Disturbing Behavior (1998) - Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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The new kid in Cradle Bay, Washington stumbles across something sinister about the town's method of transforming its unruly teens into upstanding citizens.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: David Nutter
Stars: James Marsden, Katie Holmes
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 56 out of 232 found boring (24.13%)

One-line Reviews (155)

What it does have is a certain restraint that keeps a fairly dull sounding plot surprisingly interesting.

Nothing that happens, from the bullying beat-downs to the association with different cliques and such isn't all that scary, yet that's all the attempts made to try to build up to something, which is deadly dull since nothing really works all that well.

To call it at horrormovie is to have a low opinion on even the worst movie in that category.

This film lacks so much that it is a waste of time just trying to list all of the problems, so I will list three that really missed the mark.

The characters are paper-thin and totally uninteresting and the acting is mediocre at its best.

Also, I found this movie fairly non-formulaic which really surprised me because most teen flicks are.

For one Stahl was the only character I found to be truly worth watching.

The deleted scenes described the events that took place and made it more thrilling and suspenseful.

The film's main strength is in how it slowly reveals the intriguing mystery beyond the story it's nice tone and setting and not to mention score.

The only thing that made the movie worth watching: Katie Holmes.

It's tired, silly, boring hokum.

the movie should be called 'annoying behavior' because it's really dead boring.

This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

DB also has a shocking start, an intriguing selling point which will to impel the viewer onwards.

Movies are supposed to be fun and enjoyable; this one certainly was.

Whilst the first half of the movie concentrates on building atmosphere and suspense - something it does very well - the second half is a plot less, predictable, and shallow viewing experience.

Despite a screenplay written contrary to his vision, Nutter succeeds in creating a dramatic, moody, and entertaining sci-fi/horror yarn far more difficult to dismiss than its contemporary equivalents.

It was an enjoyable yarn that didn't try and go overboard at the end!

Unneeded scenes and Confusing details .

It was also ploddingly slow and boring.

There are some great scene movie but pick up in middle when the teenage go bit bonkers, which is very watchable at time but it get little boring really quickly until the disappointed ending.

This movie is so fascinating because it takes those impulses to an absurdly exaggerated level and forces characters to talk about them.

The idea of the film was very silly but original and engaging and the acting skills were average, Nick Stahl really shined as Gavin in particular and Katie Holmes was also impressive as Rachel.

A waste of time and money .

The character Gavin, was the most compelling as the paranoid boy, who is the first to feel the "evil" approaching.

It introduces us to it and then abandons it in place of lame action with dull characters.

The film is fast paced mostly those three actors James Marsden, Katie Holmes, and Nick Stahl are really good and they are giving best of their performances I miss that.

word of the classic song of Pink Floyd ''Another Brick in the Wall'', used on the las scene of this movie that i rate to a very cool cliché.

The most exciting stuff comes from Nick Stahl, who is the best acting within this movie.

The reverse theme of bad kids turning good was fascinating, and the paranoid performance by Nick Stahl was worth watching and intrigued me.

Utterly incompetent thriller empty of scares or suspense .

The usually reliable Bruce Greenwood's gets stuck in the cliché role of the town villain, replete with fake mustache to PROVE that he's evil!

This movie is badly written and very predictable.

I saw this at 9.00 on channel 5 so it was probably cut but it still an enjoyable romp into the world of mind control and the scene in the hospital sticks in the memory.

Boring stuff, otherwise....

A complete waste of time.

Many people put down the film but I thought it was a fast, entertaining film that kept you wondering what was going to happen.

Don't waste your time with this one.

It was different and it kept me on the edge of my seat.

either way,it's worth watching.

It definitely has its moments, Nick Stahl pretty much walks off with the movie, while James Marsden comes across as a very bland.

This was a waste of time for so many reasons.

Rather than attempt to be the usual teen scare flick, this film relies far more on its brooding, paranoid atmosphere to be compelling and it works.

this film goes for the predictable ending where one of the evil brainwashed kids escapes and is now substituting for a class elsewhere.

It reminded me of cross between an intriguing x files mystery an episode of the outer limits, with a little bit of the faculty thrown in for good measure.

Isn't scary, suspenseful...

Disturbing Behavior may owe much of its premise to such classic films as Clockwork Orange (1971) and The Stepford Wives (1975), but it still stands as a clever and entertaining thriller.

Pointless crap showcases someone getting their head bashed in with a pipe.

That the first two acts were so emotionally engaging is the result of Nutter's persistence and better judgment.

Surprisingly enjoyable teen-horror flick .

"Disturbing Behavior" has an intriguing beginning, with a murder and a group of former troublemakers and potheads transformed in perfect students, like in the classic "Invasion of Body Snatchers".

An Entertaining Flick .

Dang, here the director/scriptwriter could have made a great point; is it worth it to be intelligent, smart and in every way perfect, if you're empty?

I thought the plot seemed OK, which is another reason for seeing the movie, but later on it just got dumb and boring.

You see, MGM decided to cut out a lot of the film (about 20 minutes), probably for fear that too much substance to the story would bore and confuse the MTV-slugs they were planning to distribute it to.

There is also an alternate ending that shows us an exciting final confrontation between Steve and Gavin.

Don't waste your time with this film like I did.

Has one or two interesting elements and scenes, apart from that, a waste of time.

" and it's intriguing.

It's just so boring that it's a wonder that the studio threw so much money at a terrible concept.

Bruce Greenwood,(Thirteen Days,Deja Vu)William Sadler,(The Green Mile,Hard to Kill,Ethan Embry(Harold and Kumar go to White Castle,Sweet Home Alabama)and Katherine Isabelle(Earthsea,Insomnia)also have roles in the film.

Disturbing but entertaining .

Each movie is now the same basic thing, except for slightly different, but equally predictable, plots.

The characters are very dry, the plot is over done, and the acting is very 90210ish.

Consequently, what begins as an intriguing story with some interesting characters rapidly evaporates into a disjointed mess, ultimately leaving too many characters undeveloped and too many questions unresolved.

It was very entertaining, funny, and the truth that there probably are people like this walking around our high schools made it great.


Does anyone remeber the FacultyThis movie was so predictable.

The gimmicky plot which mixes everything from 'The Stepford Wives', 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' and even to a extend 'Village of the Damned' doesn't eventuate up to much, but instead it becomes a really disjointed and cliché-ridden paranoia thriller that ends up being incredibly stupid and unintentionally laughable.

Definitely worth watching at least once.

Right from the first scene, situations and sub-plots are as predictable as they come, and over-cliched.

What started out as enticing, quickly became boring and relatively unbelievable.

It's been done hundreds of times before and it's so Cliché that you want to puke!

If Disturbing Behavior should be criticized, it certainly loses points in its third act, one that falls dangerously close to cliché, with Steve becoming more the archetypal hero figure in a predictable and unimaginative showdown with Caldicott and the Blue Ribbons.

Scott Rosenberg has written some great stuff (adapting High Fidelity and Beautiful Girls) but you get the sense that Disturbing Behavior was something he wrote whilst bored in High School.

my suggestion : don't waste your time on this movie.

Go see it, it's entertaining.

Surprisingly enjoyable teen-horror flick with good performances by James Marsden, Katie Holmes and Nick Stahl, the lead characters, and well directed by David Nutter who's known for previous X-files episodes.

The story was dull after Gavin was converted to a "blue robot" and the actor had nothing to work with.

And it got tiresome to see Marsden's character getting beaten up again and again and again...

What a waste of potential, don't waste your money.

One of the worst movies ever .

Disturbing Behavior could have been a reasonably good thriller in the vein of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but instead plays like an empty-headed high school theater production trying to look and sound and feel all grown-up.

It's too short, the pacing is off, and it ends on a pretty sour note.

As the title suggests, the movie deals with teenagers who are brainwashed into committing violent and disturbing behavior, but the only thing really disturbing about this movie is how dull and incompetent it is.

But this movie could be better and it's too predictable and sometimes silly for some scenes.

" It manifest engaging ideas about society and freewill.

Movie is boring, plotless, emotionless and a word to the writers: Hey, quit copying from other flicks, write your own stuff.

Generally just a waste of time for all concerned; avoid.

I enjoyed it and suggest you see it if you haven't already!

The premise of the movie was an intriguing concept, recalling "The Stepford Wives" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The movie did it's job it was a thrilling movie with some funny dialogue.

I thought the movie was very entertaining, even with the similarities to several other movies in mind.

The story by the way, is very similar to films like THE FACULTY, so I can't say that it is that original, but it's thrilling and at times even funny.

The movie has a popular cast and an intriguing storyline.

I agree with those who say that the first half of this movie was intriguing.

A very good film, and worth the watch.

Quite simply, this was a typical teen movie, a film that was frequently predictable and mediocre at best.

A word to the wise: SAVE YOUR MONEY

This one is a real waste of time folks.

The acting in this movie was surprising good, i was rather impressed in what i saw and the albino stoner kid was REALLY good, but the storyline just went from good to mundane after a while.

If there's a world full of Blue Ribbons, things wouldn't be exciting to you unless you're totally brainwashed.

They also deleted the much more entertaining ending, and made them insert the POS that was originally shown.

Nevertheless, DISTURBING BEHAVIOUR is surprisingly entertaining attempt considering the amount of flaws it has and the clichéd story, although hardly brilliant.

Stahl gives what is the most enjoyable performance in the whole thing.

The script is very monotonous in a way that makes the movie very boring.

Watching paint dry is far more interesting than enduring this type of teen-oriented garbage.

a mind boggling thriller...

I thought that this was an intriguing movie.

Character's like William Sadler's janitor, who is a confusing enigma in the original version, is seen in greater depth, and Bruce Greenwood's villain is given an excellent scene where he essentially lies to himself about the fate of his daughter.

I think that The Faculty is more stylish than this movie and Urban Legend is more intense.

It is worth watching as a teen sci-fi horror flick with some interesting performances.

If you're bored watching scream .

It's like a drawn out episode of Charmed/Buffy the vampire slayer.

The whole setting of zombie-like students affected by an evil teacher is so much over the edge and has been used in so many movies, the whole totally predictable.

If you want to try to see the worst movie of the last couple of years see this one.

Instead of deliciously initiative situations and sexy surprises, we get scene after scene of bland dialogue.

I think "Disturbing Behavior" did a great job of telling a thrilling story without drowning out the story by making the film longer.

Also the film lacks the element of visceral metaphor (thriller director David Croneberg's specialty) and the conclusion to it all is just laughable and contrived.

I mean, it had the worst rushed ending I've ever seen, it's allergic to plot twists and was incredibly predictable.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in a theatre.

What followed the initial amusement was 90 minutes of boring hell as I debated whether or not to go over to the next theater and see what was playing there...

But overall, it was a pretty 'ooky' movie: great premise, terrible execution, though entertaining enough to sit through and enjoy to some extent.

Yes, and I waste more of my precious money.


There really needed to be a few deaths scattered throughout to help the film along, and the ones we have are really uninspiring and bloodless anyway, making for another big disappointment.

a teen thriller worth watching .

The end result, however, is a mind-numbingly predictable and unsuspenseful mess that should be avoided like the unwanted computer chip implants that brainwash the teenagers in the movie.

As for The X Files, well they're also, often enough, pretty confusing aren't they.

The script is tame and predictable.

) It's a good point made that once Gavin, the most engaging of the characters, is given a makeover, the movie definitely loses something.

With the exception of a few moments, this movie is a complete waste of time.

Buy the soundtrack CD, but don't waste your time or money on this film.

too predictable, too trashy - right from the start .

It ends up being very predictable and devolves into a typical 'the whole town is evil' flick!

The rest of the film's just too awful to waste your life with.

It was an enjoyable film.....

On my all time worst movies list, I'd place this at #4.

A passable sci-fi teen romp, "Disturbing Behavior" is entertaining late-night fodder that, surprisingly, will inspire repeat viewings.

However, this thriller directed by David Nutter who is responsible for the hit science-fiction television series 'X-Files' attempts to imitate a teenage version of 'The Stepford Wives', but suffers from a dull execution and absurdly ineffective thrills.

Other than Stahl, the most interesting characters are teen loser Andy (played gleefully by Tobias Mehler) and the weird school janitor Dorian (an over the top, enjoyable performance by William Sadler).

Overall Disturbing Behaviour is an entertaining addition to the eerie teen thrillers that were widely released in cinemas during the 1990's.

Yet the Great Northwest locations are spectacular, the cast is good, particularly Marsden and Stahl, and the story is compelling enough.

He was quite bland as well.

Worth watching though.

very entertaining .

The useless dialog is so bluntly one-note and lethargically bland.

This was such a waste of time and money.

I'm guessing that this movie (like the Faculty and other music-video excuses for movies) is geared toward the 12 year olds who feel like losers in their high schools and want to pretend that being a bad athlete or getting bad grades is cool, and *that* is why they run slow ("I meant to do that").

As a big fan of "Millenium" I expected David Nutter and Mark Snow to create a film that was at least entertaining and interesting, not silly and flat like this was.

But once DISTURBING BEHAVIOR strips away subtleties and reveals the plot, it gets dull very fast!

Worth Watching .

I think it was good that the movie´s playing time was under one and a half hour, that way it didn´t become slow.

What about making them empty, soulless individuals through the process of removing all human emotions and reactions?

Yet another dull "stepford wife" riff.