Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) - Adventure, Family

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Dora, a teenage explorer, leads her friends on an adventure to save her parents and solve the mystery behind a lost city of gold.

Director: James Bobin
Stars: Isabela Merced, Eugenio Derbez
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 22 out of 234 found boring (9.4%)

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Really Enjoyable!!.

Really Enjoyed it!.

And after a while they start to feel the same, tired jokes, intentional and contrived "over their heads" references that parents are supposed to really appreciate, and all too often some sort of ham-handed and out of place modern morality message that invariably falls flat and comes across as entirely gratuitous and painfully forced.

The plot is bare minimum boring.

Super freaking bored!

Surprisingly enjoyable .

This live action adaptation of Dora was alright and it was predictable.

The film is more fun for children, because the story can come across as somewhat predictable or obvious thanks to the simple elaboration for adult viewers.

My daughter absolutely loved Dora as a kid, she's 15 now and we enjoyed it.

An Enjoyable and Decent Youthful Movie .

My kids(and I) learned a lot and enjoyed it as well.

On the one hand, it's an energetic and enjoyable adventure movie throughout, and is the explorer movie that Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull never was.

The movie does take a while to get going (it's surprisingly long at about an hour and 40 minutes), but once it does, it's entertaining until the end.

Slow moving .

It was actually so entertaining, great for kids and the grandpa sitting in the same row as me in the theater clearly loved it (he laughed so much!

It's fun, enjoyable and a good laugh for everyone.

I cant believe I saw this and enjoyed it .

Actually, the storyline in "Dora and the Lost City of Gold" was actually rather enjoyable, and the story was captivating and the good pacing of the story made it a very entertaining movie to sit through.

So fun and enjoyable for all ages.

So movies that come out to potentially extend a hand back into the past and relive those moments are very intriguing and we may just find ourselves flocking to the movies to figure out what they writers could have in store for our heroes.

4/10 - a strong start quickly derails to a boring and tedious adventure that should have stayed on the small screen

i enjoyed it.

With that said, the period where the story sags is bookended by an electrifyingly funny opening act, as well as an adorable and genuinely entertaining finale (not to mention a great musical number in the closing credits).

A fun entertaining movie .

Rating 9.1/10 Surprisingly entertaining.

This is an entertaining film for children who are familiar with the animation version of Dora the Explorer and for parents who have seen this animation together with their children.

What does hurt it is while it tries to evolve Dora and her adventure, it still succumbs to cliché family movie parts like the annoying geek character and bathroom jokes.

It was cheesy and entertaining.

Bored to freaking death.

Uneven but Entertaining .

I wasn't a Dora fan, but I think if you're looking for a safe, enjoyable friendly film to take your kids to this weekend go ahead and pick Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

The live-action Dora film is entertaining for young viewers who know the character.

Everything we love from the show is in this movie while still Making it enjoyable for all ages.

Dora's coming of age .

Its a movie for all ages as my 5 years girls loved it and I being 43 years enjoyed it.

' It was entertaining and fun, and my kids came out singing and dancing.

I highly recommend it.

, this plot and writing still has flaws, while it is funny, it does mostly rely on toilet humour, which can get a little chuckle but it's pretty standard sort of humour, the film is also pretty predicable, confusing, odd and feels exactly like a Nickelodeon TV movie, but that's kind of the point, it's not trying to be a Pixar or a Disney, it just wants to be a fun, entertaining, safe and funny film, normally I would bash a film for being all of that since it can get frustrating, here it's kind of a breath of fresh air to see a film embrace it's flaws and just goes for it, it may not be anything special, it has humour that is what you expect in a kids film, just filler and not at all funny, along with a plot that we have seen so many times, being quite predicable too, however it's not trying to be a masterpiece, it's just trying to be a fun kids film, with a good moral, clever and funny humour, heart, engaging action sequences and fun puzzle solving, in other words, this is what the series should of been.

This is very much the filler between Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, designed to appeal to young kids through teenagers, but also very entertaining for adults as well.

A great message for kids with charm, humour and a surprisingly enjoyable adventure for all.

It is utterly boring.

4-5 year old bored, 10-13 enjoyed it .

Her ability to make friends and her ability to both physically and mentally bore through obstacles instills hope and encouragement as a model to younger audiences.

Surprisingly good and entertaining...

Elsewhere, a "Pointless" answer from the cast is Benicio del Toro as the voice of "Swiper", a bizarrely talking and poorly-disguised fox!

i enjoyed it.

Nice & Entertaining Movie !.

The story is humorously clever and engaging when the focus is on Dora's oddness in the first half.

A worthwhile watch if you are entertaining kids or not.

They all totally loved it and I enjoyed it way more than I expected to.

Once the movie started getting pace, we all got gelled into it and thoroughly enjoyed it till the end.

My 9 year old daughter rekey enjoyed it .

Although there are a few cringe worthy scenes that only little kids would enjoy, we both thought the movie was quite funny & overall entertaining.

And fortunately, she does before the joke becomes tiresome!

And I liked how in the story it gave us a funny and entertaining look at what Dora's life would be like if she were a real person both as a child and as a teenager.

The film occasionally makes you cringe, with some dreadfully (and deliberately) naff songs, but I enjoyed it and for the right audience (kids 8 to 12) I think they'll have a blast.

I had my doubts at first, but after watching the film I was surprised to find it a relatively entertaining film.

And throughout, while it may be difficult to get your head round such a strangely anarchic Dora The Explorer movie, the film's energy and audacity in trying something different is hugely rewarding, proving an immensely entertaining and genuinely likable watch throughout.

Regardless of the lack of story we could see Dora more than 100% we expected.

It'll do its job in entertaining the younger audience and isn't too much of a chore to watch.

The plot follows what one would expect of an adventure film set in the juggle, but te movie offers a twist to every cliche to make it much funnier.

The worst TV on earth is now the worst movie ever made.

Regardless of the lack of story we could see Dora more than 100% we expected.

While consistently enjoyable, this film cannot seem to decide what it is.

Dumb And Predictable .

Dora never takes itself too serious, and it's extremely enjoyable to watch.

The movie was extremely boring and mostly cringey.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is an entertaining movie.

It was boring .

Overall an entertaining movie for Family.

But unlike Blues Clues that had very mundane and general mysteries, Dora the Explorer at least tried to add a little more education with zoology and a main character that was Latina.

This movie takes you on a fun thrilling ride with good fx, solid script, good casting and performances.

Acting was ok, storyline was unbelievable and full of cliches, and it was overall incredibly boring.

It was better than i expected it to me with decent casting but the cgi was low budget and overall poor but an enjoyable movie for kids.

I enjoyed it , my 22 year old enjoyed it, my 34 year old enjoyed it and so did my 3 grandkids ages 7, 9 and 11 year old.

Her screen presence carries the film in its weaker moments and what makes Dora such a fascinating character.

With so many violent and intense movies these days, this proved a refreshing change.

Entertaining .

Next i thought some parts of the plot was very clever and intriguing.

Regardless of the lack of story we could see Dora more than 100% we expected.

I'm 23 and took my college friends to see it and we all enjoyed it!!!

The plot is also easily predictable and a childish, which the movie is meant for.

Film was entertaining and funny, even though the entire third act has been lifted from Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.

This balancing act doesn't always work, but when it does, it makes for an enjoyable watch.

Disney used to do this sort of live-action family film thing so well in the 70's and 80's, before they got obsessed with pointless recreations of their cartoon classics.

Still have one boring dancing and singing scene after the credit!

I highly recommend it.

Left the cinema both feeling treated; made for an enjoyable fun memory to share and discuss afterwards.

The movie shows a lot of life lessons under the coming of age story.

I found it entertaining and funny.

This is a kid movie but i still enjoyed it till the endin.

Dora is exceptional in that it almost entirely avoids all those tired formulaic approaches, replacing them instead with a very fun, upbeat, and engaging story that doesn't try to be anything more than that.

Isabela Merce(Dora) is fantastic - both funny and engaging she'll go on to do more good work.

I was completely wrong and the entire time I wanted to leave and regretted going.

There were some cringy part only younger kids would find funny but overall if was super funny and enjoyable!

A fun movie, more enjoyable than it has any right to be .

A boring adventure film!

These characters were SO great and their acting was very enjoyable.

As a parent, I was surprised at how many memories of Dora The Explorer I had as I raised by sons - the TV show, the repetitive songs, the educational toys, the Journey to the Purple Planet video game and even lost Baby Blue Bird from the very second episode "Lost and Found"!

This adaptation of the popular cartoon series brings to the big screen an upbeat and lavish story that is bubbly, optimistic with a good message in this entertaining comedic adventure.

This is the worst movie I've seen.

The adventure is predictable with lots of obvious foreshadowing laid out in the first third of the act.

My kids (ages 7, 9, 11 & 13) didn't even like this movie and I feel bad because I was the one who suggested this snooze fest.

seriously don't waste your time.

normally when we leave my kids ask for the dvd if they have enjoyed it ..this time it was straight to ...

Terrible acting but entertaining for us kids at heart.

Yes, I review:Movie:Dora the Explorer And The Lost City Of Gold (2019)Director: James Bobin Writers: Chris Gifford (based on the series created by), Matthew Robinson (screenplay by)Stars: Isabela Moner, Eugenio Derbez, Michael PeñaLIKES:Short Fast Paced Good for Kids Funny Feels Like A Dora Episode Nostalgic BootsDISLIKES:Predictable Simplistic Lackluster Ending Under Utilized Cast Still Too Kiddy PreachySummary:For a movie that is based on a kid's program, the Nickelodeon studies managed to keep the kid-friendly atmosphere alive and appropriate for the younger audience members.

On the other, though, it is unavoidably simplistic and generic, and when the comedy isn't working at full capacity (particularly in the second act), the film can feel a little on the dull side for viewers over the age of 5.

Another worst movie of the year!

It's a joke that really dragged for me.