District 9 (2009) - Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Violence ensues after an extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth finds a kindred spirit in a government agent exposed to their biotechnology.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Stars: Sharlto Copley, David James
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 148 out of 1000 found boring (14.8%)

One-line Reviews (728)

i see a slow, relatively boring piece that has been done before.

It was known that their was a lot of improvisation in his acting, which certainly has contributed to a fascinating character that you end up really caring for by the end of the film.

bad CGI aliens, bad film style, weak plot twist on a historical event, low budget look (seriously we see slums that look more empty than full, hardly any aliens anywhere...

Although it is not quite a masterpiece, District 9 is one of the most entertaining and unique films of the year.

Again, pedantic and pointless.

So overall this was a pretty entertaining movie with some suspense added in.

With its spectacular way of filming and entertaining people it has nothing to dislike and so much to like.

The movie is somewhat a docudrama in that it's telling the story suffering in the shanty town, yet it is full of action and entertaining.

Mostly boring and badly presented .

From the visionary mind of Peter Jackson comes a movie so riveting, shocking, and marvelous you'll swear you've just gotten the Goosebumps when it's over.

Even though at first, Van De Merwe is doing a "gran de mierda" job with the mission, he turns out to be a very engaging hero whose broad personality & antics does wonders to the film's success.

We get scene after scene of the same shooting, the same explosions and it simply gets boring fairly quickly.

Boring, bad techniques, slimy, crazy and illogic story, annoying conversations.

But i still enjoyed it.

However , being his producer Peter Jackson with his companies Weta Workshorp and Weta Digital that steal the show by means of the breathtaking visual effects, creatures , makeup , Animatrix design make the film results to be a groundbreaking spectacle.

I started watching it with no expectations at all, and it was very entertaining with a good atoryline .

A brilliant mix of a pseudo-documentary and an alternative action thriller, this slow starting film turns into a spectacular display of both writing ability and directive talent.

waste of time .

We have also awfully cliché characters like evil father in law , evil soldier/mercenary (who is strong and stupid) or evil gang lord.

This movie has a lame premise, boring and predictable content, annoying filming style and the ending is........

The action, which is saved mostly for the final act is riveting—the effects, never dominating the screen or drawing attention to themselves in an adverse fashion, work in ways that only the best of movies that employ them do so.

It's spectacular, darkly funny, entertaining and thoughtful all at the same time, and it's all done on a meager $30m budget.

District 9 takes the cliché concept of aliens on earth to something completely new that we have never seen before.

In a time period where unique and genuinely great and entertaining movies are a scarcity, this one is a welcome blessing.

The CGI is flawlessly realistic, the aliens (or 'prawns') didn't look as computer- generated as I'd initially anticipated and the various explosions, bloody battles and shoot-outs are brilliantly entertaining.

An engrossing documentary set-up introduces the film, only to be abandoned and picked up at various points, creating a jarring effect and hence losing a great sense of the realism it so painstakingly strives for.

There were many suspenseful moments, making the movie even more amazing.

Some aspects, though, seem to require some intensive knowledge of South African history, which few people outside of the country would be aware of (the "concentration camps" into which the aliens are to be herded evokes the time and the place where the words entered the English language: Lord Kitchener's attempts to stop Boer resistance in the 1899-1902 war through herding them into appalling, unsanitary camps).

Blomkamp adds elements of dark comedy to his film which is enjoyable and helps break the tension of the film.

I fell asleep during what he rated the only decent part.

Don't waste your time.

Visually stunning by-the-numbers science-fiction-as-social-commentary.

Nothing happens until the last 15 minutes and even then the action is still pretty boring.

My review might not be the best worded, but it's because too many angry thoughts are going through my head, this was horrible and a waste of money making it so high budget just to spread more false south African propaganda.

I sort of knew the direction this movie was going to go, but it does it in a very engaging and entertaining manner.

) Normally the documentarystyle movies are too put on, too dull.

The real gripping factor in the movie is the camera angles, they give you the first person experience in many action sequences.

So far so boring and predictable.

The special effects of "District 9" are stunning, specially when we consider the cost of production (US$ 30 million).

If you're expecting and want epic science fiction, don't waste your time or money on this garbage.

It does run into few genre tropes, turns into an action bonanza in its final act, and lacks a proper closure but it still is endlessly fascinating, thoroughly engaging & highly entertaining, and packs more flesh than the majority of sci-fi extravaganzas that surface on the big screen every year.

The story was truly original with a fascinating twist on the typical War of the Worlds/Independence Day modern sci-fi movie.

After the opening 20 minutes would have made this film stunning.

He has a fascination with the Prawns, and we see him fidgeting excitedly and grinning from ear to ear when he's given the mission at District 9.

From the previews, I expected District 9 to be a dark, suspenseful movie that would shock and frighten me.

The movie is intense, gritty, and disgusting.

Original, visually stunning and one of the best sci-fi films seen in a long time.

I love SciFi, but a lot of the stuff I've seen lately bores me (I'm 42 / male).

The so called UFO is stunning, as are many of the commonplace effects (explosions and the likes).

The words I would use to describe this film; raw, savage, intense, gritty, horrifying, terrifying, sad, pathetic, grim.

So, that's why I think D9's story is more engaging than Cloverfield's.

The story can be picked apart like a king prawn, but Blomkamp's assured storytelling and expertise in visual effects ensure that, even though certain elements make little sense when given too much thought, the film is a thoroughly entertaining experience from start to finish.

  Realistically depicting a language barrier with aliens is so tedious that it will destroy any story.

The film becomes very cliché towards the end, they added slow motion to shooting scenes and just ruined the tempo they had created for this film, and of course they had that last heroic event which saved the day.

Action scenes are amazing, the plot is gripping and keeps you interested the whole way through and sets up nicely for District 10, set 3 years later perhaps when Christopher returns?

The film follows the main character in his survival journey, becoming an ordinary and predictable action movie.

The intriguing opening is a carefully crafted piece of cinema.

It's as I said, intense.

This is a unique and visually stunning masterpiece that's thought provoking, imaginative & terrifying.

The story starts off fast paced, getting the viewers caught up in Alien history in South Africa using an effective and familiar "CNN" news story style.

Overrated - Waste of time .

In fact, even the emotional parts felt really bland in this movie.

The production is phenomenal and the special effects are stunning.

The story was incredibly boring and extremely slow paced.

But this really is one of the most stunning movies I saw this year.

It is as if a middle school film project to create the worst movie possible was responsible for this mess.

It's a fascinating idea and will naturally allow for a lot of new directions from which to examine the old problem and dilemma.

This movie just has it all, a clever plot, wonderful acting, intelligent direction, a gripping story and nail biting suspense which will keep you at the edge of the seat throughout, and i mean it, throughout the movie.

It's a hugely enjoyable, blood splattering action flick.

It may take a little while for the viewer to become comfortable with the rhythm of the piece, things are a little disjointed at the start.

Original, Riveting and Thought-Provoking .

All put together is simply breathtaking.

The first disc contains 25 minutes of deleted scenes, a strong making-of documentary, and an engaging commentary track from Blomkamp.

It's slightly derivative but when you stop to consider this cost a mere $30 million dollars you have to stop and ask yourself why do film directors like James Cameron and Michael Bay feel the need to spend several times making movies that are a tiny fraction as involving and as compelling than something like this one ?

It has flaws, but overcomes them to be fairly enjoyable.

But it's fine, some of you just want to see action and people fighting aliens with lot of intense scenes don't worry rest of the film is like that.

Also in a way, I'm glad it ended because it became it became a very entertaining action movie at that point.

This is a gripping, gritty, sad tale of one man's descent into the mess that he helped architect.

It is thought provoking and wildly entertaining.

A riveting story with an allegorical message.

The movie DOES have great special effects, but its lack of thrilling moments made me feel like I was seeing another science fiction blockbuster.

Yes, the action scenes are sometimes compelling.

Intense and graphic, it hides nothing and does not hesitate to throw the viewer right into the middle of the action.

Its unique visual style is fast-paced and exciting, taking us along for the ride and delicately crafting every scene to enhance the story.

Still he has an incredibly fascinating character and is just simply incredible to watch.

If you want stunning star special effects this is not your movie.

Gritty, real, and very entertaining.

The main act shows Wikus beginning his journey of redemption and the last part has the fast paced conclusion, involving Wikus helping Christopher and his son to escape.

Thoroughly enjoyable, great social commentary, guns, big explosions, funny.

The movie as a whole has an uneven and erratic storyboard and a plot that whilst highly original and intriguing suffers from being shamefully thin, overstretched (the whole movie plot can be summed up in a couple of sentences) and full of holes.

I feel there are a few plot holes that I would like filled, but all-in-all this is a very entertaining, well-filmed movie.

This is very thrilling movie and I enjoyed in every bit of it .

However, the quite white supremacy that I now see in this movie as opposed to when I was a kid is overplayed and tiresome.

It is obvious to point of being contrived.

Definitely worth watching if you're into sci-fi in general and probably even if you're not.

I loved the way this film teetered on the edge of it's story and the way it slams it's characters in your face.

Worst movie ever .

Entertaining & thought provoking I really do recommend a viewing.

I thought sling-blade was bad when I left the theater, because I fell asleep during it.

It's exciting with a pace that takes your breath away.

It is surprisingly graphic for the rating but it is not unpleasantly violent because the characters are engaging enough and the action thrilling enough for you to be carried along rather than focus on the gore.

As long as you don't dwell too long on this poor plot reasoning, the movie is extremely enjoyable.

Just some pointless phone calls.

much harder to make it engaging with such bleak background !

It is worth watching

Please don't waste your money on this train wreck.

Blomkamp's movie touches on a few different genres and is an exciting run.

This movie DOES have a lot of plot gaps, but I really didn't care because it has an inventive plot, moves at a fast pace and was unpredictable enough to keep me interested.

Literally unwatchable .

The central character is compelling and the actor holds your attention through comedic and tragic moments.

Overall I would say it was an intense viewing experience that is perfectly suited to accomplish the goal for which it was created.

Fascinating and interesting original.

It is he and he alone who lifts "District 9" to the level of compelling human drama.

This film will become a major influence to studios everywhere, because it was a visually stunning film, and it comes with a budget of less than 35 million—which is less than a quarter of the budget of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

not that I want to see them as they are poorly created), typical/predictable outcome and a lot was left unexplained (the fuel/alien spray, the guns, why they landed/crashed, why the didn't fight back if there was 1.8 million of them...

Though the very last scene was a little bit corny for my tastes, especially considering the intense emotional roller-coaster that preceded it.

Its slightly backed by the EVIL BIG CORPORATION which has a hit team with a very evil hunter leader (cliche at its best).

And their story keeps you glued to the edge of your seat all the way to the film's rousing finale.

It has no plot, no meaning, has no action (which is one of the three genres), and it only relates the aliens to foreigners in the beginning - that part goes bye bye with the camera.

Plotless .

A masterwork of originality, creativity & imagination, District 9 is a solidly crafted, intricately layered & thought-provoking study of humanity that's rich in themes, dense in emotions & accomplished in all storytelling aspects, and remains one of the most riveting & refreshing works of sci-fi filmmaking to surface on the silver screen in recent years.

The movie is fast-paced, action-packed, gross, poignant, revolting, and THOROUGHLY entertaining.

The action sequences are intense and keep us glued to our seats.

3) Acting: The protagonist, Vikus, is highly entertaining and I'm not criticizing his performance at all by mentioning the acting.

It's suspenseful as you don't know where the story is going.

I cannot remember the last time I watched a movie that had me on the edge of my seat like this.

Don't get me wrong, it was an enjoyable enough movie with seamlessly merged CG and an incredibly realistic feel to all of the scenes; it was very immersive that way.

Certainly the first third works very well with its aspects of satire and humour along with the point that everyone is racist when it comes to aliens who look like crustaceans and the end sequences are action packed.

Must See - A compelling, original piece of writing!!.

To think this film only cost $30 million is mind blowing.

These changes make the character brilliantly compelling and watchable.

All these ideas and emotional come out of a fast-moving story that flashes up on the screen, just when the lead Wikus is along the journey of transformation.

I don't know, but I did find it suspenseful for most of the time.

Intense and connnectable .

Not only are the special effects incredible, but the movie's actual plot is intriguing and profound.

On the second half of the movie run time, that's when the enjoyable part start.. the sympathy toward the aliens reflected back to be a sympathy toward human race for its cruelty and selfishness.

A thrilling and unique take on an old genre .

Overall, not one of the better movies I've seen, but worth watching if you don't have to pay too much for the tickets.

Not to bad all in all, basically it had what every good futuristic b movie has, an engaging story.

It is by no means a perfect movie -- showing his relative inexperience, director Neill Blomkamp seems to have an rich and extensive backstory for it in his head that isn't always evident in the finished product, resulting in some confusing scenes and concepts.

The action towards the end is quite good but on the whole it was just a bit boring.

Jackson and Blomkamp invent a rich and engaging action drama .

His character portrayal is stunning in its scope and depth (plus some great dry, awkward humor) and this role will certainly put his name on the map.

The plot development is tedious and at times you are asking yourself "What did I get myself into?

That was the only suspenseful part during the 1st half of the movie.

Very Entertaining.

The fact that the main characters live WAY too long I won't comment since that is a common flaw in my opinion, as are a few other things.

I wanted to leave the Theater 10 minutes after it had started.

I didn't know quite what to expect from District 9, but it's a diverting film and the South African setting and characters sets it apart from Hollywood films (where a happy ending is usually guaranteed) and makes it a more unpredictable experience.

The story, the direction, the action and every other part of the film just falls into place to create one of the most entertaining movies of the summer and it has heart and intelligence to boot.

This unique approach to telling the story about aliens stranded in Earth being shunned from human society will whether totally impress you or bore you to death, its very hit-and-miss.

Shoot-em up, CGI schlock becomes rather tedious.

District 09 is one of the highly entertaining films with science fiction violence.

If you see this piece of Deck and leave the theater as po'd as I and my companion were, don't blame me.

I didn't get motion sickness or anything, it just got a little tedious.

Exciting, menacing storyline that grabs you at the beginning and never lets go.

The entire movie is an obvious allegory for Apartheid, with numerous scenes of intense bloody violence.

Originally cliché .

It's smart and at the same time very entertaining.

This highly entertaining sci-fi action movie creates a tense and unusually credible setting with both tragic and satirical leanings and a seamless blending of doc-style versus clear-cut storytelling and top-notch CGI effects.

A Poignant, Riveting Film Packed with Action .

While not totally successful, it is nevertheless entertaining, and gives quite food for thought, in ways different than most critics thought.

Action packed, beautiful, out of this world.

All in all, a remarkably original and entertaining flick.

To me, action is about adrenaline, tension so strong that you can't relax when watching the movie.

The fact that it has no big names, it has no-one attached with any proved track record, it has a first time director, a leading actor who has never been in a full length film before, it is set completely outside the US with all the actor's speaking in foreign accents & it deals with moral issues in a thoughtful yet still entertaining way.

District 9 is boring, i wasn't moved, didn't spend the night thinking about it.

Technically brilliant and emotionally wrenching, the film has action, imagination, and all the elements of a thoroughly entertaining science- fiction classic.

The plot develops in a gripping manner...

"District 9" is a shot of adrenaline, straight into the heart and I didn't want it end.

A taut, engrossing and involving science fiction classic .

Despite this I didn't find myself bored in any part of the movie, probably because the action scenes were highly intensive and simply super-exciting!

It's gripping, touching and very, very watchable.

In that respect, it is an incredibly compelling movie.

Finally thanks to Neill Blomkamp and Key Creatives for entertaining us of this master piece.

But the film takes far too long to get to this point and is never absorbing nor do we get any insights into any of the characters.

For lead actor Sharlto Copley this movie is his first full length film and he did a great jobI would say that movie is One time watchable because of the Non- adrenaline pumping nature of the film .

I saw the film without knowing what to expect, only that it was about aliens and supposedly action packed.

It's a cliché, and maybe the author worked up some personal reluctance.

It's a thought-provoking movie but it has lots of thrilling action especially in the last part.

However, the story line was, at best, predictable; even to the most casual observer.

Thus, while not a terrible movie by any means, "D-9" was just too strange and ultimately formulaic for this reviewer.

Its unusual, exciting and has a message.

Aliens digging in it, the hero being repeatedly thrown into it, the inevitable cliché ruthless mercenaries fighting in it.

The story is totally unexpected for me, that's what made me watch this film without words, and I've seen every sci-fi movie I could get my hands on.

A scene were the lead character goes into a Burger King equivalent sums this up perfectly - he marches to the empty, white only till while the numerous black people queue up.

Well worth the money; well worth the time; well worth watching; and well worth purchasing the DVD when it becomes available.

District 9 is an exciting, raw and unflinching South African science fiction film; a piece that you feel is the result of years of studious work and hard graft finally come-good, work that has consequently broken into the world stage.

The main character is sprayed with a liquid that causes him to become one of the aliens, and his slow transformation, as his human body disintegrates, is dealt with in stomach-churning detail.

Looked great but a bit boring .

Very different and engaging.

Great action, great acting, very suspenseful and clever plot, great choreography and special effects.

More dimensional and suspenseful than given .

Well, it means you have one very compelling movie worthy of some serious praise and recognition.

Clearly not your average Alien Invasion Movie crap, it was like a breath of fresh "air" for me, I really enjoyed it, and most certainly I will watch it again.

boring, unbelievable and tired!

All in all, it's a good story, excellent effects and production, and downright thrilling to watch.

E) Please demonstrate a highly compelling reason why the aliens have traveled thousands of light years to arrive here in this tiny microscopic corner of our tiny little galaxy in a universe filled with billions of such galaxies x 10.

Quite LITERALLY thee WORST movie I have ever seen...

Don't waste your time!

There is one singular event that makes watching the same movie from the release in the theater and then again at the DVD release enjoyable, and that's simply still enjoying it.

But this fast edited, sociological and annoyingly comedic beginning sucks you into an intense nail biting story.

Don't waste your time here.

But if you are curious about the ending, you will have to sit through a good 2.5 hours of boring absurdity.

The entire first act is A) unbearable to watch due to the camera action (and I enjoyed Cloverfield) and B) unbearable to watch due to Sharlto's awful South African accent.

It is the worst movie I've seen in years.

This is an intense documentary style drama with comic touches, not standard sci-fi.

It have all the reasonable factors that makes it a good sci-fi movie.. which is presentation of an unusual phenomena or event or whatever it could be and then the viewer should sit back and watch the effects of it with minimal predictable "smart" interference that usually found in sci-fi movies.

This works for a few great films, but most that try end up boring you to death.

The ugly cinematography serves only to rub salt into the combined wounds of an aimless, uncompelling story and a heavy-handed, uninspiring attempt at an allegory on contemporary issues which horribly shoots itself in the foot.

The first 20 minutes or so were just brilliant satire, this was followed by a slight lull before the film kicked in to an emotion-led edge-of- the-seat adrenaline rush.

All in all, this movie wasn't utterly awful, but it was rather boring and misguided.

It was a movie that took a fascinating premise and then basically ignored every single aspect of that premise to present us with what amounted to a video game movie.

The movie is The movie is boring, unbelievable and tired!

The first part of the film is very exciting because the director decides to tell the story in a documentary form.

Copley's character evolves right before our eyes and his performance takes on a terrifying urgency under pressure that will have viewers pleadingly on the edge of their seats.

Slow .

Wow, an independent science fiction film with state of the art technical effects and a compelling, intimate story.

His character goes through incredible changes physically and emotionally and his performance is mind blowing.

I like movies and specifically the genre "Science Fiction" but spending time for such a bullshit is just waste of time.

I first wanted to watch this thinking it would be like Independence Day or 28 Weeks Later something with that feel, but I got a piece of junk that I needed to leave the movie theater.

Don't waste your time with this one.

The first feature length film by Blomkamp based of a short he wrote years earlier does anything but bore its viewer.

Instead, there's a predominant sense of the opposite; of the barbaric, unfeeling, somewhat logical and cold side of our overwhelming naivety and obnoxious pride as a species; fearing becoming one of them, but at the same time wanting the greater parts of those we alienate (some going to more drastic means than others), humanity finds itself defending an empty shell of a concept.

I enjoyed it very much.

The past sci-fi films, while still enjoyable, never contained anything new in them.

The story and special effects are stunning, too bad though for the overuse of subjective camera to make you feel sick.

It was predictable, slow and really I felt I'd wasted my money,please don't waste yours.

The blasts were stunning.

Intelligent parodies or comedies like Ice Pirates and Red Dwarf gave some relief but sci-fi films became increasingly shallow, tiresome and predictable.

Some pretty cool effects and those scenes are quite enjoyable to watch.

D9 is a nice entertaining movie, taking a different approach to tell all of us how bad racism is.

I almost walked out and I wish I did.

At first, I was expected a good action and thriller movie, which I got, but I also got a lot more: a good story, great characters, and an intriguing idea.

It's original, terrifying, fascinating, and is the summer's first must see movie .

That's just the filming style, the story is engaging and you really sympathize with the characters.

The character goes from one starting point and takes you on a personal journey, one that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire film, and has an end point that has you leaving the theater wondering how actors can be THAT good.

Peter Jackson apparently likes to fill entire movies with pointless battles, so does he here.

A riveting, original and exceptional sci-fi movie .

Flawed, yes, but it's exciting, compelling and has parallels in today's world.

This movie is well worth watching (I grade on scale where the midpoint between 5 and 6).

I watched a thirteen or fourteen year old girl with her dad walk out the movie was too intense for her.

No Plot, no twist, just a plain story.

A very enjoyable and grabbing film I'd recommend to anyone.

The look of the aliens themselves was good but other than that, don't waste your money or the minimal brain power required to view this movie because it isn't worth it.

There is nothing else i can say about this movie except, don't waste your time or money on this movie, and please help lower the rating so there are less people who get tricked into watching this ridiculously horrible movie.

It was one of the most boring films I have ever saw.

If you like adrenaline movies this movie is must watch .

), a racist military squad, which hunts the protagonist throughout 45 minutes of the movie (this last bit appallingly boring; the main dialogue line: f* and the toting of a machine gun), and a group of colored people, who engage in voodoo (!

It has an intelligent socially relevant story line with exciting screen imagery...

Ideologically, the main attraction here is the absolute and savage refutation of the individual-versus-the-corrupt-system cliché – you know, 'Mr.

A really entertaining movie.

Even if someone give you passes, DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME.

The movie was very entertaining and well directed by Neill Blomkamp, and the screenplay by Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell was well written.

Anything to get someone to waste their money on crap.

It is hard to single out the problems with the movie because literally every concept in the film is either outright stupid, banal or utterly nonsensical.

3) And too many WTF is going on in this film moments for my taste - very confusing at times.

The constant use of hand-held camera is a bit tiresome – and may make you feel dizzy as well.

What is so thrilling about it is the camera the filmmaker gives it.

Around the historical facts of District 6, District 9 weaves one of the most original and engaging Sci-Fi movies I've seen since Bladerunner.

What unfolded was one of the more gripping cinema experiences I've had in years.

It was remarkable, gripping and thought-provoking, which I believe is becoming increasingly rare in modern cinema.

But none the less District 9 is a film you will not forget until the day you die, it's a film not quite like anything you've ever seen or will ever see again, it's an ingenious little sleeper with a great heart and amazing emotional depth and character, it's technically brilliant and fantastically entertaining.

Don't waste your time on this one.

Just watch it, really worth it, and i guarantee there will be unexpected stuff.

This movie is menacing, suspenseful, thrilling, and every moment took us on the edge of our seat, and it made us wonder what will happen next.

The acting didn't work, too contrived, the story was just kind of stupid.

The thrills of the chase and the sense of urgency is easily communicated with breathtaking sound effects and stunning visual effects, that paints quite a picture.

It's probably a little too long but is highly original and quite entertaining.

Excellent special effects, exciting action sequences, some subtle social satire (particularly in the early stretches) and moments of surprising tenderness all combine to make "District 9" a one-of-a-kind movie-going experience.

Pretty corny, pretty cheesy and pretty dull.

It's like the end of "Avatar" only much more exciting because the characters are so much more likable (and some appropriately unlikable).

It's highly overrated, but far from the worst movie ever made.

See Star Wars Episode 3 and don't waste time or money on this piece of garbage!

This unique combination is primarily what sets the movie apart from the plethora of increasingly dull sci-fi films made in recent years.

The choice of Johannesburg is good as well, it allows for the film to tackle some real life issues as well as deliver a mind blowing sci-fi plot.

Alien arrival and body shock elements are classic sci-fi but the way this film manipulates the familiar is both new and exciting for the genre.

The first half of District 9 feels like a history lesson or like watching the news (which is quite boring in my opinion).

The idea is great, the actors likable and the whole film was enjoyable.

There were many confusing aspects such as: 1.

In fact D9's mock is a high-wire act, partly for having such a serious subject-matter co-written for laughs by an expatriate South African(Neill Blomkamp's accent is now Canadian), but also for using digital exobiologic realism that surpasses previous alien character-designs, last seen within such a banal human environment 20yrs ago in Alien Nation(1988).

It is a very intriguing sound.

Prized with stellar visual effects and stunning cinematography, the battle scenes taking place during the final half-hour are eye-popping and entertaining to watch.

The movie started off very slow, and, except for the computer-generated aliens, looked like it was made by a couple of kids using their parent's home movie camcorder.

You could get lost if your brain is slow because this movie does move very fast and uses very different expository techniques as it shifts from a documentary style at the beginning where the characters acknowledge the cam to traditional methods where you just kick back and watch things unfold.

Nominated for Best Picture and some audiences thought it should even win, District 9 is an instant science fiction classic that looks beautiful and entertaining.

Well worth watching!

But entertaining with a serious lining.

Really thought-provoking as well as entertaining.

With intense scenes, good acting, good cgi and a good idea brought to the screen I think most people will find this very interesting.

It's just a fascinating movie that may as well be called one of the best sci/fi pictures so far this year.

The first half of the film is mildly good, with an incredible opening sequence, but gradually turns into a dull movie about people you never care for and Aliens you can't possibly care for.

People are talking about holes in the plot and shaky cameras, about clichés and predictable scenario, about copycats and absurdity...

This is a compelling rendering of that premise, even if they cheat by ditching the mock-doc conceit in the second act; it was really just a device to compress the exposition.

But the practical effects are believable too, as per the engaging and thrilling (and also non-stop) action sequences in the film's second half.

Though the action at the beginning of the film is often exciting and intense, its frequency ensures that it becomes rather monotonous by the end, with a minimal sense of character development.

This combined with the well structured story results in an entertaining and engaging narrative.

Instead, the movie soon evolves into a fairly standard action romp/buddy movie..and carries with it just about every cliché in the genre.

District 9 is a very intense, climactic, and unique viewing experience.

There are brief moments when the plot occasionally talks down to the audience, but this is a hell of a gripping and blistering captivating Sci-fi movie.

They become boring after the first hour.

Don't waste your money on this pile of gibberish, unless you are a 12 year old who hasn't watched a movie in his entire life!

Stunning Gem .

District 9 simply blazes along at an intense pace where I don't care if certain things are explained or probable or add up because I am so caught up in the suspense and action of the current situation.

An amazing achievement in film-making and an amazing story, acting and awe inspiring visuals, District 9 has once again rejuvenated the quickly dying Science Ficting genre.

they are strangely gross and compelling-never being reduced to any kind of campiness.

It has an intriguing message behind it: the aliens stuck on Earth, forced to live in a slum "district", the escalation of human/alien conflicts, the involvement of black market ops for weapons...

The first fifteen minutes of the film is slow and sets out the basic plot for the film even though you don't actually see the aliens arrive, they are just "there" from the word go.

I should think that in the 21st century old ideas about the White Man's Burden is more than just offensive; it's also a tired cliché.

The movie is jam packed with fast paced action, explosive confrontations and human complexities and as a result this movie will become a triumph for Neill Blokamp and Christopher Johnson who plays all the Extraterristals.

The plot is slow and boring, movie gets a little bit tent at the very end.

All in all, this movie is torture, a waste of time, and should be avoided.

It is visually stunning.

They make them more entertaining.

Overall this film is a good surprise in the genre coming from an unexpected cinematographic territory.

Worst movie since A Sound of Thunder .

Engaging and thrilling with an engagingly interesting idea at its core, this is well worth seeing and I hope that the sequel will be as good (which will surely happen as the numbers more than make sense – which is normally all that matters).

It was action packed, with a lot of drama, and I really disliked the main character, Wikus van der Merwe.

I was very excited to see this one but I left extremely disappointed by the boring plot and lack of action.

The movie runs at an even pace, and it is consistently entertaining throughout.

This mind blowing indie film is in my opinion the best picture of 2009.

Something that makes the genre proud, but explores new ideas and narrative, and offers a story that is clever, thrilling and entertaining.

District 9 is presented by very fast-paced, fascinating story-telling.

Blomkamp made this film, and it is a stunning debut.

Waste of time and money!

I also find it annoying that the cliché that Aliens would be enslaved and exploited is still popular and meant to reflect the sickening concept of apartheid.

It was difficult to follow, for the first 30 minutes or so, and then boom, it was like why did I waste my time.

Then there was the typical modern sci-fi excessive gross out violence (Predictable Hollywood Theatrical device #23.

This is not a perfect film, but it is exciting, thought-provoking and fun.

The pointless ramblings and the ridiculous plot holes are what really lost me.

I think that the acting is pants and the whole storyline is boring.

Film much of the story using a hand-held camera, and be sure to bounce and jerk it around so everything gets really confusing.

The central character is really excellent in this film, taking the dull day to day human with his trivial self into the complete unknown in a world he thinks he controls.

Yet what we end up with is the same old, redone, repetitive yawns.

Visuals are stunning as can be, with both the prawn, the explosions, and the ship.

So if you're looking for an entertaining sci-fi action thriller, District 9 is the movie for you.

Explosive, creative, and entertaining alien film.

Intense .

This movie bordered on unbearable.

It was intense, and difficult to watch sometimes, but it does what I want my movies to do: grab me with inventive, exciting storytelling, and evoke strong emotions.

And it pulls off some happy combination of absurd and profound in an entertaining, unpolished hybrid.

It was entertaining.

The film gathers momentum and the action becomes intense.

The movie is fast-paced, action-packed, gross, poignant, revolting, and THOROUGHLY entertaining.

Second, I find the documentary technique a bit confusing.

Save your money and time, go watch something else.

It was also very unexpected to see.

He gives the Aliens personality, and heart and emotion whether it be anger or sadness, hatred or love and the one thing you will be left wishing for is more on the intriguing character of Christopher Johnson (the Alien father trying to do nothing more than save his son.

While the documentary aspect bored some other people, it captivated me on the other hand.

I can tell you what to do with this movie, and it is pretty predictable of what I would tell you.

I found this movie very predictable and transparent!

The directing is horrible as shots are too shaky, too many close ups, and the documentary style filming is over used and really boring in this film.

Plus the film is very violent which makes the action more exciting for me.

What sheer fun it is to watch a video game, normally interactively played, unfold lazily before our very eyes with the same lack of storyline, acting or logical resolution to its various silly plot points.

Bottom line: definitely worth watching.

Unexpected brilliance.

A lot of recent sci-fi action movies tend to have the same predictable problems.

Typically when a sci-fi movie lacks special affects due to budget constraints, more effort will be spent on an engaging plot.

I actually walked out in the middle (First movie I've ever walked out of) and lied down.

Accept the challenge, and you will discover an intriguing and entertaining story, gritty in its realism, with a good blend of "movie magic" and subtle character motivations.

I hated it, I fell asleep because the action was so cheap and underwhelming.

Great to see gore back in Sci-Fi (harks back to the Verhoven days of yore - though Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers are vastly more entertaining).

It's a very compelling movie that works in both a visceral and intellectual level, and that should be enjoyed by any "serious" science fiction aficionado.

First problem I have is the fact the movie states there are 1.8 million aliens here and yet all you ever see is empty houses.

Technically brilliant and emotionally wrenching, District 9 has action, imagination, and all the elements of a thoroughly entertaining science-fiction classic.

Telling the tale of an atypical alien invasion, the plot fitted the documentary style of direction perfectly and was gripping right from the opening scenes.

It was a great movie (action scenes, story, visual effects, acting and directing were all great) and I enjoyed it a lot.

A stunning performance and a credit to the actor for doing something I don't think I have ever seen anyone do so well in a film before.

This heart thumping, adrenaline fuelled, socio-political, sci-fi thriller that is District 9 is making a firm impact on the future of cinematography and it's here to stay.

I found the technique produced a very realistic and engaging character who was very human and reacted to each situation like an average, slightly cowardly worker drone would.

I really enjoyed it, even though Wikus Van De Merwe was so annoying and pathetic.

I highly recommend it.

The sci-fi inventory is completed with an awesome Bio-Mech, the interior of an alien shuttle cabin, and the corporation xeno labs facility, while all the intense fighting taking place stays hardcore, avoiding gratuitous explosions, and throwing a lot of blood and gibs at the camera.

Everybody talks about this movie, it gets 8+ stars @ IMDb, you get really curious, you get high expectations and leave the theater wondering if these people have ever seen a good plot or deep characters!

Instead of developing these truly fascinating elements, they decided to in the end just degenerate the movie into a standard action movie where blood is sprayed and things blow up with no point and with no purpose.

For various reasons, the project falls apart, but instead of leaving you empty-handed, that same person gives you a useful sum of money to make any picture you want.

So many pointless violence there.

This portion was most enjoyable, as it gave us a good window into this alternate world, and showed the fallout of this tremendous event.

This film is funny,spectacular,darkly,entertaining and thoughtful and i hope they gets an Oscar's in categories for best director, for best screenplay and for best visual effects.

For this movie's budget, it was visually stunning and very impressive.

The Aliens franchises of films in recent years proved too repetitive: or they were an apocalypse with a huge alien invasion on our planet; or the good aliens arrive on earth and are unwelcome.

It didn't take long to realize that this movie was not for me (yes I like sci-fi movies a lot, but not this one), in fact it was boring, one of the most boring sci-fi movies I've ever seen.

Like I said, you can ignore everything I'm saying and instead enjoy this as an action flick; it has plenty of hair-raising, seat-gripping tension for that (and who couldn't love guns that make people explode like bloated sacks of ketchup?

The score quite good, and since it's extremely subtle and muted, we're hardly aware it's there, and it builds up from sound to sound until we're so immersed in the action on screen we never really noticed when it got there to enhance the thrill and the suspense.

Insane, sick, unexpected.

This movie was disgustily plotless and grotesque.

It was an odd, unexpected, and shocking change of pace.

I studied film in college where we would watch silent (or sometimes in French) movies from the 1920's, and those were BORING AND UNINSPIRING.

Whatever the case may be, it is absolutely refreshing to see a sci-fi film with truly engaging concepts rather than machine wars or magical lands that have no bearing on anything whatsoever, which though they have their quality canons have been done to bland and stale excess.

This really is a brilliant sci-fi flick with excellent development and has a engaging story and character to go with it.

If there were any flaws that could exist in this movie, District 9 compensated me with a great story line, great acting, great CGI, and above all-adrenaline pumping action that gave me the first person "HALO" experience.

It was a merge of abuse-type issues with computer graphics generated machines and weird aliens all mushed up into a stupid VERY predictable plot with a dialog that included the F-word every 3 second.

My only hang up with it, is that even after the great CGI, or the compelling and immersing story, This is a movie that you won't watch more than a few times a year.

Now, District 9 is a serious problem because the Prawns have made their own small world inside it, they're reproducing at a fast rate and they're engaging in shady activities which cause great commotion to humans...

The visual effects are stunning, the action is intentionally documentary-style and overall it comes across pretty well.

this thing is fast paced!

The special effects are well made, but the story line is incredibly interesting and intriguing.

It's a smart, emotional, and entertaining science fiction film, and it's definitely worth seeing at least once.

It's definitely worth watching.

It is the kind of action where 1 person getting killed has a lot of impact due to the gritty realism, as opposed to action films where hundreds of people get shot but you don't really care because they're just generic henchmen there to be shot in the hundreds in a boring fashion haha.

Virtually every line of dialogue he is given is painfully cliché, and in one instance his poor choice of words really dampens the intensity of what should have been a highly emotive scene.

Other than that, it's perfect, a wonderful, entertaining movie.

"District 9" is one of those movies that you can watch again and again, as it does prove to be every bit as entertaining every time.

The first 20 minutes was like watching a boring documentary.

It's definitively not only for "intelligent people", but for people who are bored from predictable US mainstream SciFi.

Unexpected .

Moralistic, boring story without any irony.

waste of money and time, trust me, this movie is horrible, cheesy, low budget, boring and filled with aliens puking, yes puking, and jumping around like bugs, it's really a sad piece of trash, don't waste your time or money.

A fascinating delight ...

" Director Neill Blomkamp dares us to expect the unexpected, and with the help of producer Peter Jackson (Director of Lord of the Rings trilogy & King Kong) he's able to grab the viewer's attention, and take them on a tense and realistic journey that will leave you speechless afterwards.

The movie from that point onwards is an action movie with a predictable plot full of Hollywood action movie clichés.

This is the age of information overload, of narrative excess, which is perhaps why the first act of "District 9", which bombards us with information, mixed points of views, documentary footage and interviews, feels the most spontaneous, exciting and energetic.

I found it hard to follow this guy and you honestly notice, that Neill Blomkamp is a very inexperienced writer.


Don't watch this, don't waste your time.

The discussions that the district 9 itself could make are overlooked by a boring character and his adventure - that is sometimes over-exaggerated, even dealing with a sci-fi movie.

The visuals in the film are mind blowing.

These aliens were the most uninteresting aliens I have ever seen.

The story is quite intriguing which makes this a pleasant watch.

This becomes particularly confusing when in one cut we are seeing footage from an acknowledged cameraman documenting the evictions, and in another, normal film footage.

The CGI is thrilling and brilliant.

An absolute waste of time.

We are not talking about a Hollywood super sci-fi production like 'Transformers' or 'Star Trek', however when it comes to entertaining the public and keeping you at the edge of the seat 'District 9' has nothing to envy those films.

SPOILER Instead of working on the issue of a cultural clash and its consequences, we're just given this rather boring chase for an alien liquid!

Writer/Director Neil Blomkamp is admirable in making this movie to the big screen with a compelling story and impressive special effects that help bring the film to life.

District 9 is a fascinating movie, which does not only analyze about potent and controversial subjects, but which also made me have an exciting, full of suspense and hugely entertaining time.

Giving out spoilers will ruin this movie so its well worth watching!!

I was becoming bored, and wanted more!!


The entire movie was incredibly depressing, dark, dirty, and very uninteresting to even hold me as a viewer!

It was unexpected.

It is a fascinating movie which has achieved the rare feat of being as thrilling and interesting as its marketing campaign.

It's exciting and interesting.

If I had gone to the theater to see this, I would have walked out.

Some months ago I hated Cloverfield for making my head aching and boring me.

Absurd waste of time.

worst movie I've seen in a while .

District 9 is a fast paced movie which introduces you to a main human character that is not entirely likable though generally sympathetic.

Like "Alien Nation," it uses the arrival of outer space visitors to weave a thought-provoking parable about such relevant social issues as prejudice, governmental and corporatist secrecy and propaganda, black market exploitation of the masses, and xenophobia.

Both cinematography and the CGI are stunning.

Then Wikus becomes infected, becoming of intense interest to the South African scientific community, and becomes the hunted rather than the hunter.

What a waste of time.

Several entertaining scenes, with lots of humor and action (except that the blend of these different approaches don't work well with each other - see below).

Neill succeeds in steadily converting the light hearted nature of this movie to a fast paced dark action narrative, which is definitely praise worthy.

The acting is excellent, Peter Jacksons Direction is top notch, the story starts slow and after about the hour mark takes off, lots of guns and explosions, CGI was nigh on perfect, and full of nice moral dilemmas, with a nice touch of anti racism in which no-one could be offended.

This is a very rare film which you wish you could erase from memory, just so that you can experience it's amazing acting, direction and story, all of which are mind boggling, time and again.

Independence day or contact are far better or alien but district 9 will leave you bored to tears.

Effects in this are stunning, action is compelling, though this is a rooster film and the chicks will enjoy it less.

The shaky, hand-held camera work in the first reel becomes tedious and unnecessary.

The worst thing is the action part itself is really not that convincing, and certainly filled with predictable cliché.

Solid performances (anyone who lets the South African accent bother them should stick to mainstream Hollywood films) and superb CGI (especially when considering the budget) go a long way to making this a hugely enjoyable piece of popcorn fun despite the obvious flaws.

I thought the film was pretty good, though I left the theater completely exhausted and not really the least bit "entertained".

The only reason I'm giving it a 2 instead of 1 is because the second half of the movie was visually entertaining because it had some action.

The drama is engaging throughout.

The resolve of one such instance is the only strong redeeming part of this absurd film, so the conclusion of this film was uninteresting.

When the anointed leader of the alien-concentration-camp operation (Sharlto Copley as a nondescript bureaucrat, a fascinating and brave choice for an action movie protagonist) starts physically embodying the error of the us-and-them approach to the alien invasion, he is not only deposed from his seat of power, he's sent straight to the basement, where the secret labs are.

The entire cast of characters, in fact, are fascinating to watch.

It's a memorable film, one that took a bit of an unexpected turn, I liked that aspect of the movie.

*WARNING, THERE ARE A FEW SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW*OK, I wont say the film is terrible, boring, etc...

District 9 is a compelling, original and gracefully made film that will stand the test of time.

The comprehensive lack of an interesting or reasonable plot line culminates in a conclusion that left me with feelings reminiscent of the last time I had food poisoning – empty and full of regret.

Trust me on this one if your looking for a film that makes you believe, has you gripping the sides of the chair, has you clenching your fist in anger at the realistic acting of the bad guys and want to climb in and help the situation of the good guys then this is it, The aliens themselves get 10/10 for there acting in fact the acting in general is 10/10.. TO ME THIS FILM IS THE "BEST"!!

Realising that racism has an economic purpose pivots us toward the aliens to begin "rooting for" the film's rousing ending.

Nowadays, many, many substandard, sophomoric, lousy, boring, cheesy (I could check thesaurus.

I honestly see any criticism here to be highly pedantic and pretentious.

Aliens and apartheid - fascinating science fiction .

Either way "District 9" was entertaining, and to me began a tradition that I feel we will have at least one exceptionally great Sci-Fi movie each year since.

From there it took off and held us on the edge of our seats throughout the entire rest of the movie.

The movie is gripping, terrifying, suspenseful, realistic and brilliant.

But in the end, "District 9" is a masterpiece because, with its great and really attractive context, it makes you really care for the characters, it's really something emotive and exciting, hell it's just one of the last decade's best!

The story is a little lack-luster, but the special effects are great enough to override the dull story.

It's scary, emotional, well-paced and thrilling experience.

The way the humans and aliens blended together seamlessly in every scene was quite stunning.

A very gritty and compelling sci-fi story.

There are many predictable, overly dramatic, exploitative, and manipulated scenes in this movie - the vicious evil human's demise at the end who survives for the climax, the overly wrought wife and the wife's deception.

Please don't waste your money.

Though this film can be broadly classified as 'Science Fiction' it is the very fact that it is entertaining on so many levels that makes it so good.

Cliché and highly overrated .

Last week I picked up this DVD because I never got around to catching this movie while it was at the theaters, and I'd read that it was worth watching.

It's fast-paced and the final third or so of the film is just complete non-stop exciting action that is just handled beautifully.

The trailer of this film shows a snippet of the actual film, probably accumulating the first 20 mins of the film before we actually get into a great, original, compelling piece of film and artistry!

A film well worth watching.

And a thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking ride it is.

District 9 becomes more confusing when we're introduced to the protagonist, Wikus Van De Merwe.

I blame George Lucas – Hollywood has been following his successfully banal formula ever since.

More exciting than most blockbusters out there right now and more thought-provoking than most dramas, District 9 is highly recommended.

END SPOILERYou see, I've got a thousand ideas how to make the plot more interesting, but the producers opted for the most boring alternative and though everything would be fine, if they include a transformer-like robot-thing in the end and have a lot of action and shooting...

Fun, entertaining, though not perfect .

But it's political correctness is predictable and the results are sugar-sweet.

Her emotional scenes merely look contrived, as if she's very much out of her depth and can't deliver the feelings required.

I should think that in the 21st century old ideas about the White Man's Burden is more than just offensive; it's also a tired cliché.

Blomkamp's direction is stronger than his pretentious writing, and individual sequences excel at creating excitement and suspense.

So if you love sci-fi, action and mostly thrilling drama you will enjoy this, if your looking for something way different to recent films (the past 10 years or so)you will definitely enjoy this one more.

Everyone in the film becomes extremes, and action movie cliché caricatures that are frankly laughable.

Why this movie is enjoyable.

Kudos to Blomkamp and co-writer Terri Tatchell for their fascinating and quirky screenplay about the results of an alien ship settling above Johannesburg, South Africa.

In other words I watch a lot of action and sci fi movies, I still find these kind of movies realistic just more exciting.

This is a movie with a lot of visuals, but no substance, no plot, no characters you give a sh*t about.

The story doesn't quite live up to the concept for me, it was intriguing and thoughtfully handled but thin, the support characters aren't as well-thought out or as likable as the leads, the dialogue has some sketchiness that is particularly evident in the slower parts and final third and the pace does get sluggish sometimes.

It's one movie cliché after another.

Except that, the movies is utter waste of time.

Absolutely and horribly the worst movie ever recorded that has been put at cinemas over the world.

Expect the unexpected .

A completely unexpected gem of cinema.

Definitely a entertaining to dumb movie-going dudes.

Instead it is a rousing success.

But in the next minutes everything went boring.

This movie look really good and it was produced by peter Jackson so i thought id go see it, this movie was absolute crap i mean you could find a random family give them a camera and they'd be able to make something far more entertaining than this utter piece of rubbish.

Poorly written, very predictable plot, shabby acting, crappy production and just plain boring is all you need to know.

but the last image was too naive and unnecessary for such an intense film.

The visuals were stunning and I thought it was one of the greatest movies to have been ever made.

This predictable story line (shared by Disney?

Probably the worst movie I have seen since "The Fair Haired Child", even though I made it through 15 minutes of that compared to the 10 minutes I watched of this movie.

It could have been one of greats of science fiction, standing along side intense and thought provoking works such as Planet Of The Apes and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It presents some potentially rather predictable set pieces with novelty and poses difficult moral questions in a tragicomic manner.

An entertaining film, with some hard hitting messages and the expectation of a sequel

Well if I hadn't of gone with someone else I would've just walked out after an hour of this movie.


Most director's first movies are, while entertaining, still flawed in some way.

Suspenseful satire on human behavior .

Most of the sci-fi movies that I've seen over the past decade are predictable and not very mentally stimulating.

The story is intriguing and all be it the special effects are a bit un finished looking the clever directing and filming cover this up very well.

The story is highly original and quite compelling.

Even though I consider it realistic in keeping with his character, the frustration I felt toward him at times (taking far too long to get into the mech-suit, running from the highly inferior human soldiers while using the mech suit, etc..) was quite off- putting.

Its action packed, takes you along from the start and keeps you with it the entire movie.

The story covers elements we've seen before and Wikus's transformation is heavily reminiscent of Seth Brundle's in THE FLY (1986) but it's what Blomkamp does with the material that makes it so entertaining.

Not only that, but District 9 is also technically impressive, has an original premise and plot, irresistible imagination and it also has a strong emotional side to it thank goodness and adds even better effect to the motion picture beside its thrilling action sequences.

The action scenes are done well and entertaining.

The bureaucrat –actually a harmless guy on the edge to marriage- is the poor guy to get sip of it; after that his well-sorted life turns into a kafkaesque metamorphosis, where he is forced to change sides, gets hunted by his own authorities and his own father-in-law who administrates the martial show and who anyway didn't like him too much in the first place.

A stunning piece of work.

A sensational and monumental genre-bending film that does everything right, throwing all the Sci Fi stereotypes out the window and keeps the plot smart and thrilling.

The political attitude is obvious but I feel numb about it since it is banal.

so make it: Action <> Drama <> Sci-Fi <> Thriller AND comedyIf you don;t get this you might miss a * or ** from the movie and the first half might seem a bit boring.

Although it does come to a worthy conclusion I can't help but feel that there were forty-five minute to an hour of killing people with lightning guns and other futuristic weapons, while awesome in an overly gritty kind of way, could have been better spent on the promised, "Many secrets in District Nine," while still providing a violent, action packed thrill for the audience.

Thrilling, thought-provoking and oh so much fun, District 9 is nonetheless destined to become a sci-fi cult classic and, judging by Blomkamp's recent comments, a long and successful franchise.

This movie is enjoyable if you lower your expectations before watching it.

It's also very smart, very exciting and visually arresting.

I was hoping for "War of the Worlds" instead I got Battle to Stay Awake.

Action packed heart moving drama laid out by a dialog thick start, will capture you till the end.

Aside from the acting, the directing and camera work was incredible, this new director definitely got it right in his vision and created a riveting story that my eyes were super-glued to.

Overrated, but an entertaining one-time watch .

The artwork, machinery, and weaponry, is mind blowing.

predictable movie .

Realistic, gritty, gripping, unnerving, unsettling, frantic, energetic, amazingly well executed.

The premise offered an endless array of great stories to tell, it's kind of sad that the most boring, the most easiest and the most obvious one was selected.

A waste of time, no doubt.

Boring - there's nothing in the movie to spoil .

It turned into another cliché film: good, innocent people and the hero that changes sides vs.

This was the worst movie I've seen in years.

I found the movie to be unsettling and still entertaining.

I was literally on the edge of my seat for the entire second hour – something I haven't experienced watching a film for a long long time.

The movie is very entertaining as well, especially towards the end.

I thought it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Through gripping gritty visuals of a social war between humans and "prawns" (aliens), District 9 reveals a riveting story and demonstrates the reality of human history and present.

Like Cloverfield, but more engaging, satisfying, and cinematic!!.

Some are willing to comply with the humans, often engaging in activities with smugglers for food, weapons, and sometimes sexual intercourse.

Really enjoyable, and well-made movie.

The action near the end gets a bit repetitive but is still very enjoyable to watch.

The movie starts slow and gradually builds up the speed towards the crescendo at the end, never slowing down.

Avatar was breathtaking (had far better Direction than District 9), Star Trek was very good, Moon was exceptional (Snubbed by Oscars), Watchmen was Super Fine, Aliens VS Monsters, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs ....

It was visually boring, the story was about this goofy no name who basically runs around frantically from door to door in this make shift alien village where these ugly looking prawn men aliens are forced to live when their stationary, hovering space ship breaks down?

worst movies i've seen in years .

Then Wikus becomes infected, becoming of intense interest to the South African scientific community, and becomes the hunted rather than the hunter.

But then it was totally ruined by the unbearable lead actor.

All of this together makes for an enjoyable experience for the audience.

District 9 is a intelligent, well made, well acted, action packed science fiction movie.

While some of the ideas are occasionally heavy handed or on the nose, it's so exciting to see a Hollywood action film that traffics in ideas, that I'm willing to forgive the occasional 'I get it already' moment, or logic lapse, or easy coincidence, or mediocre supporting performance.

Especially when you include that the movie is portrayed in a "fly-on-the-wall," cinema-verite style, while pushing documentary and hand-held, and general third-person, it gives the whole plot and main character an intense feeling of being a fish in a fishbowl: They have nowhere to run and are insubstantial to stop the rising tide that is about to come at them.

The movie is intense, gritty, and disgusting.

It has very fast editing, and that is what makes it intriguing from the opening scene.

So, this is a scifi-action-gore-buddy-movie, with main characters you don't care about, a stupid story line and boring action sequences.

Worst movies i've seen in years worst movies i've seen in years worst movies i've seen in years worst movies i've seen in yearsworst movies i've seen in yearsworst movies i've seen in years worst movies i've seen in years worst movies i've seen in years

Possibly among the most unique aspects of the film was its gripping ending that was genuinely heart-felt and disparate at the same time.

Where does one start when something so unexpected comes into their life?

The visuals are stunning.

The action is superb and further realized with stunning visual effects that seem both real and imaginative.

Neither humans or prawns are happy living with the other on the same ground and the prawns live in poor conditions and suffer intense discrimination and treated like third class people.

Original, entertaining, stylistic, thrilling, while delivering an important message all at once, District 9 accomplished a lot more with a budget half the size of stale, re-heated Blockbuster attempts (i.

The moment, breathtaking.

CONTAINS SPOILERS District 9 has been such a waste of time that I am going to attempt to express the severe let down that District 9.

This focus happens for the entire movie and is enjoyable to watch.

It was throughout very entertaining.

I liked how visceral, tense and explosive the action scenes were and how engrossing Wikus' tale is.

The film is very dark and intense and not for everyone.

The last 15 or 20 minutes are non-stop, adrenaline-pumping action!

Fresh, entertaining, moving and socially relevant, District 9 is a multi-layered film that even gets away with an ending mostly designed to set up a sequel.

Amply filling the previously lacklustre genre of South African science fiction, District 9 is one of the smartest, most engaging, emotionally powerful and well directed film I've seen in recent times.

Stereotypical antagonists that feel too banal and one-note for a film that aims for realism.

First off it was lame, second, it was boring, and honestly not interesting at all.

How so many IMDb users could rate this movie high enough to be in the top 250 films is just mind boggling.

There's very few that humanize these invaders in a non-cliché way.

Let's just say the script is flipped on Wikus as you prepare for this intense ride.

" However, compared to a lot of other films I've recently seen, District 9 still shows them all where to set the standards, what creativity means, what amateur actors can do, how to tell a compelling story, and how to approach a very difficult subject, and get it to work.

The whole thing is confusing and doesn't makes sense, at first its a documentary then it changes and again documentary, don't think too much when you watch it, it doesn't help.

) the humans commit on the "prawn" population, but the movie quickly engages you and takes off into very exciting territory.

In the end District 9 is entertaining and probably one of the better Sci-Fi films to come out recently.

The intense exploitation of the aliens (now perceived symbolically as the populace) seems to be a commentary on Catholic abuse of the laity for its own purposes.

Same goes for the 'bad guys' and cliché "Nigerian" gangsters.

And his performance alone makes it well-worth watching the movie.

Rate this movie if you do know how real sci-fi is being made, how cool and thrilling are all the unanswered questions that you can get from it, and how stunned are you from it within only 2 hours.

Just about every part of this film was kind of stuck on like a bad patch work so it was disjointed.

Instead of having the typical shrieking noise to build up to the intense scene, District 9 has background noise and drum beats.

Summertime has started pretty enjoyable.

To be honest, after having seen uncounted war world 2 and apartheid dramas, watching another SA apartheid film (even if it's thinly veiled as science fiction) provoked the same sentiment as watching another apologetic German movie about Hitler: utter boredom sets in.

Copley plays his part with stunning flair & professionalism and paints a compelling & gut-wrenching portrait of a man who faces overwhelming odds when he's forced to confront his identity and eventually learns what it means to be human, and his performance only gets better as the plot progresses.

The film is fast paced and exciting, and no doubt thoroughly enjoyable for anyone able to ignore or stay unconscious of the film's political message.

The relationships are uninteresting.

Loved the film, the script and the direction, pretty got immersed in this strange aliens and humans world.

The movie is boring, unbelievable and tired!

*Spoiler Alert* District 9 is a very original film containing an interesting aid entertaining plot as well as awesome action and a shocking end.

Very entertaining stuff.

I swear all these 9+ ratings are very confusing, I almost feel like I saw a different movie because what I saw sure as heck should not be nominated for, at last count, 4 awards.. It at best OK, and walking away to do something was not a problem at all because missing something was not such a big deal, unlike other movies where you feel tied to your seat for fear of missing something.

Some feel it's the best thing since sliced bread, while others feel it's about as exciting as watching paint dry.

To start with, this movie is a boring-fest for the most part.

Lots of action, amazing visuals, a very deep and intriguing story.

The documentary feel also creates an air of intimacy and realism that is highly engaging.

The mockumentary first part was quite funny but dragged in places and I began to wonder where the movie was going.

I was not expecting this when I walked into the theater, however the action sequences are riveting.

It takes the theme of the third degree encounter, but reverses the relation between the human and the alien races into a very unexpected manner.

A mind blowing science fiction masterpiece .

'The 9' takes a social commentary and spins it into one of the most original and thrilling science fiction adventures of our time.

Next, it's more of a gripping police thriller.

Yet, for a movie that spans less than a week (in movie time), it seemed three times as long as that and it crawled at a slug's pace, and it was just as boring (not that I want to put down slugs), most of the time.

This is the most worst movie around.

Very much worth watching!


Given the fact, he could've also brushed up the gory moments, and made it more intriguing.

It's intense and a blast to watch.

It's able to wrap all these elements together in a very compelling and believable way.

The story is compelling & character-driven, the character arcs are well-defined & exhibit welcome depth, the journey that our protagonist undergoes is emotionally stimulating and allows the audience to invest in it, for which they are handsomely rewarded in the end, and its commentary on xenophobia & segregation is only getting more relevant with time.

Empty and Dull .

boring .

District 9 is a highly engaging and thrilling alien film, and one of the few films of this genre which actually makes you sit back and think.

In focusing too heavily on the blood, guts and gore, the movie ends up being very predictable in the end.

Just saw this in a two-thirds full screening, and while it was very enjoyable I don't think it's quite the masterpiece some are saying it is(as it's not as impeccable as it could be on all levels) and here's my reasons why:Acting: Copley is very believable as a oblivious worker then desperate, reluctant anti-hero later on.

Then at the other side is an empty room.

Inane, trivial, inconsistent, just noise, no story, no dialog, scientifically unsound.

It does a great job of using the mock interviews and footage to introduce the concepts and all the background information, before progressing into an intense and explosive climax.

With a brilliant example of acting by Sharlto Copley, fascinating cinematography from Neill Blomkamp, high quality CGI, and engaging violence, District 9 is one of the most exciting films of recent years with only a few hitches.

But in many respects it is quite predictable and not saying much that we don't already know.

Why have you turned into predictable entertainment.

Everything based on documentary style and it was so boring.

i wish they would of put in a story line that was a lot more interesting to keep the watchers focused on the films because I'm watching the film now and I'm writing this so they shows how uninteresting it is sadly :(

I think this is the worst movie I've ever seen in my whole life.

The journey, presented wonderfully as a documentary, of Wikus Van de Merwe, our main character, is though provoking and thrilling (and Copely portrays his struggle perfectly).

The first half gives the film a small sense of realism, and the second half gives the film a dosage of adrenaline that propels the movie through around half an hour of relentless action.

Nevertheless, the film is exciting and you just never know what to expect.

An Incredibly bold and Gripping Sci-Fi with brains and balls.

Apart from the distended asides this film really is worth watching if you fancy a turn away from the polished but predictable and usually tame Hollywood efforts at science fiction.

Original and exciting, avoid if have fear of shrimp .

Answer: There essentially is no story.

When Wikus is ill at his birthday party and says "let's cut some cake," there is the cheesiest, cliché echo sound-effect used in cartoons when a character is dizzy (hard to describe).

But when D9 plunges into action, it becomes slightly tedious.

The twist never comes though, and what we are left with is a very silly and very predictable second half of a movie.

It's intense....

That simply put is do not waste your money, it is one of the worst movies I have seen with the exception of the Blair Witch Project.

District 9 is a very entertaining movie that can offer you more, if you choose to ponder the topics it raises.

This film delivers all that while also terrifying and thrilling the audience with a very interesting story.

Unexpected and original .

provides enough tension and intrigue to keep the tight story very engaging.

The climax is intense and the ending is sympathetic.

It is hopelessly lost in the incredulous plot, pointless action and piles of garbage.

Certainly and it says something that director Neill Blomkamp and lead actor Sharlto Copley are able to paper over some glaring cracks and make a very enjoyable action packed sci-fi thriller Like a few other highly regarded sci-fi classics there's something fundamentally wrong with the scenario .

Horrible acting, horrible plot, by far the worst movie ever.

I'm just staggered at how well the film makers managed the fuse a variety of styles into a coherent (and enjoyable!

Fantastic and unexpected .

The movie was brilliant in its technical aptitude on so many levels, yet it lacked that awe-inspiring, fascinating, and eternally mysterious quality of wonder.

It took about an hour before the film actually started, and once it took off, it was very predictable.

Blomkamp's film, in documentary style with interviews and seemingly live action reporting, is masterfully compelling and – even with the implausible premise of alien intruders – feels incredibly authentic.

I am happy to say District 9 is one of those fascinating movies, and it offers a high level of satisfaction for two facets of spectators: the ones who look for action and special effects and the ones who want something more thought-provoking and which feeds the brain.

OK, maybe the finale is a little too rousing as the emotional, thought-provoking story gets somewhat shunted aside for a standard movie shootout with all kinds of fancy CGI explosions.

It's strange to call a science-fiction thriller eerily captivating, but first-time feature director Neill Blomkamp has somehow managed to earn that description with a most unexpected twist on the alien invasion genre of films.

Instead all we get are the expansive slums which appear empty.

i normally love films with aliens in but this one just bored me to hell the only parts i enjoyed was when the little "prawn2 made the ship move before they cut the dude prawn arm off and made the noise blow all the window out and made all the car alarms go off and the part when they go into the companies torture place, when "christaphor" saw what they were doing to all the "prawns", i found that bit really upsetting because people kill things they don't understand.

The movie is boring, unbelievable and tired!

Sharlto Copley brings an incredible performance where he is scared as crap, as he gets dragged more and more into the dark side.

If I wasn't with friends, I would have walked out after the first 30 minutes and asked to see a different movie or get my money back.

Yet still the most stunning is how powerful the movie really is without people really comprehending.

And neither of these films has so many logical mistakes like District 9 - besides that there are technical or dramaturgical mistakes like the music building up while nothing happens which are really annoyingThese are the things that bothered me the most.

And it's just so entertaining, mixing drama and comedy.

Why cat food is so addictive to them is never fully explained, made all the more confusing given it is nothing more than assorted animal bits deemed unsuitable for human consumption.

Breathtaking CGI's, great action, great drama, superb dialogues, more about technology, etc. That is what you expect from a sci-fi movie and that is what you can get from this movie, maybe I could say more from this movie.

Last but certainly not least, this film was absolutely boring and horrible.

God that was the worst movie I have ever seen .

Hand-held but visually alive, occasional static CCTV type shots fit right in with the inventive style of directing and considering the director had less than $30 million, the CGI is stunning.

Sure it is a very good story shown in a very innovative way but i thought the plot became too predictable at the end.

The film is basically an ANC propaganda film, with Wikus playing the part of FW De Klerk and Christopher playing the role of Nelson Mandela.

No, I didn't have a good time neither, I was really bored and anxious to leave.

Avatar is a visual masterpiece that manages to stay entertaining for two and a half hours and Star Trek gave us such an interesting shift to the usual sluggish pace of the Star Trek movies, without losing content nor sense.

Like many other sci-fi films before, District 9 starts with a fascinating premise and great story and concept, that unfortunately are only enough to hold about thirty or forty minutes of film.

District 9 is believable, masterfully made, brilliantly acted and very suspenseful.

Painfully gripping .

This movie is absolutely enjoyable without ever consciously thinking about any of that.

The action sequences are disjointed and suffer badly from some distinctly below average and ropey CGI.

District 9 is uneven in places but basically a very innovative, enjoyable movie.


In all, "Alien Nation" was much more entertaining as an allegory using the bigotry theme, if only because Terence Stamp made an awesome villain.

I cannot remember another science fiction movie in a long time that made me leave the theater wanting more.

In my "Manchurian Candidate" review, I called it a fair deal that the film portrayed Americans confusing anti-communism driven patriotism with lunacy, while centering on an existing Communist conspiracy.

Don't waste your time.

The movie is an original to placed beside Blade Runner, Alien, Matrix, Star Wars etc. Well worth watching a numbers of times and worth every one of the ten stars.

Although there was some really great satire, (many of the scenes bordered on Saturday Night Live sketches), the overall plot was cliché.

Then, my friend the story takes a turn which takes us on a thrilling ride with spectacular action sequences, solid storyline, superb direction and great performances by the main characters.

What I like the most about the film is that it increasingly gains momentum throughout, starting out as a weird documentary, but then evolves into more mainstream thriller territory, before culminating in some thoroughly entertaining action set pieces.

District 9 separates itself from every other previous Sci-Fi adventure and creates its own unique, compelling genre in where the human race is projected as it's evil, selfish, dictatorship form leaving the weaker minority of its non-human race to suffer.

Even in our extremely slow opening sequence, it's hard to ignore the charming lead Wikus (Copley) with his entertaining mannerisms and strange behaviors.

A South African production which is an allegory on apartheid, I was impressed with the writers ability to deliver an important message while entertaining the audience with a fast paced and well made film.

I will admit it was worth watching maybe once, but unlike the Lord of the Rings, harry potter or star wars its will really be a very dark and dreary day before I pop it back into the DVD player.

Pity this excellent movie went completely unnoticed in the North American box office, while the tedious Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will end up as the most economically successful film from 2009.

The story is actually pretty good, and I believe with a few changes I would have enjoyed it.

The storyline is totally linear and thus totally predictable,offering the same kind of message as seen in bucket-loads of other action movies.

Yet, it is a thrilling watch, and if it wasn't for the ending, I'd give it a 9/10.

The story is very fresh and the screenplay is highly engaging due to a great pace.

I guess you are looking for more of a intense ending.

It's engaging and very interesting.

Last night died and went to cinema heaven – District 9 is a work of absolute genius and one of the most enjoyable films I have ever seen.

then comes the second part (I saw a comment right here titled "Expect the Unexpected"): stunning suspense, brilliant plot...

When you choose to have dialogue with an alien speaking to another alien (which I found difficult to follow sometimes, as I didn't always get which alien was speaking now, because the voices all sounded pretty much the same and I can't read subtitles and at the same time look which alien is moving its mouth or rather those tentacles!

This is quite a story and I didn't think there would be one considering how the movie opened with the eviction notices, and all the confusion.

The direction and production is just put to stunning effect here also, and the minuscule budget didn't stop this from being the visual treat that it no doubt is.

It seemed so interesting and different but after watching the whole movie my comments are just these: another boring flat film with HUGE plot holes and no point at all.

Had the pace been slower at the start of the film to allow the supporting characters to establish themselves and the alien back story given a chance to breathe, the frantic final third would have been more in balance.

For the film connoisseur, however, District 9 will prove to show a thrilling, refreshing angle on this crucial aspect of South African history.

The truth is that I have become bored despite its short duration.

District 9 is an action packed science fiction film that deals with morality and ethics.

It has some parts which are extremely slow and some of the action was almost equally boring.

I wish there were more scenes of exciting hand-to-hand combat of the likes that we saw in 2014's greatest (in every sense of the word) flop Edge of Tomorrow, or 2010s Inception, which certainly was not a flop in any way.

I won't go so far as to call District 9 a masterpiece, but it was a tremendously well-executed, occasionally moving, always fascinating movie.