Double Jeopardy (1999) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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A woman framed for her husband's murder suspects he is still alive; as she has already been tried for the crime, she can't be re-prosecuted if she finds and kills him.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Bruce Beresford
Stars: Ashley Judd, Tommy Lee Jones
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 71 out of 347 found boring (20.46%)

One-line Reviews (266)

Save your money until it comes out on video if you're that eager to see Ashley Judd.

As I recall, while watching Double Jeopardy, I was resting my head in my hand from boredom, switching hands every five minutes, probably to keep me from falling asleep.

Sloppy but Entertaining .

However, clichés aside, overall it's very entertaining and always fun to watch no matter how many times I see it.

Teach the Hollywood suits behind this waste of time a lesson and don't waste your money on it!

Entertaining, despite a very sloppy script .

Predictable but enjoyable anyway .

Way too predictable.

It has some good parts that don't make the film entirely bad, but it's just an all-around dull thriller that has been poorly executed.

Iignored the comments that this was another Fugitive only a female version, but found the movie fast paced and well acted by Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd, as well as the whole cast.

This movie isn't incredibly original, and there aren't too many twists and turns in the storyline, but it's exciting, pacy and easy to watch.

It's entertaining, beautiful, quite original and has a good acting.

She tracks down her husband across two or three cities---it's so dull I can't remember the details---and tangles with her parole officer, Tommy Lee Jones who plays the part like he's been zombified and is only thinking about the check he must be getting for playing exactly the same role he's played in ten or twelve other movies.

"The action is tense and exciting and the story is terrific, and all the stars have good chemistry.

The acting is decent, but there's a lot of repetitive dialogue, and lots of boring moments.

After giving a compelling statement to the prison officials to apply for parole, Libby is put in the custody of parole officer, and former lawyer, Travis Lehman (Tommy Lee Jones), who knows himself what it is like to lose a child.

Ashley Judd and Tommie Lee Jones make the most of a contrived script that is full of inconsistencies, far too convenient plot developments, questionable motivation, and just plain holes.

You get a fairly predictable formula film with occasional splashes of creativity and brilliance.

The scenes are well made and somewhat exciting.

While not too good, this film is still exciting at times, contains humor, and is a generally entertaining hour and 45 minutes.

Between `The Fugitive', `US Marshals', and this, he has played the same character in the same situation so many times in succession that he has grown flaccid from boredom.

Tommy Lee Jones,who's recently shown he's got more versatility as an actor,is completely wasted and barely seen here in one of the main roles,while Ashley Judd's charecter is dreary and poorly portrayed.

The opening sequence was nice and compelling and I was really starting to get into it.

Tommy Lee Jones helps to save the movie, and so does the cinematography in the movie, wide, expansive; a different take on filming a boring genre.

The Movie Looks Good with Slick, Sharp and Colorful Scenery, but the Plot, Oh My That Plot, is so Contrived it is Criminal.

Many situations in the movie were suspenseful.

Tommy Lee Jones is always good, if predictable.

Dumb, implausible and everything in the in-between -- including entertaining .

A lesser actress would have made it unwatchable.

It's only then that I remembered just how intense it is.

But where _The Fugitive_ was cleverly written with compelling characters and motivations, _Jeopard_ is packed with coincidence following unbelievable coincidence until the entire movie feels too contrived to be enjoyable.

Double Jeopardy is a thrilling, dramatic, action-packed, mysterious movie that will leave you breathless!

I mean, let's face it, Double Jeopardy isn't even as good as Under Siege, but as far as a moderately entertaining crime thriller to kill a couple hours, you could definitely do a lot worse.

But entertaining in their own right.

Contrived thriller almost plays out like a female version of The Fugitive.

It's basically one of those oh-so-predictable movies where the director might as well put up signs that say: "It's not her son, the b*stard paid some kid money to pretend to be her son!

I watched this in one sitting because it was interesting and compelling viewing.

The Plot had twists and turns that made this movie action packed and hard to turn your head away.

I also feel the trial of Libby, charged with murdering her husband, was contrived and very unconvincing.

Bruce Greenwood, who is a very fine actor, brings a bit of professionalism to the movie, but he's limited by 1) not having much screen time, and 2) an insipid, predictable script.

That's NOT true, I really liked it, it was entertaining.

That said, the result is still a fairly gripping and intriguing experience.

Fairly exciting, good acting, good movie .

I liked the story line and it was exciting and the time just flew by.

In his native Australia he was responsible for some original and challenging films such as "Breaker Morant", an intelligent exploration of the morality of war; since moving to America in the 1980s he has made some good films (notably "Driving Miss Daisy")but too much of his output is standard formulaic Hollywood fare.

dumb, but entertaining nonetheless .

As for Ashley Judd well, I thought she was enjoyable to watch while she was hyperventilating on the dock.

Towards the end the plot is rather predictable, but the action scenes are engaging and keep you following the movie.

And there are other exciting moments.

Okay, I thought that this movie was pretty entertaining, definitely not the worst I've seen.

Predictable and stupid .

Entertaining, still unrealistic .

Don't waste your time on a movie like this one.

Practically no blood, some predictable suspense, some not so predictable.

Nothing special, but a very entertaining and exciting movie.

I enjoyed it.

Double Jeopardy may have been exciting for the first ten minutes, but sadly, it was quite predictable.

Implausible (to be sure), yet thoroughly enjoyable suspense-ride with Ashley Judd perfectly cast as happily married wife and mother who is tried and convicted for killing her husband, a smarmy lout who has cleverly framed his spouse, changed his identity, and now lives a decadent life in New Orleans.

As a matter of fact, I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning.

Twists and turns of the plot give us mostly predictable actions.

It's an enjoyable hour and three quarters at the cinema.

The filming of this movie was technically excellent, containing good suspense, thrilling stunt work, great chase scenes and plenty of plot twists.

ho hum....

The unpredictable part is the power 'Double Jeopardy' can give you.

*Warning: this may contain spoilers* There are too many plot holes in this movie to make it entertaining.

When will they surprise us with an unpredictable end like Arlington Road where they didn't put a happy end where it was against the subject.

But for a thriller released in January, its fast paced and Jones is as good as always.

Overall, an enjoyable film.

Actually the film looks ok even in the big screen thanks to a very beautiful leading actress (Ashley Judd is completely ravishing) and an intriguing plot (at least at the beginning).

My Mom enjoyed it.

I'd rather have a slightly second rate thriller with Judd and Jones, than a dozen silly comedies or dull romances.

Less of a double act and more of a two pronged attack, the predictable plot and dialogue begin to annoy you as you second guess whats about to happen.

Scriptwriters meanwhile bless him with lines that can be hilarious, inflammatory or dead serious, but will all be delivered in Jones' trademark semi-bored voice, usually without his face cracking a smile.

Pointless recycling of a plot that we have seen hundreds of time in better films.

Otherwise, save your money and rent "Ruby in Paradise" or "Kiss the Girls" to see Ms. Judd in something better.

A riveting portrait of revenge .

Ttoo predictable.

It was, in short, the most predictable film I've EVER seen.

Tommy Lee Jones could've contributed more, but unfortunately the script was dull enough for him to even star in it.

Talk about a predictable script - there are no surprises in this thing, I've seen better TV movies.


Though a bit predictable, it is a fun matinee flick.

The film has some intense action and emotional scenes.

Predictable Thriller .

Stupid movie and a complete waste of time.

I saw this movie in the theater and really enjoyed it.

While she doesn't actually know how to act, she does very well in this predictable thriller.

What falters is the overly contrived script by David Weisberg and Douglas S.

I can only answer this complaint by saying that, for me, it was very suspenseful.

I loved Judd's two tough prison pals, though at the start I expected the bigger one to end up making Judd her (insert typical Prison Babe Movie cliche here).

It could have been unconventional, thought-provoking, and at least unpredictable.

Excellent performances make this otherwise mundane film fun to watch.

Even Tommy Lee Jones is much predictable.

Exciting story with lots of action.

It is perhaps predictable but worth watching.

But then again, if you want some fodder for the mind this an intriguing movie.

It's clever, suspenseful, and has a tear-jerking ending.

The acting is decent, but there's a lot of repetitive dialogue, and lots of boring moments.

In short, don't waste your money on this one.

The trials in which Libby is charged with are one sided, making perfectly clear that the film is going somewhere unexpected.

I thought the movie started well but then just dragged until a very disappointing ending.

The finale was exciting, too.

Dreadful, Predictable, Little Legal Research .

Don't expect too many surprises, but the movie is entertaining enough.

I wouldn't say this movie was worth the effort of renting or going to the theater, but if it comes on cable or if a friend picks up the tape (which is how I saw it), it could make for enjoyable escapist viewing.

If I hadn't seen the trailer, I'd have enjoyed the film very much, though; it was mostly well-plotted and fast-moving, with interesting, well-acted characters -- and a few nice laughs.

This movie is dull.

But, still it's a fairly entertaining film, though very unbelievable, and I kind of enjoyed it so why not give it a 4 out of 10?

I really felt ambushed by script for Nick Parsons disrespect for the banal bashing of Libby on the stone mortuary.

Stunning visual impressions (for example, that sailboat we see as the camera lens swoops smoothly around it) and ways in which the visual told stories were exceptionally good.

Wonderfully entertaining, exciting and clever.

The film leaves a lingering impression for this reason and remains a satisfying and engrossing watch as you find out the truth behind Judd's personable and murderous husband.

The only knock against this film is that it is unfortunately somewhat predictable, if you're looking for a shocking twist in the story, you won't find it here.

Predictable, shallow and without any flavor.

It's still leaves you feeling a little intense at times, even though you've seen it 15 times.

We'd (the four of us - 3 PhD's and one non-academic) highly recommend it (I notice the theater--after being out a few weeks--is still packed, so that must say something!

An unnecessary role from Tommy Lee Jones helps keep the film's pace up by turning it into a cat and mouse chase of sorts, but mostly it is pretty dull.

Save your time, save your money.

Couple that with a few good one liners, and nice photography of the boat and of Louisiana, and I think it's an enjoyable movie.

Only if the video shelves are really empty should you waste a rental on this.

Despite these shortcomings, however, this is a darn entertaining little thriller, swiftly-paced under the direction of Beresford, who's not known for this kind of film.

No question about it, this movie is dumb and it is contrived down to the very title.

So overall, I thought Double Jeopardy was a waste of time.

There is a kind of down note to Greenwood's fate, where dying instead of suffering, is an injustice, that really sucks, where if the other had happened, that again, would of been another painfully predictable, if cliché'd moment.

(2) When Judd has her husband at gunpoint at the "exciting conclusion," she brutally kills him instead of just injuring him and letting the cops take over.

A bit of a classic for me, since I've watched this one at least five times, and it's still an attractive film, not in the least because it has the fair and intense Ashley Judd and the ever charismatic Tommy Lee Jones in the leads.

i for one am all ready to tell you its many flaws but you have to admit this was quite an entertaining film.

Enjoyable .

Enjoyable formula thriller .

what a bore.

This is a riveting portrait of revenge.

Double Jeopardy but singularly boring.....

It is a truly entertaining film, one of the best ever shot in New Orleans.

Thoroughly enjoyable - even if one knows the plot in advance.

In spite of the formula however, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Otherwise, it's a big waste of your time.

In the touristy thriller "Double Jeopardy," Nick Parsons (Bruce Greenwood) proves himself a wealthy art bore by browbeating a young man who mistakes Nick's Kandinsky for a Picasso.

Unfortunately, the complete lack of suspenseful situations coupled with many unrealistic plot twists (couldn't a women of Judd's means afford a better lawyer?

This movie is extremely predictable.

But it's far too predictable and hackneyed.

Otherwise, the basic plot is tired and it is thoroughly predictable.

Scenes between him and Judd are entertaining on themselves.

An entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.

Good Story and an Enjoyable Movie .

Although the Double Jeopardy point is almost forgotten in the movie, it's a nice entertaining film.

Although this is by no means an Oscar caliber film, I certainly found it to be quite entertaining and worthwhile.

On top of that, it forces the movie to be a slow grind for the trial.

Double Jeopardy actually seemed like my sort of film, and when I finally saw it I thought it was enjoyable.

SPOILER ALERT This movie was one big formulaic cliche.

First of all, the film is a waste of time.

Predictable .

That is not a bad thing, but it means the road to those predictable moments must have something to offer.

It's predictable and not very dramatic.

Average movie as a whole, but an enjoyable one.

Although the trailer gives away much of the movie, it is still entertaining.

The characters are underdeveloped and predictable.

But that's also about it, good start, weak ending and a whole lot of uneventful tracking-down and no planning what so ever.

Unfortunately, the ending is predictable like in every American movie.

The film is well paced and exciting.

There's a great screen-play here and the movie is just very exciting.

It's quite predictable movie.

This movie was really quite entertaining.

This film will have you on the edge of your seat.

Such a good and entertaining movie with an excellent plot.

Predictable Entertainment .

Pointless thriller.

Instead he pulls some bizarre tedious garbage with a coffin, like he's in a parody of an old serial, and conveniently includes her bag of tricks so she can escape.

Despite all the nay-sayers out there who write this movie off as fictitious in all accounts - I highly recommend it for entertainment value.

Tommy Lee Jones has the same everything that he did in the fugitive, only in here he is one dimensional and he is pathetically boring.

He's a unique actor with such a loyal fan base, I can only imagine a nation of fans feeling bored by the actor's work here.

Double Jeopardy is otherwise yawn provoking.

Movies that are contrived usually are dumb and are contrived usually because of some gimmick (which in this case IS the title).


This movie was entertaining, however, was also very predictable.

Very predictable movie .

It's a fast-paced and exciting movie by director Bruce Beresford with two great lead actors.

Double Jeopardy is another movie up on my lists of "Worst Movies of all Time".

I've been reading reviews from different magazines and realized that most have regarded this movie as a waste of time based simply on the trivial fact that it's not technically accurate with today's judicial system.

Save your money.

I found the movie to be riveting.

It's plot makes the viewer want to know more every time a suspenseful event occurs.

Bland - may make a good TV movie.

While I found both Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones' performances well done, the story line and plot were extremely predictable and transparent.

The premise of the film started out as ridiculous, and the plot was contrived beyond believability.

But alas, the plot followed a very rigid and predictable line.

Aside from that, the absolute unreality of the plot and conveyance is *yawn* sheer boredom.

This is really not an action movie, but it contains a couple of sudden and enjoyable scenes.

Too predictable.

*yawn* This one adds new meaning to predictable.

Judd gives a believable and compelling performance as the mother put through a nightmare and wanting revenge and her son back, Jones gets his moments as the parole officer chasing her and eventually swaying to her side, and Greenwood is rather a nasty villain as the cheating husband that fakes his death.

That said, the movie still is entertaining at times, even a little suspenseful.

Pick the Cliche .

It's still incredibly predictable.

It really kept me on the edge of my seat!

But it's not to say that "Double Jeopardy" isn't otherwise a well-made thriller, distinctly enjoyable to watch.

But the Movie is Barely Suspenseful with Much Telegraphing and Not Much Better than a TV-Movie.

Save your money and go and see another movie that isn't so predictable.

It's moderately entertaining; if for nothing else than watching ashley judd stir a vat of tapioca pudding.

I actually prefer his character here to the one he bore in "The Fugitive".

Entertaining even if flawed logic and law .

Excellent - exciting and suspenseful .


The ending isn't an entire disappointment, but it's utterly predictable, and hardly thrilling.

Double Jeopardy is an entertaining thriller.

The movie is worth a rental, at least, if you are bored.

Fairly uninspiring film all told .

This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

I don't mean to oversimplify this 100 minute movie into a 15 second scene, but trying to make this movie suspenseful got a little tiring.

As jaw-droppingly stupid as it is, the movie somehow manages to be watchable; maybe even entertaining.

Many of these elements are far too contrived for sustained believability and end up getting sacrificed so the idea can live on in shining glory.

Too much rushes by unexplained and the plot is all too predictable.

Despite a good performance by Elizabeth Parsons, the film was bland and predictable.

Ashley Judd is predictable.

An excellent and suspenseful movie, I give DOUBLE JEOPARDY three out of four stars.

Beresford's direction moves the proceedings along smoothly, no matter how far-fetched they are, and the performances of Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones are highly entertaining.

an entertaining movie .

Thanks to a terrific performance by Ashley Judd and the always entertaining Tommy Lee Jones I had a great time and will see it again!

The early scenes and character development were done as only Hollywood can create, with snippets of the life of active successful exciting people.

It would be OK if the movie was clever enough to keep you riveted through its running time wondering just how she's going to do it, but this movie is so-but-oh-so predictable, the whole enterprise of seeing it seems pointless.

Stupid, yet entertaining.

Neither suspenseful nor smart, it's the kind of made-for-tv movie you'd see on "Lifetime"-- a wronged woman in trouble who will defy all odds (and logic) to return to her son.

Overall I was struck by just how ordinary and dull the whole film was.

And this, of course, is where Tommy Lee's excellent acting is the most entertaining and fun.

It is not realistic, but it's entertaining.

Enjoyable if unoriginal crime thriller .

Overall, the story was slow and had problems going anywhere.

Movie may be a little predictable, and some of the plot elements are the same as the TV movie "Bitter Vengeance," which stars Bruce Greenwood playing a character that also escapes, fakes his murder, and frames his wife.

Entertaining as Camp .

This is a very intense, involving story, a la the above-mentioned "The Fugitive," except this time it's a woman chasing down her ex-husband who set her up for murder.

But don't see Michael Mann's "Heat," because Ashley Judd's in that too, and she's just as unwatchable.

Double Jeopardy is a fast, cool, hip and highly entertaining movie with a great story and good direction.

And so sadly the ending were in a sense drawn out, and were also quite undramatic and suddenly he were dead and the movie was over.

They could've done a better movie that's actually worth watching!

) on the edge of my seat (unlike the movie Random Hearts.

Tommy Lee Jones is always enjoyable, although his character here is mostly recycled from his "Fugitive" role.

I read that this was a big hit in America, and no wonder, it is a little bit of a preposterous idea, but at the same time you can go along with it and have a great time, it is full of exciting and entertaining, a most watchable action thriller.

The result is a watchable, but neither compelling nor memorable, piece of pulp fiction tripe.

My friend and I were on the edge of our seats the whole time.

This film wasn't the top film of 1999 but it's a straightforward, engaging thriller that did have me at the edge of my seat at times.

I also liked the look of the film, the cinematography in the beginning of the film was gorgeous, and Judd simply looked stunning in a black dress near the end of the film.

What follows is a catch-me-if-you-can game between her, her husband and her parole officer which is so predictable that you think you wrote everything yourself.

With the veneer of a low budget made for TV movie, DJ is utterly contrived from start to finish and features the obligatory mawkish rubbishy ending.

This film is really entertaining , has a great performance by ashley judd , and a good work by tommy lee jones.

I did find it, so predictable from the start, I'm not surprised, Bruce Greenwood, a really good actor, who always delivers (can't believe he was in 87's flop, The Bikini Shop) didn't wear a sign, saying "I'm the bad guy".

Strong performances from Judd, Jones, and Greenwood, along with an intriguing plot gives Double Jeopardy a place in my movie collection.

Even though I found the whole path of this one, predictable (I made what was coming next) I still found this movie, entertaining as f..k. If not in the hands of two great actors, Judd, so believable and engaging to watch here, while Jones does solid as always, this movie could of well shrunk.

I doubt anyone reading this would really figure out exactly what happens, any more than one can surmise from simply reading the plot of this thoroughly boring, predictable film.

great performances from outstanding actors, but formulaic .

Jones is boring in everything I've seen.

The flick was very predictable from the beginning but still entertaining with a few minor surprises.

However, the film is still thoroughly enjoyable and unpredictable.

Too predictable .

So, if u want a straightforward thriller with heavily signposted infrequent twists and a predictable ending, then this isn't the worst of the bunch.

It's where a montage could really help or at least something to drive a more exciting opening.

There is every other plot cliche here, too.

An entertaining movie, even though it is flawed logically.

It is a Mildly Entertaining Piece of Fluff that Never Gets too Gritty and Keeps Things in a Brightly Lit Atmosphere.

The story is very predictable and the acting isn't fantastic.

I became pretty bored during this movie, it became very formulaic and just eh.

This trite revenge melodrama is, otherwise, a fairly mediocre piece of pop culture trash, short on solid character development and long on credibility-defying illogic.

Way too predictable.

very contrived and problematic movie...

She plays one character and it's unbelievable and boring and everyone thinks she's a star.

A reasonably intriguing premise for a film that has a lot of potential for discussing the ethical dilemma of revenge...

It's impossibly contrived, melodramatic, and just plain boring.

Painfully unwatchable disaster .