Downton Abbey (2010) - Drama, Romance

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A chronicle of the lives of the British aristocratic Crawley family and their servants in the early twentieth century.

IMDB: 8.7
Stars: Hugh Bonneville, Phyllis Logan
Length: 58 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 37 out of 218 found boring (16.97%)

One-line Reviews (125)

Seasons 4 & 5 really dragged on and were depressing.

The costumes are highly detailed and altogether breathtaking.

By the last episode, even the lethargic, bland yellow lab got under my skin when it appeared, as if all its scenes had been shot in the same 10 minutes.

I guess it is fascinating how a the servant population interacts with the wealthy.

This is a character driven, ensemble drama that has engaging stories about history.

The characters are also too entirely comical and cliché.

I really enjoyed it, and for me, considering my dislike for this class, that is saying a lot.

The picking order of the servants, the levels of who's in charge, etc are also fascinating.

So, if you want to see a highly repetitive British drama about bratty rich people trying to save face, watch this one.

GP's examination of life in a grand manor house was so full of dramatic opportunities it seemed a shame not only to confine it to a mere two hours, but also to corral its possibilities into a rather mundane murder mystery.

This is a fast paced drama with witty one-liners, many relatable and unforgettable characters and a lot of twists to keep you interested.

Amazing acting, amazing production and a compelling plot.

As with other Masterpiece Theater pieces this story examines the 'upstairs/downstairs' bifurcation of the Abbey and the cast of characters 'below' is as fine as the gentrified owners: Mr Carson (Jim Carter) is the head voice, followed by Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan), the cook Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol), the footman Thomas (Rob James-Collier) who just happens to have had an affair with the visiting Duke who could have been the new heir, and the new valet John Bates (Brendan Coyle) - a man the staff doesn't tolerate because of his use of a cane due to a war injury, etc etc etc. They are all fascinating people with their own set of prejudices not unlike those of their masters.

There is no doubt that Downton Abbey has now wormed its way into the collective consciousness of Britain, and may our dull little lives continue to be brightened by it every Autumn.

However, if you find these things dull, if you need constant shocks, use the word inoffensive as an insult or dislike all period dramas, scenery or rich people…stay away.

Being a TV show, Downton Abbey fulfills it's entertaining purpose.

Both are extremely watchable bul, but U/D is 100% enjoyable and watchable

We easily concluded this was a great show to watch if you need some TV to bore you to death before falling asleep for the night.

However, in reading reviews of some who have seen the UK complete season say it starts slow and picks up.

I found both of these stories very tedious.

I'm just really at a point I find some characters unwatchable.

Violet and the other senior aristocrats seem to have spent years bickering about moves to close the hospital, and gawd it's boring.

Downstairs the characters have interesting pasts, but boring presents.

For fans of the series, this film will certainly be enjoyable; non-fans may ponder the characters and their relationships and wonder what all the hoopla about this stodgy family is all about.

Engaging .

Downton Abbey is filmed well with good costumes and scenery but overall the episodes are rather dull, moving slowly with little suspense.

On the whole,I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Fellowes' escapist cliché-ridden yarn.

This period drama television series is slow and boring.

I actually find the Dowager Countess and Isabel Crawley the most entertaining and consistent characters.

I find that some of the most riveting stories are well worn thematically because good story telling relies on well worn themes.

The difference between cliché and classic is in details...

I do care about boring TV shows .

The many annoying inconsistencies of the characters, the silliness of the plots, are all contrived for Pee Wee Herman manipulations of the audience to cheer and jeer and the appropriate times.

The story is quite unpredictable and full of twists.

I liked it pretty well, in particualr the early seasons, but it did get long and drawn out.

The photography was beautiful and skillful, while the scenery was breathtaking and the costumes were exquisite.

You want a thrilling story?

Also, I think it was a mistake to make a long-drawn out detective story about the Mr Bates-and-his-wife's death-thing.

Things like the Bates-Anna relationship and the Bates-Anna vs Thomas-O'Brian fights kept me on the edge of my seat.

Major plusses are the sets and costumes which are fascinating to behold even when the drama loses energy and the able cast led by veterans Smith, Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern and introducing us to a host of players getting their first wide exposure.

I am going to go against the grain here and say that I am finding rather boring.

Predictable and disappointing .

It's always been fascinating to watch royalty thats why we in the US,all love the Royal family even today.

although in many aspects it is a Soap Opera, but a very good soap is used, the stories inside reflect the changes that took place after the world war I in an informative and engaging way, there is no one character in the long list of the cast who wasn't presented in a human, very touching way.

The series takes place over two years, which can be a bit confusing, as months pass from episode to episode.

The mixture of those gave us a mixed feelings that keep engaging us from the series.

What happened was I began to be annoyed by the storyline which became repetitive and depressing - way too much tragedy.

What an enjoyable and pleasing time travel we have been on and able to have cross paths with such an assortment of characters; dressed in dazzling clothing while roaming through magnificent surroundings.

Creepy feminism and pointless derision of men ruin an otherwise brilliant TV experience .

Every conflict engaging.

The storyline is riveting.

They are just boring.

Enjoyable .

) But the dialogue is sprinkled with anachronism and the plodding predictability of the script is a terrible shame.

All together this series is a lot more fascinating than I have said because of these numerous and varied levels of social norms and taboos that are broken or challenged by a set of extremely good actors and actresses that make the show a real gem of television production.

The costumes are stunning and as an admirer of historic clothing I applaud the effort.

Very compelling to view the fluid story unfold with its many sub-plots and shadings of the class warfare that existed in the U.

I tried to watch Downton Abbey when it started but found it boring.

The plots of the show are just soap opera outrageous, but the acting is done well and the characters appealingly fascinating.

It's also an opportunity to teach today's young ones about history in an extremely entertaining setting.

The sound track is just stunning.

For the most part, all the dramas going on are gripping and believable.

And the resolutions it comes up with are often trite, sometimes out of character, and almost always anticlimactic.

Yes we know the history, yes we've seen a lot of it before and yes we know the 2nd series (and I sincerely hope there is one) will focus on the First World War but that, in part, is what makes it all the more exciting.

fascinating, yes.

It reminds me of typical soap operas: shallow black and white characters, all good or all evil, lousy and predictable plots, silly intrigue, cheesy dialogue.

Still, the first three seasons are really worth watching, and the last three can be skipped.

However, even this turns boring as it becomes a cliche.

The story progresses along the lines of finding a new heir for the Abbey, a problem that involves everyone in the household, and it is this strange playing out of English class distinction that makes the series so engrossing.

When I watch Downton, I am immediately immersed into the characters feelings.

All is well for a time but the former chauffeur falls for another causing yet another unbearable heartache for Edith who puts an end to her life of misery.

It was like reading a good book, I just couldn't put down my laptop :) I am doing the second round right now, taking it slower and enjoying it minute by minute.

Boring .

Also, some story lines took up too much time, for instance the elderly ladies' intriguing about the charitable hospital positions, and the Mr Marston-his son-his farm-Daisy intrigue.

Eminently entertaining!

Won't go into details, but every second of this tv show us worth the watch!

A lot people like wacthing boring TV shows I am not one of them sorry.

Not intending to be flippant, but this elegantly filmed yet shamelessly copycat series is something of a pleasant yawner when compared to its obvious predecessors.

After an unexpected tragedy with the sinking of the Titanic, home in This upcoming season will be something that will wow us all.

So today, being a slow day in Southern Texas, cool and rainy, I looked into it and lo, I beheld that Netflix has the first season, 7 episodes, available for streaming on demand.

From the middle of the first episode, you'll know exactly who's going to fall in love with whom, who's going to get his/her comeuppance, which enemies are going to find a grudging respect for each other, which snotty upper-class person is going to discover the sterling qualities of the lower classes, etc etc etc. It's cheap, we've seen it, most of us movie fans could have written it, and it's a waste of time if you're looking for anything beyond the mediocre.

At first I thought the actors were just not up to it, especially Ms. McGovern, but it's become apparent with every hack line and cliché that they have little to work with.

What gets me more than the soap-opera-esque plot lines that insult even average intelligence, is how many of them just blow away into thin air, while other torturous and boring ones just won't ever end.

Housemaids who gossip, independent young men who don't appreciate the butler's code of honour, catty women and genteel sophisticates all combine to make this a very enjoyable romp among the rich of yesteryear!

It is always full of sad British people blabbing on about boring boring stuff.

Overrated and Boring .

I read in the paper this morning that Matthew and Sybil both wanted to leave the series.

The story is riveting.

I have to say I loved Downton Abbey, and thought it was one of the better programmes airing this year along with Luther, Sherlock and the stunning Channel 4 drama Mo.

but why the repetitive death.

A very enjoyable couple of hours.

The show offers in long distances boring scenes.

Many historians of the Great War have been watching series 2 and playing cliché bingo.

It also gets kind of boring, especially in those episodes that are more than an hour.

Apart from that minor quibble I found it to be very entertaining, probably the best thing I've seen on Masterpiece Theatre since "Little Dorrit".

The producers and actors have done a wonderful job in creating and maintaining suspense and tension and the show quickly becomes engrossing!

Intelligent storytelling, intense moods, great characters, constant quality - outstanding!

The general picture here is fascinating.

As in life,the plot dragged at times but for the most part,Downton Abbey is,well written,well acted and,well worth watching!

The bizarre casting, the soggy script - I use the term 'script' loosely - the feeble, predictable story line and the equally predictable, one-dimensional characters all combine to create unbelievably awful telly.

It's fluff at best, with some entertaining bits and pieces.

But the characters reflect the attitudes of the times well, and the relationships are awesome making the final season so compelling as we have watched so much growth, joy, tragedy in the first five seasons that I want to see everyone end up just where they should based on their actions.

Many reviewers have raved about Maggie Smith's performance but I found her one-note portrayal of the Dowager Duchess, living firmly in the past and speaking like a character out of Thackeray, caricaturish and tedious.

I understand why this appeals to so many people and it is relaxing and enjoyable in that sense.

Entertaining enough .

It is a slow boring show with no point to it other then to be really boring

What makes this TV show so great is, to my opinion, the slow evolution of the characters, following the evolution of the English society through the beginning the 20th century.

Stunning .

The contradiction between the new and the old and between reserving and adapting just seem to be a cliche, as a result of no other ups and downs which are expected in the best stories.

Matthew is too dreadfully dull and feckless for a lawyer.

It is a costume drama but 1912 after all was just as real as 2010 and it is, quite separate from costumes, about people, several different people, house workers and owners, their motives, their histories, pain, relationships, scheming allegiances, awkwardness or ease, old ways and the coming of those things we now call modern… electric lights, the middle class…Enjoyable so far.

One of the most intriguing thing about the show is that it does NOT rely on a major event such as a plane crash in the show 'Lost', or one of many nuclear and other dangers to humanity in the show '24', or your favorite good guy character getting voted off on the show 'Survivor'.

Sixth Season -a nice chapter on which to end of engaging story .

The loves of Lady Mary is just too boring.

Other plots go on for far too long.

Riveting, wonderful, beautiful.

This drama was an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable show in season one, and I eagerly anticipated more of the same in season two.

It is depressing, boring and the storyline goes absolutely nowhere!!

While some aspects of the show hold interest each episode feels like more of the same, Thomas and O'Brien don't seem to do anything other than come up with new schemes to get rid of Bates every ten minutes, and Daisy continually makes some kind of petty mistake which gets her scolded, tiresome to say the least.

I enjoyed the most recent episode where they drew so many threads together and niftily contrived some reversals of stereotype.

In the same way what is happening downstairs is fascinating with love and hatred, with spying and plotting, of all sorts, even a rape here and there to pepper and salt the scene, a few violent crimes too, well disguised if possible.

But what begins as a believable historical perspective turns to pointless pandering by the third season, possibly to assure funding for another year by a UK TV culture drunk on grrl power.

Superbly made, if you want to enjoy reactionary family-values propaganda from that old Tory, Julian Fellowes.

NO action, NO plot, NO reasonable activity, etc. Just rank crap!

I faithfully immersed myself in the first season of _Downtown Abbey_ back in 2011 during its original airing.