Despite this being a B-movie in every respect, it's actually quite enjoyable with strong, clear choreography and crisp direction from Gustavo Graef Marino.

This political thriller has a pretty good, up-to-date story (Serbian terrorists seeking revenge after one of their leaders is kidnapped by US soldiers to stand trial in Hague); but the execution is strangely lifeless and dull.

There are some well-mounted shoot-outs with machine guns and the like but our heroes spend the movie evading the enemy rather than engaging, so DIE HARD it ain't.

Me and a friend was bored to death tonight, so we went to the movie store and after looking at almost 1000 videocovers we just thought to hell with it, let's go for good ol' Tom, so we rented this film.

A routine, overlong action picture that starts off promising, with some good relationship development between Weller, Hannah, and his son, before veering off to some dull, explicity violent terrorist stuff.

Berenger and Weller are wasted though and seemed to be going through the motions, but Daryl Hannah's role was the most intriguing and she had some decent dialogue.

That was boring before being idiot !

), but if you come across it on a dull night, there's plenty of action that should keep you awake.

Revival of a popular American movie genre: Propaganda .

There was so much potential, instead it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Waste of money.

Drawn out, routine, waste of good actors .

DIPLOMATIC SIEGE is a low rent thriller that rounds up a half-decent cast and throws them into a clichéd and predictable storyline involving some evil Serbian terrorists who take over the US embassy in Romania and proceed to issue various demands else the hostages will be executed.

Mindless but exciting action sequences as well as a number of surprises, one of them has to do with a mole hidden in the US Embassy, makes the movie at least watchable despite not making any sense at all.

One of the worst movies I've ever paid money to see.

Amusingly Predictable .

On the plus side, the location shots really enhanced the feeling of the story, and the action scenes were very exciting.