Dororo (2019) - Animation, Action, Adventure

Hohum Score



A father in pursuit of power gives parts of his new-born son to a host of demons. Years later, the son battles those demons to regain what is rightfully his.

IMDB: 8.5
Stars: Rio Suzuki, Mugihito
Length: 30 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 2 out of 30 found boring (6.66%)

One-line Reviews (10)

Still, it's enjoyable, we don't get a lot of episodic anime so please support this one.

All of it nearly became unbearable at Episode 16, when the show LITERALLY JUMPS THE SHARK.

Everything about is is engaging, from the very real emotion to the smoothly animated combat.

Thrilling story, very good music, great animation, gripping characters Next to, Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba, one of the best anime 2019

This anime isn't perfect, but it was entertaining enough for me to keep watching it and to be curios enough to see how it ends.

It shows the animators dedication in portraying the manga artist story in a simplistic yet stunning way adaptable to these days.

Stories pace also suffered, moving too slowly and adding a lot of semi-interesting and semi-boring stuff.

Pace was ok but a little slow.

This anime brought on a lot of feelings while conveying a compelling story and characters you truly care about.

First, some words to describe this anime TV series:-Sad -Emotional -Exciting -Mature -Terrifying -Grotesque -Artistic -RainyConsider that last word "Rainy.