Domestic Disturbance (2001) - Crime, Mystery, Thriller

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When Danny witnesses his stepfather Rick murder a man, Danny's father Frank has to protect his son from the greatest danger.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Harold Becker
Stars: John Travolta, Nick Loren
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 58 out of 191 found boring (30.36%)

One-line Reviews (170)

This is your ultra-formulaic emotional drama thriller that is not thrilling and does not convey any believable emotions.

What makes a film enjoyable?

So, this movie was enjoyable on a late spring night like this one.

Cheesy and VERY predictable.

It was predictable from beginning to end and just seemed to drag on even though it was only an hour and a half (thank God).

Dad eventually finds out Rick's true identity, and his criminal record back in Chicago, and in an exciting fight in the garage Rick dies of electrocution.

This movie was so predictable, that I almost fell asleep while watching it.

I left the theater thinking that another hollywood film which managed to get some suspense going, was sacrificed to a cheap, unbelievable ending.

Don't waste your money on a rental.

Although "Domestic Disturbance" plays it a little too much by the numbers, Travolta and Vaughan make the film worth watching just to see them strut their stuff.

Every step of the way is predictable as is the ending and the really only thing good thing i can say about Domestic Disturbance is that the Steve Bescumi is his usual brilliant self and lightens up what otherwise is a flat film.

This was boring.

This work does make the attempt to be suspenseful and entertaining.

In the second part, particularly when the young boy got threatened in the hallway, the film got a lot more suspenseful and exciting.

Definitely a movie that will entertain but a one-look film and nothing more, especially with the ending being as predictable as it turned out.

The ending however, was predictable.

Bad and boring .

This was an interesting film for Friday TV; it was gripping in places, although at times, it did lag.

It was so boring.

No,don`t waste your time with this.

This was a VERY entertaining film.

I liked this movie because it was a simple way pass 90 minutes in an entertaining fashion.

just shows what the so called experts Know i really enjoyed it.

No plot twists, no surprises, no nothing.

In a similar mould to that of the aforementioned thriller's part-time lead Marion Crane, we witness a car driving what appears to be an awfully long way over these titles; a prominent theme tune inferring a certain amount of dread overlying proceedings and things kick off expansively on a bright day to some fancy camera-work, but in essence, the only item connecting Becker's tedious thriller to Hitchock's masterstroke is that of the fact his villain here played the villain there in a 1998 remake.

If there is a movie with this quirky, entertaining actor in it, I am sold.

The story is average in creating suspense, but mines some real emotions that people often have: the lack of control that a non-custodial parent feels regarding the well-being of a child; the helpless feeling of a child in the household of a menacing adult; the confusion of a parent who is torn between irreconcilable interests.

it wasn't terrible, just formulaic .

It isn't the perfect movie, but the story, while predictable, was still so much fun to watch.

Dull unoriginal thriller enlivened by excellent performances.

Blah blah blah, this movie was so boring, was it just me or was the movie short?

This movie doesn't offer anything new in that department, but it does present it in a plausible and suspenseful way.

The beginning started out okay, the middle dragged on and on and on, and the slightly interesting part came at about the last ten minutes.

3/10 only for Travolta's ability to carry this all too predictable fable.

It's variation on the "little boy who cried wolf" story and it has it's share of contrivances, but Travolta is predictably compelling as the nice-guy dad (SO nice that it provides one of the movie's most nagging questions: WHY did his wife see fit to divorce him?

Travolta is the only reason to waste your time on this bomb.

Thrilling, edge-of-your seat thriller until un-eventful ending.

I went to the theatre the evening that this movie came out expecting a suspenseful, action movie starring Vince Vaughn and John Travolta.

Supposedly having made his riches in pharmaceuticals, Rick Barnes (Vince Vaughn) marries Susan, the ex-wife of Frank Morrison(John Travolta), in dull Southport, USA.

Bad movie - what a waste of time .

Not the most original thing, but it's interesting and intriguing.

Worth watching in any case!

Lately though, he picks the WORST movies to take part in.

But I wonder when Hollywood will tire of using the same worn-out devices and ridiculously tidy endings that make a "thriller" seem a waste of time, instead of an attempt at entertaining artwork.

Completely predictable with no real climax, I would say this movie is a waste of time and money.

i was laughing at the parts that were supposed to be " suspenseful".

And that's what I was thinking as I shook my head and left the theater, wondering what the point of it all was.

Vince Vaughn is the best thing about this entertaining if strictly ordinary little thriller.

Very predictable (Spoilers within) .

Otherwise, a very dull (apart from the scene where O'Leary is hiding in the car watching the murder - this is suspenseful) movie, with no originality whatsoever.

Absurd, simple, predictable, unthrilling...

Anyway the stories the same old song and dance as other lame thrillers, but it's something to watch when bored.

and the movie is so predictable that it becomes boring.

*** CONTAINS SPOILERS ***Domestic Disturbance was an enjoyable flick to watch.

The father of a boy whose ex wife marries Vaughan, Travolta then launches the oh so predictable crusade to save his boy and his ex wife from the evil man.

Surprisingly entertaining .

It was a fast, easy ending because apparently the people makeing this movie wanted to finish it off quick because it was going nowhere.

The performances of the cast are all good, and in particular Travolta's performance is very engaging, the story is interesting and the plot develops quickly and keeps moving, so your unlikely to feel bored at any point.

In conclusion, I recommend this excellent, edge-of-your-seat domestic thriller to those of you who like a nice, suspenseful thriller or are fans of John Travolta.

The film is suspenseful though predictable with the final confrontation between good daddy and bad dad.

Although Domestic Disturbance is entertaining enough, there are too many incidents like the one mentioned above to make it a film worth watching.

Suspenseful From Beginning To End.

The script was a mess, the acting pretty much sucked except for O'Leary's, (Buscemi could have been good but he didn't get a change to show his stuff), and basically it was just too slow to deal with.

If I guess correctly, then the movie is predictable.

enjoyable flick.. predictable ending .

The concept was a horrible one, but it is perverted into a boring and quite predictable thriller with characters who are so readable in personalities that it is hardly worth going through it here.

Much of the plot is predictable.

There was no message, no moral point, nothing...

any more writing or reading about this film is a waste of time.

In fact, it's so bad that it's entertaining.

I don't recommend buying it or renting it, just watch it on TV if your bored at night, and then it's your choice.

This is overall one of the worst thrillers I've seen in a long time, there's next to no character development, the plot is full of holes and the movie quickly turns into a sequence of one boring scene after another.

I found it kept me shaking and on the edge of my seat through-out the entire film (which was rather short, by the way).

For me, this was a trite movie with boring performances from Vaughn, Polo and the boy actor, and predictable dialogue and plot.

Waste of time .

This was a suspenseful movie and had me wondering what was going to happen next the whole time.

The plot is nothing new and something of a cliché, but what makes this film somewhat enjoyable is the cast and their performances.

I thought that John played a compelling role as the Dad of a struggling little boy.

Don't waste your time seeing this garbage.

Also John travolta made a great performance, I'm definitely getting this movie on DVD, I really enjoyed it.

Anyways, Matt O Leary played an unexpected role.

This is the kind of run of the mill dreary film that Travolta has interspersed with classics post Pulp Fiction.

Anyway, wanted to give this a 'D' but after thinking about it more and how much it annoyed me, I'm giving it an F - 5 out of 10, don't waste your time.

The first half of the movie was slow because they had to build everything up.

But the script and directing yield a story that is predictable without sufficient character development and interaction between characters to offset the predictability.

I usually don't mind the mediocre, overdone plot, thriller - but this was just plain boring with absolutely no substance, character development, or even climax.

Thus is introduced to us the tiresome piece of crap that is Domestic Disturbance.

He has the kind of bland face with a built-in open-mouth smile that could pass either for a priest's or a vampire's.

I enjoyed it, I did.

Some moderately entertaining scenes, but overall it's just tedious.

From the first twist, everything that plays out is entirely predictable, nowhere more so than the oh-so-boring climax that sees the protagonists trapped in their own home by a psychopath.

The plot is obvious, but contrived.

The film is OK , which basically means its isnt stunning and it isnt a turkey.

It stopped at about the middle of the movie when it could have continued and turned this mess around into something actually worth watching.

Sadly, from the beautiful music and interesting title sequence, the movie, if slowly, slips towards mediocrity and bore.

Predictable and pathetic .

and I won't tell you the ending, but bear in mind, this movie is one fat ugly cliche and Travolta is the good guy.

It obviously wasn't a great movie, but it was an enjoyable way to spend and hour and a half.

Better than I thought it would be, but still a predictable Hollywood thriller .

This enjoyable thriller contains suspense, thriller, tension and straightforward performances.

It adheres to every cliche in the book from people appearing in mirrors to jumping up behind you.

From DISTURBIA to WHAT LIES BELOW, every film in the past ten years seems to end in exactly the same fashion and it's quickly become tiresome.

Over the top action scenes, out of character plot motivations, stupid, time wasting conversations and relentlessly predictable scripting is the order of the day here, and it only gets worst as the film reaches the end of its blessedly short running time.

Domestic Disturbance is fun, exciting, and has an unbelievable cast.

It's pretty rainy throughout the film which is a pretty standard tension cliché.

In some rare cases, the films based on such premises are able to put a nice spin into an otherwise tiresome story; most of the time, they are mediocre, cliché-ridden pieces of work devoid of vision or originality.

But it is so unnecessary and insipid that I the only reason why I would recommend it is a cure to insomnia.

If you're bored and it's on TV you could do worse because it's a completely painless affair.

It was uneventful, unexciting, ungripping.

very predictable .

This must be one of the most predictable movies I have ever seen!

An entertaining hour and a half.

It's too damn predictable!

One of the most thrilling movies that I have ever seen with surprises around every corner!

He delivers a intense, disciplined, subtle performance as a boy conflicted between his love for his father and his fear of what his stepfather will do to him.

This has got to be one of the most plain, predictable, dull movies I have seen next to a Civil Action.

The characterizations suffer, in a loose, contrived script.

I really enjoyed it and didn't want it to end.

Predictable .

He's too 'slow' and could have done a lot more in his role than what he actually did do.

It was suspencful, funny, and exciting, it had a few draw backs, A rushed ending, not very good charector build up, but it was highly entertaining, a good father+son movie.

waste of time .

To call it a thriller seems wrong at all: it's a cinematic exercise in boredom and deja vu.

It was thrilling at times.

But it is also very predictable.

The language that Travolta and Vaughn spurt from their mouths even feels repetitive.

A completely uneventful action film where the bigger 'stunts' included Travolta stumbling and falling into a shallow puddle (In True Lies Arnie dives head first into the ocean and escapes an inferno, just a little something for comparison.

the story and plot intriguing...

If this were a relatively unique story plot, perhaps the quick pacing for tension would have worked, but with such an obvious and predictable plot it simply does not.

The finalé was extremely riveting, and boom- it was over.

Very intriguing concept,very poor execution .

Totally predictable plot.

Riveting .

As predictable as a paint by the numbers picture .

So, in other words, it was worth watching.

For another 'domestic disturbance' movie that's more thrilling with writing depth, try Scott McGehee and David Siegel's "The Deep End" (2001) as an alternate recommendation.

as i had stated already it was extremely predictable with Rick threatening Danny the rest of the movie and with Frank (Travolta) becoming the worlds greatest detective.

Mainly getting by on the star presence of John Travolta alone, DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE is a well shot film that suffers from a weak script packed with Hollywood cliché.

If you want to waste 10 bucks go see Out Cold, if you want your money's worth see this flick.

This movie was so predictable, i mean, from the beginning you knew that vince vaughn was some kind of a bad guy.

Try "Hollow Reed" instead for the divorced parents-child scenario, and "The Deep End" for more suspenseful domestic drama .

There were a few enjoyable moments, like when the boy's father slugs a nosey guy.

Domestic Disturbance is a brilliant suspenseful thriller!

'Domestic Disturbance' is basically a boring film with a messy script and a cast not worth watching.

As if some movie exec in Hollywoodland just pushed a few buttons on IMDb Keyword Search: arson; stepfather; defenestration - and pressed enter for a predictable un-thriller without subtext or symbolism, only the basic text.

Predictable Disturbance .

It's all as predictable as the slew of films that were released in the early nineties, pacific heights, unlawful entry, single white female, and nothing new has been added to the mix here to make it different.

It was dreary and boring.

It's the most predictable movie I've ever seen(well, close enough anyway).

There were plenty of other well done and fairly intense parts in the movie, mostly because of the evilness that is Vince Vaughn.

A rerun of every domestic situation thriller of the past two decades (everything from "Pacific Heights" to "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle"), its one saving grace is its excellent performances: Matt O'Leary, who was also fantastic as Fenton in the brilliant "Frailty", gives a very intelligent mature perfromance; John Travolta makes a likeable hero, while Vince Vaughan is good as the creepy villian (much better than his camp performance as Norman Bates in Gus Van Sant's pointless remake of "Psycho"); and Teri Polo does the best she can with the role of damsel-in-distress.

The worst part of DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE is that it is predictable, just as many thrillers of this kind are.

Rating: Passable and well worth watching.

Predictable .

The first 50 minutes are a complete waste of time.

I saw this film opening week in NY, and was engrossed in it, but rather disappointed by the cliche ending.

Of course, we know Vince Vaughn's character is the scarcely developed and shallow character (as seen in his portrayal as Norman Bates in Psycho (1998) and as he's more of a comical actor then a thrilling actor) - in fact, throughout the beginning there's not even a semblance of integrity.

A yawner .

An entertaining little thriller, not much else.

Travolta, likewise has a new flame who we see all of twice, once while she's leaving to make him oh-so-more desperate in a movie cliche as old as time.

It drags out as well, for example, O'leary's lack of initiative; always looking for help and of course, in return, getting a vacant, empty denial without any deductive reasoning against it; oh yeah, apart from the fact he's a kid going through transitions.

(Which I guess is considered original, since it hasn't been used in quite a while) Although Domestic Disturbance was enjoyable to watch, The predictable ending left me leaving the theatre unsatisfied and somewhat disappointed.

Save your money for something else.

This is one of the most formulaic and by the numbers thriller in many many years.

With nothing surprising or suspenseful, viewers are left with a real yawner.

If you are expecting a creative, suspenseful action packed masterpiece think again.

"Domestic Disturbance" is a hardly original, and very uninteresting thriller that tends to move along at such a brisk pace that we, the audience, barely have any time to get to know the characters.

Though there are no astonishing plot twists, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, never looking at my watch.

The scene is dull and unbelievably simplistic, just like this movie.

A predictable movie .