Dirty John (2018) - Drama

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Debra's seemingly perfect life is disrupted as she falls for a handsome doctor who sweeps her into a whirlwind romance. But her handsome new beau pulls Debra into a sinister game of psychological manipulation.

IMDB: 7.1
Stars: Connie Britton, Eric Bana
Length: 50 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 29 out of 251 found boring (11.55%)

One-line Reviews (94)

Debra's dull quiet...

I binge watched this without knowing any backstory whatsoever of this real-life story, so it was unpredictable which kept me hooked.

Each episode is gripping and we didn't want it to end.

Most of Netflix's Original Series are not very good, there are only a few that are worth watching, and Dirty John is one of them.

First season must watch but second season super super boring .

Terrifying and gripping.

Even though I after the first episode thought it was a little to "days of our life" - like for my taste, I still continued because the story is thrilling.

It was super compelling and interesting and I was instantly hooked when I found out that Netflix had turned it into a show.

The rest is just back and forth braking up and back together, boring and waste of time.

Six episodes down and every character is unengaging and the storyline is sooo bloated and drawn out.

This could have been a great hour and a half film, but stretching it out into a 8 episode series was just a big, boring mistake.

The way the girls and their mother are portryed is really shameful because they seem stupid and unwatchable, really shallow writing.

Just about worth watching if only to make people aware that there are people like Dirty John in the world.

All in all not a bad show, gripping at times, and a rather good making.

The acting is bland, at best.

The acting is very good, the bad guy - the actor played that role of "John" very well, he is intense and quite scary.

He gets right under your skin, I was on the edge of my seat constantly shouting at the screen haha, I absolutely hated him.

And then it all goes super snooze fest when Eric Bana's character falls back on the "I'm an addict and that explains all my bad behavior" card while Debra nurses him through quitting cold turkey.

There are ways to make a bizarre and absurd plot work, but this isn't how to do it, this show failed to make itself feel real enough to be gripping or crazy enough to be entertaining in a fun way, and at the end of the day, i couldn't have cared less about anything that happened.

Intriguing .

Suspenseful .

Watching paint dry is more interesting.

The oldest daughter was a failed attempt at an independent spirited woman who was portrayed more as the self-entitled, self-indulgent woman no one likes to deal with.

There are many intense scenes and the scene featuring one of the daughter's vs John in the car park is brilliantly choreographed and powerful with great camerawork.

A bit unwatchable .

The series was a thriller, suspenseful, beautifully acted, written, mixed & edited.

daughters unbearable .

An entertaining but very slow story.

What a riveting portrayal of a sociopath in everyday life.

So many cringeworthy decisions made but the show is entertaining and keeps viewers interested.

Very suspenseful.

Predictable and just meh .

Worth the watch.

Worth watching - I was completely entertained.

Putting all this aside it is still a fascinating story, perhaps occasionally a little hard to follow caused by too many flashbacks and disjointed timelines.

Gripping stuff.

It's intriguing for anyone interested in true crime.

My unexpected fav character is Veronic, Debbie's unyielding daughter.

An exciting watch that really makes you think.

I found it chilling and exciting, although I did find the women weak and whiny.

It felt like I was getting a long slow lobotomy.

But the story is exciting and I still kept Watchingon episode after another!

Worth watching .

A lot of it was just bland and many scenes were pointless.

Edge Of Your Seat / Very Intense Drama .

I normally like both Eric Bana and Connie Britton but I only got as far as the third episode, life is too short to waste any more time on it.

Too slow + drawn out.

After saying all of that, we (my husband and I) find this show very entertaining and extremely well done.

Don't waste your time .

What director thought her nasally, obnoxious, and monotone attitude was a good delivery or call???

Slow pace of the program's progress .

I am really enjoying this series and find the story-telling quite compelling.

The adaptation of the story is suspenseful, some problems lie in the pacing due to different time frames and flashbacks.

Now there's just pretty faces and/or somewhat known actors to pull the audiences in for a slow and burning disappointment.

This series is so entertaining, great performances by Amanda Peet and Christian Slater.

So I started the series with the intent to binge it, which I did, even though it was clear the writing was weak, the character development even weaker, and a looping plot line that was terribly difficult to follow at times.

Perhaps if this sociopath lived in another state on the much more intense and far more observant, mistrusting, and based on this movie..,much more intelligent and much less forgiving of red flag behavior....

What a waste of time.

Just about worth watching.

Her character is so unwatchable.

I thought it was fast paced and intriguing.

Entertaining .

Worth watching even though the wife may be the dumbest person alive haha.

Painfully slow.

Perhaps we are so used to predictable storylines and characters that when we are shown what real people did in a situation we are put out.

Connie Britton was unbelievably disappointing, her acting was just so bland and one-note for the entirety of the show which ultimately made it really hard to keep watching considering she played the main character.

I found this highly intriguing and enjoyable to watch.

What an intense ending.

It was long and drawn out.

It's just so boring.

Men totally waste of time.

Entertaining and flashy bold brash high end sexy crazy anthology look at real love gone wrong in epic fashion.

It's just so dull.

it feels contrived, protracted and rushed.

Intriguing .

Started off really well, good actors - I mean ok the sisters were annoying as hell, not sure if that was intentional, but then it dragged and although a true story sadly after all episodes it all felt a bit amateur

Okay so I literally just ended the first episode of the show however this is edge of your seat type entertaining no doubt about it one of the most gripping shows of the fall season and it's one of the best of 2018 period love love love it

Very boring and not believable, very bad acting and her daughters acting is awful

Love the acting and can't believe it's a true story, worth watching it.

This series is compelling.

The last episode of the seasonis the most intense of all and here once again they present another great character, Terra (Debra's youngest daughter), her character so consistent from the start until the end that when Terra faces crisis, it is very beautiful, they know what should be emphasized.

Creepy and exciting .

Binge watched - highly entertaining .

It was an interesting story but the series was too drawn out.

Was very disjointed with the past/present depictions and SLOWWW.

Even my hubby enjoyed it, and he only started watching cause he thought "dirty john" was a shoot em up type of bad guy lol.

Essentially, this is boring Hallmark romance garbage.

Good actors wasted on slow development .

This is a compelling story.

Even though it is based on true events, the main draw card for this series for me was Connie Britton; she such a stunning natural beauty.

Totally waste of time .

Entertaining and passable .

it is super slow and boring with same scene almost over and over again.

Mind-numbingly dull .