Doctor Sleep (2019) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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Years following the events of "The Shining," a now-adult Dan Torrance must protect a young girl with similar powers from a cult known as The True Knot, who prey on children with powers to remain immortal.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Mike Flanagan
Stars: Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson
Length: 152 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 121 out of 846 found boring (14.3%)

One-line Reviews (473)

This movie, although a direct sequel, feels separate from The Shining and while it was an entertaining and sometimes even an emotional watch, I left the theatre somewhat dissatisfied.

The opening of the film was riveting.

Bland, almost unwatchable nonsene .

This one however; the story AND the film was so well crafted I found it utterly thrilling.

I thought this Film was so slow and mixed up I was so bored i fell asleep what a waist of time..Stanley Kubrick would be turning in his grave at this one..I should have painted a door and watched it dry that would've been more enjoyable.

Although the 'Vampire' type characters are a real tangent to the Shining universe, trying to tie them into the backdrop (late in the film) to the Hotel was just as contrived as it was lame.

In my opinion it could have used more horror, but it in the end it was a very entertaining and pleasant supernatural thriller.

this has to be one of the worst movies I've watched in a long time.

Dr ZZZ .

But the plot is a little slow for me and lacked punch.

I enjoyed it.

Contrived, yes...

So overall then, it's not as good as The Shining, but as an expansion of the original story it is pretty good and as long as you're patient you should find it reasonably enjoyable.

Some good effects especially the way Psychic Vampires die, the Steam rushing out of them as they vanish leaving empty clothes behind.

Was pretty slow and dull.

I'm happy to say that I really enjoyed this movie as well, and highly recommend it.

Dull and a bit sick .

It also has some genuinely scary and suspenseful moments throughout.

" On the other hand, "Doctor Sleep" just feels tedious.

This was a very entertaining move, I'm sorry it didn't do so well at the box office.

Overall cliche and predictable and probably one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

Mediocre conventional predictable horror.

3 hours of rubbish .

Like its iconic predecessor The Shining, it's a purposefully slow-paced supernatural horror film more concerned with character development and building an intense atmosphere than it is with jump scares (though they are chillingly effective when present).

Kyliegh Curran is also amazing in this movie, she gave us the best child-performance of this year, she's so great in this movie, and compelling too!

And it's SOOOO BORING .....

) It was boring for the most part.

Overall a very enjoyable movie!

I really enjoyed it, but I think it was more enjoyable for me due to nostalgia and longing for more after having seen The Shining just prior.

This film is not nearly as deep or artistic as The Shining, but it does provide for a fairly entertaining action experience.

It was slow and boring in parts and did not fit with the other.

A total waste of time.. just another modern horror film full of jump scares and pointless character's deaths.

Remember the scene when the girl is walking then the hat lady pops up and nothing happens except the girl walking through her.

I must say I enjoyed it especially since I decided to view this as its' own film, not a Shining sequel.

Simply put, the film just plain fails at generating compelling and visceral sequences so crucial to a good horror film.

As for the cult, it's also enjoyable to see them on screen and understand more about their world.

The worst part of it all though was that the film is neither scary, suspenseful or even unsettling at any point.

In Gary Olsen's riveting and informative book on Kubrick as well as other film directors in his "The 15 Geniuses Behind The Lens: How The Top Film Directors Shaped The Movies We See Today," he describes how much a perfectionist Kubrick was in directing The Shining.

As is, it's still entertaining and I do recommend it, even if you've never read or seen The Shining.

The 'empty ones' are a conceivable addition to the environment (though they should have been less conspicuous, of course), the big shiner black girl was a nice touch.

So no, i havent read the book , if it is like the movie ,well, it sucks ..It s painfully slow,it's like 3 hours of nonsense that feel like an eternity, it has like gypsy vampire fights that remind you of the twilight saga, You don't really care about Ewan mcgregor's character (Danny) or the little girl with superpowers, or anyone for that matter and it's not even scary, it's nothing.

As this band of misfits literally sucks the life out of these young innocents, it all leads to a predictable finale of good versus evil at the infamous Overlook Hotel.

If you want an entertaining and fun movie, this is it.

However it is a worthy and entertaining sequel with a modernized interpretation.

While Doctor Sleep is a rather drawn-out and, mostly, slowish-moving film, it still has enough to it, to not lose one's attention.

One of the worst films ever to slow and boring and its on for far to long

Ultimately, the film works well thanks to the strong performances and skill of Flanagan, remaining entertaining throughout the lengthy 152-minute runtime.

And to follow something so good and suspenseful and those masterful shots of Kubrick, would be near impossible regardless if I thought the movie was good or not.


I like it because they're so many keeps going thrilling after The Shining begins.. On this sequel, yah you know what would going happend again?

The tones may not always match, but Doctor Sleep is an entertaining sequel that should make ghost story fans happy .

What I also found fascinating about the cast was the recasting for the older characters instead of the previous actors from The Shining as they obviously could not recreate their roles nearly 40 years later (there is a cameo you'll spot quick if you know).


My biggest plus the soundtrack and the suspense is nailed in this movie, there truly is some great scares, intense heartbeats very Similar to those in Kubrick's masterpiece.

Moments of sheer repulsive dread and mind blowing amazement.

The depictions of astral projection and mindscapes were truly awe inspiring.

Entertaining and Satisfying Sequel .


It's unpredictable, and entertaining as hell.

Doctor sleep not got almost anything to do with The shining 1980, it was a fantasy, entertaining and supernatural film when The shining is a psychological horror.


this was boring, I kept yawning.

If you love scary movies go and see this but be ready to leave you shook at the end!

It's disjointed , ridiculous, totally unbelievable & most of all extremely over done & dull.

I've literally lost count of the times I've watched the shining over the years, BUT did the torture and murder of the young boy really have to be quite so disturbing and intense?

Succinctly put (unlike this film), Doctor Sleep is a yawn.

It's a long movie but intense.

The story is thrilling and the ending brings it home.

It's always engaging and, sometimes, even surprisingly poignant.

None of the characters were developed, the plot was predictable and by the numbers and, perhaps due to the writing, the actors were forgettable.

Honestly, this was a good movie, it was entertaining and I wanted to watch more of it.

It's certainly an exciting journey with instances of some amazing cinematography (a sequence involving Rose scouring the night sky is a particularly captivating, dream-like moment), and Flanagan's screenplay is brilliantly paced, completely engrossing, and never dull.

In summary: two hours and a half boring movie.

The movie is too long and for no good reason.

9.5 of 10 Mind blowing magic, and disturbing murder.

On the other hand, it was really difficult for me to buy into Rebecca Ferguson's Rose the Hat as a compelling antagonist.

The film is more exciting than really scary.

When the movie is being its own thing, it's entertaining and unique, the kind of horror that's not really made anymore.

Overall, it's a complete movie with stunning visuals, great acting, good story telling, direction and a beautiful music score to accompany it that brought back nostalgic memories back of The Shinning for me.

Far too long and far too convoluted, I often found myself checking the time to see when it would end.

To further exacerbate this, the "work" that is being put out as entertainment is childish, boring, poorly written nonsense meant for the dumbing down of America.

This movie was to long and kind of dull.

It is not perfect of course, but I found it more engaging than the cinematic adaptation of "The Shining".

Establishing a name for himself with solid horror outings such as Oculus, Ouija: Origin of Evil and the rightfully praised Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, Flanagan brings a steady hand to Doctor Sleep that helps ensure that it constantly feels polished and well-put together, with its surprisingly slowly paced and thoughtful beginnings a highlight, supported well by some neatly conjured up moments of terror and even some frighteningly well staged recreations of the Overlook Hotel.

Fuelled with malevolence, Ferguson's deranged antagonist serves as one of Doctor Sleep's most exciting performances, and she's an absolute joy to watch.

What a mess, is so confusing .

The Shining is one of my favourite films and still remains a pretty terrifying film so clearly Doctor Sleep had a lot to live up to; it was always going to be a tall order to go toe to toe with its predecessor and the truth is that it is not as good, but in some ways it is its own beast which is the main reason its worth watching...

Great, enjoyable thriller.

As I said up top, though, it's an entertaining affair in its own right.

Watch the movie not because you want to see another shining, watch it because you like fantasy and thrilling movies.

I was pleased with every thrilling step of this movie.

It's use of a slow burn throughout the antagonists hunt for more victims is honestly terrifying and the oblivious nature of the protagonist is less annoying and more of nerve racking.

It was so enjoyable.

Starring Ewan McGregor in the lead role, it is a solid follow-up to the horror classic that respectfully continues the story with entertaining results.

It has a lot of characters to establish and the way it does so can be a bit tonally confusing and difficult to follow with the surprising number of leaps through time it makes.

Large stretches of the film pass by with virtually no keyp lot or character development not explored in other scenes, and the film feels repetitive and like it's going nowhere after a while until we get close to the climax.

Doctor Sleep will not be considered a film that gives you many (or any) sleepless nights, but I was aghast on seeing how a victim of The True Knot cult (the one led by Rose the Hat) was subjected to a slow and painful death.

But other than a few more scenes from the movie, everything felt flat and bland.

Very suspenseful and exciting!!

Doctor Sleep is a partially entertaining sequel to Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror classic The Shining.

Despite some sequences venturing into boredom...

Overall this is a great sequel and as a longtime King fan I highly enjoyed it and consider it to be one of the best film adaptations in recent years.

It was just three hours of nonsense and then people saying "hey do you remember the shining" and you'd sigh and say "yeah I remember the shining.

In the end, Doctor Sleep might be the first sequel/remake/reboot/whatever to a cult classic movie that doesn't diminish the original, disgracefully copies it or takes something away from it, while actually being an individually great film with a captivating narrative and compelling leads, plus the right amount of homages to the classic.

I almost walked out in the first 10 minutes.

Her and Rose are astral projecting into each other's minds, in amazing CGI with unexpected results, and only Dick, returning to Danny one last time, persuades him to help her.

Doctor Sleep is first and foremost an adaptation of the Stephen King book we deserved, and then a relatively worthy sequel to The Shining that exceeded my expectations - an intense horror drama about the fight between good and evil that will give fans of the genre a real viewing experience without the cheap tricks

But all in all it was a very enjoyable movie, much better than IT 2.

Entertaining sequel to The Shining .

Though the film was so engaging that it covered the cost.

I had my doubts when I saw that arguably the worst actor on the planet was in this & they were confirmed last night when I sat through this drivel..the story plods along,full of dull characters,a leading villain with no charisma and worst of all the return to the Overlook hotel to really hammer home the classless-ness of this entire project..i'm only amazed that McGregor didn't batter down a door with his chopper & yell "heeeeeere's Danny".

The novel is no masterpiece and the tone strays significantly from King's original The Shining, but it's a solid enough story that could certainly have made for a compelling film with the right direction.

Slow in the beginning.

(In fact, the movie's 15 minute flashback prologue is slow and dull, only adding to the film's lengthy screen time.

Soooooo f*ING boring!


The whole film is a mess, extremely boring, dull, with the now traditional and expected PC rubbish and with a story and pace that is coma-inducing.

A compelling watch despite the flaws.

Doctor Sleep (ZZZZZZZZZZZ) .

It kept me on the edge of my seat, it was very entertaining; i was present the whole time, inwasn't bired or distracted at all, it felt like i was in the movie :) Congrats for a great movie.

I wrote all these last paragraphs not to complain about the movie's being too slow, too long, or too dull.

Well worth watching.

So mind blowing good.

Both cross the 140-minute mark, and both purposefully employ slow pacing.

It's just the same boring movie again and staying true to the book just isn't working at all.

Very enjoyable film all the way through, Rebecca Ferguson with a slight Irish accent really did it for me, she was great as the leader of a notorious cult that acts strangely around young children.

I like my horror movies to be suspenseful and surprising and this movie fulfills all the criteria.

but also incredibly unpredictable which makes her all the more terrifying.

I was frustrated by only two scenes at the old hotel that contrived to cement the links between this sequel and the original, I just felt this was just not needed.

Give it the focus it deserves because it is very enjoyable.

It was intense, scary and enjoyable.

Doctor Sleep is also visually stunning and feels genuinely innovative in some scenes.

Having strayed into unsatisfying sci-fi and fantasy genres of late, this novel was truly a return to his brilliant best in creepy, thrilling, edge of your seat storytelling, and the story just flowed on so naturally from the original The Shining novel/movie that was also one of his best.


Literally havent been that bored during a movie in soo long.

The best title name because I fall asleep to half of the movie .

I know it's more in line with the book, but I found it very boring, silly, not scary or atmospheric, and with horrible effects.

At the end of the movie, I realized it was called Doctor sleep because it is so boring that it can make an insomniac fall asleep from boredom.

The worst movie ever!!!.

Written and directed by Mike Flanagan (from the novel by Stephen King) this is a thrilling work of Horror which you will remember long after the final credits roll.

Watching this movie was like going out with a really boring guy who keeps bringing up your ex boyfriend who you're still in love with.

Disturbing, thrilling, engaging and skillfully made.

I've personally found the more recent adaptations/remakes either mildly entertaining 'Pet Cemetary' or so cheesy I couldn't sit through it for more than 45 minutes 'It'.

Absolutely useless sequel, so boring.

Not a perfect sequel in my opinion but, it was a good watch and pretty entertaining in most places.

Boring and lonnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggghg .

Please dont waste your time .

Dull, long, badly written, edited and partially acted.

Doctor Sleep is a strong example of turning the horrific concepts of Stephen King's literature into moving pictures and getting it right thanks to two intriguing leads, haunting atmosphere and a good blend of the familiar with something more recent.

It's a new, exciting next chapter with a good story to tell and with a fantastic performance by Ewan McGregor and fellow cast members that welcomes audience members into engaging with the plot.

The film also lacks the genuine suspense and tension of the original, since this tediousness impedes on any sense of impending dread.

Oh man, people actually yawn at the end.

'Doctor Sleep' is an exciting and fast paced thriller, with plenty of scares, thrills and moments of laughter.

Really enjoyed this movie.. easy to watch, engaging.. fabulous acting.. very good

It's corny, cringy, the dialogue is bad, the characters are not believable, the story is predictable and goofy as hell.

Amazingly, this 2 1/2 hour film has very little slow spots - it moves briskly along, covers a lot of ground, and you can feel the malevolence of the atmosphere in every scene.

But all that said, it was an excellent and compelling story, with much original content and an appropriate dash of Kubrick to complete the experience.

Doctor Sleep is a well made slow burn thriller.

Ewan McGregor showed his acting prowess, as well as Kyliegh Curran's role As Abra was refreshingly enjoyable.

I enjoyed it from start to finish, i love how they incorporated things from the original movie, im sure sooner or later someone will "deepfake" the original characters into it once it is available for purchase which will make this movie even more perfect.

Though whilst Ferguson's performance is entertaining, the surrounding history doesn't carry the same weight as that of the Overlook hotel.

The 1st 25 min of this movie was intriguing and I felt like this movie may have done a well job continuing off the Shining, then it got Hollywood, cheesy and down right terrible, unbelievable.

A fascinating journey.

Anyone else are either poor victims of the True Knot clan's tricks or minor leads that are only effective depending on what happens in the story, yet the film's lead duo are so engaging that one could forgive their appearances for being so abrupt.

Doctor Sleep is absolutely riveting, which is saying a lot given that I've read the novel twice and expectations being EXTREMELY HIGH from being a long time fan of Kubrick's The Shining as well as the original novel from King.

Doctor sleep is just boring.

It felt like a 10 hour story crammed into a 2 and a half hour movie, so the story felt rushed, the characters (while competently acted) were very bland and forgettable.

The drawback with this film lies with the length of it and how drawn out it feels as a whole.

I caved when Dr Sleep came out, the first King book I'd read in decades, and it was a waste - a book full of barely realised characters hitting plot-points with the dull thudding regularity of a fading heartbeat.

It was very intense, amazing plot, nice acting everything that fits into good movie.

While the first half may seemed dragged out and a slow burner, I - as a film maker - can understand why.

In a thrilling set of events, Dan protects Abra from The True Knot until the third act when he faces Rose the Hat.

If we go beyond all the above the movie was very good with intense anxiety and very good interpretations.

Truely enjoyed it.

It was very entertaining, action packed filled with many unknowns.

A Really Great And Gripping Movie .

Movie is deeply boring.

Incredibly boring, uninteresting and utterly uninventive sequel.

Just the worst movie I have ever seen in my 41 years on this earth.

The Worst Movie I have ever seen.

Different Experience Than The Shining, But Still Worth Watching .

While most of the cast is there just to stand and talk (there's an awkward amount of standing in this movie), the lonely highlight Rebecca Ferguson is very animated, throwing everything and the kitchen sink to elevate the dull proceedings.

If you are going into this film expecting it to be a straight up sequel to the Kubrick film with the same horror tone, you'll be disappointed, however if you have an open mind, this movie is very well directed and acted and the story is very compelling.

The story & script are brilliant, engaging and executed perfectly - expanding on the characters we know and love whilst simultaneously introducing us to new ones equally fantastic.

Sleep,' is a slow burn that definitely is worth the wait.

The Shining has been one of my favourite films for 30+ years and this continuation on Kings literary works is a snorefest, immaculate.

Right before the half way mark it picked up and became very entertaining and creepy.

The rest of the cast are the typical pretentious hipster actor's guild of contemporary Hollywood.

If you have read the book this is a worthy adaptation of it, if you have only seen the film the Shining, this also continues that story in a compelling manner.

As a director, Mr. Flanagan certainly has the skill and experience with the suspenseful horror genre.

Don't waste your time on this film and go watch the original instead.

It's entertaining enough.

I think some scenes had some creepy moments but these "moments" are confusing to those who didnt read the book.

As a horror film, this film is fortunately not filled with too many simple jump scares, but Mike Flanagan, just like Stanley Kubrick, manages to keep the film exciting with an uncertain and horrible atmosphere.

It was entertaining all through out the film and the performances were great.

In general it is very enjoyable, although I think it was left over half an hour.


But all around the final act is very entertaining.

There are intense scenes that bothers you and a very good script that lasts until the last minute.

On it's own, it's entertaining and should please Stephen King fans.

If we watch a film with cyclical jump scares, we're going to forget about it as soon as we leave the theater.

Worth watching for sure!

The film may be too long but the story does become engaging as the pacing gets faster.

It is quite enjoyable and managed to keep me interest throughout even if it was 2 and a half hours long.

I don't know what to say other than " what a shambles this movie was" ,no real plot, it wasn't scary at all with the exception of 1 scene maybe when he wakes up in bed with...

But the direction saved it from becoming a bore.

Though the way it works is that the film establishes its story in an intriguing, compelling way before delivering fan service, which came in the form of the classic theme from The Shining, which played when Dan took Abra to the Overlook hotel for the final showdown with Rose the Hat.

The plot is cohesive and compelling.

Though the characters are all quite basic and, dare I say, dull, they're developed a decent amount and are compelling enough to keep you invested in their journey.

I'll be back to update after a second watch, but until then - only go watch if you're really bored in one of the other previously mentioned categories.

Not close to The Shinning, quite enjoyable, and a little bit off track.

because it momentarily breaks the tension of this very engrossing movie.

Whilst the film did feel slow and boring at the beginning, it did start to pick up and became quite compelling.

If you want more than 2 hours spend very fast and exciting, do not miss it!

Long story short, Doctor Sleep failed in the ways of a horror movie but succeeded in the ways of a teen coming of age superhero origin story.

While good, the scenes leading up to the ending are a bit predictable, and the 'showdown' (remember, good vs.

Lookalikes represent the old characters reduced here to still compelling cameos.

Where the original was a master-class in narrative, cinematography and acting, DS just feels drawn out and uninspired.

A little slow at the beginning in the same style as the original movie.

Its very entertaining for the very long run time.

Some scenes are made very upsetting and intense by effective background music.

Boring and basic .

Should be called..You Will Fall Asleep .

I don't think anyone could possibly top Kubrick's 'The Shining,' however this is entertaining.

The book was exciting and addictive from the beginning to the end.

It did have some really nice moments though: I enjoyed the last 20 minutes or so when the film returned to the infamous "Overlook Hotel" and revisited the horrors from "The Shining," was really nice to see it all again in a modern light; that alone, for me, made the film worth watching all the way through.

Everything bad about PC and dull stories are blended together, add a few different elements here and there, use a really bland script, sprinkle the whole thing with special effects and you can mass produce any type of film.

It's probably King's fault, but the bland story never seems to find its footing while slowly building up an excuse to go visit the Overlook Hotel.

In conclusion, this movie was excellent definitely one of the highlights of this 2019, I recommend it for most people whether they're Shining fans or not, it would just be far more enjoyable for someone who sees the cinematic genius of The Shining.

The movie's not particulary scary, but it's still pretty damn entertaining, so 150 minutes didn't seem that long.

None of the mystical, suspenseful, magical moments of the original.

Most boring movie ever made.

This is a great follow-up with a good cast, suspenseful moments and eerie score.

I love how the movie turn out from 'The Shining' a scary thillier to 'Doc Sleep' scary yet exciting film.

Idk what i watch but It was fast and boring

To me, it is more like an intense drama about good vs evil, with a couple of well-done 'end-of-life' scenes thrown in.

There are some gorgeous and highly effective visuals, there's moments of pure tension and a few legitimately stunning scenes that remind me why we go to the movies.

It's boring and too long.

Constantly entertaining and kept wondering wtf was going to happen next.

That said the movie is paced very well, slow burn that builds all the way to the last 20 min or so then kinda stumbles over into the original film for no reason.

But it was just boring as all hell.

The problem I had with them was that much of it was overshadowed by some confusion on what was actually happening and what was occurring in someone's mind as a result of the shining power.

I could tell it was going nowhere fast.

Triumph in horror, very entertaining.

Highly recommend it.

The whole cult "soul-sucking" plot was boring and pretty much ruined the story for me.

If you are one who enjoys more jump scares and fast paced, non complicated storylines, then this, my friend, is definitely not for you.

Boring Twilight/Shinning mash up, just very childish and dissapoiting .

Once back at Overlook this movie got really good and I enjoyed it.

Really took everything that was good about the shining and made it really boring, expected and just really uninteresting to watch.

I was so pleased to not be displeased by this imaginative, creative and entertaining follow up to 'The Shining'.

To take that anemic story and drop it into the hands of Mike Flanagan is a surefire way to make the plodding at least look pretty.

A drawn out boring story, not to mention miserable.

A tedious "Shining" sequel deficient in real tension and dread .

In addition to the slow pacing not working as well as in the original, The True Knot group is the big stumble in an otherwise pretty consistent screenplay.

Not that The Shining was boring, but it is a very slow film.

Fantastic horror with a slow balloon released air type screenplay .

The entire support for the 1980 "The Shinning" was the fact that the house being haunted, made it a cat and mouse thrilling escape adventure, for Danny and his mother to escape, a mother protecting her child from her husband is the peak of human emotion and an incredibly interesting scenario.

I read Stephen King's sequel to The Shining and thoroughly enjoyed it when it was first published.

Close to boring .

The movie was a very suspenseful film, with great characters, acting, superb directing and camera work.

Doctor Sleep has an engaging story, reverence for its predecessor, and strong performances that assure its future as one of the great horror classics.

When writing a villain, there are basically two paths for success: either make the "bad guy" a compelling character with whom the audience can create some sort of empathy with and understand where he/she comes from, or turn him/her into a menacing, powerful, scary force that makes us fear for our heroes.

If you rather watch a slasher fast paced movie with blood and all that, please don't watch it and then put bad reviews!

Doctor sleep has a very perfect balance of fantasy and nostalgia factor but most fascinating thing about it that it never looses its own existence.

It would have been nice to see Danny confronting his demons more because to me, that is the more riveting part of the story.

The cat and mouse main story of the child and Rebecca Ferguson's villainous character keeps you on the edge of the seat.

The movie had a rather slow start in my opinion, picking up a little energy as we're reintroduced to a now-adult Dan Torrance who, not surprisingly, developed an alcohol problem of his own.

A thrilling return to the Overlook .

The theater was nearly empty, which didn't surprise me.

The comparison between this movie and shinning is absurd as, the never tries to become like the former, it's a slow burn movie which dives deeper in character formation and has all the usual Stephen king's touch.

Overall, Doctor Sleep is a decent slow chiller with very good making.

Was very enjoyable to the end.

Rose is a quite terrifying creature, her smile lulls her victims before she strikes, her sidekick Snakebite Andi (Emily Alyn Lind) can control peoples mind, looking like an innocent teenager.

It's mundane.

And when the credits roll, you find yourself let down, because the last few minutes were all too predictable and boring and contrasting to the tension built up for the majority of the movie.

Impressive and exciting.

Dull .

It's an entertaining film with excellent scenes and an intriguingly bloody story.

The characters were generic, the cinematography was bland and while I understand following up Kubrick is an impossible feat, this just felt like it was meant to be a sequel to King's terrible "made for TV" version of The Shining, as it too had a more "spooky ghosts do spooky stuff", CGI, goofy feeling to it.

Perfect balance, very good scenes and mind blowing.

Doctor sleep is Chilling and suspenseful.

Complete 100% Boring .

The tact Flanagan takes with this adaptation will be alienating to many however as it does veer more and more into self-indulgent territory as the runtime creeps along to 2 and a half hours and it's hard to suggest that Doctor Sleep fully warrants its long in the tooth runtime, that could've benefited from a solid 20 to 30 minute trim.

The past few years taught me that sequels always turn out bad, suprise suprise, this is NOT one of 'em, on the contrary, it was totaly entertaining to watch.

Speaking of amazing performances, Rebecca Ferguson did an amazing job as the main villain of this movie, Rose the Hat, which's one of the best villains of this year, and it's not only that Ferguson portrayed her flawlessly, it's because of the characterization of the whole group of hers, it's really hard to find a villain that you love and hate nowadays, and The True Knot of course is one that you hate and love, you love because of the performances and the motivations, because you understand why they're doing what they're doing, even if it's wrong, and you hate that, and that's why you hate them, because they do terrible things to achieve what they want to achieve, and this's why they're so compelling, not because of the villainous things they do, it's because they're doing this for a very good reason.

There are a few intense moments with the villains (Primarily Rose the Hat and Snakebite Andi) that made me absolutely hate them (which is a good thing).

Even though he replicated Kubrick in many places (editing and directing), he still did make the film his own: very different, unique and stunning.

This movie was such a waste of time, The movie make you feel like limited movie time is not enough to contain novel's feeling, atmosphere and vivid explanation.

) continues her quest, ending in a predictable face-off.

On top of all of this there's even an implied bromance between Danny and Billy which is as intriguing as it's subtle.

Very boring .

And it made me a dull boy.

The film sets a great tone with some stunning visuals and the score completely grabs you.

compare to Shinning it's just a empty nonsense 3 hours of garbage !

It was pointless bringing back characters such as Wendy and Jack as they weren't acted that well and came across as laughable.

There's also a surprising lack of tension and pacing to his films, as if you're watching storyboard panels being displayed, all of them equally sized and displayed at regularly spaced intervals - when things should be speeded up like a runaway train to deliver a punch they come at you like a slow moving wheelchair.

A waste of time .

to confusing .

' This movie was just a swing and a miss, especially in comparison to the legacy left by "The Shining", and the storyline told in "Doctor Sleep" was sort of pointless and essentially just felt like something left over on the cutting room table from the first movie.

Made as cheaply as possible, no plot, no character depth or recognition, it's boring & annoying!

Enjoyable Sequel to The Shining .


And for the woman who was supposed to be Wendy she did have some similarities but still the whole vibe throughout the entire film was pretty flat and boring.

Chilling, fast paced and a logical modern sequel.

Doctor Boring .

However, the third act, whilst satisfying overall is a bit too self indulgent and reliant on nostalgia.

It dragged on quite a bit which is why I dropped a few stars but all in all I really enjoyed it.

The story-line is solid and engaging, although those unfamiliar with the book and looking for outright horror and gore, will find little satisfaction.

Doctor Sleep, made me sleepy......

Seen The Shining years ago on DVD & found it to be pretty boring, slow & not really as great as many were saying.

just bad editing, which ends up confusing the viewer.

Well my my my, Doctor Sleep, what a thrilling return to the overlook you were.

A very enjoyable 2 hours This one sneeked up on us

Rosie the Hat was so intriguing, and the entire movie kept us interested...

But what really suprised me about doctor sleep is how unique it is, this movie doesn't rely on jump scare after jump scare or even shining call backs, but what makes this movie so unique is how it does it's own thing, yes the shining call backs are there and the 3rd act is definitely a full sequel to the shining and has the most call backs to the shining but for the rest of the movie it does it's own thing and it's own thing is just amazing and mind blowing and just fantastic.

Extremely entertaining.

The twist - there right from the start - is classic King and a welcome change of pace compared to the slow burning original.

Don't waste your time .

Doctor fall asleep .

The background music was also intriguing with some small duel beats throughout the movie.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and the entire story.

Doctor Sleep is neither a compelling drama nor a Hollywood horror movie .

I really enjoyed it andit became one of the movies I'm planning to see again and again.

It's long, baggy and inconsistent but, when it's working, it's enjoyable and somewhat suspenseful.

Overall, its a great movie, fun, intriguing, interesting, eerie and terrifying in many ways!

Rebecca Ferguson gives a performance as intimidating, unpredictable, and malicious as Heath Ledger's Joker and McGregor and Curren provide an emotional core around the supernatural craziness.

While i was a bit tired, the movie managed to make me fall asleep 2 times.

Who knows, maybe the book is more exciting.

Worst movie sequel ever, after jaws 3D and jaws 4 .

At the same time, a woman named Rose the Hat (played by Rebecca Ferguson) runs a cult called the True Not, where she and her members find children with "the shining" and consume their "steam" in order to slow down their own aging.

Hopefully, people start going to see this because it is worth watching in a dark theater.

At 153 minutes long, the good doctor here will prescribe you boredom, uninteresting characters, dull script and a bad experience.

The originality of Flanagan make it a quite enjoyable watch.

Enjoyed it a little more than I thought .

I found the story line confusing and hard to follow.

Audiences presumably won't think of this (it's not like the "average Joe" notices or even cares if a scene has been going for 5 minutes straight or pieced together with 50 cuts), and just assume that the latter is more boring than the first without really understanding why.

The film is a slow burn, using horror and action elements sparingly with purpose as it builds the narrative.

But it is worth watching.

Toward the end of the film it becomes irritatingly predictable.

I feel that director Mike Flanagan is someone who needs desperately to slow the hell down, regarding his output, as he is certainly becoming known more for quantity over quality.

Loved loved this movie, I had no idea if it was gonna be any good especially with recent Stephen King adaptions so when I saw this yesterday I was overwhelmed with joy, it was fascinating, full of interesting moments, dark in tone, great nods to the shining movie classic, interesting new characters, really good bad guys, really good good guys, they should make a TV series to follow up this moive.

But spoilt a little by a pointless appearance of a Jack Nicholson look alike in a pointless scene towards the end should have left that on the cutting room floor !!

What I did like was the aesthetics of this film and the actors were very skilled I think the director did a fine job of turning a horror masterpiece into an enjoyable superhero versus villains movie.

DOCTOR SLEEP (2019) I was stunned at the gripping plot and story.

The movie is long at 2hr 30+, but it is so engrossing, it doesn't feel that long at all.

Having said that, was really entertaining throughout and one of my favorites of the year.

Now i read the book and while I enjoyed it for the most part, I found parts of it underwhelming.

I really wanted to just get up and leave the theater...

Story moves at a good pace and doesnt bore at all.

The film starts of a bit slow by gradually developing both the protagonists and antagonists until their paths begin to intertwine and this is where it all gets interesting.

Medicine for boredom .

This movie had me on the edge of my seat, and the "baseball boy" scene was truly horrifying!

While the pace of "The Shining" was slow, it was slow in a great way, as in "slow-burn to build up maximum suspense and dramatic tension.

The pacing in this film is definitely slow in the beginning and picks up the pace towards the end.

Absolutely stunning movie.

But I was blown away by the incredible performances (especially from Ewan McGregor and Kyliegh Curran), engaging story, and the flawless incorporation of Kubrick's visual style into a fresh and enjoyable sequel.

They ended up instead of adding anything new or exciting to it, they just copied things.

And since the story arcs and themes didn't go anywhere, I found the film to be incredibly boring despite how rushed the story felt.

Gripping scenes .

The pacing is spot on, a couple of truly harrowing and impactful scenes and stunning visuals throughout.

and a waste of my time and money.

Through its lofty scenes of psychic warfare and intense character beats, Doctor Sleep is anchored by a wealth of strong performances.

Extremely entertaining, chilling.

This movie is nothing like the original, it is bland, very childish in its approach, simplistic and utterly a complete waste of opportunity to make a good sequel.

The movie itself is entertaining because of the action, suspense, special effects and of course, superb cast.

No notable performances throughout, far too long and if this is rated as a credible 'sequel' to the Shining, then we're all in trouble.

What a suspenseful and terrifying film.

Creepy and entertaining .

But everything is so poorly written that the Shining throwbacks come across dumb and pointless, draining the original story rather than taking it further.

The production design was fascinating.

But aside from that, the film dragged too much unfortunately & was more of a chore to watch.

Doctor Sleep is a very appropriate name for this abomination, as it can cure the most persistent insomnia!

A decent handful of people actually walked out at various stages.

Doctor snore fest .

Her minions seem oddly cliche.

I really enjoyed it, a lot, although I wish they had started with a remake of The Shining followed by this - much like they did with IT...

Boring .

Really dumb plot, really cliche , cheesey money grab that steals from the Kubrick legacy and delivers something even less than a kruddy dominoes pizza.

Dr Sleep is a Dull Snore .

Yes I know, research proves that alcoholism runs in families, but it seems a bit uneventful and even forced in this case that this is what ultimately becomes of the little boy on the tricycle that we all remember from Kubrick's movie.

All together it makes for a great film worth watching.

the pace of the movie is slow in the beginning, as characters develop, and that make the 2nd half interesting.

I found this too long and too boring.

Perhaps it doesn't reach such magnitude in certain aspects as its predecessor did, but it manages to establish itself as a very good and entertaining thriller.

Worth watching .

Intense and even better than I expected.

boring .

Waste of money and time .

- Yes, it is a fun and enjoyable slasher.

Also notable is the menacing score, for those pulsating tracks keep us on the edge at all times.

Danny's scenes with Abra, played wonderfully by newcomer Kyliegh Curran, were so nice to watch, and it was fascinating seeing how they use their Shining powers to interact with each other.

It's a movie about people with mind powers, but with cheap jumpscares and a few boring predictable action scenes.


Its compelling, suspenseful, tense and definitely keeps you guessing.

Boring story with no sense, a little bit of political agenda and not a single terror scene that is worth mentioning.

Definitely worth watching.


Very good enjoyable follow up.

The movie was intense with some good imagery and graphic effects.

Yet if you red The Shinning Novel or Doctor Sleep, the movie will get you on the edge of your seat until the last frame.

They are just empty human beings to even be a part of that.

I almost walked out after the satanic cult stabbed the little boy and tortured him, truly bad taste and on top of that the whole movie was like a PC -neo feminist- trying to be Hollywood woke JOKE of a movie.

The added time just makes parts of the film flat out boring.

A long run time like that can feel like a punishment if the film is completely uninteresting, and Doctor Sleep isn't for a second.

All in all, I think it's a worthy successor to Kubrick and a really enjoyable night at the cinema.

More exciting was Rebecca Ferguson's performance.

Ah yes, some jump scares have helped me stay awake too, especially for the good quality and the very high volume of the speakers in the theatre.

If you're a fan of Stephen Kings drug induced crap, you know, the fictitious drivel, that qualifies as a book nowadays, then I guess you will waste you're money on this no matter what.

The sudden bursts of shock and awe in the screenplay are when the film gets engaging; otherwise, the going is too slow to care.

His direction is always suspenseful.

It is riveting as it is realistic, it's the best way to describe its tone.

Very entertaining.

Enjoyable if you're into horror films.

I fell asleep during the movie ....

I was hoping for another epic Stephen King sequel that followed the same deep, moody, uneasy and intense feeling that The Shining produces, and continues to produce to this day.

That said I enjoyed it.


Very thrilling and dramatic.

I think Stephen King is just plain boring and should just leave us in peace and take John Carpenter with him.

Two hours of dry storyline without even remotely being scary, thrilling, horrifying, or suspenseful.

This is a tad long at 152 minutes, but that said it is never boring and is a good beginning, middle and end tale that is always entertaining and edgy to watch.

The film is long and slow paced but does it bore?

The movie doesn't seem to know that either, dragging out the third act for far too long than is necessary.

I say this because when I walked out of the theater I felt more like I just watched a Fantasy/adventure film than a horror movie.

A solid follow-up to the horror classic that respectfully continues the story with entertaining results .

The story-line is hard to follow, while simple, the dragged out pacing & lethargic story telling made the story harder to understand.

As it stands, it's a slow-moving atmospheric thriller with very little thrills and a handful of "seen it before" special effects thrown in for good measure.

In the hospital Azzie stayed waiting on an empty bed ...

Chilling, intense.

If you read the novel and enjoyed it, don't waste your time watching this film.

The only scary thing about this movie is McGregor dull performance.

The Shining movie and book differ a fair bit, but both are equally as entertaining and interesting with their own twists.

Servicable sequel, entertaining and an echo from past greatness.

Then his friend is nowhere to be found while she is about to kill him until the cliché close eyes gunshot, bad guy gets shot scene.

I'm just trying to help everyone understand why the film might feel slower and (much) longer, while protecting its story because the screenplay is indeed extremely well-written.

In my view its a trite, tedious tale of cannibalistic spirit eaters, who ensure their longevity by munching on those who shine.

I enjoyed it.

it's still an absolute waste of time !

Highly recommended for all fans of King, fans of the original movie and anyone who wants to see an engrossing story, beautifully told.

but to my amazement tis films starts just ok with all these flashbacks without the original actors, then it improves with Mcgregor and Ferguson and it ends up beautifully with the black shining girl and the unexpected connection with the Overlook.

Flanagan, who was responsible for two exceptional horror films of this era, 2013's OCULUS and 2016's BEFORE I WAKE, very cagily crosses both of King's interrelated novels and the many merits of Kubrick's movie into a very sinister and suspenseful mix of the supernatural and psychological.

Although I enjoyed the first IT movie that came out a few years ago, I found this Stephen King novel based movie difficult to follow along with.

Intriguing .

An awful disappointment & very boring.

However, it just felt like the characters were sort of bland and rather mundane.

I do know that Mike Flanagan (most recently of "Haunting of Hill House" on Netflix), who wrote, directed, and edited this one, really knows how to spin a spooky and suspenseful yarn.

I read the book and personally found it bland.

The cinematography in conjunction with it's colour palette is visual stunning and immersive.

What makes this opening so fascinating for Danny is the parallel treatment of the shining ability Danny has and is trying to forget about as well as the trauma of that seminal event of his youth.

If you have any interest whatsoever in any aspect of the Shining, you'll find something enjoyable from all two and a half hours here.

The score by The Newton Brothers was breathtaking and really put Wendy Carlos' score for The Shining into great use which gave the film a deep and scary atmosphere.

It's not a bad movie, in fact I rather enjoyed it.

Mike Flanagan did his job very well and he writes a love letter to the prequel via the making with stunning visuals and the connectivity.

Despite knowing I'd be bored on a second watch, it serves as a necessary lag allowing us to deeply know who and what we're dealing with, which in turn makes the following acts of the narrative more impactful.

I don't think anyone could upstage Kubrick by any stretch of the imagination, but I did think this was going to be much more enjoyable.

The shining power that Dan possesses, along with the messages scrawled on the wall day after day, would leave anyone in confusion who hasn't read the book or watched the original film.

The way this film is crafted as a slow burn is precisely what I expected from director Mike Flanagan, known for The Haunting of Hill House.

The first hour feels a little choppy story-wise, but all comes together nicely with time, however, I have to admit that it was a little too predictable.

(Delbert Grady reference) It's much more suspenseful and the ending is pretty amazing.

Film making has suffered even compared to the drab 90s.

I give it a 9/10 and I really enjoyed it.

Dont waste your time or money.

The plot is entertaining until the end though and the cast deliver strong performances throughout especially Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson.

good and intense movie .

Doctor sleep includes a constant mist in the settings, there are a lot of dramatic slow panoramic shots, and the music is eerie and impactful.

Ewan McGregor tried his best, but his performance is unfortunately rather bland and very limited in range.

Predictable .

Boring script, shallow and weak acting in combination with the shallow storytelling creates a really long and boring movie.

The scene where Danny talks to Jack as the bartender (this scene surprised me in the best way) was moving and kept me on the edge of my seat.

This movie is pointless, i almost left in the middle of Dr. Makeyousleep.

Besides those 2 complaints the movie was entertaining and creepy enough to follow up on the Shinning.

A suspenseful eerie atmosphere supported by a good cast; surprisingly 2.5 hours flew by .