Doom: Annihilation (2019) - Action, Adventure, Horror

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Follows a group of UAC Marines as they respond to a distress call from a top secret scientific base on Phobos, a Martian moon, only to discover it's been overrun by demons who threaten to create Hell on Earth.

IMDB: 3.5
Director: Tony Giglio
Stars: Amy Manson, Dominic Mafham
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 58 out of 352 found boring (16.47%)

One-line Reviews (141)

it was so boring.

Absolutely enjoyable, great fidelity to the SNES game.

That said, the incel outrage seen in other reviews over the film having a female lead is quite entertaining, so 2 stars rather than 1!

What an utter waste of time.

Enjoyable movie .

It's bad, I mean really bad but it's entertaining at certain times and if you don't expect much you won't be let down so hard.

And the worst movie award goes to .......

I expected a predictable plot, got that.

So here we are, with a movie that looks more like the cliche of a game than the game itself!

This is literally the worst movie I ever saw.

Yes it's full of cliches Yes the plot is hilariously predictable Yes the classic doom references are only skin deep And yes there isn't enough variety in the villainsBut when compared to the mario, tekken, mortal kombat & street fighter movies - it's actually not that bad.

I first seen this a my library, so I was curious but cautious and pleasantly surprised, this movie was fun from start to finish, I think the reshoots helped because the action/melee and character scenes were pretty good, no by no means is this a prefect movie, it has it's flaws but it was enjoyable.

Only good thing about it was the special effects, other than that don't waste your time.

Except they can fire the fireball like Dragon ball Z.. Don't waste ur time even

That, and the way too cliche head scientist villain.

A male and female army crew constantly shooting an alien also super intense!

One of the worst movies I ever watched.

From the very first DOOM game, one of the more interesting elements in its intrinsically repetitive nature was the presence of really weird, surrealistic monsters, like giant, floating heads with huge horns and teeth.

It's riddled with cliches and uninspiring dialogue.

The only part of this movie worth watching is the last few scenes, where this movie truly started showing some promise, only for it to be quickly over and back to mediocrity.

A bout the only thing that was enjoyable about this movie were the Imps and how they threw actual fire balls.

What I saw was a movie that was highly entertaining with decent acting.

Once things start moving, the film is moderately suspenseful!

Worst movie ever .

Time went by and I was getting bored watching this.

For what it's worth, this movie was better than I thought it would be, I would even say I enjoyed it :)

The actors are bland.

Everything else is dull, generic, and boring.

Whilst there are a few Easter Eggs thrown in to keep the die hard Doom fans somewhat entertained, the cannon fodder characters, utterly predictable plot and an incomprehensible amount of checking if people are alright in the middle of a battle makes you feel like shooting the BFG into your own face.

The characters are quite likable If you don't expect the world, it's quite enjoyable.

I enjoyed it overall.

We get introduced to a bunch of painfully clicheic characters (carried out by stiff acting) and plotline, surrounded by plasticky looking props and sets, effortless cinematography, boring color grading and so on and so forth.

The zombie-like "Possessed" look bad, the Actual Demons look like putty patrollers from power rangers, the CGI is pretty terrible, and the first half of the film is BORING.

Though not the best idea to have a very slender young woman as the main character, she was still enjoyable to watch for the most part, and the movie progressed in a really cool way by the end that was much more satisfying than the film was.

Worth watching once if you got some time to kill.

Most of the action scenes were laughable and seemed poorly thought out and executed with something predictable waiting around every moment of silence, suspense, and punchline.

I genuinely enjoyed it and would probably watch it again!

If there's ever been a cliche in any cheapo sci-fi movie, you'll find it here.

No storyline, no fx, no decent dialogue and I've seen better acting at a chimps tea party, no wonder there are so many struggling actors if this is the best of their ability

Don't waste your time and money on it.

Will not recommend it, it has nothing to show for, brings nothing new, tries nothing new, it's as bland as it possibly can be, even for fans of the first movie or of the game, it will fail to bring any kind of joy.

All the action scene, bloody gore, intense, dope and satisfy!

Waste of time.

The sets are repetitive, the dialogue is mediocre at best, and the acting (for the most part) is lifeless, especially from the main character.

Other then that dont waste your time.

Everything was a cliche .

The Worst Movie of 2019 .

Doom is a very enjoyable sci-fi Horror that's actually alot better than some of the huge budget blockbuster movies that hit the cinema!!.

Action is boring.

Waste of time .

Conceptually solid but highly predictable.

Everyone else looked bored.

The film is cheap, slow, underlit, boring and predictable.

We have to judge a movie on it's own merits; Luckily the director made sure to do reshoots to improve quality issues, like acting and tweaking scenes to make them more suspenseful or to add more character moments or more backstory to characters, and it pays off.

Nothing happens at all.

Joan Dark, is a bland heroine who fails to make as much of an impact that sci-fi heroines like Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connors made.

This sets up a rather dull film.

Doesn't matter if it's "cheap" or not, it's absolut waste of time.

But with the limited resources they had, it is an enjoyable sci-fi action flick.

Worst movie i have seen in a long time and whats sad is i actually love bad movies...

If you're not familiar with the series, this film will be a waste of time for you.

Despite it featuring actors you've never heard of, the set design feels like 80s Doctor Who and the overall production feels rote, cliche and has not one original bone in its body.

Non of the characters are that compelling and the actors are second tier.

This movie was very enjoyable to watch.

The choreography for the action scenes was clumsy and disjointed and I found myself dozing off during most of them.

Despite the things that were wrong with the first Doom movie with Dwayne Johnson, I actually enjoyed it overall.

Here's a litany of words that perfectly describes this movie: cheap, schlocky, tedious, annoying, lazy, pedestrian, random, flaccid, turgid, chaotic, and just flat out stupid.

Overall, for a direct-to-video movie, yeah it's enjoyable.

Watched it out of boredom .

I did find the whole romance between the scientist and the girl boring, he was just a schmuck trying to cling to the past putang he had, what a joke!

This film will not appeal to everyone, but, I liked and enjoyed it.

Granted, the 2005 "Doom" movie wasn't a masterpiece, but at least it was watchable and enjoyable for what it was - a movie based on an old game franchise.

But on the other hand, it was so completely derivative and generic that it was bordering on being downright boring and laughable.

I wouldn't waste your time on this movie and you will understand why if you read the other reviews.

Go on read so more reviews before you waste your time.

The whole movie is honestly a waste of money.

It was boring and stupid.

Waste of time.

Actually entertaining and respectful of source material.

It enjoyed it.

Skip this one and pull out the old original Doom with The Rock and have a much more enjoyable film experience.

All in all I quite enjoyed it!

Give this garbage a miss or waste your time.

The action surprisingly intense, bloody gore and satisfy!

The scenes were painfully slow, full of monotonous talking and no consistent storyline.

Doom: Annihilation is a fun & exciting action packed sci-fi Horror movie, it's also great late night entertainment.

I enjoyed it.

The costumes are generic and uninspiring, black tactical gear.

A waste of time for everyone involved in the production .

Their arrival is timed with an unexpected base-wide power outage, presumably the result of the misuse of the portal.

One of the most boring films I've ever witnessed.

worst movie ever terrible acting and cartoon environment looks like they added color with paint.

This used every BAD CLICHE Hollywood ever put out.

My husband and I enjoyed it, and because it couldn't reference the previous movie (with Dwayne Johnson), we're hoping it's a start of a trilogy.


The abundant action scenes quickly become repetitive.

The villain's motive is as cliche as you can possibly get, you've seen it done a million times.

With such rich source material I am baffled how this lukewarm, middling, unoriginal and, above all, BORING adaptation ever came to be.

she is great lead character i liked she is worth it i love strong female action movies i really do but she has been given a bad script, and in a wrong film she can be actress who can play in Alien franchise or Predator franchise she is a very strong female character in this movie i liked her she was more enjoyable in film much more then anyone who play's in film.

Two dimensional characters and a predictable story.

What a sh#t loald of f@ck what were they thinking with this one the effects are bad the caracters are trash this makes the 2005 look like a master piece this is the worst movie i have ever seen women belong in the kitchen not in starting roles in movies everything in this movie suck evertying is horrible

This movie was beyond terrible, don't waste your time.

bland .

It doesn't matter that the lead character is a woman, her acting is great and the movie has a compelling story.

The story is predictable because you've played Doom before!

Like, you have to consciously work on delivering such a bland screenplay.

Enjoyable Doom.

The story kept my attention and had me pulling for some characters to survive until the very end which got me all amped up and running around my living room in a fit of adrenaline-induced anxiety.

But after the army searching the base and eventually found the alien, the film completely intense until the end!

It still manages to have some intense scenes and good action sequences.

This movie looks like crap , all the actors are flat and boring and nothing happens for what feels like forever.

Worth watching if you're a fan of the first Doom videogame .

So it continues for 90 minutes, from time to time entertaining us with emotionless and uninspiring action sequences.

This is a boring, soulless, pointless exercise in near-zero budget cinema.

This is a cliché filled, generic film hoping to make a few extra dollars off of franchise name recognition.

The production design is bland and limited.

In addition, the final ten minutes are impressively horrific and unexpected.

This movie is like seeing that original cliche come full circle.

The PAINFULLY obvious ending SO apparently leaving the door "open" for a (God forbid) sequel takes the word "tedious" to a whole new scale.

Boring .

Doom is using all the cliches as predictable as they may be.

Dominic Mafham was Shakespearean as always, playing Dr Betruger - this was probably the most engaging bit.

I started Doom: Annihilation several weeks ago and got bored so here I am watching the rest because I'm a huge movie buff and figure I give it a chance.

Worth watching the BFG-9000 in action.

And everything that happens is ultimately pointless.

You're also going to be very bored.

If low budget sci-fi horror is your thing its worth the watch.

Disappointing, boring, poorly written and frustrating .

It's just a generic zombie movie with a space theme and takes away the gore that makes those kinds of movies enjoyable.

The acting is subpar and, wow, do characters' personas are cliché: tech guy, nerd, tough boss, tough girl, stupid girl, tough-chicken guy...

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

You go to watch a movie called Doom to see intense combat against hellspawn.

It was a waste of time, and if I had paid money to watch this I would have demanded a refund and lit my money on fire right there because it would have been more entertaining.

I could've enjoyed it much more had it a bit more decent acting from the characters.

There are plenty of awful video game movies (Mario Bros, Street Fighter, Tekken, Double Dragon and the first Doom movie) but there are some others that were pretty good (Ready Player One, Mortal Kombat,Tomb Raider, Rampage, Resident Evil) and this one, to me, is clearer in the worth watching category.

The lack of creativity and originality including the painfully predictable plot lines probably stuck out the most.

Stunning and brave.

Still I enjoyed it for its mindless action fun and nostalgic callback to the game.

The direction is horrible with dull action sequences.

The action is so bland and reheated, you could call the beats from the intro scene alone.

I watched this because I was bored and didn't expect to make it through the end.