Dolittle (2020) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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A physician who can talk to animals embarks on an adventure to find a legendary island with a young apprentice and a crew of strange pets.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Stephen Gaghan
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 59 out of 438 found boring (13.47%)

One-line Reviews (195)

And the animals were so entertaining and funny!

Entertaining and FUN, worth a second showing.

Thing is, there have been a lot of kids movies in recent years that are enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

"Dolittle" is such a bore.

The films plot while simple, was pretty flat & dull.

I enjoyed it and was not at all sorry for the money or the time.

Great set of actors making a truly enjoyable movie, very funny.

If you must see it, don't waste a lot of money, see it on DVD.

The, actors looked bored and just said their lines, no chemistry between RDJ and any of the cast which is odd to say the least.

After losing his wife several years ago and locking himself away from the world, he is drawn back out again when he is called to help the Queen.

Probably the worst movie Robert Downey Junior's ever been in, that I know of anyway.

This movie couldn't decide what it was trying to do, and if I had seen it as a kid, I would have enjoyed it.

Not bad, enjoyed it .

Pointless and boring movie .

This movie is a criminal waste of all the talent and money poured in.

Do not get me started on RDJ's accent, it's confusing, it's fake sounding, it's awful.

Unfortunately, the film comes across as a messy stand-alone change between these films, which is more entertaining for young viewers.

Poor story, uninspiring performance and bad CGI.

I fell asleep because everything is predictable even the jokes are not even funny.

However Many intense and scary scenes right after they set off on the boat voyage, being attacked by cannons of the larger ship.

Don't waste your time!

For adults and kids alike it's just boring, boring, boring, waiting for the fun to start, which never happens.

With a surprising amount of big names it was just fun to see everyone interact with each other in entertaining and funny ways and there was no weak links everyone had great comedic moments and enthusiasm.

Children might find it funny purely because of the talking animals, but adults will be thoroughly bored, i know i was after 30 mins.

Entertaining .

Otherwise it was entertaining of sorts.

Three of four of us fell asleep .

If you can manage to do that, then what you will find here is a perfectly enjoyable "Narnia"-esque family adventure film with Robert Downey Jnr.

The 5 of us in 3 generations went to see Doctor Dolittle today and completely enjoyed it from start to finish.

The film was truly visually stunning.

Like I said the plot is fairly predictable, so if you are a teen/adult you will find the story itself to be pretty dull and repetitive.

The story is fascinating, you don't see the time at all!

This movie has some problems with its pacing, where it takes forever for the ball to finally roll, and even then it leaves the second act slow as well with a rushed third act.

Pedestrian and plodding .

Let say first thing this movie is so so boring.

Dolittle has it's problems, a couple of the jokes aren't funny, some of it's incredible cast are wasted in one note performances and the CG has brief moments of looking poor (although the CG is still great overall) but it's still a really fun adventure that fun, funny and fast paced.

Furthermore, I believe that there were not may efforts put in this movie, you can easily believe what I,m saying by a simple look to the costume or the visual effects, but it is even more appearing when you watch the movie and notice all those cliché that they made.

My kids really enjoyed it and we thought it was a good family film with a good message.

It's simply entertaining.

Unless your have kids, don't waste your money on this one.

Well that was an enjoyable time with my 10 and 13 year old boys.

This is easily the worst movie of 2020.

Waste of money.

In this iteration, Queen Victoria is seriously ill and "Dolittle" is dragged from a self-imposed retirement to travel to the ends of the earth - aided by his gang of animal allies and "Stubbins" (Harry Collett) a young lad who accidentally shot a squirrel whilst aiming at some ducks - to find a rare fruit to cure her.

It's an enjoyable film for all the ages.

Boring .

I've even herd people claiming this is the worst movie ever made?

Still worth the watch mostly to entertain the kids.

Well it turns out that little girl was on to something because what unfolded was so overwhelmingly dull the only noteworthy thing about it was I may have broken a record for the number of times someone sighed during a movie.

"This movie was charming and hilarious and I seriously enjoyed it.

The latter is expected, the former is unexpected.

Some good jokes..good cast and overall enjoyable.

I feel this movie made us very happy and comfortable, but if you are expecting special effects, or something can make you feel very exciting, maybe you won't like it.

Actually it is somewhat unfathomable that a storyline and script can become so dull and generic with 5 people writing.

Its hilarious and definitely worth the watch!!

I was more taken in by his charisma and ability to keep the film entertaining and fun.

I won't necessarily say because it is aimed at the kids, I just found that the whole story was just rather dry and well worn.

Acting is very good, plot is imaginative and action packed.

Enjoyable for all ages.

There are solid family values throughout the film and the animals are fun and engaging.

But the movie had a massive shortcoming in terms of a mundane and downright mediocre script from writers Stephen Gaghan, Dan Gregor, Doug Mand, Chris McKay and Thomas Shepherd.

Walked out of the theater 20min In....

And sadly, it was very predictable.

In a time of predictable, formulated movies Dolittle is a refreshing story with an incredible message regarding the power of empathy, encouragement and kindness.

Boring, uninspired and just terrible in the general sense.

Marvel fanbois are trying hard to save their favourite rdj's new film by dishing out fake 10 star reviews here but i don't think it'll be enough, the film disappoints you at every level even if you decide to leave your brains at home, the tone is wacky and the script is silly, the film never takes off despite having some big names, downey is a misfit and fails to impress you, in then end you leave the theatre feeling disappointed, there's absolutely no reason to watch this even if you're a big downey fan, save your money and watch something else instead

Fantastical, colorful, and entertaining.

This film is very cliche and the story goes almost exactly where you would expect it to go, and is a perfect January movie release, as I watched I almost felt as though I was watching a Disney Channel movie.

The new version of Dolittle is more entertaining for little young viewers.

This is an entertaining film, not a masterpiece.

While "Dolittle" definitely is a visually nice movie to look at, then it was lacking and haltering abysmally in terms of a compelling storyline and characters with depths and personalities.

A good voice cast support the star in this enjoyable family adventure film.

Yet, despite that, I did find that this film turned out to be rather dull.

Its a family entertaining movie, probably the bad reviews came from avengers fan who couldn't move away from tony stark death and expecting this as a replacement.

just enjoyed and entertaining.

All the characters are instantly forgettable, boring and unfunny, I really didn't care about any of them, we'll expect for one or two, John Dolittle himself is just a very unlikeable, goofy and charmless character, I get he's the one who is more of a animal people who is lonely and dosen't want to be friends with the apprentice, but he's just any other character who has all those cliches, even if he starts to warm up to the kid, he is still kind of weird and really goofy, as for Stubbins, he is really just there to help out, which also doesn't help since he doesn't do that much and he is quite annoying and quite bland, Lady Rose I thought would have more screen time with Stubbins as a love interest, but they barely does anything and just looks after the Queen and her chemistry with Stubbins just comes out of nowhere, the animals that join Dolittle are equally obnoxious, Jip (Tom Holland), Yoshi (John Cena), Plimpton (Kumail Nanjiani), Dab-Dab (Octavia Spencer) and Kevin (Craig Robertson) are just annoying and so unfunny with their personality and modern references, although I didn't mind Chi-Chi (Rami Malek), he did kind of make me smirk a little, but not by much, the only character that was mildly enjoyable with Müdfly, he's just a bizarre a terrible villain, but at least he's entertaining thanks to Michael Sheen, as for the acting....

This movie is perfect and entertaining for families who are big fans of talking animals.

Why is this so boring .

The pacing in this movie also is just so slow the movie feels like it's dragging on at some scenes.

Save your money.

Shake it all up and edit it out into a 100 minutes plus of mildly entertaining drivel that cost 175 million dollars to create.

In fact, I found that this film was rather dull and boring.

But for the children it's certainly a nice and entertaining movie for a rainy day.

Only 90mins long yet somehow manages to feel both rushed and boring.

Great movie to relax instead of exciting .

There were some kids sat directly in front of me, aged between 4-10 and they really enjoyed it.

Most enjoyable film in a while.

Overall, Dolittle takes an impressive cast and completely wastes them on a soulless, boring, unfunny, and unappealing film.

Great way to spend a dreary winter day.

I realise this is a children's film but even the kids in the cinema were bored.

But I really enjoyed it!

Boring .

Surely Dr Dolittle should be a fun character and not a boring, miserable, pretentious one?

It's a GO for me because it's worth watching on the big screen.


This movie is fast paced, interesting and just down right fun!

Really different from the dolittle films we know, too much fantasy and sometimes the film is boring and tiring, good cgi animation though

Don't waste your money .

I enjoyed it very much.

The bad: RDJ's confusing Welsh accent.

The CGI is insanely unconvincing, the actors are phoning it in ridiculously, every attempt at humor is awful and the movie is so generic and predictable that something like this wouldn't even work in 2007.

His backstory that was explained away would've made for a much more engaging premise, so I felt slightly annoyed that the best stuff was left out.

Wrong choice of actor that make the show boring and dull.

I really like Robert Downey Jr, however If I had to listen to his monotone, not very good Welsh accent any longer I would have gone mad.

The visuals and setting were fantastic but the story was very weak and the abrupt ending was quite simply boring.

Very entertaining!

I feel the film rushed too many scenes that would have actually been enjoyable to watch in favour of non-important dialogue.

Considering it's a character from children's books, I must say "Dolittle" follows the same line and ends up being a totally enjoyable film.

Overall enjoyable and pretty forgettable.

We had to say goodbye to Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, but now he brings another entertaining character to life.

It's a kids movie but I enjoyed it.

The film is all around lifeless and boring.

The Kids Enjoyed It .

It's funny, it's exciting and it's 1hr 41mins of pure entertainment for children and adults alike.

However, once you get used to the peculiar things this movie offers, and accept them for how they are, you will find the movie quite enjoyable.

Sure, this movie is a family movie, entertaining and enjoyable for the youngsters.

My family really enjoyed it.

Entertaining family movie..well worth a watch .

This was a fun, and often funny movie with heart and I - and my adult friends who saw it with me - really enjoyed it.

Also I think they'd be bored with the grownup talk.

Not a classic by any stretch, but an enjoyable couple of hours for the kids.

An enjoyable movie for once, NO animals get killed

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to see a normal fun entertaining movie.

Some confusion .

Started out very good but mid point turned very boring

I feel this movie made us very happy and comfortable, if you like X-Man, Star Wars, and you are expecting special effects, or something can make you feel very exciting, maybe you won't like it.

I was bored out of my mind while watching this.

I'm rating six cause my wife stayed and this was her rating, however I had to leave and watch something else it was boring to me and Roberts character was not like able to me...

I found Dolittle to be enjoyable,adventurous and entertaining.

I really liked the first, Eddie Murphy's, one but this is slow, not funny, lean, boring, over acted, nonsense story, DISAPPOINTING in every posible way.

Bland and devoid of emotive content, his lines simply brought no life to the film.

Thoroughly enjoyed this action packed and funny film, so did my 7, 9 and 11 year olds.

All of the other characters present are dull and obnoxious.

It could have used a little tighter editing, but overall was enjoyable.

It's just too long and boring and there are too few quality jokes.

Littered with terrible jokes, the charm of a duck with schizophrenia and deserves to be called the first WORST movie of 2020.

My family enjoyed it very much.

Supporting Characters Out Of all the animals there was really only one I grew to really like and that was Rami Malek as the Gorilla Chee - Chee, he was very loveable and charming and I actually enjoyed watching his character develop throughout the film, it was probably the most enjoyable part of the film.

Dolittle is a boring, predictable movie that is thankfully only an hour and fourty minutes long.

Very exciting .

So it's Sunday night, there's a storm outside, I'm bored from doing nothing all day.

There are no jokes for adults, yet when we get to the end of the movie there is a scene that might be a little intense for really young viewers.

The children really enjoyed it but did get bored in places.

There's a certain wit and charm that he brings to his roles that I find very entertaining.

But this film has a very predictable and boring plot, there are no curveballs and no interesting plot twists to invest the viewer and is just a simple journey to watch.

Odd but enjoyable .

I found it enjoyable and it is fresh storytelling.

Seeing them get a kick out of it, was more entertaining than the movie itself.

This is a funny and entertaining movie for children and adults.

Acting was incredibly lackluster, the story was disjointed and badly written, and overly silly.

A message that is muddled and confusing mixed with not so interesting human characters and we get: Dolittle.

If you think this movie was boring or terrible you have no imagination and your inner child is dead old and grumpy.

The bottom line: Don't waste your time or money going to see this.

It's pointless.

It felt slow and rushed all at the same time.

I didn't find the plot, the story or the acting to be enjoyable.

My family really enjoyed it.

But the whole story very predictable and boring at times.

And honestly, the entire movie is just plain boring, which you think would be hard to do since there are talking animals, pirates, and freakin' Robert Downey Jr!!!

Yes, the journey itself and the animals (which all look incredibly fake by the way) will provide some eye candy for young kids, but the premise will bore them to no end.

The premise of the film sees an eccentric doctor who can talk to animals dragged on a journey by a young boy in order to save a persons life.

It was delightful, imaginative and enjoyable to watch.

I really enjoyed it.

I guess it's fine for little kids, the kids in the theater enjoyed it just fine and if you enjoyed it, good for you, but if you're an adult looking for a good time, I suggest you stay far away from this animal !

Colourful and enjoyable.

What a total bummer this movie was, a complete waste of time and money.

Dolittle is enjoyable family movie .

The promotion for this film has been incredible, and I'm going to give this a 10/10 because IT'S A KIDS MOVIES AIMED AT KIDS but I still enjoyed it.

Movie is enjoyable only for once, although ending could have been better.

CGI heavy movie featuring base level humour, I laughed a few times but found really boring, though the 9 year-old granddaughter liked it.

Boring bummer .

I sleep during the third part of the movie, its so boring.

I enjoyed it.

I laughed out loud more than once, and Robert Downey Jr. is always enjoyable.

Just watched this movie ONLY because of RD J, crappy story line, waste of time, he shouldn't do this movie.

I thought that it was fun and at times exciting as a family friendly film of this caliber should.

The 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl got bored after twenty minutes.

Enjoyable Family Fun .

So bad, boring, bad acting .

A very strong contender for the worst movie I will watch this year.

With that being said, the movie honestly feels like it dragged a lot.

Enjoyable .

I enjoyed it as much as the 5 year old!

Instead, itas very enjoyable and engaging.

We all left the theater with smiles on our faces.

There is a difference between a plot having predictability because of bad writing, and being predictable due to the genre.

Every turn was predictable leaving me wanting for much more.

Story is quite predictable, at least not boring.

I can't say that it really impressed me, it's just a mildly entertaining kids movie.

Shallow, contrived and a missed opportunity to be a decent movie.

Excellent, Entertaining Movie.

Thoroughly enjoyable laugh out loud moments .

There's no story, no character development and no script.

Thoroughly enjoyable film .

Fun and entertaining .